Thursday, January 27, 2011

Really? Again?

The time has come... yet again. Can you guess what Im talking about? Think hard, really hard!!

Over the past few days, Ive noticed something that Eli has been doing more than usual.... can you guess? He's been cranky, and moody, but I just assumed it was him cutting a few teeth.

I decided today that it was time to call the doctor to get things checked out. We went and met with a new Dr that we're going to start going to. She works right behind our house, and when I called at 10:30am this morning I was able to get Eli in for 4:00p.m. So what has Eli been doing more than usual? Tugging at his ears, sticking his fingers in his ears, twisting his ears, covering them up with his hands.

Let me tell you how happy I was when we walked into the office and the nurse said she could take us right into the room, we followed her in, took Eli's jacket off, and our dr was in within 5 minutes. Checked one year, good, checked the other ear... really bad. The tubes are still in his ears, but the one ear is very inflamed. On to the antibiotics. She told me she wants to put him on a different antibiotic that is more expensive but is also more effective. Great! We have benefits so Im not too worried about the cost.

I decided to go to Save On to get the perscription filled because I had to grab some groceries, usually I go to wal mart because I heard its cheapest. Well, I gave him our insurance info and off I went. When I went back to pay he told me that I didnt have to anything! Not a scent!! Really? The perscription was close to $50, and I didnt pay a scent!! Funny thing is last week I was praying about our finances and that God would work all the details out. And here is one little thing that just worked out. We could've afforded to pay for this but it was taken care of!!

So, Im asking you to pray for our little guy. Im feeling frustrated and at my wits end again at what to do with the poor kid who cant get 6 months of relief without an ear infection! Seems like he just doesnt get a break. Im also feeling a tad bit sorry for myself that I cant do anything to help him more than what Im doing. Poor me, right? Try being the kid with the ouchie ears, I know, I know. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow issues and people

This week so far has been a pretty good week. Its going by fast so far which is good. My little sister has a few weeks left of her DTS, and I cant wait to have her home. We havent talked to her that much this week because her team has ventured out to help near the landslides. This makes me extremely nervous but I trust that God is taking care of them. In fact, as I was sitting in church on Sunday asking God "Why are you sending her there?!" He said to me, "Ill take care of her. Do not be afraid." So needless to say, Im trying not to worry, but Im looking forward to hearing from her at the end of the week and her being out of harms way!!

Last night Andy and I went to visit our marriage counsellor whom we've been seeing for over 4 year. We saw her for our pre marital counselling, and she told us at that time she likes to see couples every 6 months to a year. So, Andy and I have aimed to visit her every 6 months to a year. We also got to visit with our awesome friends who babysat Eli. We always feel great leaving our hour session because we both know coming out that Andy and I are both willing to continue working our butts off at our marriage. But something else happened as we were heading into the office. We parked in the back alley behind our friends place and decided to walk to Val's office since its less than half a block from our friends place to her office. As we were walking there was a couple in their early-mid 30's trying to get out of their parking spot. They were both fairly dressed up, and looking helpless. The guy looks at us and yells at Andy "Hey you!! Come here, take the keys so I can push the car out." And said "Uh no, you drive Ill push." The guy says "No, here take the keys, you drive, man." I meanwhile got in front of the car and he says "No, not you! Your boyfriend, he can push." This guys girlfriend was standing there dressed up in her nice pants and boots looking so embarassed. I said to her, "Its okay, Ill push." This guy goes off again, "Okay, we're going to rock it" He's in the car, Andy and I are pushing (or attempting to push!!) the car back. And Mr.saab is yelling at us to rock it. Good luck. We didnt get the car moved, and we told him that we had to go because we had an appointment. He says to me, "Your boyfriend, he's a good guy." I said, "He's my husband, thanks." I couldnt believe the attitude of this guy when he wanted our help, and how rude he was.

Previously before we dropped Eli off at our friends place, we got our vehicle stuck. Andy pushed, and I "rocked" or attempted to. A young girl about my age also came out to help, then another girl, and then an older woman. All 4 of them are pushing, meanwhile a guy on his bike goes by and says he has some traction spikes and will go get them. He went and got them, placed them under the tires and out we went. We have to get some of those. Anyways, I was so thankful that all those people helped us. Its interesting to me the 2 different experiences. The guy who told us (didnt ask us!!) to help him, and was incredibly rude. And then us, we didnt ask anyone to help us they just offered we had by the time we were out 6 people helping us!! Im so thankful theres nice people out there.

SO... today after I went to bible study (we're studying Jonah, and interruptions of life) I went to get my wires trimmed on my braces. As I was leaving I came to an intersection where there was a big coke truck waiting to turn and an older lady walking with her walker on the road. Because of the freezing rain from last night the roads are icy and wet. I continued on my way and all of a sudden something ( or maybe SOMEONE????) said to me, "You should go offer that woman a ride home." I could turn around, but kept driving, and the thought kept pushing, "Go offer her a ride." So I turned around and tried to find her. She was trekking through a smooshy, icy, wet parking lot, clearly struggling. I pulled up beside her. "Excuse me, can I give you a ride home? Its so wet and icy you shouldnt have to walk through this parking! Its really dangerous." "Oh thank you, I would appreciate that so much." I got out, put her walker into my vehicle, and helped her in." it was so icy, I was afraid she was going to slip walking around the vehicle. She didnt live far from where we were, a 1 minute drive by the time we got her home. She told me the taxi drivers wont drive her because of her walker, so she had to walk to the mall to get her meds. Really?! A taxi driver wont drive her to her destination because of her walker?! I was annoyed at that! But Im so glad I listened to that voice, and gave her a ride home.

As I made my way home, I felt so blessed. Why? Because I have a reliable vehicle that is big enough to offer a little old lady (who when I looked into her eyes, reminded me of my Grandma) and I was able to put her walker in my SUV without a fight or unsure of if it would fit or not. I felt so good that I had listened to that voice and was obedient in what we being told to me.

Having to turn around and go back looking for her was a bit of "Interruption" but who knows what wouldve happened had I not. Maybe she wouldve slipped and fallen, it would've taken her a good 15-20 minutes to get through the snow filled parking lot (or dare I saw ice rink!?) and for me to turn around and help her out was nothing.

I am so thankful at how blessed we truly are.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


It absolutely blows my mind how a child can bring so much joy to a family!! I really notice how Eli changes the family dynamics and mood when we have family dinner with my whole family!!

Tonight was one of those nights. We had family dinner at my parents place, and while we were eating dessert we plunked Eli down on one end of the table and he hung out happily drinking his tea. Yes, Eli loves tea. He had it at my older sisters place one time and now everytime we turn down their road he says "Tea???" So he sat and drank his tea and played in his cup. Kristin would pour him a bit more once he finished it and he would continue drinking it. At one point, she asked him to tell her a story and he just started blabbing away! Who knows what he was saying but he had no problem letting us know he had something to say. She would then say something along the lines of "Oh really? Can you tell me more." And off he would go... including waving his hands around. We all sat and laughed and just enjoyed listening to his "stories" while he soaked up all the attention. It was such a joy to spend time with my family and listen to him chat away.

We are so blessed. I know I say this all the time, but it really is so true!!
This weekend was incredible. Fully of relaxing, and spending time together! No one can complain about that!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2nd week of art class

Last night was the second week of my art class. There were only 3 people from the class last week that came back however the roads were quite bad.

This class is different from what I expected. Yesterday our teacher came in and asked "So what do you want to do? Do you just want to start painting?" In my mind I assumed every week we'd learn a different technique or she'd show us something different. She has a very strong polish accent so she can sometimes be difficult to understand. The 3 of us crowded around her as we asked her to show us a few different techniques. I also assumed that she might bring her own tools and canvas to show us a few things. This isnt the case. Each week she starts out on someones canvas and shows us a few things (if we ask her). That being said I did 2 paintings last night and walked out so happy and loving them. Which doesnt usually happen... liking your own art work I mean. There is also an advanced art class that comes in to paint at the same time. Im not sure if they're paying to be there or what but I also felt like she spent more time helping the advanced class than the 3 of us present at the abstract class. A few times I had to sit and wait to hear feedback from her. She only came around to me once in the whole 3 hour class. I was quite frustrated but like I said I came out with 2 great art pieces. That being said, I spent alot of money on this class and to not really feel like Im learning anything or having alot of her attention Im not sure if I would have taken the class if I had known this would be how the class was. But the other side I keep reminding myself is that I get to go out for the evening and just have quiet time to myself ( and enjoy my second cup coffee too!!) I do feel very inspired, and excited about developing more of myself. We'll see where it goes.

Its been 4 days since I had my mole removed on my foot. My foot is very sore still and Im finding that because im walking (hobbling, actually) around on the outside of my foot that my whole foot is sore. The muscles in my leg & foot are achy, and when I apply complete pressure flat on my foot the outside of my foot tingles... not sure if thats good but I get the stitches out on Monday and Im hoping that the pain will be gone by then.

Hope your having a good week!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Mole Removal

So today was the day. The day I went to the dr to have my little mole removed off my foot. By off my foot Im talking the arch of my foot. My girlfriend had a mole removed yesterday and assured me that it wasnt too bad.

I arrived to the doctors office and waited in the room. She came in and got me to try a few different positions on the bed to figure out which was worked best. I laid  on my stomache with my foot facing up. She applied a disinfectant and said she was going to numb the area. She then proceeded to place the needle into the arch of my foot. OWWWW! ohmigosh, I have never felt pain like that! I couldnt move because she had a needle in my foot so I proceeded to bite down on my arm!! Once it was numb, she proceeded to remove the mole then stitch it up. Because the foot bleeds quite a bit she had troubles stopping the blood so she had to put 6 stitches in my foot.

Lets just say I wouldnt wish the pain upon anyone. It hurt and still does hurt. I have to go back in a week to have the stitches removed. Hopefully it doesnt get infected because it needs to be all healed up for Mexico. We'll see.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Art class

Last night was my first art class. Remember, awhile back I said I signed up for this class and I was totally nervous? The reason I needed to do this class though was because I feel like its so easy to let myself go and forget who "Karla" is as a person, apart from being a mom, a wife, a daughter, sister, friend, etc.

I was very nervous going into it, and Im pretty sure Andy expected that I was going to try and get out of it because the roads were so icy.

But I went, and loved it. The instructor of the class seems like she knows what she is talking about, and is very encouraging. I loved her mindset about the list of materials and when it comes to making art. She encouraged everyone not to invest in really expensive stuff, because the cheaper stuff is just as good. It was a great feeling being totally in control of what I want to do, and expressing my feeling with the colors and paint. Im already looking forward to next week, and it seems like the rest of the students in the class are really nice too! We're all kind of coming from the same place (wanting to learn something new) while having a good time.

Monday, January 3, 2011


Over Christmas I've realized a few things.

1) How blessed we are. I cannot believe how blessed we are. As a couple that has been married for almost 4 years, and in our early-mid 20's we cannot thank God enough for what we have! We have bought a home, have 3 vehicles (currently selling 1!!), food on our table, nice furniture, and the list goes on. The other night as I was putting Eli into bed, and he was cuddling with me, I just became so overwhelmed with how lucky we are. God has been so faithful to us, and I give Him all the Praise. He has continued to provide a job for Andy, and even when Andy was laid off we had more money than when He was working. Dont ask me how, but God was faithful and provided for us!

Tonight, as we sat down to our table to eat supper which consisted of a roasted chicken, potatoes, carrots, yorkshire pudding, and salad I again felt so blessed. Some people cannot afford to have food on their table and here we are eating an incredible meal.

2) I have an incredible husband. On Sunday morning as I was getting ready in the bathroom, Eli & Andy were playing in the hallway. Eli was giggling like there was no tomorrow, and Andy was enjoying making him laugh. My heart was filled with joy because I love how my husband is so hands on with our son. He loves wrestling with him, chasing him around the house, playing "karate" with him, taking him outside for a walk, and the list goes on. I think often times many dads arent neccisarily hands on, or willing to take initiative to care for their children, and my husband is definitly not one of those guys. He is always willing to take care of Eli so I can go out for an evening, or during the day on a weekend. Im so thankful for this amazing man! He is the love of my life, and makes me laugh every day! My heart still jumps whenever I see his car pull up to the house when he gets home from work.

3) Money - Again we are blessed. Have you seen the show "Till Debt Do us Part" ?? Well recently, Andy and I decided we needed to buckle down and get on a budget. Our money issues are no means like the couples that you see on the show, but often times at the end of the month we'd pay our bills and then spend whatever money we had left over. We were saving minimal, and then wonder were X amount of money was actually going. So I googled the show and Gail Vaz-Oxlade has a blog with all the resources you need to get on the "budget" she uses for the couples on her show. So I sat down, and used the spreadsheets that calculate the "jar" money and off we went. So far it feels incredible to be saving what we're saving, and seeing where our money goes. We've stopped using ALL debit, and use only cash. Andy and I have X amount of money per week to spend, and that includes our weekly groceries, movies, gas for our vehicles (lucky for andy his vehicle only costs $20 some dollars to fill, compared to my $60!!) but once our money is gone, its gone. No going into debt to go out for supper, or buy couches or whatever... if its gone, its gone. And I love seeing how different our life is so far! Its incredible! Again, we're blessed to have as much money as we do, but God has blessed us with it, and we need to make wise decisions. Id encourage you to check our her blog, and resources that she has. Its an easy spreadsheet to fill out and easy to understand. Following it may not be as easy, but its do able!! Let me know what you think of it!

I hope your feeling as blessed as my family is this Christmas season & New Year!!