Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Update & Pictures

How is life so incredibly busy!? I know I say that pretty much every post, but seriously, it feels like I have no time to sit and relax!

The last few weeks have been about the same!

There have been a few changes in the last few weeks that have taken up a lot of my head space and time.

First of all, I have weaned Judah. Or maybe I should so I am not longer exclusively pumping! Judah is now 7 months old, and Iam feeling like Im ready to be done with the pump. My tipping point was one night when it was late and we were going to bed, however I still needed to pump. So I sat myself up on the couch, and pumped for the 15 minutes that it takes. When I got into our room Andy was comfortably in bed waiting for me there. Maybe I over reacted a bit but I was upset that it was going onto 11:00pm, and I had to sit on the couch to pump by myself while Andy was all nice and warm in bed. In my mind I shouldn't have had to sit there by myself.

The other thing is I was getting really tired of having to take that domperidone. I didnt quite feel like myself on it, and didnt like the fact that I had to force my body in a sense to make milk. I slowly started to wean myself from the domperidone, and cut down on my pumping.

Judah didnt like the taste of formula at first so I had to mix the two, and slowly decrease the breastmilk. About 3 days after I had started to wean, I went to bed with a sports bra on,and when I woke up in the am, I had 2 giant lumps in each boob. Clogged Milk Duct. Ow. These were so painful. Luckily I had never experienced this before, but boy was it painful. They were easy to get rid of, I just had to pump, and massage the lump. Very painful still though.

Its been about a week since Ive started and Im only pumping every 3 or 4 days, or when I feel that a clogged milk duct is forming. My hormones are feeling like theyve been leveling out, and over all it feels good. Im having to remind myself that I cant feel guilty for now breastfeeding anymore, although this is hard. As a moms theres always something to feel guilty about it seems.


Last week Judah was quite fussy and moody. I noticed that whenever I fed him he would be pulling, flicking, tugging, holding his ear. After he was done eating, and Id burp him, he would start to scream. His naps were off, and he would wake up as soon as Id put him down in the crib.

It was Friday afternoon and I had noticed these things for a few days. Andy suggested we wait until Saturday before taking him to the doctor. But on Friday am, when he was miserable and wouldnt nap (after 4 failed attempts!!) I called the doctor and got us an appointment in 30 minutes.

I wasnt dressed, hair done, make on, or anything, but I didnt care!! Off we went and made it on time!

Sure enough, our Judah bear has an ear infection... IN BOTH EARS!! Poor kid. We tried a different antibiotic this time around called Zithromax. We have already done 2 rounds of amoxocilan, since he had an ear infection (in both ears as well!!) just a few months ago, and bronchitis before that. He's been on the zithromax for 5 days now, and he seems like a different baby. Much happier, not tugging at his ears or anything like that! He's also back to napping!

I asked our pediatrician at what point do we get referred to a specialist? She said when they have 3 ear infections in less than 6 months. Well, does having an ear infection in both ears count as 2 or 1? Because if we can them as 2, he's had 4 ear infections in less than 3 months!! Our specialist as well, Dr. Eksteen apparently isn't taking any new patients as he's full. However that being said, Eli has an appointment with Dr. Eksteen next week to find out weather or not the tubes are still in his ears, and Im going to talk to him about Judah when we go in. Id like to have tubes put in earlier rather than later, because it seems apparent that we may have the same issues as with Eli.

Im nervous for Eli's appointment next week because we find out if his tubes are still in his ears. If they are, we book a surgery date to have them taken out. They should've fallen out a year ago, and at our last appointment 6 months ago, they were both still in. For anyone who reads this, and is of faith, please pray that his tubes would fall out. Eli has been traumatized by his ear infections as it is, and I really feel like the last thing we need for him is to put him under to get the tubes out. Above all though, I trust this doctor, and his judgement, and even more so I believe God is in control of the bigger picture and knows what He's doing!

This last weekend Andy and I were able to get away for the day to Jasper to go skiiing. I grew up skiiing however I dont love doing it. But if it meant some time away with my hubby I'll take it!!

We got up at 4am, and were on our way. The roads were scary almost the whole way there but we took our time and went. Our boys did great staying with my mother in law, and I even came home to a tidied house and folded laundry!! Perfect day!!

lia sopia has been doing well so far. I have a few parties booked, and am getting excited about it. I really want to succeed at this, and enjoy it!! So we'll see how the next few months go!!