Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend To Remember - Banff Springs

We are home from our weekend away. It was a great weekend, very busy, and lots of information! We left town Friday afternoon, and arrived in Banff around 6ish, since we took the scenic route. It was a beautiful drive, but a little longer, and since being quite pregnant I found it difficult not having to stop all the time. But we got there and only stopped once (which was for and for me to pee).

 The Banff Springs hotel was very nice. Huge, and like a castle, which is exactly how they describe it, as a castle. To be completely honest however, I dont think we'd stay there again. The rooms were not bad, and we had a basic room. They weren't anything special though. We got a discounted price for our hotel room since we went to the conference. The discounted price was $160. We didnt have much time throughout the weekend to go exploring and see the whole place, it was basically just to sleep that we spent time in our room. Maybe it'd be different if we had upgraded to a higher up room on the scale, and spent more time in it. We were shocked when we went to go get breakfast one more in their little cafe, and found that a small (I mean small!! Maybe only a cup and a half size) of cereal cost $4!!! Bagels were around $2, but we opted to head to McDonalds and quickly grab something there. I heard great reviews about the breakfast buffet they have which is $35 per person, but apparently its worth it because of the incredible food. We decided to go for a more expensive dinner than breakfast.

For Dinner anytime we're in Banff we usually head to the Maple Grill. This time we switched it up and tried something new. We headed off to the Grizzly House, which is a fondue restaurant. For a 4 course meal which includes an appetizer of soup or salad, cheese fondue or vegetable fondue, your meat & oil (which we had chicken & beef) and then your dessert which was chocolate fondue, your looking at about $45 per person. We had a few people tell us this was a great place to go for dinner, so we decided to try it. It was an interesting experience, as it is an old speed dating club so there are phones at each table. Andy called our table every time he went to the bathroom, kinda funny sitting waiting for your date to return and have this phone next to you ring. Fun though for sure. The food was good, however Im not sure it was worth $45. It was more about the experience, and we were there for close to 2 hours. Half the work when you fondue is the prep and clean up, so this was all done for us, and the table we had was in a back corner, so we felt like it was a great table specifically for us! It was worth the experience for sure, and we had a lot of fun with it. That being said, upon leaving we both noticed that our clothes reeked of oil and fondue. Not a nice smell at all, but it kind of goes with the territory of where we ate!! Andy also informed me this afternoon when he got home after work that he found out through a radio station he was listening to on the drive home, that The Grizzly House is rumored as a swingers club. Since it was a speed dating place back in the day, this wouldn't surprise me. Once he told me that a few things made sense. Where our table was, was an entry way with a cord blocking off the way through. There was a sign that said "Private" on it. I didnt think anything of it, but I did think it was odd when I noticed someone (who wasn't an employee) go in, and a while later a couple walked out that obviously weren't employees either, but I hadn't seen them go in either. Its somewhat of a rumor, however I think this would make sense with what Ive heard and what I saw. Makes me feel a bit sick to think about it. Our dinner was good, and experience was great, but I doubt we'll rush to go back though.

Now for the conference. It was great. There were about 400 people there, and the room was jam packed. For the weekend there were 3 different couples talking on all different topics. How couples are different, communication, conflict, parenting, why marriages fails, sex, and how to thrive in your marriage. We learned a lot, and we also heard a lot of stuff that we learned in our pre marital/marriage counseling and bible studies. It was good though to look at the couples speaking and hear what they had to say, and how they've struggled. They started off the conference with saying that the couples who attend these conferences are in the top 20% of marriages. Only 20% of married couples will ever attend counseling, marriage retreats, marriage conferences, or do anything pro active to better their relationship/marriage! That blows my mind. If you've read my blog for awhile, you know that Andy and I have always been pro active about going to counseling weather or not we need it at that moment/season in our marriage. They also had a lot of time for projects between couples. Projects that you do on your own, and then come together, or projects that you do together. Those were really eye opening, and I enjoyed them for sure! It didn't ever cross my mind before the weekend but sitting at almost 30 weeks pregnant for long stretched (1.5-2 hours at a time) was really difficult. I found it hard sitting right next to a complete stranger, and feeling so uncomfortable because either my legs hurt, my back, or my hips. So Im glad that I wasnt any farther along in my pregnancy than 28 weeks, because it would've been extremely uncomfortable.

It was a jam packed weekend, and I felt exhausted by the time we got home. But it was really good for our marriage for sure. I wish we had had more one on one time to spend together but to cover all of the course outline in one weekend it needed to be a full schedule. I totally understand that! It was a good experience for sure, one that I think every couple needs to look at doing! Who doesn't need a relaxing weekend away with their spouse??

I was shocked also, when I heard how well Eli did with my parents and Andy's mom. When my mom came to get Eli around 11am on Friday morning, he was more than excited to head out. I put the carseat in her car, and by the time I headed outside after him he was already sitting in his car seat waiting to be strapped in. He had no issues saying bye, and was ready to go! I had packed his back pack with his blankie, teddy, and soother, as well as a change of clothes in case he got wet or dirty outside. Playing outside at Grandma & Papa's is a must. We also packed a few movies in case he needed some quiet time during the day. Off they went and I headed out to pick Andy up from work so we could head out. I found out the next morning that they ended up spending the night at my parents place, which I told my mom was her call, but she may or may not get any sleep there. Whatever was easiest for her. She texted me in the am and said she was afraid to tell me how the night went. Uh oh!! Apparently, he slept great in the spare room on a small twin mattress on the floor, didnt wear a diaper to bed, and didn't have any accidents nor tears all night!! Wow!! How incredible is that! He had a birthday party to go to on Saturday afternoon, but fell asleep on the way there, and missed it because he wouldn't wake up. Must've been tired! All in all he had a great weekend. Andy's mom took him on the LRT and he loved it. The first thing he told us about was that he went on the passenger train with Nana. How special!

It was a great weekend away, and Im glad we went. Im also happy to be home. Funny how only 2 days away makes you miss being at home.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

An almost 3 year old's prayer

Each time Andy & I put Eli down for a nap or bedtime, we do the same routine. Book, lights out, prayer, and then since a song. Lately, the song of choice has been The Yellow Submarine. Dont ask me where he figured out this song (maybe my husband??) but we sing we all live in the yellow submarine. We also let Eli choose what colors the submarine is going to be. Its quite funny.

But one thing that Eli has started to do is ask us to pray for certain things. Generally, he asks for us to pray for his toys, his cars, his car shooter, just any of his toys. While I think its a bit silly to pray for his toys, we encourage him to say pray for them. He has started to do this. Let me tell you there is nothing that warms my heart more than hearing Eli pray, even if it is for his car shooter and his color changers. His prayers typically go something like this depending on the day: "Um, Dear God, I pray for my cars, and my car shooter, and the levers, and buttons. And um God, I pray for lightning Mcqueen, and sarge, and um the blue car, and the red car, (basically at this point he's stalling for as long as possible!!) and um God I pray for mommy & daddy.... in God's name, Amen." Sometimes it goes on for longer, and sometimes it shorter. But really, I cannot imagine what joy it brings to God's heart just to hear little Eli who isn't even 3 yet, praying... even if it is for things like his cars. I love to hear him pray, especially when he stops praying for his toys and starts praying for real people.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Finally some sun

We had a really nice relaxing weekend out in our new backyard! What a difference a larger yard makes that we can actually sit out and enjoy! The sun was shining... finally, so we spent most of Saturday outside and most of Sunday too!! We bbq'd every night, and even pulled the pool out for Eli to play in. All of us got a bit of sun, and weren't even complaining about it!

Andy and I kept saying how blessed we are to have a beautiful big house with a huge back yard and a garage! Eli has so much space to run around and play. I could see us having people over often during the summer! Andy's brother even came over with ice cream and brought their new little puppy. Eli loves her so much, and all he wants to do is race with her. However, she's not quite fast enough yet because she's so tiny. Then at supper time a cat came into our yard, and again Eli was ecstatic! He wanted to play with it, and race again! He just melts our hearts, and makes us laugh. Such a funny kid. Andy asked me at one point over the weekend, "Should we get a puppy?" I laughed and said, "Uhh, no. We're having a baby instead." I wish we could, because Eli just loves animals, especially dogs, but to be honest its too much work right now, and we're having a baby instead.

Today I was hoping to get back into the yard with Eli and spend some time outside, but its raining. I wish the sun would stick around for awhile, but as long as the rain doesn't turn into snow, I will be one happy girl! Plus, the rain will be good for the grass to green up!!

This week is busy as Andy and I are off for our weekend away this week, and cant wait! I've been counting down the days since September and now its finally here. Honestly, time goes by so fast!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

27.5 Week picture & our new dresser

 27.5 Weeks

Our new dresser. I dont have a picture of the before unfortunately, but it was a nasty bright bright green. Those are the pictures Ive done up, but they're not done, still need some lace for around the edges to cover the Styrofoam.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

27 Weeks Pregnant

Ive fallen a bit behind on my pregnancy posts.

This week I am 27 weeks. I also had a midwifery appointment on Monday evening. Things are looking good. Im measuring half a week ahead, and baby is already head down as I suspected. All those jabs right under my ribs. I also had some blood work done since Iam RH negative. Because of this I need to go get a shot at 28 weeks to make sure my body doesn't look at the baby like it needs to get rid if it because of our different blood types. Nothing too serious as long as the blood work doesn't show any antibodies. If there are antibodies in my blood, my midwife will have to speak to an obstetrician to see if I should switch care. Im hoping we wont need to worry about that. My midwife also said the chances of this happening are very slim!

Andy put together the crib over the weekend, and we ended up getting a great dresser off of Kijiji for $20! I am so excited about this dresser, as its pretty much perfect and what I was looking for. Plus the price was right. The drawers were a very bright green, and the rest was white, so I decided to spray paint the drawers a bluey grey. Once I have everything all put back together Ill make sure to post a picture! I found some really neat ideas for artwork using Styrofoam insulation, and scrapbook paper! I started it last night and once its finished I will make sure to show the end result! Now that the nursery is pretty much ready, and Ive ordered a stroller, and a few other items well... I feel ready! I still have 10-12 weeks left before this baby makes its debut but I feel ready. On top of feeling ready, Im also feeling pregnant too. My clothes that used to fit great (more so shirts than pants!) are starting to not fit, and feel as comfortable. I may need to find some longer shirts for the next few weeks. My camera is dead right now, but I will try to get a picture to post a pregnancy picture.

This weekend is our 5 year anniversary, but because we're off to our marriage conference we wont be doing too much for this weekend. Im hoping to convince Andy to get started on the kitchen cabinets and repainting them! Its supposed to be nice out this weekend (supposedly!!) so it might be a good weekend to try and tackle a big job like refinishing cabinets!! We'll see, Ill keep you posted!

Sunday, April 15, 2012


We got more snow here in Edmonton this weekend. Although, we didnt get a lot of snow this winter Im so tired of the snow. Id prefer it to stay one way or another. It melts, and is nice for a few days, then snows again, and our yard is covered in a layer of snow!

Yesterday after Eli's nap, my family was over for Andy's birthday party, and he was quite excited about all the robins in our yard. At first he said they were ducks in the trees, but once everyone was talking about the robins in the yard he caught on. He said to my sisters, "Look! Look, look at the robins!! Theres 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17.... look theres 3 robins in the yard!!"

We couldnt but help give a good laugh!

Friday, April 13, 2012

My little big boy

Eli had his first day of his county program this afternoon. It is an unparented program for 2 hours on Friday afternoons. Because he does so well at church and our moms group, I knew he wouldn't have an issue being dropped off here. I think in his mind he thinks it actually is church, just at a different place. But as always he did great, he did a craft, and was very excited when I picked him up. He had a great time. He told me he wanted to go back on Saturday. Im not going to lie, I felt a little sad walking out of the building to my car and leaving him behind. He didn't even look back when I said bye. Im lucky he is happy to play without me right there, but man he is turning into such a big boy!!

While he was at his program, I had a full 2 hours to get a few things done. Man, did I forget what its like to be able to do errands without a little person in tow. So easy, just a matter of getting out of the car and jumping back in. Especially, when its things like mailing a few letters.

Today is a bit of a gloomy day, however I love the rain. Both Andy and I love the rainy weather, so when I woke up to pouring rain I wasn't too upset. But, its supposed to turn into snow over night and throughout the day tomorrow. I hope they're wrong! Im enjoying seeing the grass at our house!

Tomorrow morning there is an "I've outgrown it sale" at one of the schools right by our house, so Im hoping to venture out to it. Maybe find the stroller Im looking for at a good price, and some new born clothes. I was looking on Kijiji for a dresser, and found one that Im hoping we can pick up this evening. Should be perfect, and for the price of $20, you cant go wrong.  Im looking forward to the weekend, as we have company coming over tomorrow evening for Andy's birthday BBQ, and having Andy home over the weekends is so nice for both Eli & I.

Enjoy your weekend!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was a weekend full of relaxing, and working on our home. Well, more Andy than me, but it was nice just to be at home for most of the weekend.

We also went out and bought new couches for our upstairs living room, as its sitting empty and just doesn't feel like home. I would love to sit in the living room upstairs and just read or eat my breakfast, but without something to sit on, it makes things a bit difficult. So off we went to buy some new couches and we did. They should be ready for us to pick up in 2-3 weeks, Im hoping closer to 2 than 3 but we'll see what happens. And we were even under budget! Once we get them Ill show you pictures!

Today I am 26 weeks pregnant, and starting to feel pregnant. This pregnancy has gone so much faster than with Eli, and to be honest I have alot of people asking me about a nursery and if we have a theme. Not really. We have the crib half set up, and thats about as far as it goes for the nursery being ready or even a theme. Im kind of over spending a ton of money on a room for a newborn. But Im sure once we get close to my due date, Ill have a panic and want to do something! We'll see!

This week is Andy's birthday, and we're having family over on the weekend, but also getting out for dinner too. Im looking forward to our dinner date, and just spending time together!

Honestly, other than that our lives are pretty uneventful right now. Things have quieted down, and Im loving it!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

April Showers Bring May Flowers...

This is what I woke up to this morning. Probably like many of you, actually! I was shocked at home much snow there actually was, and how heavy it really was!!

Because we have metal shingles on our new house, the snow slides off and lands beside the house making a loud noise, which sounds like thunder!! Scared me this morning thats for sure, but now that I know what to expect, its not too bad. We will be investing in a snow blower next year though!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Weekend update

Alright, I dropped the ball, sorry! Things have been busy, since I was away all weekend!

The ladies retreat was incredible to say the least!! My dear husband sent me off with a little bag of goodies, a notebook, pen, and a card to say have fun, and I love you! I drove to the camp and had 2 ladies accompany me. I didn't know them before I picked them up, so it was a great opportunity to meet some other ladies right off the bat! The drive there was uneventful for the most part, except for the fact that we were in rush hour traffic on the yellowhead, and there was an accident, of course! But once we got past the accident it was smooth sailing from there!!

I knew some women but not a lot of them. The girls I roomed with were awesome. I knew one of them, but not well. The other girl I got to know really well, and it just so happens her and her husband are off to the same marriage retreat we're heading to at the end of the month! What are the chances of that?

The theme of the weekend was seeking God, and finding balance. Sandy Cooper was the speaker, and she was so very real! Her testimony, and story was incredible & very emotional. She was pregnant with their first child, and at 33 weeks they delivered him because he wasnt doing well. When he was born, he was basically brain dead, and they were told had no chance of survival. The doctors told them to take him off the respirators. After a lot of prayer, and counseling they decided to keep praying, and not to take him off the respirators. On her sons chart, it actually said "Parents are in denial." 6 weeks later they brought their son home, and he had fully recovered, there was no brain damage, and he was a different little baby. This was emotional enough for me being pregnant and all, but then her story changes. At 9 months her son wasnt acting as he normally would. She said it was like a horror movie, he had recovered when he was born, and then all of a sudden was being hooked back up to the machines. Her son died at 9 months. To hear her full story check it out here:

She was an inspiration to hear, and I learned so much! The weekend was relaxing, and the ladies who organized it did an amazing job!! I was able to put my feet in the hot tub, take a nap(or 2!!), have some quiet time, shed a few tears, and talk my hearts content and get to know so many other ladies!!

On Sunday morning we woke up to a ton of snow! Basically, we were snowed in, and weren't going anywhere any time soon!! We did finally get out after waiting around long enough. But man let me tell you, there was so much snow!

Only a few more weekends, till Andy and I head out of town to relax and be together. This week has been busy but quiet. We didnt have a lot going on, but sure have we kept busy!