Friday, October 28, 2011

17 Day Diet, working out, and a long week

Im so glad its Friday. It feels like its been a long week.

Eli's been waking up earlier and earlier, and Ive been feeling exhausted. Luckily, he is willing to go downstairs and play with some of his toys for a time period before I drag myself out of bed! These days Eli has really been practicing his independence and also his strong will. Some days are easy and some days are hard! But Im having fun! He blows me away with how well his speech is. He can carry on a conversation with a perfect stranger, and has incredible manners! This week he has been singing his abc's so clearly and pretty much perfect. I feel so proud of him. Today on the drive home he said to me, "My arms hurts, go to doctor? Take me to doctor, mommy?" I was blown away! 1) because he put it together that his arm hurt and could verbalize that and 2) because he knew that when something hurts you go to the dr. Obviously, I didnt take him to the doctor though!

This week I've worked out 4 times. It feels great! I've even been considering going back onto the 17 Day Diet. It gets results, but it sure takes discipline! Its the sugar that is so freaking hard to kick, but if it means the extra weight will come off maybe it'll be worth it! Plus, I know it works too because Ive done it before!!

Yesterday, I tried jazercise with my mother in law, and it was a lot of fun! The instructor asked me after if I was an instructor at other location... apparently my jazercise skills are impressive for a first timer! I had to chuckle! It was fun though, and a good work out! A lot like Zumba! Then this morning I was supposed to meet another mom at the local gym here, drop our kiddies off in their child care and go for a run. Im not sure if we missed each other but I ended up going on my run by myself! But it was good motivation! On Monday at the running room, our runs were run 1 minute, walk 2 minutes. Because I felt that was quite easy I did run 1 and walk run. It was manageable. And I felt really good after! Its perfect that the gym has childcare, because I can drop Eli off (and he more than willingly goes!!) and then I have an hour to go to my thing! Childcare was also very cheap. $5.50 for an hour. Cant complain about that!

So Monday is the next clinic date, and Im already looking forward to it!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Running Room Clinic - Week 1

Last night was the first night of my Learn To Run Clinic at the Running Room. It was great! I can honestly say I really enjoyed it... this week at least! It was not intimidating, and I didnt feel like I was being pushed too hard at first! There is a short lesson on a different topic each week and then we go out to run! We run regardless of the weather... rain or shine, or in our case... snow. -30 degrees or +30 degrees! Last night we ran for 1 minute walked for 2, and I honestly felt like it was super easy! I could've probably done 1 and 1, but thats for next week!

The thing I like about the running room is that I can go during the week and run with other runners at my learning pace! That way I can get my runs in and meet other people! So I can say Im already looking forward to next week!

When I was just about to leave the gym I ended up running into one of my childhood best friends! We met when I was in grade 6 and she was in grade 7! We havent seen each other in ages, and it was so good to see her! Its like sitting down with a friend that you saw just yesterday, but really havent seen in years or months! We ended up grabbing a coffee and chatting oh and laughing a lot! I really have been blessed by having a few super close best friends... and its not just for a year or a month, these girls I have known for 5 + years and I love that!! Even though Faith and I grew apart we can sit down and grab a coffee and chat like it was yesterday! And that is the same with my other bestest friend Chelsey too!! We've been best friends for almost 10 years! We met on the yellow school bus, and have become best friends!  I love how well we know each other, and arent afraid to be honest or real with one another. I could tell her anything and vice versa and it wouldn't change a thing! Although we dont get to see each other as much as I'd like right now, I know that nothing could change our friendship and the fact that she's my best friend! What a blessing!

Anyways, to end todays post here is a picture of our dear little boy eating supper last night!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

2012 Hyundai Elantra Touring

Today is an exciting day. I've kept things on the down low, but we've been having a lot of issues with our Sante Fe that we bought last Christmas. It was a 2008 Hyundai Sante Fe, and I loved it! Unfortunately, the number of times the check engine light came on, came on is too many for such a new vehicle, and to add on top of that... Andy is convinced that the struts were going on it, as well as the transmission. Awesome.  Sante Fe's do get awesome reviews, and most people dont have issues with it! If we hadn't bought a vehicle that was giving us so many issues we wouldn't have considered getting rid of it. I love my Sante Fe, apart from the issues!

Because Im such a go getter, we decided we needed to get rid of it. We posted it on Kijiji, and had only a few inquires on it, but that was it! Finally, when I went to go get an oil change (not at the Hyundai dealership) I was told that the head gasket was leaking, and that I should go back to the dealership because this didn't like it had just started. I was furious! I came home, called Auto Canada (who is the owner of  the dealership we bought this vehicle from) and spoke to the president! He told me what we've been saying for months that he thought it sounded like we have a lemon! Finally!! Someone agreed with us! I told him that was all find and dandy, but what do we do with this vehicle now? We spoke to the new manager at the dealership where we bought our Sante Fe, and he said we would work together to find us a different vehicle.

After much time spent in the dealership, and countless test drives, as well as phone calls, conversations, and much frustration. We finally have signed off on a new vehicle, and we go pick it up today!! Since you've probably already seen the title of this post, Im sure you can guess what we bought.

A 2012 Elantra Touring. We wanted to downsize a bit to a hatch back, and this one should be perfect for our family! There is lots of space in the back, and the seats also fold down. Lots of room for 2 carseats (for any of you who wanted to ask "So are you planning on having another one anytime soon?!" Yes, we are... but Im not pregnant yet.) and this vehicle also has towing capability. So we added on a hitch and also a roof rack in the hopes that we can take it camping with a small tent trailer! We are looking forward to having a 5 year warranty/100 000 km warranty, especially since we had so many issues with the Sante Fe. The reviews on this vehicle are quite good, and Im even more excited about the fact that there arent a million and one Elantra Tourings out there... every third or fourth vehicle that you see isn't a touring!

We go to pick it up this afternoon, so once we have it Ill post some real pictures of it! For the time being, theres a pic below so you have an idea of what it looks like!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Running Room

For the longest time I've wanted to learn how to run! I know a few moms who have started running, and have gotten into incredible shape! Plus they enjoy it!

So today after chatting with a few of the moms at one of my moms groups about running, and where to start Ive decided to do something about it! I looked up the clinics that the running room offers, and I signed up for one! Learn To Run! Which I need to do. Its a 10 week clinic, and it sounds like it covers alot of information! Im so excited about it! Especially since I'd like to use winter and the cold weather as an excuse to not do it, but Im really not going to do that!

I start on Monday and Ill keep you posted on how it goes! If anyone wants to join me, let me know! Its always nice to have a running partner! It was reasonably priced too!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Happy Birthday

Ive gone MIA for a week or so. Sorry about that!

Yesterday, was my mom's birthday as well as my brother in laws birthday.... AND it is one more person's birthday. This little dude. Who happened to be 6 days early!! Couldn't wait to meet us all I suppose! He is extremely relaxed, and content! He's perfect in every way!!

We've been waiting a long time for him, and he is finally here!! Kristin and Jason didnt know weather they were having a boy or girl... everyone was saying girl, however I was saying a boy. All along I knew it was a boy! And sure enough... a little dude!

My sister has a midwife, and had a water birth at home! This little dude weighs 7 pounds! He is perfect and Im in love! We told Eli that he would play trucks with him one day, and now thats all Eli keeps asking!!

Congrats Kris & Jason! He is perfect in every way!! Happy Birthday, Mom, Jason, and our newest little addition!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Too Loud Part 2

After our appointment at the doctor, where we found out that Eli has yet another ear infection, I called the ENT office (on Monday) and we got an appointment for Wednesday. We went in, and spoke to Dr.Eksteen. Every single time we go in Iam just so blessed and so amazed with him! Incredible doctor!

He asked Eli if he could look in his ears, and Eli said yes. Well we ended up having to basically hold Eli down so he could look in his ears but the verdict is.... no ear infection. Nothing serious at least. The right ear that our other dr said had a ton of wax in it, doesn't actually. It has a small amount of fluid it in, but he can still see the tube. The left ear, which she said has a very serious infection.... well it doesn't. He said he can see the tube, and it looks fine! I also asked him about the hearing and everything being too loud. He said its actually a good sign that he is hearing everything as "too loud." That means his hearing is really good, and he is hearing certain pitches and sounds he wasn't before. So he said its not a concern, but actually a great sign!

I can breath a sign of relief! Oh and he said both tubes are still in there, more than year after the surgery! Great!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Feel Good

There is nothing better than going to get your hair done, and when you return home your two year old says, "Look nice mommy!!!! Look nice mommy!!!" 

Have I mentioned I love him?

Monday, October 3, 2011

Great Weekend

Wow, what an incredible weekend! I learned so much about sexual integrity, and let me tell you that Shannon Ethridge has one beautiful testimony! If you have a chance to look it up on you tube,I would encourage you to! To give you the jist of it. She lost her virginity before she was 16, and by the age of 20 she had so many sexual partners she couldn't tell you what the number was.When she was 16, she was driving to school, looked in her rear view mirror to put on lip stick and ran over something. When she got out she saw that it was a lady riding her bike. She killed this lady. But God protected her and she didn't have a scratch on her. To find out how this woman's husband reacted, and what consequences she went through, you should check her story out at

So my weekend... Basically it was all about sexual integrity, and my relationship with God as well as my husband. It was blunt, forward, at times uncomfortable! But the biggest point she made was this: God made sex for a husband and a wife... there is something very spiritual about making love with your spouse and God delights in it!  I also learned that 40% of pornography websites are made for women! Pornography addiction is no longer just a man thing like the world portrays it to be! Another stat that I learned is that every 1 in 3 women are sexually abused. 1 in 3!! Thats crazy! The list could go on with the stuff that I learned, but 1) Ill stop myself from preaching at you, and 2) In order for me to explain more about what I learned Id have to go into more detail, and that could be a bit uncomfortable! If you'd like to hear more, please leave me a comment and Ill make a point of talking more about it!

When I wrote last week I told you about Eli's ears, and how I dont see us getting in to see our specialist any time soon. Well God is good, and we have an appointment to see the dr on Wednesday afternoon! I am so glad, and so blessed! We decided to get Eli on the antibiotics to deal with this ear infection and wait to see what Dr.Eksteen says/suggests on Wednesday!

And finally, Thanksgiving is this weekend! We're having 2 thanksgiving dinners, and I cant wait! Family, food, and relaxing!

Hope you all had a great weekend!!