Wednesday, June 27, 2012

37 Weeks Pregnant - Full Term

I am now considered full term. We could have this baby anytime now, and there wouldn't be concerns about me going into labor.

At my midwifery appointment on Monday, baby had flipped sides, so his back was on the right side, but he was sitting right on my pelvic brim. Not dropped, but sitting there. My midwife encouraged me to squat whenever possible to encourage him to move down, but she wasn't concerned about his position or how he is sitting. She said lots of women go into labor without their baby being dropped into their pelvis, and it doesn't make a difference. I was measuring at 38 weeks, however it could also be the position baby is sitting in, but so far everything seemed good.

Andy and I have been doing a lot of talking about our expectations for my labor & delivery and what my expectations are of him. How involved do I want him, what can he do to help me, how involved does he want to be, etc. On top of that, at 36 week appointment with my midwife, she talked to us about home birth vs. hospital birth and asked about why we had decided a hospital birth. When I first found out I was pregnant Andy was very uncomfortable with the idea of a midwife let alone with a home birth because of how things had gone with Eli's labor & delivery. But over the past nine months I guess thats changed. I had decided that if we did a hospital birth I would labor at home for as long as possible, and then when we thought delivery was close we'd then move to the hospital. With a midwife, after you have a baby, your only at the hospital for 3 or 4 hours after the baby is born, and then you head home. Seemed silly to me to drive to the hospital just to push out a baby and then turn around and come home. After a lot of discussion, and prayer as well we have decided that we're going to have a home birth. There have been many studies about home birth that show they're just as safe if not safer than a hospital birth. People say "oh your having a midwife/home birth?! Your brave! I knew someone that...." and so on. The way our midwife explained to us is that if there is a concern or emergency she's going to be monitoring me and watching me, as well as the baby and know that theres an issue long before it becomes an emergency. People also ask, "What if you need an emergency c-section?!" The same answer applies, if the baby isn't doing well, and for some reason we need to transfer Cathy will know long before it gets to the point of imminent surgery. Everyone has their own opinions on this case, but my one piece of advice is to get informed about home birth before you make a decision that its not safe. My midwife has also been delivering babies for more than 10 years! Thats a lot of babies. Im not saying that at home births things dont go wrong, but at the same time at hospital births things also go wrong too.

This week has been totally insane, and I havent stopped running around it feels like. Getting things ready to have a baby (especially now that we're doing it at home!!) which BTW I met with a girlfriend that I went to highschool with yesterday. She has 3 kids now, including a 5 week old (that she had at home, with the same midwife that we have!!) and she gave me all of their linens & towels that she didn't end up using for their labor & delivery!! This takes such a weight off my shoulders, and I feel so blessed that she was willing to just give them to me! Makes me feel like we're actually ready for a baby now... as ready as Ill ever be!! Thank you, sooooo much Holly! You have no idea how blessed I feel!! This morning I cleaned/tidied up the house, and then ran out to do some more errands.

Eli's sleep schedule has been a bit off, as he is growing out of naps, and since we've been so busy. He hasn't napped since Saturday, and is still going to bed/falling asleep around the same time... which is usually 8pm. But he is waking up around 6:20ish. As compared to the 7:00 or 7:30am he was doing a few weeks ago. Im wondering if he is maybe over tired and thats causing the issues. Today is a nap day, so we'll see what time bed time rolls around and what time he wakes up in the am! Maybe its just preparation for a baby, who knows!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The verdict is in! Baby is...

We had our ultrasound today! I couldn't find a sitter, so I borrowed a friends DVD player and Eli was great!! He sat and was quiet. Im so thankful that he was cooperative. It could've been a super stressful situation but it wasn't. He was so good! Thanks Tara!!

I didn't get to see much of anything, well actually I saw nothing... the baby is so big that really you cant see a thing, or make out what anything is. But the results are... he is head down, but not over my pelvis. This little stinker has always been in weird positions, and I guess he's keeping to that. His back is turned out, but he more on the side of my tummy. So his spine is on the left side of my tummy, and his feet and arms are all hanging out on the right, his butt is up on the left side under my ribs. I have another appointment with my midwife on Monday, to see if she has any other information for me regarding the placenta, fluid levels, and all the rest of the stuff. Really, he does have a few weeks to turn, and get into position, but who knows she may not even be concerned about it. We'll see. Im hoping he'll get into position, and if he hangs out where he is for a bit I might have to consider having some chiro to get him into place!! But we'll see, maybe Cathy won't be worried about it.

Tomorrow Andy has decided to take the day off so that the 3 of us can head off to the Calgary Zoo. I dont remember if I mentioned this before in any of the posts, but we're very excited. We wanted to do something just the 3 of us before our babys arrival, and this seems do able! Eli doesn't know yet, but we plan to leave early (after he gets up!) in the morning and head out. Thankfully we'll still have that handy dandy DVD player for Eli to stay content with during the drive, and off we'll go! The weather looks a little sketchy but I dont care at this point. Either way (rain or shine!!) we'll just be able to relax and be together as a family!! Eli's been coming down with a runny nose the past few days. Im not sure if its all the poplar fuzz, or if its a cold, but we're crossing our fingers he'll be up to go tomorrow. He didn't nap yesterday, and then last night we put him to bed at 7:30pm, he didn't make a peep after we left the room. I didn't hear anything from his room until 7:20am, when he woke up! I was shocked. And he's down for a nap now. Must be fighting something.

Another thing that I am so happy about (go ahead and laugh!!) is that we had the carpets cleaned in the duplex this morning. I found an ad on Kijiji for a company called Baseline Carpet Cleaning, and he gave me a fair quote. I called Alberta Carpet Cleaning, but felt like they were over price, and also felt like they were really pressuring me into booking, and getting the services done. With Baseline Carpet Cleaning there were no environmental charges, or extra add on's, he didn't try to upsell me with all this mumbo jumbo stuff. I left him to the job while I went for my ultrasound, and came back and was blown away!! The carpets in the duplex were disgusting. I cannot believe what 2 months of someone else living there (who just didn't care one bit!!) did to those carpets, and they look incredible! Im disappointed we didn't have the carpets done when we lived int he duplex, because they are so clean! Iam beyond ecstatic!! Is that sad that Im so happy about clean carpets? Maybe its because the duplex was our first home, and I took alot of pride & joy into taking care of it, and cleaning it... seeing how someone else just didn't care one bit about it is upsetting. But regardless, I would absolutely recommend Baseline Carpet Cleaning. He was quick, only took him an hour to do our little place, and that included all the stairs, basement, main floor, and bedrooms, and the price was very reasonable!!

Okay, so now for some picture updates. I promised pictures, and since I dont have any of my ultrasound, here are some others.

 This could be the epitome of nesting. Cloth diapers, hanging on the line to dry... no baby yet to wear them.
 This is my 35 week picture.
 36 weeks & 2 days
 Eli & Andy playing with Eli's new car's fishing rod. He got it for his birthday. I think Andy has played with it more than Eli, but they do go for walks to the lake to go "fishing" together. Btw, there's no fish in the lake by our house. Good bonding time though.

 Eli's new bike we got him for his birthday. He was so excited about it.
 Not very excited about the helmet (which is last years helmet & way too small) but he looks like he's ready to ride!!
 Then he realized that he had to balance the bike himself, it wasn't quite like his tricycle, and wasn't too sure how to use it. Obviously he wasn't too happy.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

36 Weeks - Head up or down?

Another week has come and gone. Its been quite stressful, however we're alive!!

We've had some major issues with our tenants in our duplex, but they're out and gone... and when I say gone I mean, she left the place a mess, disconnected her number, and never to hear from her again. Ohwell. Learning experience. Andy dealt with duplex stuff for most of Saturday, and on Sunday we relaxed and spent time as a family. It was great!! The boys ran around outside playing with their squirt guns, laughing and shouting! Music to my ears!! Because we had to deal with some issues with the duplex Andy took yesterday afternoon off, and it was nice to get everything sorted out and dealt with. We now have tenants moving in before July 1st, and I think they'll be great tenants to live there. I can only hope!!

This week in my pregnancy is 36 weeks. I had a midwifery appointment yesterday, and unfortunately she's having trouble if our dear baby is in fact head down. She's sending me for an ultrasound, to find out the position, and see where we go from there. Im almost positive he was head down, but now I dont think he is anymore. He had hiccups last night and today, and where I feel them the strongest is right in the middle of my tummy to one side. Before when he had hiccups, say 2 weeks ago, they were down right in my pelvis, but not anymore. Back up for discussion in our home right now as well when it comes to labor & delivery is if we are in fact going to go to the hospital. We spoke to my midwife about it, and she wanted to ask us a few questions about why we had decided hospital birth originally. She is so supportive either way and I love that. Ultimately, Andy says it is my decision and he'll support me whichever way we go. So Im wondering if there is a possibility we may in fact have a home birth. Im not sure at this point, but we still have a bit of time. At my midwifery appointment i was measuring 38 weeks (however it could also be because of baby's position!!) and had actually lost 2 pounds. She wasn't concerned at all. So I have my ultrasound on Thursday. I guess you'll probably hear back from me then!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

35 Weeks Pregnant

We had a great weekend. The weather was forcast to be miserable and wet. But when we woke up on Saturday morning the sun was shining, and the rain held off until about 2pm. This was perfect for us because we had some family & close friends over to celebrate our little boy. He was spoiled rotten and exhausted by the time the party was done. I think we're still playing catch up on the long busy day! But it was good. Im glad its come and gone.

Over my pregnancy, Ive been telling myself that I just need to get to Eli's birthday, celebrate him, one last hurrah before the baby comes, and then its only a few short weeks until my due date. Well, Eli's birthday has come and gone... that was the day I was aiming for, and now the only other day we're aiming for us my due date.

I had my 35 week midwifery appointment this morning, and every seems good. Im right on par for where I should be. Im measuring 36.5 weeks, but our baby boy has still not dropped. He's hanging out, floating around. We still have a few weeks until Im considered full term, so we'll see what happens. Im starting to see her every week now, as compared to every 2 or 4 weeks. Time will really fly by. Im having more braxton hicks contractions, and the heartburn Im experiencing is insane. Mostly in the evenings after I eat a snack, but this afternoon after Eli & I napped, I had some water and got heartburn from it. Theres an old wives tale that if you have heartburn, your baby will have lots of hair... well at the rate we're going, my baby is gonna be covered. Its insane. Usually, a shot of apple cider vinegar takes care of it... I know what your thinking, its an acid. Yes your right, but it does usually work. Last night, it would not. I tried everything, but ended up resorting to chewing a piece of gum, and sitting on the couch in pain while I waited for it to go away. Eventually, it did, but man it sure was painful.

After my midwifery appointment this morning, things have started to feel a lot more real. We talked about arriving at the hospital, how with midwifery care you'll only be at the hospital for 3 or 4 hours after the baby is born, what to do if my water breaks before Im in labor, and before the baby has engaged/dropped, what to expect with water birth (which I am hoping to do!!) laboring at home, that type of stuff!! It really is a bit overwhelming, but Im so excited to have midwifery care, and do things differently than what most people do. It still blows me away how different it is to sit down with my midwife and have a conversation about my feelings, concerns, have her answer all my questions and more, and not feel rushed, or unimportant!! Its the complete opposite of having traditional medical care! I love it!!

I know I say this every week, but I will try to post a picture soon of my 35 weeks, as well as Eli's birthday party. Sometime this week for sure.

Friday, June 8, 2012

3 years old

Tomorrow is Eli's 3rd birthday. Where does time go? Tonight at dinner we sat down, and talked about how we really can't believe he is 3. I remember when I found out I was pregnant... Have you heard that story?? Let me quickly tell you.

We weren't planning on getting pregnant at the time, we had said we wanted to be married for 2 years before we had kids. When Eli was born, we had been married for 2 years and 2 months. The night I found out I was pregnant, Andy and I had gotten into an argument... I left and decided I was going out for awhile. I went to the mall, grabbed something to eat, and really had nothing to do. Let me just say the weekend before my cousin got married and I had taken a pregnancy test then because I was late, and it was negative. So, back to that night, after I had dinner... I decided to run into Shoppers Drug Mart to grab a test, and as I pulled down the road, I realized I didnt want to go home to take this stupid thing because I was mad at Andy and had to make a point... stubborn right? I see a Dairy Queen, and quickly pull into the parking lot thinking "Ill just run into the bathroom, take the test and leave. Its going to be negative anyway." So, I did just that. Ran into the Dairy Queen bathroom, peed on the stick, and within seconds it was a very clear positive. I panicked, and rushed home, ran through the door and basically threw the stick at Andy. He said, "Are you pregnant?!" I said, "I dunno, Ive gotta go get another test!!" In which he replied, "I need to get something to eat." We went our separate ways, me off to buy another pregnancy test and him to go get food. Guess where he ate, Dairy Queen. I must've spent $50+ on pregnancy tests because I couldn't believe it. Well 9 months later, Eli was born. June 9th.

I really laugh about that story now, and go ahead you can too. I remember thinking after he was born "What the hell have we done??" The lack of sleep, not knowing this little person and now all of a sudden Im his mom, not being able to just get up and go out.... but I wouldn't change a thing.

He is such a beautiful boy, who brings so much joy, and laughter (and stress too!!) into our lives. He's started to pray for supper these days, no one else is allowed to pray... he has to. "God, I pray for our food. In God's naaaaame Aaaaamen." Its so beautiful.

People did tell me, "Enjoy it, it goes by so fast." and I remember thinking, "Oh yah? I just want to get through tonight!!" But its so true, I cant believe how fast it goes!!

Happy Birthday, Eli!!

 We had just told Andy's mom. I was about 6 weeks pregnant
 18 weeks, I cant believe thats our Eli!
 Eli under the heater in the hospital
 Our 1 year old!
Our 2 year old

3rd birthday picture to come!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

When it Rains, It Pours...

This weekend Andy was scheduled to work Saturday. I had my sister and dad over for breakfast, and around 9am, some guy walked in our back door... that guy ended up being my husband, however he scared the heck outta me! I wasn't expecting him home at 9am, especially since he only start work at 7am! The site they're working at is a Shell site, and if you know anything about Shell jobsites, they are big on safety.  I guess one of their guys was there to make sure they had everything up to Shell's standards and surprise surprise, it wasn't, so they shut down the testing. This sent Andy home less than 2 hours after he arrived at work! It was a pleasant surprise to have him home, and just in time for pancakes & bacon!!

We also got to go out to our friends place on Saturday evening just to relax and have some dessert. It was a great evening of visiting, and spending time together! Eli spent time with his Aunt & Uncle, stayed up entirely too late, played with their puppy and had popcorn. Needless to say, we weren't too worried about leaving him with them!

On Sunday morning we got up for Church, and Andy went to go take a shower, but couldn't get any hot water. Great. He replaced a part on the hot water tank, but it wasn't the issue, and after taking a few things apart and digging deeper, found the problem. Dont ask me what it is, cause I have no idea. I just know that the part costs $150 to replace, or we can replace the whole hot water tank (which is 6 years old already) for $400, maybe a bit less cause we have connections with a good plumber. A good lookin one too... for any of you who dont know, my dear husband is a journeyman plumber. Not having hot water is not a big deal, but after spending the afternoon at the park yesterday for my Aunts surprise birthday party, we were all a bit dirty from the sunscreen, and outdoors! Andy and I spent an hour boiling water on the stove and then we all proceeded to take baths. Today was the same thing however only Andy bathed after work, Eli & I didnt. Who would've thought boiling water, and filling up a tub would be such a pain... what a great appreciation I have for a hot water tank, and not being born in the olden days when this is all they did!

So on top of the stress of replacing a hot water tank, and dropping the money, finding new tenants (which we did!!! YAY!!) and having a baby in 6 weeks, and my husband taking a week off work (with no pay!) things are feeling a tad stressful. But Im confident, God is really trying to teach us something in all of this. Maybe be patient, and to trust Him. We had the same stresses come up before Eli was born and now I look back on it and laugh because we were so taken care of! We always are! God has a way of being faithful like that! But Im sure feeling like when it rains, it pours! All of this stuff is enough to stress a girl out, although Im trying not to be stressed.

Tomorrow I am 34 weeks pregnant. 6 weeks till my EDD (estimated due date) Eli's birthday is this weekend, and I cant believe our baby boy is 3 already! Where does time go!? Iam starting to see our midwife every 2 weeks now, and then eventually every week. Physically I am feeling heavier (I guess cause I am!!) Sleeping is getting more uncomfortable, and my hips are sore if I sit or stand for too long at a time! Also, this baby is busy, busy, and the movements are extremely strong! Good to know everything is okay, but there are times where it takes my breath away!

After my last midwifery appointment, I decided that we would do a hospital birth. Mostly because I dont know how Eli will react to me and Andy being totally distracted even though he'll have someone here to take care of him, but also the list of things to get prepared and in place for a homebirth is quite large. I dont feel like doing the work to get it all together. Call me lazy, Im okay with that. Just because we're having a hospital birth though doesn't mean it has to be conventional like a hospital birth. I hope to have a water birth still, and plan on using no drugs or interventions. We really only stay at the hospital for a few hours (3-4) after the baby is born, regardless of what time it is. This gives my midwife enough time to make sure baby is okay, me to take a shower, fill out paper work and off we go! I kind of like the idea of this. We can get home and settled quickly after the baby comes. Andy is going to take a week off work, and Im hoping that that week will be a quiet week where we can all bond as a family and adjust to being 4, not 3 anymore. Im nervous about going back to the lack of sleep, and getting up at night. This is one of my biggest fears. But I know every family of 4 (and more!!) goes through this stage and change... and thats really what it is. Its a season of change, and soon enough it will feel normal... whatever normal feels like!!

Ill try to post a 34 week picture this week, but i wanted to tell you... I was out this past week, and had another person tell me that Im having a girl, strictly based on how Im carrying. Because Im carrying out, and not around... this is the second person to tell me this, but Im not getting my hopes up! 2 ultrasounds, and they both showed little boy stuff... so my hopes for a girl are not high. Ill be happy with a healthy baby, regardless of boy or girl! I just find it so entertaining, that people think and are so convinced of the gender of a baby all because of the way mom is carrying.

To each their own, I suppose!!