Saturday, September 22, 2012

Funky Angel Photography - Birth Pictures

  I am so excited to get my birth pictures!! Because of how things went at the end of my deliver I wasn't too sure how they'd turn out, but I'am so happy with the results. Angela from Funky Angel Photograph offered to do them for me. She's looking to start doing birth photography and needed to get her foot in the door somewhere! She is extremely talented, and also does some really awesome boudoir photography as well!! I got a lot more than just these photo's but picked the ones I was most comfortable with sharing!! Its kind of a personal thing showing these pictures! So here you go!

 Andy helping me through a contraction

 Just some of the equipment that Cathy brings to births
 Andy and our Doula
Our table was covered with her medical equipment that she brought. Also for those of you who are unsure about homebirths and midwifery care the amount of paper work that the 2 midwives kept up on while I was in labor and during my delivery was huge!!

 This is Barbara Scriver (back up midwife) and she's checking Judah's heart rate at this point

 Cathy had just arrived, and the affect she had over me was incredible. I felt calm, and started to cry as soon as she came in. I was telling her here that I didnt think I could do it anymore. She spoke softly and just encouraged me
Getting to hold him for the first time
Gathered around making sure he is okay and getting a good look at him
The paramedics were here at this point, encouraging us to transfer to the hospital

 Right after he was born, and finally started breathing

 Andy holding him for the first time

I cannot say enough good things about the care I received. Cathy and Barbara were incredible!!! I wish I would've gone this route with Eli regardless of the outcome and needing to be transferred to the hospital!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

6 Weeks

This week we're really back into the swing of things. Moms group, ladies bible study, Eli's preschool program, and a few play dates! Its a busy week, but Im enjoying it.

Judah the past 2 nights has slept great! We decided to try turning on some white noise in his room, and Im thinking its made a difference. We just turned the radio onto static, and the past two nights he slept 6 and 7 hours. I woke up this morning and looked at the clock to see it was 5:20am! I didnt wake up in the middle of the night either!! If he sleeps that well tonight (which Im preparing myself for a hard night, 3 nights in a row would be too good to be true!!) than Ill be a believer in the white noise for babies!! Some people swear by it, we'll see!! Judah is now 6 weeks old. I honestly cant believe how fast time has gone by! Eli is doing so well with him, and loves him to bits! Judah loves watching Eli, and funny enough Eli seems to get the most smiles from his baby brother! He doesnt have to do anything but walk up to Judah and he'll get a big smile! Its so beautiful!!

Yesterday I got my retainer after a week of having my braces off! Its a weird feeling, but Im adjusting to talking with it. My teeth were quite sore for the first 24 hours, but their feeling better now.

As for the breastfeeding, we're still having some issues. I had so many people tell me the first 6 weeks is the hardest, and if you can get through it then its smooth sailing. I feel like its only gotten more difficult. My letdown is still crazy, and for a few days I had decided I would exclusively pump and bottle feed because he wouldn't latch on. He prefers having a bottle, because its easier and he has more control, but then technically I would be bottle feeding and breast feeding. No thank you. In the middle of the night its so much work to make sure you have milk ready and then to heat it up while you have a hungry baby. The other night I nursed him while he was still sleepy, and he didn't pull off, or start screaming. If breastfeeding was that easy all the time I can see why women do it for so long! Going out in public and nursing is still not happening, although I've gotten rid of nursing with the big pillow. It took a few days for him to get used to not having it, but I was so tired of needing it when I nursed and thought maybe it would make our nursing in public issues easier. Well it didn't really, but Im glad to have gotten rid of the big bulky thing. Its now tucked away. Ive tried using a nipple shield to help control the let down, however once he gets used to the plastic feeling he prefers it because its like a bottle. At least thats what I suspect. So like I said we're still having issues, but Im hopeful (and praying!!) that it will eventually resolve itself, and will become very easy! I made another appointment for the lactation consultant for next week, maybe she'll be able to give me some encouragement. Some days its great, and others all I want to do is cry, but I remind myself that every day I continue to breastfeed is a precious gift to my baby. By the way on the topic of breastfeeding, Eli asked me the other day if he could feed his dolly (yes he has a dolly that he plays with!) milk from his boobs. I love how kids are so matter of fact. So simple most of the time!! I had to laugh!

Its starting to cool off, which means snow will be coming soon, but Im looking forward to the future. An older baby, and toddler as well as Thanksgiving and Christmas! Andy and I are hoping to start doing some renovations on our kitchen... floor, refinish cabinets, counter top, and a few other odds and ends. I'd like to start with painting and refinishing the cabinets. We'll see how that goes!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

The countdown is over...

Today was the day that Ive been waiting almost 2 years for.

Remember this picture?

This was in October of 2010. Right before Thanksgiving. My teeth were so sore, and my lips ached, I was so miserable because I couldn't enjoy thanksgiving dinner. It hurt to talk or move my mouth. The pain was something I wouldn't want to wish on anyone. Way worse than what I expected.

So now, 2 years later we have this, not the best picture... but you catch what Im saying!!

My teeth are naked, and I love it! I had read online that some people said it hurt to get their braces off, and that it was so uncomfortable! Nothing like having them on in the first few weeks! I also had read that some people felt uncomfortable with their teeth because they felt so huge, and slimy! I love to feeling, so smooth, and the fact that they look pretty much perfect... who cares how big they feel!? Not this girl!!

I go back to the orthodontist in 1 week to get my retainer, (which is purple) and have them shape a few of my teeth a bit more. He did some today, but said my teeth will settle a bit over the next week, and will do a bit more when I come back. I dont even have an issue or concern with wearing my retainer!! Compared to having braces for almost 2 full years, a retainer is not a big deal!! We had rice with supper tonight, and not having it all stuck in my braces was an incredible feeling!!

Things over the past week or so have felt busy, but life has been good. It continues to feel more and more normal, and Judah is a very relaxed baby. As long as he is fed, well rested, and dry, he is happy and content.

He drifts in and out of sleep in this swing with no problems! Just when you think nap time is over, and you go to get him, he's back to being asleep!! Last night he slept from 9:30pm-3:00am. I however woke up pretty much every half hour from 12:30am, because I was expecting him to wake up. Lucky me!!

Another thing, my babies seem to have issues with baby acne for weeks after their born. Eli had issues with it, and so has Judah. It gets more inflamed and red when he is upset, hot or sweaty. I mentioned it to one of the girls in my moms group, and she said to use Lanolin cream. Yup, like the nipple cream. I thought it sounded strange however with how bad his face was breaking out, I tried it. 1) It works!! His face cleared up within 24 hours, and continues to look better and better!! And 2) he loves having it rubbed on his cheeks! He smiles whenever we do it. Eli loves to help do this because Judah reacts and responds to us!!

Last week Eli decided he wasn't going to nap one afternoon, so we ventured off to the park for the afternoon. Eli was loving building sand castles, and found this to play with.

My muscle man!! Isn't he cute??

This week we're getting back into the routine of things more and more as bible study starts up next week, and our leaders meeting is this week. My moms group started last week, and Eli's programs start next week. Im looking forward to this routine and to life becoming more and more normal for us as a family of 4! Plus I cant wait for Thanksgiving this year!! Something about yummy food, and good desserts that just makes life feel good, plus we have a lot to be thankful for!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

1 month old & Eli's ears

Judah is one month old tpray. I really can't believe how fast a month has gone by! I had a check up for him yesterday and he is now 12pounds 4 oz! Clearly, he isn't going hungry! He is starting to who more signs of being a person, rather than just a baby who eat, sleeps and poops all the time. He is smiling more and more and attempting to make little noises. This makes the sleepless nights worth it!

This past week, Eli had a check up with the specialist for his ears. Upon getting there, Eli was extremely upset because he realized wha we were there for. He cried and cried and told me over and over that he didn't want the dr to look in his ears. Apparently appointment after appointment of holding a child down to lOok in his ears will traumatize him. Who knew!? Even after the nurse giving him a new hot wheels car and sticker he still was upset! Andy talked with him and told him the dr would look in his ears first. Sure enough dr Eksteen came in, and let Eli look in Andy's ears fits. He hen asked Eli if he could look in his ears. He let him!! No kicking or screaming, no crying. He sat on Andy's lap and let him look in his ears! I couldn't believe it! I was so proud! The dr said the tubes are still in there after 2 years, and I'd in 6 months time they haven't come out theyll have to go in to remove them. Apparently only 1% of kids hang onto them this long!! Crazy!! His ears looked great and there were no concerns! Music to my ears!!

This weekend is full of friends, family, getting my hair done (without a baby attached to my hip!!) and relaxing!! Andy has Monday off and I'm so looking forward to the family time together!

Ps I typed this on my iPhone so please forgive the typos!!