Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Holidays

This week has been a trying week for me. Im thankful that Andy has been home from work to help out with a very whiny, tired 2.5 year old. Because Eli had so many days without his nap and regular sleep schedule, his days are completely off. From going to bed too late, to getting up waaaaaay too early, and then not napping, we're all pretty exhausted.

Tuesday was the hardest day. Because he came down with a cold over Christmas, he's still trying to kick it, and he was extremely moody... all day. He got up at 5am, and then napped for 45 minutes, only to wake up screaming and refused to go back to sleep. So frustrating, and exhausting.

Well Wednesday morning, when he woke up at 6:30am, he was miserable again but this time his ears were covered in dried fluid. This means that he has an ear infection in both ears... he was so upset and told Andy that his ears were hurting, and wanted him to hold them. The right was worse than the other, but they both were leaking. Luckily for us, we have ear drops and lots of them to put in his ears and this should remedy the infection. Not so lucky for us, Eli hates the drops, and it is generally a half hour ordeal once the drops are in. He kept screaming, "Get them out, get drops out!" Im thankful that we know the drill when it comes to his ears now, and we dont have to put him on antibiotics. When he woke up this morning he didn't have too much fluid coming out of them, and he was waaaaay happier today.

I feel somewhat bad though because Andy and I couldn't figure out what was his problem the whole beginning of the week. We just kept telling him to stop whining. Now it all makes sense. His ears have been bothering him. I dont know why I didnt think that it before. Winter + Cold = Ear Infection

Last night, Andy and I went on a much needed date. My sister babysat for us, and Eli was a champ for her. We just went out to dinner, but it was the best dinner ever! Best conversations, and the food was incredible. If you live in Edmonton, and have the chance to go try somewhere new, you need to try the Bul Go Gi House. Its Korean, and it basically looks like a little hole in the wall, but the food is incredible! I've been craving this food for the past week, and boy did I eat my heart out. You have to try it, you wont't regret it. Dont let the outside esthetics scare you away, it well worth the new experience.

I also had the chance to get out to a movie with my mom and a few of her friends. We just went to the cheap seats, but it was a nice evening out. We saw the movie Courageous, and it was INCREDIBLE! The story it awesome, and the meaning behind the movie was even better! If you haven't seen it, you need to. Its all about the affect a father has on his (mostly) son(s) life, but also his daughter too. Its raw and real, and you need to make sure you bring a few extra kleenex's because it was emotional. But awesome.

It blows my mind how fast the week goes by when you are on holidays, but its been a good week. Now that Eli is feeling better into the weekend we go. No New Years plans, just relaxing at home with my boys... if we could find a sitter to get out one evening this weekend that'd be great, but we're content with being at home. Its been a great week.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas

Christmas always comes and goes so fast. At the end of the day I always feel a little sad, and disappointed. Not sure why, because we are blessed beyond words, but this is just how it goes.

We had a busy weekend of family, food and presents. On Christmas Eve morning we decided to open presents just the 3 of us. We had planned for that since Christmas morning/day can be a bit crazy! Of course Eli woke up at 6am, ready to rock n roll. I was not happy, but up we all got to open presents. We got Eli a little train table, and I had Andy put it together the night before. It was partially wrapped up, so when Eli got up in the morning and saw it he was very excited. He hasn't stopped playing with the trains. It was a nice morning together as a family.

Then Christmas Eve we went to my parents place, had supper, and opened our presents as a family. This is tradition in my parents house as my dad usually has to work on Christmas Day or Christmas night, so opening presents on Christmas Eve has become the norm, and I love it! It just works! Eli got so many presents and was totally spoiled! Now what to do with all the stuff! I went through last night and sorted the toys because we have so many things he doesn't play with that really are just taking up space! Feels good to purge!

Christmas morning we went off to my Brother & Sister in laws to spend time with Andy's family. We had breakfast, coffee, and also opened presents... again. We were spoiled again. The only downside to this morning was that Eli has come down with a cold, and really hasn't been feeling 100%, this makes for a whiny 2.5 year old, a dry but very runny nose, and a very over tired kid. Because my dad had to work Christmas night, we had a small dinner before he had to head out for work, and watch Mater Tales, like from the movie cars? A DVD Eli got for Christmas. As long as Eli is happy the rest of us are happy... funny how that happens!

Andy has this week off, and Im looking forward to spending time with my boys and relaxing. Hopefully Eli's cold will get better soon and we can venture out and take him swimming or something like that!

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas, and were blessed beyond words! Ill post some Christmas pictures soon!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Ready for Christmas

We were off out of town for a day this weekend to visit with family. It was a really great weekend. We weren't too sure how Eli would do on the drive there, since its a 2.5 hour drive (maybe less, depending on whose driving. ;-) Last year, Eli didn't do well driving there, and he's busier now than he was last year. We borrowed our friends car DVD player, and it worked like a charm. Im not usually one to really believe in putting your kid in front a movie and letting it babysit them, especially in the car. But, on longer drives this could really be helpful. He watched Cars (his  favorite movie!) and was quiet the whole time. Luckily, the movie took almost the whole drive there, and we were all happy by the time we arrived at my cousin's house! On the way home he was a bit more restless, but it still was extremely helpful.

Visiting with my family was great! The food was great, and Eli was so much fun! He is starting to understand about the whole Christmas thing, and even though we didnt exchange presents with our family this year, people still bought a few gifts for Eli. A few Thomas trains, a cute Hurley Vest, coloring book, crayons, puzzles, chocolate. Eli was just in heaven, and I loved seeing his face when he opened his presents. He's talking more, and can actually have a conversation with my cousins and aunts. I find it really special. It was a quick trip in and out of town, but so well worth it.

Im crossing my fingers that this next week will go by fast, and then its time to relax with my boys. Andy is finishing up a side job this week, so he'll be busy, but the extra pay cheque will also be nice right before Christmas. Andy has a week off between Christmas & New Years, which I am really looking forward to. We're discussing finishing the basement, but we'll see what happens.

Keep you posted!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Horrible experience - Steer clear of this Company

This week has felt busy, and its only Tuesday. With Christmas fast approaching there's lots to do!

Yesterday my sister and I went shopping, and luckily I was able to get a few things done. As we were driving down the high way though we had a bit of an upsetting experience. We were driving behind a big truck that almost looked like a garbage truck. Ya know, the ones with the open tops? Because our exit was coming up soon, I kept my distance behind the truck and continued driving. A large piece of garbage (what looked like drywall to me) came flying out of the truck, and right onto the hood of my car and my windshield. First of all, the sound of it hitting my vehicle was enough to scare us, but the large piece of garbage flying out of the truck into my vehicle at 100 km/hr could've been quite dangerous.

One of my biggest frustrations is when I see trucks driving down the highway that have open tops and garbage flying out of them... let alone when they hit my brand new vehicle! We decided to get the phone number of the truck to call and let them know garbage was flying out and hit my car. If there was damage could I send the bill to them? I passed the truck, got the info, and continued on our way. Next thing I know, this big truck is tailing the back of my car. He moved over to the other lane so he could pass, looked directly at my sister and shook his head! When we called the company I told the receptionist that the driver was extremely aggressive, and was driving dangerous. She was very helpful, and told me she'd pass it onto the owner.

When we got out of the car I didnt notice any damage at first, and mentioned to my sister that Id ask Andy to take a closer look. Well he did today, and noticed there is a chip in our windshield right where this piece of garbage came flying out. Okay, I know what your thinking, its just a chip. Chip's happen, its a windshield. Your right... but what happened next is what bothers me more.

I called the company, and spoke to the receptionist. I explained who I was and said there was a chip in our windshield, she said she was going to pass me onto the owner. She did, and this is how our conversation went.

Owner: Hello?
Me: Hi, how are you?
Owner: Good.
Me: Thats good. So yesterday, as I was driving, I was behind one of your trucks on the highway, and had a large piece of garbage come flying out and hit my vehicle. There's a chip in my windshield that wasn't there before. So when I get it fixed, Im wondering if I can send you the bill?
Owner: No.
Me: No? There was a huge piece of garbage that came flying into my vehicle from your truck! If I hadn't been driving behind it, I wouldn't have that chip.
Owner: I spoke to the driver, the truck was empty, they just came back from the dump. There's no way anything came flying out of that truck.
Me: Well I had someone else in the car with me, who can assure you a large piece of garbage came up out of your truck, and onto my vehicle. It might have been empty, but obviously it wasn't empty enough, because now I have a chip in my windshield.
Owner: That truck was empty, there is no way anything came flying out of it. Something may have kicked up off the highway but it didnt come out of the truck.
Me:So I just spent $30 000 on a brand new vehicle, its my fault that a piece of garbage came out of your truck and hit it?
Owner: Chips happen all the time, I have windshields that I need to get fixed, chips happen. Nothing came out of my truck.
Me: So your calling me a liar?
Owner: Im not calling you anything, lady but dont call me back.

And then he hung up on me. Im sure there were more words exchanged in there, but you get the jist of it.

I think what upsets me more than the stinkin' chip on my windshield is the way I was treated. You would think that an owner of a company would think that anyone you come into contact with is a potential customer. Word of mouth can go along way. He was rude, disrespectful, and not in any way apologetic that his driver was aggressive, and denied that fact that something could've possibly come flying out of his truck. The day before his receptionist told me it shouldn't be a problem to cover any damage, and was quite nice. Also, if the owner is willing to treat a complete stranger that way, how is he treating his employees?

I looked up the company and here is what it says online about them:

 "A Ingram Services provides asphalt paving and repair. We’re experienced in commercial projects, including parking lots. We’re also well equipped to handle major commercial snow removal jobs. Whether your paving needs are to do with building, maintenance, or demolition, A Ingram Services is up to the task. We serve Edmonton and all surrounding areas."

So, while I dont have intentions of calling him back, I do want to warn people to watch out for their trucks, and if thats how the owner is willing to treat someone who calls and has a complaint about a driver or truck, how is he willing to treat his customers or potential customers?

A tad passive aggressive, yes, probably a bit, or maybe alot. However, there is nothing that upsets me more than when Im disrespected, and when someone puts myself and my family in danger. And by a large piece of garbage flying out of his truck and directly onto my vehicle at 100 km/hr, thats exactly what happened, we were put in danger, and there is a small amount of damage to my vehicle.

The only positive experience about dealing with A Ingram Services LTD was their receptionist, who was very polite to me, even though I had a complaint. She listened, apologized, asked for a bit more information, and said to call back of there was any damage. That's the way a company should handle complaints or issues, with respect. The owner should maybe take a lesson from his receptionist. 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Done and Done

Well the flu has left our home! Praise God! I wouldn't wish that flu upon anyone! Both boys are better, and back to sleeping normal, and I never got the bug! It meant that I didnt kiss or get close to Andy in any way shape or form for over a week, but I think it was worth it... he might disagree!

Yesterday, I had a mole removed on my back, and I was totally freaked out about it! Because the mole on the arch of my foot was so traumatizing I wasnt too sure what to expect about this one. But it was nothing. Like actually nothing. A little pinch but it was not bothersome at all, and she actually said it wasn't too deep & barely bled. So that makes for a happy me!

Today Eli and I finally started our Christmas shopping. I haven't been in Christmas mode at all, and since Christmas is only a few short weeks away I thought maybe it might be a good time to do some shopping. We're trying to keep costs down to a minimum this Christmas, as we've decided we want to put new flooring into our main floor over Christmas when Andy has time off. So we're not spending too much, and dont have too many people to buy for. We're out of town next weekend, so that leaves really just this week and the week before Christmas to get ready! Now that my appointment for my mole is done and gone, I feel like Im in the home free stretch! Christmas festivities are starting up, parties, family get togethers, candy cane lane (if its warm enough!!) and all the rest of the stuff that comes with it, like eating!

This weekend Andy has to work on Saturday but Eli and I have had a few things come up so we can spend some time out of the house visiting with some good family & friends! We might even take Eli swimming, however Ill have to sit on the side lines because I dont think with fresh stitches in my back, it'd be a wise idea to jump into a pool. Tomorrow night we have a party at our friends place, and we're leaving Eli at home, and then Sunday will hopefully be a day of relaxing. Maybe going to check out flooring! All in all, it should be a good weekend. Im in the mindset these days that a weekend without vomit or diarrhea is a good weekend!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

An end in sight??

Im crossing my fingers that flu is done for awhile! Yikes. I've never seen anyone so sick. My poor boys. Luckily I havent caught it (yet), and neither of the boys have shown any symptoms for over 48 hours. Still though, Im going to be crazy about washing my hands, and continuously bleaching my house. I would never wish that upon anyone!

Andy finally started feeling better on Friday night. He was able to keep some food in, as well as fluids, however he did loose over 10 pounds in 2 days. I can see that he looks lighter. And of course as soon as one starts feeling better the other starts up with the puking again! Eli woke up a couple hours after he went to bed on Friday night throwing up yet again. I thought we were in the clear, as he hadn't thrown up at all throughout the week, but once Friday night hit, he was back to puking. Luckily, it was just the once time and he was okay the rest of the weekend! This past week has been a whirlwind that I really dont ever want to do again! Apparently though, its going around like crazy and every person I talk to has had it or knows someone who has had it. Makes me think twice about taking Eli to public play areas (like Mcdonalds!! Or the library!) because I cant see him go through that again!

This week is a busy week for me, quite a few appointments, and Christmas events are starting up! Every year Andy bakes with his Grandma. They make Butter Pecan tarts/pies with chocolate on top! Im really looking forward to reaping the benefits of his baking, Soooo goood!

Hopefully we can get through this week without any vomit or diarrhea. Ill keep you posted!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gong Show

My home has turned into a gong show!

Eli is feeling better now, although he is still exhausted and trying to get back to his normal self, and now... Andy is violently ill.

He woke up at 2am last night to vomit and it hasn't stopped there. He was up all night, and stayed home from work. The vomiting hasnt stopped, nor have a few other parts of the stomach flu (if you know what I mean!!?) I've never seen him like this. Ive also never seen a flu bug like this. It is so violent that he cant keep water down, his back is aching, and he's walking around with a bowl, but also can't lie down because he feels too sick!

Please pray for our home and family as this flu bug is going around in a mean way, and I really can't afford to get sick with what the boys have had!