Friday, February 25, 2011


Iam so glad its the weekend! It was a short, busy week but it was good. We leave for Mexico in just a few days and I am so excited. Ive been packing for the past week, and we're almost all ready!

Yesterday, I worked my hiney off to clean the house and do as much laundry as possible. It paid off. Im looking forward to coming home to a clean house... nothing worse than a messy house after a nice relaxing holiday!

This week my head space has been very full! Lists of things to do, things to pack, stuff to be done, errands to be ran, and most importantly... I feel like God is trying to teach me something. At bible study this week there was a speaker, there were some things that she said that really spoke to me.

The thing I feel like God is wanting me to learn more about is Grace. One of the definitions of Grace is -  The freely given, unmerited favor and love of God. No matter what circumstance. I had a friend post this on her facebook status - "Why is it that people always feel entitled to anger yet they don't feel responsible to be gracious! Its the opposite with God- He IS entitled to be angry with us...yet He always offers us grace!!!"

There was something that happened last weekend that both Andy and I felt very angry about. I cant go into too many details, but we had a lot of questions and along with feeling sad and somewhat hurt with someone else's actions and certain decisions that were made. After reading my friends facebook status I started thinking about it. And it started getting to me. Before God even got angry about this situation or any situation for that matter, He felt sad, and He extends Grace. Isn't that why Jesus died on the cross for us? 

I've been praying that God would show me how to react in this situation and what I should do. "Show some Grace..." Nice and easy right? Not really!! But its something that I sure am going to strive to become; more graceful. 

2 Corinthians 12:9 - But he has told me, "My grace is all you need, because my power is perfected in weakness." Therefore, I will most happily boast about my weaknesses, so that the Messiah's power may rest on me."

For those of you that know me, you might know that I can be pretty hard on people, and sometimes negative. This is something God is showing me that I need to change... maybe this is where the Grace thing goes in? The verse about gives me great comfort that through Gods power and His grace I can change and be a more graceful Christian. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Funny Little Things

A few weeks ago, Eli did something that I felt deserved a time out. I dont remember exactly what, but off he went to his time out spot. He sat there for a minute or so, and I went and sat on the floor with him. I asked him to say "Sorry" to mommy, and he looked directly away from me. I repeated myself and asked him to say sorry once more, he turned his head and look the other direction.

You might be thinking, "Maybe, he doesnt know how to say sorry?!" Oh yah he does. Listen to this. A few days after this time out experience where he refused o apologize to me, we were in the bathroom after he went pee on the potty, we were headed out the door when he walked right up to me hit me on the leg and then said "Sorry!" before I even reacted. What!? I couldnt believe it!

Well this afternoon, as I was getting Eli ready for his nap I had to run downstairs to get his teddy. I came back upstairs and smelt a familiar smell. I found him playing in my closet hiding from me. He had pooped in his diaper... I was surprised because he had already gone poo on the potty once earlier today, but since I was downstairs he couldnt tell me that he had to go. Anyways, I put him on the change table to change him and he winds up and hits me "Ouch, Eli! We dont hit! That hurt mommy!!!" I said sternly. He started to cry. Then I said to him "Eli, did you poop in your diaper?" He said "Yaaaah." and then said "poo poo.... potty." (which actually sounds more like poddy) Then I said "Yes, we do go poo poo on the potty, thats right Eli." Next, he looked directly at me and said "Sorry." and he kept repeating sorry over and over. This kind of made me feel sad. He shouldnt feel bad for pooping in his diaper, and we've never told him that pooping in his diaper is wrong or bad, so Im not sure where he got this from. Regardless, I had to laugh.

Another thing he has also started doing... when we tell him not to do something he will go and put himself in time out. But his attitude is waay different than when we say "Go sit in time out." Last night Andy and I were sitting on the couch having a coffee, while Eli was playing on the floor in front of us. Eli walked up to andy's play station flicked the power switch on the back, and then pressed the power button on the front. Andy said, "Did he seriously just do that!?" Yes he sure did. Andy said to him "Eli we dont touch daddys playsation okay?" Eli looked at him, and walked himself over to his time out spot, plopped himself down and just sat there. No tears as compared to when we tell him to sit in time out. This wasnt the first time he put himself in time out without us telling him to, but its kind of cute. No crying, no tears, just sitting. Makes me wonder if we're being hard on him?

Eli is a pretty sensitive little guy, whenever someone raises their voice he becomes alarmed and cries. This weekend Andy and I were joking around/flirting and he started tickling me. I was laughing loudly, and telling him to stop (all while trying not to pee my pants!!) Eli stopped what he was doing, stood up and watched us and then started screaming, and the tears started flowing. Poor little guy was scared... we were shocked because we were having a good time and laughing and here he is crying his eyes out!

I cannot get over the amount Eli really picks up on, and how much he is talking. He spits words out like "Pocket, lock, sit, shoot (oops!!!!)" and the list goes on... guess we do really need to watch what we're saying!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

So happy!

Today has been a really good day so far! Ive made sure this week is going to be fairly quiet because we have alot to do before getting ready for Mexico. One of the things that I needed to get done this week was go and pick Eli's passport up. Katherine came with me and spent the morning and some of the afternoon with us, and off we went to the Passport office this morning. Eli was so well behaved, I couldnt get over it! He didnt have one tantrum yet today and the days already half over! He sure loves his aunties and spending time with them.

Boy am I relieved that all we had to do was pick up Eli's passport, and it sure felt great walking past a big long lineup of people waiting in line to get their passports, along with a filled room of people waiting. We were in and out in all of 5 minutes with Eli's passport in hand! We then went to wal mart and picked up a few last minute things there, then came home for lunch. Again, Eli was so happy and content, it warmed my heart.

He's down for a nap now, and honestly if he is anything like he was this morning once he wakes up its going to be a great evening!

We're a few days away from leaving for Mexico, and we're pretty much ready to go! I cant wait to relax and be with family!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

What a weekend!

What a weekend! Are you ready for it?

Friday night, we had family over for supper. It was a great evening, and I always look forward to our family dinners. Eli was not feeling well though and it was a rough night. He stayed up till 11pm, and then once he was down he was up every 2-3 hours in the night. He couldnt stop coughing, and once he got so worked up coughing he'd start crying.

Yesterday (Saturday) wasnt much better. He was okay in the morning but because he was tired he was fairly miserable. I put him down for his nap and again he couldnt stop coughing. He coughed and cried until he had nothing left, and slept for only 45 minutes. Once he got up, he was more miserable than before. He was so over tired. I had to go out for the evening as I had a moms group event that I had said Id be at, so I guiltily left andy with a very crabby little guy who was either coughing or crying. When I texted Andy at 5:45ish pm to see what was going on, he said Eli was down for a nap. Well get this, Eli slept from before 6pm-1am, we got up for an hour until 2am and then all went back to bed from 2am till after 9am! Needless to say Eli was feeling waaaay better this morning. He still has a cough and runny nose but he was ready to rumble when he got up this morning. Just a few minutes ago he woke up from his nap, and I went upstairs to cuddle him and he fell asleep in my arms. He is so tired, and just needs to rest. Im so blessed that Andy is here with me this weekend to help me out. There is no way I would be able to keep sane if I was at home by myself.

We have less than a week till Mexico, and Im starting to feel a little stressed. Going on a trip to Mexico with a little person is a bit different than you and your spouse or some friends! But Im excited! Im starting to pack things and gather things together. By next Sunday we should be good to go!! Its a short week, and Im blessed to have Andy home tomorrow and Eli should be nursed back to health by mid week, cross our fingers!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Its been a whole week

Sorry its been a full week since I last did anything on my blog. This past week has been pretty busy, and on top of that Eli has come down with a cold too. He just started Wednesday night, and its in full cold mode now. Sucky, but Id rather he get sick now than this time next week just a few days before we leave for mexico!

My dear little sister is back and we are all very excited to have her. On top of that, she is always willing to babysit our little guy, and Eli loves spending time with her. He looks at the pictures on the fridge and yells "AUNTEEEEEEEE" While I was on the phone with my dad this afternoon Eli walked up and said, "Nana?" "Papa?" "Aunteeeee???" just naming all the people he knows that I might be talking on the phone to. Very cute. Since he is sick, he has also been waking up at night which means our sleep schedule is a little off. He's down for a nap now, but if the coughing doesnt stop I dont know how much sleep he'll get. Im praying that he'll get better fast so we can get ready and all be in good health for Mexico!

Also, an update for you on Eli's ears. We went and saw the ear nose and throat specialist this week. He said Eli's ears look beautiful. We dont need to be worried about getting ocean water in them in mexico, and he also gave us a perscription for the drops we need if anything comes up. I asked him about Eli's last ear infection, he said that if Eli was screaming when she looked in his ears. Yes, he was. He explained that of course his ears were going to look red and inflamed, and chances are he didnt have an ear infection, but maybe just a virus. Also, the tubes in his ears are still there and they look great!! Very encouraging, and its what Ive been praying for.

Im hoping this weekend will be relaxing and Eli wont feel too crappy. Im looking forward to catching up on some sleep (cross my fingers!!) and relaxing. Which reminds me, I should go take a nap while I have the chance!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Picture Update

Really? Seriously!? But Im not ready!!

Apparently, Eli has potty trained himself. No kidding around!! This week he has pooped in his diaper only twice! The first time we were at a friends house playing, and the second time was when we had friends over playing! Pretty both times he didnt want to tell me he had to go because we were playing with friends. I seriously cant get over it though! I didnt think he was ready but apparently thatrs not the case... maybe its me thats not ready!! But Im enjoying it thats for sure!

He'll tell me when he has to poo, and off we go to his potty. Sometimes he'll tell me he has to poo but really he has to pee. Thats happened a few times today. I just cant get over it! I had someone ask me when we started potty training and the thing is we havent!! We let him see us go to the bathroom, we're not shy about it. We tell him what we're doing, and when he used to poop in his cloth diaper we'd take him into the bathroom to put the poop into the toilet. I know alot of poop and pee talk, but I cant believe he's potty training himself! He is so proud, and loves the praise we give him. I hope it sticks after we get back from Mexico because it is so nice not to have to wash as many diapers, and let me tell you clean up is so much easier!! I never thought that at 20 months Eli would be poop trained, and on his way to being pee trained too!! What?!

So today Katherines DTS ended and they are on their way home! Mom and Dad left to go pick her up yesterday and they should be home sometime this weekend! I cant wait, but am also nervous. She has seen alot while she was in Brazil and Im sure she has alot of strong feelings about coming back too! Regardless, when Eli looked at a picture of me, Kristin, and Katherine tonight and yelled "AUNTEEEEEE" it warmed my heart! I cant wait for him to see her!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Feeling so Blessed!!

Well we've had a great day!

I was super stressed yesterday after talking to a few friends about going to the passport office. I heard that the wait was on average anywhere from 2-4 hours, and there is no way my almost 2 year old was going to sit and wait. Not only would I be stressed but he would be stressed as well by the end of it. I talked to my awesome girlfriend and she said it wouldnt be an issue for me to drop him off at her place. Great! Life saver!!

So last night after my art class my dad said he would go stand in line early for me. But then this morning at 6am my phone rang. He suggested that he come here, I could go to the passport office for 7:30am, and get it done!! Brilliant! So thats what we did. Off I went to the passport office for 7:30a.m, he hung out at my house waiting for Eli to wake up. On my way there I prayed that it would go smoothly, there wouldnt be any issues with the forms, or documents needed, and it would be easy. Boy, was it ever an answer to prayer! Right from my dad coming over this morning, to how quickly things went there. I was in line at 7:30 with 19 people in front of me. But things with quickly, all of our documents were correct and there wasnt one little hiccup! I was out of the passport office and home before 9am!! And Eli's passport will be ready for pick up 5 days before we leave for Mexico! Thank you Lord!! And that you to my great friend, Alex who was willing to watch Eli last minute, and to my Dad who got up bright and early to come over for me!

I came home and Eli was so happy. He was showing my dad his "karate"! Nothing better than walking into the house and hearing your little guy giggling and laughing till his hearts content! What a blessing! Once my dad left I tidied up the house, did the recylcing, packed up the bottles for the bottle depot, and cleaned the kitchen. We took the bottles in, washed the car and went to visit a girlfriend.

Once we got home after our little outing, Eli came to me and told me "poo poo" so I took him over to his potty, took his diaper off, and he sat down. I left him to do his thing, and he came to me and said "poo poo" so I went and checked his potty and sure enough!!! I was letting him walk around naked, and he continued to sit down and poop 3 more times!! I couldnt believe it. And, he even peed in the potty too!! Im just blown away and so proud! Im wondering if maybe I should run with it if he's willing to attempt to start using the potty. Im not even enforcing it or pushing it, he's doing it all on his own!! Any tips from anyone about potty training, or advice??

Oh also, I had a girlfriend ask if we've gotten Eli's shots for Mexico. Yes we have, we went a month ago and got them done, however we dont need both Hep A & B, just Hep A. So thats what we got done and we're all set to go!! Less than 3 weeks, and I have a feeling its going to come up very fast!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Maybe not luck of timing . . .

Maybe it wasnt luck of timing. Im talking about my previous post. Eli went poop on the potty once this weekend. Chances are that one was luck too. But, today as I was getting ready for the day Eli came into the bathroom and said "poo poo" and sat down on his little potty. So I quickly took his pants and his diaper off, and he sat and pretended to push. He got up a few times, and then sat back down. I left the bathroom briefly and when I came back there was a surprise in his potty for me!! I was completely shocked! It was his idea to sit and try to go!! How proud was I?? Very!!

We went off to run our errands today and then came home. He came to me and said "poo poo" and went and sat down on his potty with his clothes on. I took his clothes off and he sat down for a bit. I went to go make lunch and went back after a few minutes to check on him. He was standing in front of his potty and sure enough there was another treat for me in his potty!! Again, I was totally shocked!! I didnt ask him if he had to go, he told me and off he went!! I am so proud!!

This weekend, I was supposed to head up to my cousins place out of town for a girls night. Because of the crappy weather conditions the roads werent great so we decided not to go. I went over to my girlfriends place in the evening to visit, since Andy had a whole bunch of guys over to watch a UFC fight. We were talking about our upcoming trip to Mexico when she suggested maybe I should double check about what documents I need for Eli to travel. So I did. I thought he would just need his birth certificate. Nope, not the case. I need to get him a passport. Good thing I checked because we would've been hooped had I not. So tomorrow we head downtown to apply for his passport.

Hopefully tomorrow goes smoother than today did. He was not happy about the passport photos but the lady at costco was creative and suggested we put him in a cart. He wasnt happy about it but he was more willing to sit in the cart over the little chair. But we got it done. Our next stop was a lady who Andy found on kijiji. We've been looking for a wetsuit for Eli for mexico but would really like to have some floaties. I didnt think we'd be able to find one, however my dear husband did on kijiji and for the perfect price of $10!! Off I went to check it out, and to get Eli to try it on. There was our third HUGE fit (the first was at costco when I tried to get him to take his picture, the second was when I took the keys from him!!) when we undressed him and tried to put this suit on he LOST it. Luckily, we were in her home so it wasnt as embarrassing. The suit fit once we finally got it on!! Great!! My whole morning consisted of him having tantrums, and was completely frustrating.

Cross my fingers that tomorrow while we're at the passport office he behaves, or maybe he shouldnt behave and we'll get it done quicker? Doubt it!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Luck of timing

Last week when my mom babysat Eli, she got him to go pee on the potty. Once he was done, he proceeded to take some toilet paper and wipe.... apparently he's seen his mom pee a bit too often.

Today, Eli came to me and said "poo poo" I said "Do you have to go poo poo?" he said "Yup," so I replied "Okay lets go poo on the potty, c'mon Eli!" Off we went to the bathroom, quickly... took his diaper off and plopped him on the potty, the big potty even. He hopped off and I put him back on, and told him to push. Well he did, and sure enough he pooped on the potty. He told me was done, and I wiped his bum, which he decided he also needed to as well. He grabbed some toilet paper, wiped his bum, and proceeded to wipe in front as well. I had to laugh. Im not ready to potty train him (yes thats right, since its all about ME) but it sure was easier having him poop on the potty instead of in his diaper. He also didnt feel the need to yell "Stinky!!!!!!!!!" after he pooped today as compared to when he goes in his diaper.

This is sure an interesting age. I think today all chalks up to the luck of timing and me getting him into the bathroom quick enough, but it sure felt good to get him to go on the potty!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Art work pictures

Okay, so I ve been taking my art class for 4 weeks now. I cant say Im entirely happy with it, but this is my work so far.

Id love to hear your feedback!!

This yellow and blue one isnt done yet. It needs something, I just dont know what.

And here are a few Ive done on my own time. These ones were done before I started my art class.