Thursday, April 29, 2010


Today was a nice day. The past couple of days have been tough as Andy and I have had to make some decisions regarding our future that have been fairly stressfull. I'll go into details when the timings right, but for now I cant talk to much about it.

This afternoon Eli and I went to visit my friend and her son & new baby. It was a really great afternoon! Eli had a fun time playing with their toys and with her 2 year old son.

I went and spent time at Stepping Stones again this afternoon, and I have to say I love it there! There were only 2 girls there this afternoon but it was nice to relax. Thursday afternoons is scrapbooking, and I'm really looking forward to these afternoons. I'm able to bring my scrapbook and work on it, they supply everything and I get to sit and hang out. Its a nice break! I got to spend more time one on one with the young lady I spoke of last week, and I'm really enjoying getting to know her.

So get this, on my way home I'm driving through Millwoods and I see two boys probably between the ages of 10-12 with fake play machine guns, and their faces completely. One was wearing a scarf and the other had a toque on and a bandana covering the rest of his face... they were walking down the sidewalk pretending to shoot vehicles. I felt completely sick about it so I turned around, located them, and then called the police. I'm assuming they sent someone out to follow up with it. Just a little shocking to see!

And finally tonight. Andy was supposed to go to see a friends band play but he was going to go by himself. I called my parents up and they said they'd come over and hang out so we could go out. On their Anniversary night and everything! Andy and I really needed this time to talk things over, and just really examine a few things! I love spending time with Andy and tonight we really needed to get out. Such a blessing, I'm so grateful that they were willing to come over. We're off to bed soon to start our day all over tomorrow!! Cant wait for the weekend, it should be nice to relax!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What a Story

This morning was our last Heart 2 Heart get together. It was brunch and man there was some good food! So we relaxed and ate! Each week there has been a lady speak and tell her story about her life.

This morning a lady who is in her mid 20's I would say. Her story brought every woman in the room to tears. Her story goes like this: She grew up in a Christian home. Learned that God is good all throughout her upbringing. Last year she went to the Dr. and had the news that no one wants to hear in their life. They found cancer on her ovary. She ended up having a total historectomy, and a few rounds of Kemo. She lost all her hair, and her dreams of ever having children were shattered. I felt so blessed in those moments as she was telling her story. In amidst all of the stuff she went through, she came out with her Faith just as strong. Here she's grown up being told "God is good, God is in control, etc . . ." I could not imagine! After her historectomy and kemo she had the best news in her life, it was all gone, they hadn't found anymore! And her Faith and praise in God is incredible! That just blows my mind! She is a success story, however she made the choice to still trust God and believe that He has a bigger plan. It takes a strong person to do that. It would've been easier to be angry at God, and not believe He knows what he's doing!! I was so blessed to hear her story, and just realized that God is good! I really take my health for granted, thats for sure!

8 months ago I started at Heart 2 Heart, and was so nervous! The only person I knew was my mother in law, and her friend Lee who offered to pick me up and drive us home since at the time we only had 1 vehicle insured. Little did I know i would build such incredible relationships! Those woman that I met are so incredible, and I cant get over how much they have blessed me! Its going to be wierd over the summer not seeing them every week, however I think we'll make a point of getting together whenever we can!

I've heard theres supposed to be snow on the way, and I sure hope it doesn't snow... but I love this rainy cloudy weather! I know most of you hate it, but I love it! It reminds me of our honeymoon in Victoria! So beautiful, and I cant wait for the grass to turn green and start growing! We need it so bad! Hope all of you have a good day!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Busy, busy, busy.

I feel like I've been so busy lately! The evenings have been jam packed, and the rest of this week doesnt slow down at all. Nor does the weekend!

Last night, I got my hair colored at my friends place. We used to work together like 5 years ago when I was at Vidal Salons. I had her cut my hair a few weeks ago, and colored it last night. I love it!

Tonight, I have my dance class. Which to be honest I dont feel very motivated to go, I'd really like to relax and just watch T.V. But I'm going, I know I'll feel better after I get some exercise.

Tomorrow I'm off to Heart 2 Heart for our last get together, and its a brunch. It'll be nice to relax and eat! I dont think I have any plans tomorrow evening, but usually Chelsey and I go for wings. We'll see what happens though.

Thursday I'm off to Stepping Stones to spend some time with the girls there, and then Andy is going out in the evening.

Busy, busy, busy. When I'm at home there's always something to do. Vacumn, dishes, laundry, dusting, pick up toys, blocks, oh and did I mention Eli's latest favorite . . . toilet paper!? Then I have to figure out supper, and get that together. Once I have a few minutes to sit down, I realize I have to switch the laundry over, which also means theres probably a load to fold. So while I sit to watch T.V I fold the baset of clothes.

I know alot of people are going to scold me on this however I feel like its sometimes the only time I can get a few minutes to be relaxed. I've started tanning a bit. A few minutes here and there, but its so nice to be able to relax, listen to some music, and be nice and warm. I know its unhealthy but its nice to relax.

Dont get me wrong, I'm not complaining about my life! I love my life, and everyday is interesting! But I wonder what I did with all my time before I had a baby!? My house wasn't as clean, we ate out more often which means I wasn't making supper as often... I just dont know where all my time went! Oh how things change!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Toyota RAV4 - Honda CRV

Yesterday morning Andy's mom called and offered to take Eli for the afternoon so we could go test drive some vehicles. We've been looking for a bit now, but wanted to wait until Andy was done school. When we went out on our date on Friday we were going to test drive some SUV's however most dealerships were closed. So we went yesterday afternoon.

We stopped in at the Nissan dealership. We've been looking into the Nissan X Terra, or X Trail. The car salesman said they cannot keep any used nissans on the lot, they come in and they sell right away. So we headed over to Toyota to take a look at what they had. We ended up spending most of our time there looking at a few different vehicles. Toyota Matrix, Nissan X Trail, Nissan Rogue, and then we peaked into a Toyota RAV4. Originally, we hadn't really been interested in them but once he opened it up and showed us some of the features we took it for a test drive! It was beautiful! It seats 5, with alot of space in the back, and also a small stowaway compartment (where the spare tire usually is) but since the spare is on the outside of the door there is extra space in the back! It is a bit more than we wanted to spend but we're keeping our eyes peeled!

Last night as we were looking at consumer reports and such we found that the comparable vehicle to the RAV4, is the Honda CRV. So I'm thinking we're going to go test drive the CRV aswell. With all the stuff that toyota has been through over the past 6 months I'm thinking we could probably really work up a good deal if we wanted to. For any of you who are reading that might drive either of these vehicles, I'd love to hear your thoughts!!

Today was Andy's first day back to work after 8 weeks of school. He's off to a new jobsite, with new guys, and a new location! Just our luck that Eli decided to wake up at 4:00A.M and fart around in his crib. He'd whine, and then babble, this went on for a good hour. So finally when he fell asleep we were both tired. Next thing I knew Andy was bounding out of bed. His alarm didn't go off, and he was running 40 minutes late! Lucky for my man he is the type of guy who is like always 30 minutes early to work. I got up packed his lunch, made his breakfast, and off he went  . . . 7 minutes after he woke up. What a horrible feeling!

Eli's down for his nap already this morning, and I need to clean the kitchen as well as the rest of my house. We might make a trip to Giant Tiger... yes I said Giant Tiger. Cheap groceries, and a few odds N ends things! Then tonight I'm off to get my hair colored. This week I meet with my first doula client, and I'm very excited and nervous! Its going to be a busy week!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Last night Andy and I went out for our anniversary dinner. We went to The Keg for supper, and then made a few stops at some stores... wal mart, home depot... exciting hey? It was nice to just spend time together!

Then this morning 6:00a.m rolls around and I hear the bars on Eli's crib rattling back and forth. Apparently it was time to get up. However we left him and he fell back asleep until 8:00. His teeth are bothering him and for the past few mornings he's woken up screaming.

I got to visit one of my great friends Alex today! Alex and I have become close friends from Heart 2 Heart. I've been totally blessed by her friendship, and we're so much alike that its almost scary! When 2 people are so much alike it can either be a good thing, or a bad thing... but for us it clicks!

 She finally had her second baby last night, and so I went to the hospital to visit! Lucky for me I arrived at the perfect time to change Adam's diaper... his second poop of his life! For those moms who are reading you know how fun those poops are, and for those who aren't moms well lets just say those poops are nice, thick (usually very brown almost black!) and messy to clean up! But get this, I felt honored to be there! She was by herself for a few hours and so I was able to go visit her! I held little Adam for most of the afternoon and just got to chat with her, and before I left I was able to pray for her and her family! Such a nice afternoon! I felt so passionate about her and her little one, it felt like I was exactly where I was suposed to be! Thanks Alex for a nice afternoon!

Then this evening we went to Summerside Church to hear all about the missions trip to Mexico my parents and sister (and a whole other group!!) went on! It was awesome to hear stories, and see pictures and video! I always love going there, and it just feels like home. I know pretty much everyone, and its very comfortable! Eli did great in the nursey (as always!) and as I went to pick him up I was told that he went for the toilet paper roll almost everytime someone opened the door to the bathroom! Thats so like him! At least he's consistant! I love Eli so much!

The latest thing that little boy has mastered (I dont know where he figured it out!) is the stairs! On Friday I was sitting on the couch and all of a sudden he was half way up the stairs! I grabbed him and went into the bathroom where Andy was showering and asked if they had been practicing the stairs or if Andy had showed him how to do them. Nope, he just did it! Guess that baby gate will forever be at the bottom of the stairs now!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Teen Moms

So I had a busy day however I dont feel the need to go into every detail about what we did. However, I did vacumn, wash the floors, do laundry, dishes, and took Eli swimming! Oh and today was the first day that I spent at Stepping Stones.

I didn't know what to expect going in there and I was nervous, but not as nervous as I expected I would be! There were 4 teen girls there. The youngest is 15 and I think the oldest is going onto 18. 2 of them have their baby's already and 2 are pregnant due in June and July. We did scrapbooking, and just got to hang out. I even got to hold a 3 month old baby who slept in my arms. While I miss that stage I feel blessed to be out of it at the same time too!

After our time was after I drove one of the girls home. Here's a bit about her. I dont think I should give real names so I'm going to call her Amy. Amy is 15 years old. She lives with her aunt. Here mom lives in medicine Hat, and her dad is an alcoholic. She considered having an abortion but once she saw the ultrasound pictures thats what changed her min. Her boyfriend is still in the picture, but is quite a bit older than Amy.

My heart broke for these girls. I couldn't imagine being a single mom. Amy told me she's scared for her labor and delivery. As I dropped Amy off at her aunts place I drove away and just realized how lucky and blessed I'am. Why is it that a 15 year old girl is dealt the cards she is dealt? Why am I dealt the cards I'am dealt?

I have a feeling these girls are going to be an inspiration to me! All I feel I can do is pray for each girl, especially Amy and be there for each one! I'm so glad that God cares about even the little details in our lives, like where I should be volunteering! I cant wait to go back!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Today is our 3rd year anniversary! A whole 3 years! I suppose I shouldn't joke, some people dont make it that far, every year is something to be proud of! We're going to celebrate on Friday evening by going out for supper and possibly test driving some vehicles. Andy has exams this week so he is very busy studying.

Eli slept in until 8:15a.m this morning, and I still woke up at 7:20a.m. Ohwell, it was a very nice 45 minutes or so to get ready and have breakfast in quiet without a baby trying to crawl up my leg. We then went to bible study, and once we came home Eli went down. I made some phone calls, and Andy came home early. Because he has to study he went to the library because its easier to focus, and while he was out I had a delivery! Flowers! This was the first time I've ever had flowers delivered to me from a boy! So special!

Eli and I went out for a great walk around our neighborhood, and found some new paths that are awesome to go down. I attempted to jog, and failed miserably but I suppose if I push myself each day it'll get easier!

Later on after supper we also walked to Dairy Queen to get blizzards, a nice treat especially because they are buy one and get the second one for $.25!

Tomorrow evening I head off to Stepping Stones to hang out for an hour or so, and I couldn't be more excited! This week has been awesome!
Here are some pictures of today, as well as the past few years.

Engagement Pictures
Trying not to cry...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A God Thing

So if you haven't read my previous post on Stepping Stones, make sure you go back and read it before continuing on with this post! Yes 2 posts in 1 day!

Ever heard of a God thing? Or conincidence that is just too crazy to believe!? Well I had one today!

I went to go and meet the young woman from Stepping Stones at Tim Hortons. Really nice, pretty, exactly what I expected! We start chatting, she told me a bit about herself, and then I told her a bit about  myself. She told me a bit about what Stepping Stones does, and who they are. Basically its all about building relationships with the young moms and moms to be! She pretty much has the best job out there! She gets to hang out and be friends to teen moms, even better she gets paid to do it!

I got confirmation that this is the organization I'm supposed to be volunteering with about 15 minutes into our conversation. "And are you a Christian?" She asked. "Uh yeah I'am." "Good she said. Stepping Stones is a Christian organization, that is affiliated through Youth For Christ. Any volunteers have to be a Christian." What are the chances of that!? I seriously had no idea whatsoever. It was never indicated to me while emailing back and forth, or on the website anywhere!

So the way it works is I'll be expected to set aside a few hours a week to meet and get together in a group setting. I'll also be asigned a teen mom to be a mentor too. This means getting together every couple of weeks, and chatting once a week to make sure things are going well for her. Another thing of confirmation for me is the fact that I can bring Eli to any and all meetings or any volunteering I'm doing! They have childcare at times, and any of the group settings where we hang out each of the girls brings their baby and thats that! How cool is that!? Its not far from where we live either, should take only about 12 minutes to get there. AND I go to the first meeting on Thursday! I'm totally excited, and just cant believe how neat this worked out!

I mentioned to Andy tonight as we were eating supper that had the Terra Association had a volunteer coordinator, and if the woman wasnt so rude to me I probably wouldn't have ended up looking into Stepping Stones like I did. But because the circumstances with Terra were the way they were, I pursued Stepping Stones, and it has just confirmed that thats where I'm supposed to be putting in my time!

Now thats what I call A God Thing  . . . not coincidence! Its too cool how God even cares about those little things, hey?!

Stepping Stones

I'm going to meet with a woman today from a non profit organization called Stepping Stones. I'd really like to do some volunteering and my passion is for new moms and moms to be! Stepping Stones works with pregnant and parenting teens. The ages of teens that they work with are anywhere form 13 (yes 13, thats right.) to 21! I was blown away when she told me 13... I couldn't imagine. But I'm very excited to hopefully get involved and build some relationships. I'm not too sure what to expect but I'm llooking forward to meeting people!

I had called the Terra association, which is also a centre for pregnant and parenting teens. The woman was down right rude to me. She told me that the Volunteer Coordinator had retired and they're looking for someone to fill the position, and to call back at the beginning of May. I asked her if there was anyone that I could speak to for the time being? And she told me quite rudely that there wasn't anyone. A part of me feels like "Why would I want to give my time to an organization that was rude to me?" I talked to the young woman who heads up Baby & Me at Parent Link, and she said that alot of non profit organizations are over worked and the staff often times are doing jobs that might not be in their job title. I asked her if I should be bothered to call and let someone know that I was treated rudely, and it will probably cause me to find a different organization to spend my time at. She said yes, however I dont think I'll bother.

Anyways, I'm very excited to go and meet with the lady from Stepping Stones! I'll keep you posted on how it goes!

Guess what! Remember those rocks my mother in law and I moved yesterday? Well I posted them on Kijiji, for free. Someone just has to bring a shovel, and a truck and take them away! Well I had over 15 replies to them! I'm thinking now I should've said someone could take them for $50! But a nice older couple e-mailed me and they live just down the road for us! I go walking past their crescent all the time! So they came by this morning, and looked at them and said they'll be back either later this afternoon or tomorrow morning! As they were walking away she turned around and said "Hey Karla, can I repay you with some flowers or something for you to plant in the front here?" How neat is that!? She said she has quite a bit of stuff around her yard that she can take a look at and give to me for payment! Neat how that works out hey?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sun, water & Rocks

What a beautiful day out today! + 20 degrees you really cant go wrong. So I thought while Eli was napping I would go and rake the yard, water it, and put some more seed down on the patchy spots. That was until my mother in law called. I told her my plans for the day and she said she'd come over and help!

We have a small rock garden in front of our house that I've been wanting to get rid of so I can plant some flowers there. Well we decided that we would tackle the rock garden! We had 2 rakes, 1 shovel, a tarp, and 2 buckets. No wheel barrel. So you can imagine what a job this was! We started around 10:30 raking the yard, and then continued on to tackle the rocks. We finished our job (with new soil in the garden and all!!) around 2:30-3:00ish! What a long day!

Eli napped for close to 2 hours this morning, and then came and crawled around once he woke up. He was quite content to just play in the grass and hang out. We turned the sprinkler on and he loved the water. That boy could be a fish he loves the water so much!

I got quite burnt however we got alot done, and boy is it nice to have accomplished something! It was a busy day, and in between the 4.5 hours of being outside I still managed to vacumn, pick up toys, go for a nice walk this morning, do the dishes, and do laundry!

And get this, after Eli was up for 3.5 hours he went back down for a nap just after 3:00, (so did I!) and Andy had to wake up both up at 5:10P.M because we were both asleep! Eli is in bed, and he had no issues tonight going down! Such a nice feeling! Now I'm going to relax, and just be quiet.
Here are some pictures from our day!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

What a busy weekend!

We had a busy weekend! I cannot believe it! Here it is:

Friday Night: We had family over for Andy's birthday BBQ. Burgers, chips, vegetables, beer, juice, ice cream cake, fruit, etc. It was a really nice time! Awesome to celebrate Andy's birthday and just hang out! So after everyone one home around 11:00, we cleaned up and went to bed around midnight.

Saturday: Eli & I left around 9:30a.m for Lac La Biche. He slept for the first hour and was quite content the second hour. It took us about 2 hours or so, and we were both happy to get there! It was a quick trip there and back, but it was nice to see family.

Sunday: Eli woke up at 5:30a.m. I was not happy about this, but I couldn't really blame him because the room we were sleeping in was not too dark and the sun was already up. So he thought it was time to get up too! I dont remember the last time I actually got up and out of bed at 5:30a.m. But I feel like I had a ton of time in the day, thats for sure! My Aunt and I went for a long walk around 8:00a.m, and Eli fell asleep. We stopped in at my cousins place for a cup of coffee, and then headed back to the house. Eli was quite content to hang out and watch my uncle mow the lawn. Finally once Eli was good and tired, which was around 12:00P.M we headed out onto the road. He again slept for an hour, and was awake for the rest. The drive home he didnt do aswell, however all things considered he did pretty good. He was happy to be home though!

Once we got home we unpacked and relaxed for a bit, and then the 3 of us went out for a bike ride. It was nice to get out and get some more exercise. We came home, and I ran out to get some groceries and when I got home my mom and dad had stopped in for a visit. We had supper and then walked to Twisted yogurt for some frozen yogurt. Mmmmm. I'm also trying out my mother in laws bread maker right now, we'll see how it turns out. I think I put too much yeast in, so it could be interesting!

Eli went down to bed around 7:00, however Andy is currently up in his room trying to calm him down and giving him some tylenol. One of Eli's teeth on the top is cutting through and he was screaming like crazy!

I'm tired, and its just so nice to relax and be quiet... well almost quiet, once Eli is asleep! This week I start my hip hop class, so thats exciting and our 3 year anniversary is on Wednesday! We're going to go out on Friday night for supper since Andy has exams all week. That way we can celebrate our anniversary and him being done school for this term!! Almost a journey man! So far he is doing awesome in school and I couldn't be more proud!!

Hope you all had a good weekend!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fun, Busy Day

So we had a very busy day today!
Up at 7:00a.m, and then realized Andy forgot his lunch. So we drove all the way out to the west end, only to get lost and completely frustrated and then finally drop off his lunch for him. Came home and Eli went down for a nap.

We had a fun afternoon. 3 of my mom girlfriends came over with their little ladies and we had lunch, then went for a nice walk to the park, and finished the afternoon off with a bit of shopping at Dollarama!

After our visit with the girls, Andy took Eli for a walk while I napped and then we went over to some friends for supper. It's nice to get out and visit, especially since Eli isn't going to bed as early it sure makes it easier!

And we put Eli down at 8:45P.M, right when we got home with no bath and he didn't make one peep!! Not one! This is the first night in almost a week that he's gone down with no issues!! Since I'm feeling tired after a busy day I think I'll hit the sack too.

Tomorrow evening we're having Andy's family and some of my family over for a BBQ for Andy's birthday. Since Andy has exams next week, Eli and I are going to Lac La Biche on Saturday morning to visit, and so Andy can spend the whole weekend studying! I have to be honest, I'm extremely nervous about the 3 hour drive with Eli. He has a hard time in his carseat, especially when the suns in his eyes. We can barely make a 10 minute drive to my mother in laws without him making a fuss! Any prayers would be appreciated. but time! I think I'll aim to leave right around nap time so he's tired, and we'll see what happens! Cross out fingers it all works out!

This is where they started to loose it.
Ivy, Eli, Isabella & Tayla

Tayla and Eli hanging out in the swing. They loved it! Aren't they cute!?

Action shot! He sure loves the swing! This time around he's in with Isabella!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bike Trailer/Jogger

We finally got a bike trailer!

We've been looking for a few weeks now, reading reviews, watching Kijiji, looking around and finally decided on one! We went to Mountain Equipment Co Op tonight and bought a single bike trailer which is also a jogger. Its not too heavy, and the bar for the stroller is a great height for me, which is not easy to find! It was a bit on the pricey side however its great, and lets thank God that we're getting some extra money back from our taxes, and this is why we can buy a more expensive trailer!

Let me guess, your also thinking "A single trailer, what if you have another kid!?" Well one, we're not planning anytime soon on having a baby right away, and two if it was to happen (by God's plan, not ours!!) MEC has such an awesome return policy, they are never sticky about anything!!

Here is Eli's new ride!


I have a headache today, and feel tired. Maybe I feel defeated. I dont know. Here's our Eli & sleeping situation over the past day or so.

Yesterday, he had one nap in the morning, no nap in the afternoon. We got him ready for bed around 7:00P.M, he was in bed and screaming by 7:30P.M. Oh did I mention that yesterday for his nap at 10:30a.m, he cried until he threw up again!? Yup. Gross. So back to bedtime. In bed by 7:30P.M, and screaming. I decided I wasn't going to get him up after he was put down to bed. He only had one nap all day, and there is no reason why he should be up past 7:30P.M. He would sit up in his crib screaming, and I would lay him down and say "Please, lay down Eli. Its time to go to sleep." He'd sit up, and we'd do this over and over. Finally I left the room, as he was screaming. Andy went up and tried to calm him. I tried swaddling him, nothing. So finally, Andy put his ear plugs in so he could study, and I came downstairs to listen to him scream. It finally got quiet, and he was asleep.

I had a few people give me bit and pieces of advice. Here is some of them!

1) He's getting older, and doesn't need as much sleep.
I really was starting to think this, and question myself aswel as if I know my son and his needs. Maybe he doesn't need as much sleep as before, he is almost a year. This morning however I realized this is not true. I need to trust my instincts. My first thought is maybe this is happening because he is overtired!! On our way to the church this morning, he was in the car for less than 10 minutes and he was already asleep... after being up for less than 2 hours this morning!! He is tired, and does need his sleep! As his mom I know whats best for him, and should never doubt my "gut" feeling.

2) He's getting something out of crying until he throws up, let him sleep in it for 4 or 5 nights and he'll stop!
 Okay, I know what your thinking. LET HIM SLEEP IN HIS THROW UP!? Thats horrible. Yes I feel that way too, however the past 4 nights he has been getting something out of crying until he throws up. We get him up, so he can play downstairs for an hour or so or until he tells us he's ready to go to bed. Uh, who's the boss here!? Andy and Karla, or Eli!? For the past 4 nights Eli has been, but not anymore! I dont think I'll let him sleep in his throw up if he continues to do it, but I will go upstairs change his p.j's, his sheets, and put him back down to bed. A few nights of this and him realizing that crying before bed doesn't get him anywhere and I have a feeling maybe he'll stop. He's smarter than we think!!

Those are the 2 biggest pieces of advice I have gotten, from many many people! We'll see how it goes!

Some awesome news to tell you! We found out this week that our car payments are done! We thought we had another few months, but we had a phone call this week letting us know that our last payment was this month, and we no longer owe anymore money!!? Awesome, and Praise God! How cool is that!?

Also, I just found out that we will be receiving $300 more back on our taxes than we were expecting!? God is so faithful I just cannot get over it! We're so blessed.  God says "Ask and you will receive." And while we think we always know what is best, and we ask for some crazy things, God will continue to bless you in one way or another, even if you ask for something and dont receive it right now. I'm so thankful!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Wits End

So my little dream sleeper has turned into anything but a dream. I'm still lucky that once he's down he is down for the night, however during the day and getting him down at night for the past few evenings has been so hard!

This morning he woke up at 6:40a.m and was ready to get up. It seems like its getting earlier and earlier, and bed time is getting later and later!

Today is Andy's birthday so we went out for a great afternoon! We went to MEC (mountain equipment co op) sportchek and a few other places, and then out for supper! It was great! We got home and Andy's mom had gotten Eli ready for bed, and had just put him down, but he had no intentions of going to bed at 7:00P.M! So we got him up for an hour, and then tried to put him back down. He had no intentions of going down at 8:30P.M! THat being said, when he's up he is happy and not whining at all. I finally just put him down and its almost 9:30P.M!!) He's not getting enough nighttime sleep thats for sure! On top of the going to bed issues, he is really pushing it on the day time naps too! He refuses to go down for his 2nd nap of the day! I dont get it!

I'm feeling drained and tired. The day is starting early and I really only have 45 minutes (if that!!) before I have to go to bed and it start all over again! I'm at my wits end! Where did my dream sleeper go that I could brag about!? Please return to me!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Another weekend

Why does the weekend come and go so fast!? I feel like this weekend has been anything but relaxing. Eli is teething like crazy and therefore is not the funnest guy to be around! Bedtimes have been especially hard. For a little boy who rarely gives us a hard time going to bed, he sure has made up for it this weekend! Last night again he decided he wasn't going to bed before 8:00P.M. He only had one nap today and its already 7:00 (the time when he is usually in bed and asleep) and he is still going strong. He's quite content to play!

We went to church this morning, and then came home and relaxed a bit while Eli napped. He slept for an hour and a half, and then I went out and cleaned both cars, and then came inside to vacumn and do the dishes. We went out to Canadian Tire, and then to Ikea. Ikea is a place where we go just to get out. Cheap food, and somewhere to wander around where you dont have to buy anything! Nice.

Yesterday I went to J'adore Dance with my cousin for a few mini classes. We did a pilates class, hip hop class, and a naughty hotties class. I'm feeling it today, thats for sure! But it was great! I'm so excited for my hip hop class, and to get more active! I feel very driven now to start working out! As we were at Ikea today, I realized how serious of an epidemic obesity is! Its very scary, and I dont want to be a statistic!

Tomorrow s Andy's 25th birthday! We get to go out on a date! I dont remember the last date we went out on... actually thats not true. We went out for Pizza close to a month and a half ago, and my dad stayed home while Eli was in bed. Andy's mom is going to babysit, and we're going to do dinner and maybe a movie, I dont know. I'm just looking forward to a date!

On a side note! Its crazy to think this time last year I was 32 weeks pregnant, and now we have a 10 month old!! Crazy!!

32 weeks pregnant! April 7th, 2009

April 11th, 2010 - Eli is 10 months old + 2 days!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Internal Clock

Eli has one crazy internal clock! In the morning the clock hits 7:00A.M, and he is ready to get up.

Last night was a tough night. I tried to put him down at his regular bedtime 6:30-7:00, and he refused. I got him up and he played for a bit. This happened 4 times, and 8:30 he still refused to go down. Anytime I put him in his crib he screamed. I'd let him cry for a bit and then he'd start coughing. Finally, we took him for a drive and he went down just after 9:00P.M. You would think that considering he went to bed 2.5 hours after his regular bedtime he would sleep in. But nope. 7:00A.M hits and he is ready to get up!

So I've been working hard on my doula course, and have been reading up on the physiology of birth. There is a ton of information, but its interesting! I'm learning alot that I didn't know before! Neat facts! So with my course I need to attend 2 births. I had a few other students mention that its good to start looking early because then it gives you motivation to really do your reading and assignments. Yesterday, I decided I would put an add on Kijiji just mentionng that I am training, and will do my services for free, but I do ask that the client pays for gas, parking, childcare, food, etc. Within the afternoon I had 4 replies! 4!! I can't believe it, and I'm almost panicking! Most of them are due over the summer, which gives me a few months to continue on with my training, however I need to meet with them over the next few weeks to see if we "click." Like a few of the students said it is motivation to really get going with the course, and now I feel like theres a fire underneath me!! Guess thats not a bad thing!! And so it begins!

Friday, April 9, 2010

I'd love to know who's reading

 So on average I have about 60 some hits per day on my blog! I know a few of you who are reading and following, however I only have 9 "followers". The rest of the 51 people I have no clue who you are!!

I'd love to know who's reading my daily posts, and keeping up with on our Hope Family!! Those of you who follow daily, could you e-mail me or become a "follower"?

Thanks so much guys!

Good Morning & Good Night

I'm so proud that Eli knows what the sign (as in sign lanuage) for milk is. I catch him all the time doing it. Especially this morning. He isn't feeling well, and since he has been refusing solids I decided this morning just to give him a bottle instead of fighting with him to eat breakfast. A few times this morning when he started whining, he showed me through sign language that he wanted a bottle. Sometimes I wonder if its just a reflex because all the sign is is closing and opening your fist with your palm facing inside. But sure enough when he
the sign for milk I get a bottle and he is more than hungry. Chugs back the whole thing.

Mornings used to be so easy for us, however these days they're hard! By 8:00, he wants to go down for a nap. When I hear him first thing in the morning, the first thing I do is pray for patience, and that God would help me get through the day. I dont think I could do it without God's help, and some days I wonder if going back to work would be easier than staying at home with him, but I know whats important is for me to not go back to work. With God's help I know I can get through each day!

So with that being said, this morning was no exception, especially since Eli isn't feeling well. So by 8:30a.m (we hadn't even been up for 2 hours!) he was rubbing his eyes, and I figure whats the point in keeping him up when he's unhappy, I'm frustrated, and he's tired and not feeling well. He needs the sleep I guess. So he's already down for his first nap. He'll probably sleep until 10:30, and then maybe we'll venture out of the house just to get out. Wal mart is always a good place to hit up when theres nothing else to do! And today is not a day for a walk unfortunately. I'm thinking today maybe a day where Eli gets 3 naps.

I should go tidy up and clean my house, although I dont feel motivated to do it.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


So here are a few pictures from the past little bit. The toilet paper ones are from today. I knew it was only a matter of time until he figured out the joy of toilet paper and how much fun it can be! He's been pretty crabby today so I really couldn't be bothered to tell him that he shouldn't be playing with it. He looked so content and happy!!

The pictures at the very top are from our first walk with the wagon! Eli loved every minute of it, and felt like such a big boy... well I'm assuming he felt like a big boy, he never actually told me!
Tomorrow is his 10 month birthday, I cant believe how fast it actually goes!!

Eventful Morning Already

Well its been an eventful morning. We got up at 7:30 (40 minutes ago). Eli is getting a cold again. Does it ever end? The runny, stuffy nose has begun and his cough. He woke up this morning at 5:30 coughing, but fell back asleep.  I made him some breakfast for him which he refused to eat. I made a bottle because I knew he'd eat that, and he polished off 6 oz. As he was sitting on my lap he started coughing and it didn't sound good. Here it is: He threw up a bit, and then ALL of it came up, all over me and in my hand. I had to catch it! He is perfectly happy now, but spontaneous puke is always a little shocking/scary!

So thats our morning so far! We'll see what the rest of the day holds!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wouldn't it be nice?

Wouldn't it be nice to sleep like a baby sleeps? I mean really! Eli slept from 8:00P.M last night until 7:30A.M this morning. He went down for his nap at 11:30A.M, and is still sleeping now at 1:40P.M! Yesterday he had 2 naps, totaling close to 4 hours!! How awesome would it be if we could sleep that much!?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Eli, maternity leave, and summer. You ready for this!?

I know I've said this before and I'll say it again. I'm lucky to have a baby that sleeps so well. He went down at 7:00P.M and I didn't her him until 7:00A.M. However, when you have something thats good dont you usually want better!? Eli used to sleep until 7:30-8:00, but now that he is getting up earlier its throwing our schedule off! He is tired by 8:30a.m, and wants to sleep, but I keep him up until as late as I possibly can. Today and yesterday was about 9:30, almost the regular time I put him down. He has his bottle, and I put him in his crib, he rolls onto his side and doesnt make a peep! Bedtime is like that too. We dont have to fight with him to go to sleep ever. If we do usually there is a problem or he isn't feeling well.

Speaking of not feeling well. Guess who has a runny nose!? Not me. Eli. I guess it is the time of year, but its strill frustrating. Apparently kids get something like 10 + colds a year! Thats insane!

Andy's birthday is in a week, he'll be 25! I cant believe it! Our anniversary is in a few weeks. 3 whole years. ;-) for those of you reading who have been married for 10+ years, thats incredible!! I'll take any advice I can get!!

And now that I'm mentioning dates... my maternity leave is up on May 13th, only like 5 weeks left! I cant believe how fast it really does go by! You people who say "Enjoy it, it goes fast!!" really meant it! All of the moms in my little moms group that I've become really good friends with (theres 5 or 6 of us) are all going back to work. I'm the only one not. So now when we get together for lunch dates we all talk about day homes, and day care, whose going back when, and so on. Personally, I couldn't imagine going back to work. I love being at home with Eli, although I think some days at work would be easier. I mentioned to Andy though that I'm going to need to get involved more with different play groups, and get myself out there more. Because most of my girlfriends are going back to work that means no more daytime play dates, or lunch get togethers, or afternoon swim time! I'm a little nervous that I could possibly become a tad bit depressed. Its going to be a hard adjustment! That being said, summer is coming up and I'm looking forward to getting out in the sun. Walking, biking, gardening, etc. Andy and I have started looking for a bike trailer so we can cart Eli around when we go biking this summer! Theres some used ones on Kijiji, or we can get a stroller/bike trailer for $200. We'll wait it out and see what happens!

Theres my update. Andy is home from school around 11:30 today (did I mention I love Tuesdays!?) so I think we'll go for a walk, and then Eli and I will head to Parent Link for the Baby & Me program. I've met alot of awesome moms there, and am loving it! Once Eli is a year old though, we'll have to find a new program because he's no longer a baby! All these changes, whatever will I do!?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Easter Bunny IS Real!

So after church today I went out to the airport to pick up my parents, Katherine, and Kath's friend. They were coming home from Mexico where they built a church.

Kristin (my sister) and I planned a big Easter dinner ( as we heard through the grapevine that my mom was hoping to come up to dinner!) so we put it together! I made roasted garlic mashed potatoes, broccoli salad, and 2 lemon meringue pies! I drove out to mom and dads to drop the food off before I went to the airport aswell as to pick their car up because it has more space for luggage and such!

As I drove up the driveway and parked behind my dads car on the garage pad I noticed there were a few chocolate eggs on the back bumper of his car. Thats odd. As I got out of the car I noticed that there were easter eggs all over the deck. I continued on and realized that the easter bunny had been to the house and there was chocolate hidden all over the yard! Kinder surprises, mini caramel eggs, easter bunnys, plastic eggs, a little special bag for Eli even!! They were all over the place! Hidden everywhere! I called my sister and asked her if she knew anything about it! Nope. I had to get going as I was running a bit late, and jumped in the car to head off towards the airport. As I was driving I received a text message saying, "No easter egg hunt until the whole family arrives . . . pass it on!" I didnt recognize the number. I think the easter bunny is real, and he has a cell phone!!

I picked my family up and told them the easter bunny had come to the house! We wracked our brains trying to figure it out. The first person we thought was my Aunt and cousin! My aunt and cousin arrived, and they said it wasn't them... however my cousin mentioned that she didnt know who had texted me. I didn't recall mentioning the text. wierd.  Finally we all figured it out and sure enough it was my aunt and cousin! We knew it, but for a brief moment I thought it was the easter bunny!

We all ran outside with our baskets getting chocolate! Complete mayhem, and there might have even be a tickle fight or two! I was the victim of that one, they wanted to steal all my chocolate!

It was a great day! Great company, great food, and an easter egg hunt! I secretly had scoped out where most of the chocolate was before so I had a bit of an advantage!! Shh!!
Great day!!
Dont we all look so nice!! Oh man!

Watoto Childrens Choir

Well I dragged my family off to church this morning. Yes we always go to church on Sunday mornings but this morning I had to convince my husband to come with me. We went to the Sherwood Park Pentecostal Church and watched the Watoto Childrens Choir perform! My sister and brother in law also came.  Andy wasn't overly excited to go, but we had a free pancake breakfast and then sat through a great performance!

It was Incredible to say the least! Aids has rampaged its way through Africa taking lives of children and adults, and often times leaving children orphaned and begging on the street.  Each child was an orphan at one time and has their own story of how they came to live in the Watoto Village. The full story it on their website, and has a ton of information about who they are, what they do, and why!!

Every story that was told was incredible and make me thankful that Iam so blessed to live in a safe country, where I have food and shelter.

These children were high energy kids, and had a passion to sing and dance! Made me realize that if I'm going to do something I need to be passionate about it, not just do it half way. One of the things that I really enjoyed was hearing how in Africa they dance for everything! Happy or sad, they dance!

I was really touched sitting back today hearing their stories, and I was completely blessed by these children! It makes me realize I need to do something for others.

Their website is:, and I encourage you to check them out. They do have a few more performances in Edmonton before they head off to travel the rest of the country! It was an incredible performance, and now I just want to get up and dance!!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Sunny Day

Our friend Ben Lemphers came over today to hang out and visit with us. Ben just happens to be a photographer, and a dang good one too! He also happened to bring his camera with him! I love his pictures so much! Here are a few he took of Eli while we were hanging outside today!

Being a mom and having friends

Growing up and being an adult is hard. Being a mom is hard too. Now that I'm a mom I realize more than ever how important it is to have friends. I'm blessed to have a few really good friends, and I've met some incredible women over the past year.

Lately though, I've really been struggling. I have a few friends that I feel I try and try and try and its not reciprocated back. Or the friend I've grown up with and was best friends with her and then whenever you run into each other theres always something said along the lines of, "I'm really busy the next 2 weeks, but after that we should get together, I'll call you!" And then she never calls. And the next time you run into her again she says "Man do I ever miss you, we should get together, I'll call you." And she never does, so then I'll send an e-mail and get no reply.

Or what about the friend that you become really close with really fast. A year of being good friends goes by, you see each other almost every week, and then oddly a couple weeks go by that you dont talk and she stops answering your phone calls, or even better she doesn't return your phone calls, or mentions that she is really busy but maybe we could hang out another day.

Is there something wrong with me?!

Lastly, I'm sure you've all dealt with this one. The friend you grew up with, and have known each other pretty much forever gets engaged, you had a bit of a falling apart but since you guys have known each other for forever you dont think it would affect your relationship. She doesn't text or e-mail you anymore, and finally you find out your not invited to the wedding, but another mutual friend of yours was invited. The reason your given though always comes down to money and numbers. How do you not take it personally? How do you not let it affect your friendship in the future? Am I being childish?

Its hard staying at home with a baby, and some days only talking baby to the whole world. Some days I feel like my efforts are in vain, whats the point in trying to be friends with someone when they dont want to try or are too busy? And again, how do you not take it personally? Any thoughts?

Obviously, the above examples are ones that we've all dealt with, this isn't the first time I've felt this way or the last, however each time it happens its hard not to take personally.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Days like today

Its days like today that make being a mom totally worth it.

After a relatively hard night, Eli decided to get up at 7:15a.m, which is earlier than usual. I wasn't looking forward to getting up but as I laid there and listen to him talk I decided something. We need to start feeding Eli more solids than formula. Generally just in the morning (before noon) he will eat around anywhere from 14-16 oz. In my opinion too much formula for his age right now.

So this morning I decided that we're going to have breakfast (solids) before he has a bottle. Usually our schedule is I feed him a bottle (8oz) and then he only wants a bit of breakfast after. My bad, right?

This morning I gave him apples, bananas, and rice cereal for breakfast. And boy did he eat. At one point I asked him if he wanted more and did the sign (in sign language) for more. And he attempted to do it back to me. I couldn't believe it. I made him more cereal and he ate all of it! We went out to a friends place for lunch and he had some rice cereal aswell as carrots... he didnt eat too much but he seems happy. He just finished a snack of cucumber, cheese, and some wheat puffs. The best part about it is that he has had less than 8 oz of formula today! Success!!

This morning he was also very content after breakfast to just sit in my lap and play with a toy in his hand. He'd babble, and play with me while sitting in my lap! He never does that! It was such a special moment, and although it wasn't cuddling like most babys do, I'm sure it was cuddling Eli style!

On the way home from out lunch play with date, Eli fell asleep in the car. When we got home he was still asleep, so intead of pulling him out I grabbed my book and read for a bit. I ended up watching him sleep more than I did read, but it was so beautiful.

Its days like today that make being a mom so worth it, and really pay off! I'm so grateful that after such a hard day yesterday Eli is feeling better, and has been such a joy to be around!

Eli has started to make this face again whenever I take pictures of him! How can you resist this face?!