Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Surprise

Christmas has come and gone for another year. Is it just me or do you always feel a little sad once Christmas day is over? A little depressed? This year I dont feel it as much, but I still feel it. So much time, work and thought is put into one day and then its gone in such a short time. But it was an incredible day.

Last year, Andy and I opened our Christmas presents on Christmas eve after we put Eli to bed. I grew up opening presents on Christmas even, but it was really special to do that again this year. We decided that because Andy's family was coming over for breakfast we may not have as much time in the morning to open presents. We put Eli to bed and Andy had a couple of things to put together. We grabbed a drink and sat down on the couch. Andy handed me my stocking and said we should start there. Stockings are my absolute favorite part so I didnt argue. Halfway through my stocking I pulled out a set of car keys. "Go look in the back." I got up, peeked out the door at our parking pad and there sat my new SUV. Yup, Andy got me a 2008 fully loaded Hyundai Sante Fe for Christmas! I couldnt believe it! I suspected during the week that he might be doing it, but I didnt want to believe it because I would be totally disappointed. But he did! He pulled it off, and there sat my beautiful car! I cannot believe how incredible this vehicle is, and I love it. We are so blessed. We had an incredible Christmas with family, friends, food, a warm home, a bed to sleep in, and a new vehicle. Andy defintly outdid himself this year! What an incredible man, and boy does he love me! He had to lie to me a few times so he wouldnt ruin the surprise but thats okay.

We had a great time having breakfast with Andys family and opening more presents. Eli had such a great time opening presents and eating alot of cookies and chocolate. Too much chocolate and cookies because at 10:30p.m he woke up crying and when I went in to check on him he had throw up all over the place. He was covered, and his crib was covered. He must've thrown up earlier and fell asleep in it and then woke up a few hours later. While Andy cleaned the throw up up (what a good husband!!) and put new sheets on the crib, I took a bath with him and cleaned him up. He was ready to party after he was cleaned up and we finally got him back down just after 11p.m. We heard him cough so I went in to check if he was okay. He seemed fine, but it was pitch black and I really couldnt see anything. Well, when we got him up this morning at 9am, (he slept through the whole night no problem!!) he had thrown up and just continued to sleep. Luckily, it wasnt too much and was in the corner of the crib. Poor guy though. He was fine today, and happy to hang out.

Andy doesnt have too much time off over Christmas, so Im enjoying having him at home with us for a few days. Christmas holidays always go so fast but Im trying to enjoy it one day at a time!

How was your Christmas?

My 2 loves on Christmas Morning!

My new ride!!

2008 Hyundai Sante Fe - Fully loaded (Heated seats included too!!!!!)

Eli loved openning presents!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Im not really feeling inspired to write these days. Thus is been a bit since I last wrote. That and I came down with the stomach flu.

I dont really feel like I have alot to write about, and although I know there are a few of you out there who read my blog I dont have anyone commenting on any pictures or any posts, which is a tad discouraging. This isnt a cry for comments, Im just saying.

So yes, I had the stomach flu. I was fine on Monday morning and by Monday afternoon my stomach hurt, by 7:30pm I was throwing up, and was done throwing up by 10:30pm, but I was up most of the night. My stomch hurt so bad, and I just felt horrible. Luckily, for me my mom came over on Tuesday to help our with Eli. Theres nothing worse than having to take care of a high energy little person when you feel like dieing! So I was blessed to have her here to take care of him. Andy also came home a bit early, so he was home by the time Eli woke up from his nap. Perfect! I thought I was good and done with being sick but last night around 5p.m my stomach started to hurt again. We had a good friend coming over for supper (which she was coming to make! Lucky us!) but since Ive eaten absolutely nothing over the past 2 days I couldnt eat too much and as the night went on I felt worse and worse. Finally, I took a gravol, had a bath and hit the hay. I slept good (thank you gravol!) and am feeling good this morning. Im going to start eating today (as I havent eaten much since Monday at lunch!) so part of me wonders if my stomach hurts because Im so hungry. I had some oatmeal and toast this morning, now its a wait and see game.

Christmas is in a few days, and Andy is up to something. I think I know what it is, but Im not saying. Ill keep you posted! Have a Merry Christmas! I hope you're all blessed in one way or another!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cloth Diapers

We've made the switch. To cloth diapers I mean. I love it. Its so nice not having to think about buying diapers while Im out and about. We've also switch to using reusable wipes as well. That way we only need disposable for when we're out and about... which really amounts to almost nothing.

I also dont mind washing the diapers. You throw them in, let them soak, wash them a few times over, throw them in the dryer and thats that. I thought itd be harder but its really not that difficult.

Starting out is expensive with cloth diapers, but as long as your not too picky you can find some great deals on ebay for cheap. I ordered 7 diapers for $25, which is usually the cost of 1 diaper when you buy them from a store here in edmonton. Not to mention they look pretty cute on our little guy.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

Eli's been down and out this week. Last night he had a fever, and his cough is uncontrollable. The poor kid is just wiped from coughing so hard and so he's sleeping like crazy! Luckily, he is actually sleeping instead of being up multiple times in the night and not napping! Ive defintly been praying that he'd continue to sleep well.

I've been busy this week, thus not posting too often. We have our basement that is continuously having work done on it, but Im feeling the itch to get it done so we can have another liveable space instead of a place to store junk. So I tidied it up and painted it. It looks great and its incredible what a couple coats of paint can do to freshen up an area up! Now we just would like to get some couches and get it all set up to be able to watch movies down there, and also have Eli play down there.

On top of the main room that I painted down there (which was a huge job!!) I also did the back room. I cleaned it out and painted it and am turning it into an office/andy's punching bag room. Right now we dont have a designated office and Id really like to have somewhere specific where we can put all the papers to be filed away, to set up our desk and our computer, etc. So now that its painted (I still have 1 more coat to do) but I would love to start putting some pictures on the wall, maybe some wall decals or something. I want it to be a place that I enjoy going and relaxing in, the exact same thing with the other area in the basement. I think we're getting there, still have alot of work to do but one step closer. I cant wait!

This morning as I ran upstairs and quickly got dressed so I could come downstairs and get Eli dressed and then walk out the door. Last night, Andy and I sat and enjoyed some Ferrero Rocher chocolates, and left the tin with some chocolates sitting on the floor. Well after I took the minute and a half to get dressed and came downstairs Eli was sitting on his musical chair with something in his hand! Once I looked closer I noticed that the 3 chocolates that should've been in the Ferrero Rocher tin were no long there, and he only had 1 in his hand! He had such complete delight eating that little chocolate. When I came downstairs and looked at him all I heard was "Nummy, yummy..." It was pretty stinkin cute. When I turned my back for a quick moment to grab his clothes from the laundry basket, I looked back at him and sure enough he had all 3 chocoaltes sitting in his tray on his chair! All Icould do was laugh... oh and grab my camera!

After we went to the chiropractor this morning we decided that instead of heading out to our regular Friday play time to head out to my parents place. Since Eli had a fever last night and wasnt feeling well I didnt think it would be a good idea to take him around other kids. So off we went to myparents. Eli wasnt completely content there but it was nice to have my mom & dad to help me with him especially when he's in a mood. He loves being around them, and the last time my dad came over to visit (this week) Eli started crying and reaching up to my dad when he left. Eli & my dad have one thing in common, they love being outside... and luckily for Eli, Dad never has an issue about taking him outside. So when my dad came inside this afternoon from doing a bit of work outside and Eli decided he wanted to go out Dad was more than happy to take him. These pictures melt my heart.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


We had a good weekend. Busy but good. Friday evening we worked on putting some more handles on our cabinet drawers. Andy would measure, and screw the holes, and I would put the hardware on. Between the 3 of us (including Eli!!) we got all of the drawers done!

Saturday we left for our extended family Christmas. We left right around Eli's nap time, but he refused to fall asleep the whole 2 hour drive there. Surprise, surprise! He was happy but very tired. It was so nice to get out of the city and see family and celebrate Christmas. Its neat to see how a child or baby changes the whole mood of a get together like that! Everyone had so much fun, and Im so glad Eli is willing to sit and hang out with his family even though he doesnt see them as often as we'd like. It also give Andy and I a nice break from Eli when everyone wants to play with him or hold him. No problem!

Other than that, theres really not too much going on these days. Andy and I are still looking for a vehicle however things have changed a bit. We've decided we're going to invest in a minivan. Yup you read right, a minivan. It only makes sense with us starting to think about having another little one, and that way we have more space in the back if we are looking after other peoples kids or need to move some stuff.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Week update

The last week has been fairly busy and Im glad that its gone by fast. Into the weekend we go.

Today has been a hard day. Eli has been moody, and throwing a bit about everything. I guess it must be the age?? He's taken a few tumbles and hit his head so I think he's out of sorts a bit.

This evening I get to go out with some girlfriends that I met through my first moms group. Its been awhile since Ive seen them, and tonight we get to go out for supper without the little people!! Cant wait!

Yesterday I had a meeting to go to, and lucky for me Eli decided he wanted to get up at 4:30am! He never does this anymore but I got him up and then by 6am I put him back to bed. He had some oatmeal with andy for breakfast and had no issue going back down. Well at 9:10am (when I had to be walking out the door by 9:15a.m!!) he still wasnt awake. Poor guy. So when I woke him up, I had to quickly change his diaper, throw his jacket and toque on and out to the car we went. He had breakfast at my girlfriends place (round 2 breakfast!!)  and was fine. This morning he had no issue sleeping in until 8:30am, so I dont know if he was just hungry yesterday morning but lets hope it doesnt become a regular thing.

This weekend we head out of town for a night, for our family christmas with our extended family. It should be alot of fun, and Im excited for Eli to see his great aunts, uncles and cousins!! As long as the roads are good, we should have a good weekend!!

Here are a few pictures from the past week or so.

                                   A little cheese with your cheese quesdilla?

                                      Eli likes cheese, can you tell?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Funny How God Works

Its funny how God works. Im so thankful that God is constantly reminding me He's walking me through all the little "things in my life."

I slept horrible last night. My brain wouldnt shut off, and Eli was very restless. By 11:30p.m I decided I need to try to go to sleep, but first I went to check on Eli. He had cried out 4 or 5 times, which was equaling out to once an hour. I went in, prayed over him and over his room and as I walked out he cried out and then I didnt hear one more peep the rest of the night. My brain still didnt shut off, but I finally fell asleep.

This morning, I got up and got ready for my Heart to Heart bible study potluck. I love this time of year because its an opportunity to sit and relax, have breakfast and coffee and chat with my awesome girlfriends. There is usually a bit of a program, and this morning it consisted of a group of woman doing a dance. (Just a side note, Ive decided I want to take a dance class that is a worship class... something completely different than the hip hop Im used to!! More of an inspirational class!) Okay, back to this morning. This group of women actually taught this dance to inmates in a correctional facility. They go in every week and work and minister to the inmates of this jail, and it blows my mind that God is evening working in jails! How cool is that!? The song they did their dance to was Casting Crowns, Ill praise you in this storm.  I've heard this song so many times, and have worshipped to it numerous times aswell but for some reason it was exactly what I needed to hear and watch this morning. As I sat there watching, tears filled my eyes, and eventually down my cheeks. Through all the "stuff" thats going on in my life, and that Im feeling completely overwhelmed, and somewhat heart broken God completely has control! Even now I cant hold back the tears because its an overwhelming thought. Through the pain, and the "storm" of my day to day life he is walking me through.

And I think of others in my life that might be feeling anger, pain, hurt, and confusion and it reminds me that God knows what He's doing. He has a plan in all the small & big details, and His plan is bigger than what we can see in the moment... but he wont leave us here, he'll take us through to the other side. It doesnt mean that its not going to be hard, or its not going to hurt. Andy reminded me of something this weekend as I was in the midst of the pain and anger. We were driving and I was venting. "I feel really angry." I had prayed and prayed about something and it wasnt the outcome that I expected. Andy replied, "Karla, its okay to feel angry, its what you do with and in that anger that matters." It hit home for me. Its okay for me to be upset, and even angry, but what I do with that anger is whats important. Instead of being angry and turning away from God, I need to turn to Him.

Anyways, thats my rant. I hope that in some way Praise you in the Storm will speak to you, and just remember... the interruptions in our lives (big or little) God has a bigger plan for. I think Im writing this post for myself because this is something I have to remind myself on a day to day basis.

If you didnt get a chance to click on the link the first time... I encourage you to click on it now!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Its been a tough few days for me. Theres alot going on in my life (lots of ups and downs) and I feel like its finally caught up to me this week. I cant go into too many details about it because alot of it has to do with some very personal areas of my life, but Im feeling like Im taking on alot of "stuff."

My little sister is heading off to Brazil tomorrow morning, and Im not sure when Ill get to talk to her next. Im so proud of her, but letting go and putting her into God's hands is easier said than done... however that being said there is no safer place for her to be than where God wants her to be. I trust that with my whole heart, and know that I need to stop worrying and trust that God will take care of her.

Im not sure if Ive told everyone but my family is offically going to Mexico as of February! My whole family, including my little sister who will be back from Brazil by then! Im really excited and cannot wait to try and relax somewhat!

If you could keep my little sister and family in your prayers as we have my little sister embark on the next journey in her life and as we all try and cope with her offically being gone and technically unreachable, this would be a huge blessing. We'll keep you all posted!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Weekend Update

We've had a fairly busy weekend. Enjoyable (for the most part!) but busy.

Saturday Andy and I drove to Calgary for our friends daughters first birthday! It was alot of driving but well worth it. It was really awesome to see our friends (even if it was a short visit) and celebrate their daughters first birthday! It was a very special day and a way different 1st birthday party than we're used to; this was a Dol! Its a Korean traditional first birthday, and they really go all out! It was at an awesome Korean restaurant where there was lots of food and goodies and awesome company as well!! We really enjoyed our time there. Like I said, it was alot of driving for one day, but so worth it!

Eli spent the day with his Nana, and they both had a great time. Andy's grandpa (Eli's great Grandpa!) does Santa at the hospital for the kids, and he was there yesterday, so they went for a visit. Eli was all in his glory. Cookies, santa, live music and lots to look at! He loved it I guess! He only napped for 45 minutes with his Nana. He started coughing during the day and he couldnt nap very well because of it. When we got home around 6:30p.m he was happy to see us and he was quite tired. We tried putting him down around 7:30 but he wasnt going to have any part of it. Eventually he did go down to bed but not until around 8:30-9:00ish!!

I went off to a Christmas Party and had a really awesome time. It was great to get to know some women that I didnt know too well before and get out for some good appetizers and drinks (even though I only drank punch and a small amount of wine.) When I arrived home at midnight Eli was up and not happy. He couldnt stop coughing and he was over tired from his busy day with his Nana. It was a rough night, he woke up every few hours crying and coughing then would fall asleep. He is tired today, and not feeling 100% either. Poor kid.

I never realized how important schedule and nap really is in his life. When he's over tired its a bad situation and its not fun! But Im blessed that he had so much fun with his Nana and that she was able to watch him for us while we went out of town for the day!!

Today is a day of relaxing and catching up on sleep. A Good 'ol Sunday!

Friday, December 3, 2010

My cute little Freckle

For those of you who know me very well (and probably not many of you know me this well!) but I have a cute little freckle on the bottom of my right foot. Its a lone little freckle, and Ive always liked it. Its something that not many people know about me (until now!) and its a different place for a freckle. The bottom (arch area) of my foot. Interesting.

Anyways, a few weeks ago as I was getting into bed one evening I felt like I had a sliver in my foot. I turned the light on (my husband was just a tad annoyed!) and took a look... my cute little freckle was red, and raised. Uh oh. So I took a closer look and no there was no sliver in it that I could see. Over the next few days as I was walking it still hurt and then it finally calmed down.

Well this morning I went off to the dr and she took a look at it and said that although its not bothering me now its best to remove it. She said there are certain concerns with moles or freckles in my case that can be cancerous, and certain areas are more prone to having cancerous cells. The foot being one of them. So in March Ill head off to the dr to get my cute little freckle (which still isnt really mole looking at all!!) to get removed, and all that will be left is a scar. My cute little freckle and my little secret that not many know about me will be gone. Ill be left with a few stitches after she removes it and thats that. Too bad.

Better safe than sorry I think!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Test Driving

Last night Andy and I ventured out to test drive 2 vehicles that we had it narrowed down to. After looking through consumer reports, and Lemon-aid books (car review book) we decided that the Subaru Forester, and Hyundai Sante Fe was what we wanted to test drive.

Off we went to Subaru, very excited, and almost positive that out of the two the Forester would be the vehicle we'd fall in love with. It was a nice vehicle, and a very nice drive. However, for the standard model and the price, we werent overly impressed.

Next we went to Hyundai. We test drove a 2010 Sante Fe, it was a basic model. It was really nice. Surprisingly, it had alot of space in it, and the standard features were really nice. A few which I really liked was cruise control, and bluetooth. With the new law coming into affect in the province of no hand held phones or really any distractions allowed in vehicles bluetooth is something Id really like. Its standard on the Sante Fe, but not Forester.

Leaving Hyundai we were more impressed with the Sante Fe than the Forester. I think its the vehicle for us. Now its just a matter of time to wait for the right one that comes along and then we'll go for it. When that is Im not sure, but we'll see!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tight Teeth

My teeth are tight. I went for my first teeth tightening today. They changed both wires on both top and bottom, their thicker and stronger... and tighter. The lady changing the wires even said "This is going to feel very tight." They also put a wire/net type (a thicker wire) across the gaping holes where I had the 2 top teeth pulled. She said those wires will help to close the gaps. YES!! I was wondering when that was going to happen, so finally its begun!

I was lucky that the appointment worked out so well. I went to bible study this morning (I love that type with those ladies! Time to talk, and relax without a kid hanging off my leg!!) and get some good soul food, and prayer! My really really really good friend said she could watch Eli while I had my appointment, so she took him home with her while I went off to my appointment. I was surprised when she said that he was chatty the whole way home because generally he is very quiet when he's not around his mom & dad. But I also find it very comforting that he was chatty, because that means he feels safe and comfortable. Thanks Alex! When I got to her house to pick him up he was very happy, and playing with her son. I think its good for Eli to play with him, and learn how to play with another boy... especially one that is a bit older! Its such a blessing to have friends to switch baby sitting off with, makes my life alot easier!!

So now Eli is sleeping, and I get to relax for awhile. Its so good to have that quiet time.