Friday, July 30, 2010

Into the weekend

The end of another day has come! We had a fairly productive day. Andy worked a sidejob after work so I was with Eli all day! Im not complaining, but its a long day thats for sure! Luckily for me, Eli has been waaaay better these few days mood wise.

Yesterday I recieved a speeding ticket in the mail! Totally choked about it, especially because it was $100! I got it the day we went to the zoo with stepping stones, and I was in a rush to get home because I had a screaming baby in my back seat and we had quite a drive ahead of us! Well serves me right! I decided we can afford a $100 speeding ticket so I went down to the law courts, and had it reduced. Lucky for me, they got us in and out within 40 minutes or so. It was one busy office, and Eli was not co operating with me. Its so stressfull and embarassing when that happens! I just tell myself to breath, and am generally okay. I was able to get it reduced to $69... awesome! The (I dont know if its a judge or not . . .) guy that I had to make my "plea" to was super nice, and was pretty friendly with Eli. Im thankful we were able to get it reduced.

Eli is still napping about 4 hours (between 2 naps!) so it gives me a nice break during the day. A break to work out and do my devotions! Im going to be sore tomorrow, but it'll be worth it!

This weekend Im looking forward to relaxing with my 2 boys! Andy and I get to go out on a date tomorrow night so thats something Im definitly looking forward to!

Hope you all find some time to relax this weekend!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hello, Jillian Michaels!

Im so glad today is Thursday! It feels like it should be Friday, but only one more day till we get to relax for the long weekend! Im really looking forward to this weekend, as andy and I get to go out on Saturday night with some friends! We havent been out on a double date in quite awhile without Eli, so this will be awesome! And my mom gets to take Eli to church, which I know he'll love!

Yesterday morning we got up and I decided we needed to get out and do something! I've wanted to start being more active, but there are a million and one excuses of why I cant get out there and work out! Well really there is no more excuses that I should be using. Millenium place has child care, so off we went. I took a class called 20/20/20, basically a full body workout in an hour. It cost me $13.00 for the class, and child care! Not bad!

Well this morning I googled Jillian Michaels to see what workout books she has. Well I came across her online training website. Pretty neat. $4 a week, and you get your daily workouts (which you dont need to go to the gym for!! Perfect!!) and meal plans! You take a whole bunch of quizzes so its figured out what issues you might have when working out and eating. Well I signed up. Andy doesnt know yet, but I think its a good investment! I need to loose betwen 20-30 pounds, and I feel ready to do it! Im so tired of putting my pants on and feeling uncomfortable because they're too tight, and then theres that nice muffin top that falls over my pants! So not nice looking!! The best part that I like so the meal plans you can switch up so its food you like. In our house we dont eat really any fish, so I can substitue with different recipes. And I can print off a grocery list too, which makes it alot easier on my part! Im excited and plan to start the food portion next week, and working out tomorrow! I need to do it, Im tired of not feeling content with the way I look!

Yesterday, as I was working out I kept telling myself "This workout is what I make it!!" And when I kept thinking "I cant do it anymore!!" All I could see was Jillian Michael's screaming at the biggest loosers telling them not to quit!! Oh boy, she's in my head!!!! Maybe its not a bad thing!!

Keep you posted!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Today was a pretty good day! Eli woke up around 8a.m, which was actually earlier than I expected, considering he went to bed at 9:30p.m. Regardless, he was up and ready to go. By 9:30a.m he was down for his first nap, and up at 11:30a.m. I gave him lunch and off to the swimming pool we went!

This is kind of a hard transition time between the walking and crawling. At the pool, Eli really wanted to walk without my hang but I couldnt just let him walk in the water without me. Scary!! So eventually we went into the deep pool and he held on pretty tight!

After swimming he came home, had a small snack and went down for his second nap! It worked out perfectly because I had my hair appointment at 3:00p.m, and Eli went down at 2:15p.m, when my girlfriend came to watch him. He slept the whole time which was how I wanted it to happen!

Tonight he was very happy. We had a good time playing. He was quite content just to be, which makes me feel happy because I can give him some attention but also tidy up around the house! He went to bed at 7:30p.m, and now Im just relaxing. I think Ill paint my toenails, and take a shower. Its so nice having a quiet house.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Good night!

Another weekend come and gone. How do they go by so fast? Seriously!

It was a good weekend. Fairly busy, but I felt like we did relax somewhat.

Saturday, we hung around home. Andy did some work on a few projects that we have on the go. Including the basement, which we've decided to remove the fireplace. We took down the mirrors that were above it, and took down some of the drywall to see what was behind, to our surprise its drywalled back there, and will give us quite a bit of extra space! We are so happy its going to be a relatively easy job. Hopefully.

I told Andy on friday night that I needed some time to myself on Saturday. Lucky for me, I got it! My sister called and asked me if we wanted to go to the legislature grounds with her and her husband. Eli needed to go for a nap soon, so off I went. At first I didnt feel like driving there and finding parking, but Im sure glad I did! It was like a burst of fresh air, and I sure needed the break! We just relaxed and laid around, then when I got home I made supper and we went to the park. Eli loves the park!

My younger siser stayed at our house on Friday & Saturday night and so Andy and I took the opportunity to go to a late movie! And when I say late, I mean late! It started at 10, and we got home at 1a.m! Eli was up by 6:45a.m! Who's idea was it to go to a late movie!? Andy's! Regardless, it was fun to get out to a movie, its not something we get to do too often. We saw Inception with Leonardo Dicaprio. Pretty good.

Today we went to church, and then came home and we all took naps. It was a quiet relaxing day! We went to go but Eli down for around 7:30P.M, but he had different plans. He came downstairs and played happily by himself until 9:30P.M, now we're ready for bed!

This week is going to be busy. Hair appointment, bbq, Katherine's 18th birthday, play date, lots of stuff! But Im looking forward to it!

August is also going to be a busy month as well! My client is due on the 18th which means in 2 weeks Im on call, and waiting for my client to go into labor! Im scared, very scared, but excited! I kind of just want to get it done and over with! We'll see!!

Hope you all had a good weekend, I'm off to bed!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Moody Moody Moody

I dont know if its the figuring out how to walk thing, but Eli has been one moody brat. Yes I've said it. A moody brat! Remember how last week I mentioned how I havent seen him so happy in months? Thats gone out the window! Maybe its that our busy boy needs more stimulation and his toys and being at home are not enough, but I think I could go insane!

He is constantly whining, folding himself in half and screaming at the word "No." Its horrible! Today my friend and I took Eli to millenium place for play and crawl around. He had fun, he was squealing with delight!! We then took him over to kidz quarterz where he wasnt as happy. Millenium place was really busy with older, bigger kids running around, so it was getting a little outta control. Once we got to kidz quarterz he lost it. He was happy for maybe 5 minutes and he was done. I just dont get it!

And, whats your opinion on this!? At one point while we were at millenium this little boy came up behind Eli and grabbed him by putting his arms around him and dragged him backwards. Eli was not happy. I told the little boy, "No, we dont play rough with the baby, okay? We have to play gentle." First thing that went through my mind was 1) Where is this kids mom!? Finally, she came running over and said "Oh he was just trying to love him. Steven go give him a hug and say sorry." 2) Why are you telling your child to go hug my child and say sorry? Yes you should be telling your son that he needs to apologize and that his behavior wasn't right, but why are you telling him to hug a complete stranger, and you have no idea where my kids been? He could be super sick with a nasty cold, or some virus and your kids hugging mine!? I dont know, it just annoyed me!

Eli's down for a nap, and I think maybe Ill lay down on the couch. Andy is working a side job this evening, which means I've got Eli by myself for the rest of the night... so it could be a long evening! But I'm not complaining, Im so thankful and blessed that Andy has extra work!

Here's to a relaxing weekend!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Well our little boy is walking. He toodles from one room to the next, however crawling is still the fastest method of transportation for him. He looks like a little drunken sailor! Its pretty cute, Im not going to lie.

But, along with learning something new, usually means sleep is affected. In our case it hasnt been too bad, however he has been waking up earlier and earlier. 7a.m, really isnt that bad, but compared to the almost 9a.m he slept till at the beginning of the week, well I'd prefer the 9a.m.

This afternoon, I go for a massage! I cant wait! Im so looking forward to it. I dont think Ive had a real massage in over a year! Andy's happy because I cant ask him for a massage tonight, and our benefits cover me going. So the question is, why dont I go more often? We get reimbursed for the service, is it just the time? its the same with the chiropractor, naturopath, psychologist, etc . . . we pay for these services so we might as well use them!

Today, we dont have too much going on. Its been an overall quiet week. We really havent done too much, however we went to the park yesterday and Eli loved it. He wanted to go up and down the slide, however going down is easier than up!

We'll see what today brings us!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jehovah's Witness Return

So the JW's returned! Interesting enough I had a Christian friend over, and I asked her to say a quick prayer before I opened the door. The past few times they've come its been the same woman with a new person each time. I'm assuming the new person thats come is a new JW, and is learning the ropes of door to door. Often, they're very quiet, and dont say too much.

Today was a different story! I felt I was in a spiritual warfare! This time around, she brought her husband. He knew his stuff, and did most of the talking. She went to offer me their magazine, I told her I had to decline it and that I've done alot of research and we believe very different things. He told me that they had looked into many different religons and had decided to go with JW. I asked them questions about who they believe Jesus is, and they dont believe in the Trinity. It is a total mind game though. I felt like I was being messed with mentally. Eli was very fussy and so after a 10 minute conversation she said maybe they could come back to discuss this. I said they could. I need to get my stuff together so its prepared. This next time they come needs to be the last time. I need to have scriptures, and specific things prepared. Why is it that this time around she brought her husband who knew his stuff? He did most of the talking! After they left, I was shaking. Its a spritual warefare. I did tell them though that if they would like to look at some of my literature about what I believe they're more than welcome to, and we can discuss the differences. They never said no, but they avoided the topic all together!

We'll see what happens!

GUESS WHAT!! Eli is pretty much officially walking. He still wants to hold our hands when he walks, and crawling is still faster but there were a few times today where I would be in one room and he'd coming walking in to see me! All by himself! He'll stand up with some help from a chair or couch and start walking! I cant believe it! Here we go!!!


As I've continued (slowly . . .) my doula course I've sure been learning alot. One of the things that I've been learning alot about is breastfeeding. It was a hard topic at first for me to read about, especially because I struggled for the first 3 months of Eli's life to breastfeed. I've thought alot about it, and what I would do different. How I wish I had struggled through it even more, because 1) the benefits are so incredible for the baby and 2) its cheaper!!

Working with teen girls at stepping stones, there are alot of girls who've just had their baby's. Lucky for me I've been getting to hold alot of newborns lately. The crazy thing is that I dont even remember Eli being as little as some of these baby's. Part of me doesnt even really remember how to hold a newborn at first because I'm used to throwing a kid on my hip and off we go! But it all comes back pretty quick! One thing I've noticed though is that the majority of these girls are not breastfeeding. Their baby's are less than 6 weeks old and they're already onto formula. It makes me feel really sad. One girl I spoke to yesterday was having some concerns with her baby because he's gettong constipated, and there is blood in his stool. He isn't even 4 weeks old. She switched the formula a few days ago because a public health nurse told her that he's colicy, and its due to the formula. So she put him on a new formula and his body is having issues adjusting to it. This is a huge concern because formula is not natural in any way shape or form! I even believe this, and I used formula for my baby!!

I think it comes down to laziness, that moms dont want to work and try to nurse. And it is a tough task to master, but I think once you do its very rewarding. The other thing I think I've heard a ton is, "I dont have enough milk, so I need to supplement with formula." There may be some women out there with real issues of not having enough milk, but its all about supply and demand. If you only nurse twice a day and use formula the rest of the time your body is going to think it only needs to make enough milk for 2 feedings. Supply & Demand. Thats why newborns cluster feed, is because they're trying to get mom's body to make more milk!

Its just something thats been on my heart lately, and something Im struggling to see. Its so sad to see little baby's constipated because they're on formula (and Im not saying breastfed baby's dont get constipated.... but its not as common!).

Monday, July 19, 2010

Busy weekend

Sorry I havent written in a few days! Its been a bit of a crazy weekend. Andy and his cousin started working on the back door to replace it. Remember when we did the front door, they actually did rip out the back door and found that the floor was all rotted? So they threw the old door frame back in, and left it for a few weeks.

Well, because of the crazy rain we've had over the past week or so, it has not done nice things to the floor and we had to get the rotted wet floor out. It was a big job. Bigger than I expected, actually. Andy started around 9:30a.m, on Saturday morning and Josh didnt leave close till 11:00P.M, and the job isn't actually 100% done yet, but we have a new floor down, and a nice new door in! So while Andy was working on the door my job was to watch Eli.

On top of the big job that they tackled, my kitchen was so dirty and dusty after. So I've spent the past day or so just cleaning. Its been a bit insane! So thats why I havent posted recently!

Eli is doing so well! I cant believe how happy and content he is! We're so lucky that his sleep hasnt been affected. I remember there was a time when Eli would wake up at 5:45a.m no matter what time we put him down! Thats definitly not the case anymore! Our little boy loves his sleep! Its insane! Generally he sleeps 12-13 hours at night (with no wake ups!!) and then he sleeps usually about 4 hours (broken into 2 naps!) a day! It just blows my mind! Right now he's still sleeping and its after 8:30a.m!

Today is just going to be a quiet day. Its rainy out, and I feel like our weekend has just been crazy busy. So a quiet home day is in order! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Pictures from our crazy day!

Here are a few pictures from our day!

The pink jammies he got to wear. He looks like a little convict!

Back home after surgery. He wanted to play as soon as he got home.

Eli was so happy & content to play after he woke up from his nap! I havent seen him this happy in forever!

Someone was enjoying playing with mom's mixer!

So happy! He kept posing for the camera.

Im off with my firetruck and mixer. What else do you need in life?!

This was the one good picture from the zoo! Arent they cute!? Eli loved the big kitty! It kept jumping up and putting its paws against the glass! I was more nervous than anything, even behind the glass!!

We're Home!

Well its 9:30a.m, and we're home and Eli is going down for his nap. This morning really couldnt have gone any better than it did! We were up and out of the house by 5:30a.m, and at the hospital for 6:15a.m. Eli did well, considering he was tired and hungry. He was in the operating room by 7:20a.m, and done by 7:35a.m!

Yes I definitly cried when we brought him into the operating room, having his screaming in my arms while they held the mask to his face was hard enough, and then what tipped me over was when he finally went limp. But I survived and so did Eli.

When he was done, he was one miserable boy. He screamed for probably 25 minutes or so, I think his ears hurt a bit, and the pressure was different than usual. Once he had some sucks on a popsicle though he was happy for the most part. We had to hang out for 30 minutes, and the dr came and spoke to us. I cant believe how incredible this dr was. For the first time ever I felt like we had a dr that actually cared about Eli, and us, and he was so personable! We go back to see him for a check up appointment in 3 months. We made a quick stop at wal mart to grab some popsicles and tylenol, drop off his antibiotic sheet and now we're home. Eli is already in bed for his first nap, wouldnt you know, right on schedule!

It didnt even take us 3 hours from the time we left home this morning to the time we got home! What a blessing! We\re off to take a nap as well. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. All I can say is God is Good, and He's answered our prayers in ways we never expected!

Keep you posted!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

God is Good!

Here is yet another answered prayer. I was really hoping and praying that Eli's surgery time would be in the morning so that it would be easier on all of us not being able to feed him. Well I called, and we have to be at the hospital for 6:15a.m!!! Surgery should be an hour or so later! Can you believe it?! I didnt even realize they start that early, but I suppose when I prayed and asked God for an early surgery time he took me literal and really gave us an early surgery time... no sleeping in tomorrow!!

Answered Prayers . . . yet again!

Sorry for the delay in posts. We got a new computer and had a friend switching all of our stuff over from the old computer to the new one!! So now Im on a brand new computer and everything seems different, so bare with me.

I called the hospital yesterday to find out when I can expect to have Eli's surgery booked. I left a message and they called me back a few hours later. The lady was so nice and said they had a cancellation for Friday and we can come in then!! I was a tad bit shocked, but whats the point in waiting and putting it off? He's been extremely fussy and moody lately and Im wondering if its his ears that are bothering him. So we go in tomorrow, im not sure what time yet but sometime tomorrow! The hardest part will be not letting him eat 6 hours before his surgery. Andy is taking the day off so Ill have great support with me. I just cant believe how fast this is all happening! All I can say is God is good! It was supposed to take 6 months to a year to get in for a consultation and in less than 8 weeks we've had the consultation and the surgery will be done! Wont the pediatrician be surprised!! Answer to prayers in a way I never even expected!

Today we're off to the zoo with the stepping stones group, and Im looking forward to it but at the same time not really. Eli doesnt do well when he cant crawl around. If only he could walk, and he's so stinkin close I dont know why he just wont do it! Ohwell, no rush I guess. Yesterday he walked all the way from inside wal mart, across the parking lot to the car, holding onto my hand and Katherine's hand. Just toodling along! He also has to miss his first nap so we'll see how that goes... Im hoping its not totally going to mess up his schedule with the surgery tomorrow! We'll see what happens!

Anyways I wanted to give a quick update on whats going on in our lives! Keep you posted!

Monday, July 12, 2010


So Saturday I was fairly busy. Andy worked a side job so he was gone most of the day!

I cleaned the house, did laundry and my dad brought over my old canopy bed frame from when I lived at home. We put it up and it looks great!!

Andy got home around 4:30 and was supposed to leave for his friends bachelor party out at a cabin. Well, wasnt I surprised when he said he had planned a date night for us, and he wasnt going out of town! He had babysitters coming over in an hour and we were going out for dinner and a movie! What a nice surprise, and I totally was surprised! I love my husband! One of the best parts is that Katherine and James are soooo good with Eli and he loves being with them! It makes it very easy for me to leave and not worry about Eli!!

Today, my Mother In Law and her friend came over and helped me trim the hedges in front of out house, and boy was it a big job but it looks great now! Im so happy with them, however I think I have quite a few little pieces of dead tree in my hair!! So worth it!

Here are a pictures of our little man!!

Hi Ladies!!

And . . .

Hi Grandma!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Eli & Ivy

Havent they changed so much!? This is Eli's friend Ivy... Ivy's mom and I met in moms group and I just cherish her friendship so much! We're different and come from different places, but we just click! Larissa went back to work a few months ago so we havent had the chance to see each other as much as we'd like, but on Saturday we got together for coffee and cinnamon buns! It was so neat to see Ivy and Eli play together, like actually play together! I cannot believe how much they've grown up! They look like little people now, compared to the babies they were in the first pictures!!

Larissa, thanks for such an awesome time on Saturday!! I'm totally blessed by our friendship!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Verdict

Eli woke up at 6:30a.m this morning! Quite out of character... generally he's been sleeping in until 8:30ish! A nice treat for me! I left him in his crib to see if he'd go back to sleep until 7:10a.m and he had no intentions of going back to sleep. All of the soothers had fallen out of the crib and well I guess he couldn't figure out how to get back to sleep this morning without it. Great!

So we went off to the ENT throat specialist, and the verdict is he needs tubes. We're on a waiting list, and the Dr's receptionist is supposed to call us with a date. It should be sometime over the summer, however she couldnt tell me even when the receptionist might be calling so Im feeling a little in the dark. I know it'll all work out though, it has up until this point. Eli has some fluid in his ears, and the specialist said generally when a baby has an ear infection before 6 months thats a sign right there that he will need tubes. Good! I feel relieved.

The part I dont feel so relieved about though is this. I asked about Eli's soother situation (obviously, he looooves his soothers!!) the dr said sometimes they can contribute to the ear infections and we should try to get rid of them! Aaah man! This is going to be hard, but its something Im going to have to do. So, I think its going to have to be cold turkey. Or maybe he can just have it for naps, and bedtime? I dont know....

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

ENT Specialist

So tomorrow is the big day! Here I was thinking we'd have to wait 6 months to a year before we get in to see an Ear, nose and throat specialist... at least according to our pediatrician! Well, we didn't... we had our appointment within 6 weeks of having the referral sent in! This is something I've been praying and praying about, and its just really awesome how God is so faithful.

I know someone who is a nurse at the stollery, and she asked which ENT specialist we see, I told her Dr. Eksteen, and she had nothing but good things to say about him. She said he's one of the best there... Thank you Lord! She said he's gentle, kind, and will only give a child tubes in their ears if he/she really needs them! This is great to hear, because I have a feeling our pediatrician prescribed Eli antibiotics at the slightest sight of pink in his ears. Its a good thing we go tomorrow because Eli has been tugging at his ears the past few weeks, and has been quite moody! There is a part of me that is hoping he needs tubes, because maybe it will be a means to an end! It will be hard on me if he does because it means that he has to be put under for it, but its a 5 minute procedure and its done. Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated it!

I'll let you know what happens tomorrow afternoon when we get home!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Out of Character

You might've learned at this point something about me... well maybe a few things, but one of them being I'm a pushover. Too nice, I let people walk all over me.

Today I did something out of character! I have to get this off my chest, because its something that has been bothering me for too long and I'm tired of it!

As my mother in law and I were walking into Sears today there was a shoe sale going on outside the door. This made the area quite congested with people (mostly older woman, a few of them being seniors) as my mother in law and I went to head into the store she was pushing the stroller and I opened the door and held it for her. After she went in I held the door for a few people coming, a few being 3 or 4. Out walked the first one, not even a smile let alone a thank you. Out came the second one . . . same thing, and same with the third and fourth!! I couldn't believe it! I was well beyond shocked by the time the second person walked through without acknowledging me or even saying thank you. So I reacted. "You're welcome!" "You're welcome!" "You're Welcome!" One of the ladies looked at me like she was blown away that I would give her attitude as she walked out the door! What happened to being thankful and respect!? My mother in law said to me, "Oh, did they say thank you?" I simply replied "Nope, not one of them... thats why I said 'you're welcome.'

About a month ago, Andy and I were out for a walk with Eli in our neighborhood, we came across an older couple walking on the same side of the sidewalk as us... we pushed the stroller down the curb so they could stay on the sidewalk and continue walking. Not even a thank you, a smile or did they even acknowledge that we existed!! I was blown away! I get really tired of older people & seniors saying how the younger generation is so rude and disrespectful... yes there are alot of people who fall into the category that alot of seniors are talking about, but there are alot of younger people who do not! Not all young people are rude, disrespectful, screw ups! I feel thats what alot of us are labelled!

Two weeks ago as Andy and I were talking down Whyte Avenue we were walking behind a young couple... yes young couple, probably about our age, maybe a bit younger. They had been munching on some candy and the girl passed the wrapper to her boyfriend to toss into the garbage. Instead of throwing it into the garbage, which is on about every block he simply dropped it on the ground and kept walking. I quickly picked it up and said "Excuse me, you dropped this." They stopped as I handed it to them, and he said "Oh did I!?" And I said, "Yeah." And we kept walking. Call me fiesty, but how lazy can you be!?

I'm just so sick and tired of how disrespectful people can be... young and old! What happened to holding the door for someone in front of you who is pushing a stroller, especially someone who has a child and knows what its like to struggle to hold the door open as you push your stroller through?! Andys told me before that when he is out with Eli pushing the stroller around people treat him differently because he is a man pushing a stroller instead of a woman. Seriously!? What happened to saying thank you to the person who holds the door for you, or lets you go ahead first?! What happened to throwing your garbage into the garbage can instead of dropping it onto the ground!? I dont get it! I honestly dont!

Is it only me that feels this way!? Am I over reacting!? I've decided that from now on, I'm not going to let people walk all over me, I'm not going to let people take advantage of me, or treat me like dirt! Theres a difference between standing up for yourself & not letting people walk all over you and being rude and disrespectful back.

Any thoughts??

When is enough enough?

The past little while (since Summer started!) Ive been feeling extremely lonely. Chances are its because all of the things we've done over the past year are over for the summer... but do you ever have it where you feel like you put alot of effort into a friendship and no matter how hard you try it isn't reciprocated? Im totally feeling this way! Often times theres always an excuse as to why someone cant do something or along those lines. How long do you try for before moving on? I have a few great friends, but lately I've been feeling like Im the one putting all the effort into the relationships. Or what about the friends that you thought you were fairly close with, but after awhile you realize thats not the case.

Im very blessed to have an amazing husband who is my best friend, but I think its so important for woman to spend time together. Since all of the programs I was involved in are done until September Im not getting out as much (except for quick trips to walmart, which seem like a daily occurrance!!) Scheduling around nap times can get tough, but what happens when the other person always has an excuse? Nap time for their baby, plans already, football game, friends visiting, date night, too tired, not up to it, not answering the phone, not returning your phone call . . . and the list goes on, again... how long do you try for before you move on?

As I laid in bed last night, shedding a few tears, I remembered what it was like to be in highschool, and summer was a blast! No responsibilities, sleeping in, hanging out with friends, staying up as late as you want, etc . . . who would've though being an adult and making time with friends would be so hard?

I suppose I'm feeling sorry for myself today, and I've been feeling really lonely the past few weeks, however its hard when you know that the friends you'd like to spend more time with are spending their time with other people. It gets tiring hearing every excuse in the book after awhile.

*I have to mention that this post is in no way directed at any one person*

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Almost walking!!

Eli slept in until 8:30a.m this morning after going to bed the night before before 8:00p.m. We went off to church this morning and then came home and relaxed. This afternoon we got groceries. I like grocery shopping with Andy, I feel like its a bonding time!

We were so excited when we got home and encouraged Eli to walk. He took a few steps 4 weeks ago, but really hasn't done alot since then. Well tonight was another story! We'd pass his favorite ball that he got for his birthday back and forth and he'd go for it if we held it out. Back and forth he went. Every now and then stopping in between and then taking a few more steps! I think if we encourage him this week, he'll be walking no problem by the end of the week! I cant believe our little boy is almost walking!! He just gets so excited and off he goes!

This week we have Eli's ear nose and throat appointment. I feel relieved and cant wait to see what the dr says. He's been tugging at his ears this past week so we'll see what happens. Keep you posted!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010


I'm tired today! Yesterday we had a wedding to go to. It was a beautiful wedding, and we really enjoyed it. I dont know the couple very well, but Andy knows them. I felt quite honored that we were invited because it was a very small wedding maybe 60 people or so. There were alot of guys there that Andy hangs out with and knows from highschool so it was a nice chance for him to let go and relax. The dinner was a 4 course meal, and was very good!! A small little program and then a dance.

I dont know whats gotten into my husband but this guy just cant stop dancing! I used to have to get a few drinks in him and drag him up onto the dance floor to dance with me... and now its me going to take a break because Im tired or thirsty! I cant get him off the dancefloor, and he's sober while doing it too!! It was fun though. We stayed out too late and didnt get in bed until close to 2a.m, and then my crazy husband got up at 6a.m to go golf 18 holes!!! Eli woke up before 7a.m, but there was no way I was getting out of bed... so he fell back asleep until 9am! lucky me!

Its going to be a quiet day in the Hope home, however Eli is not wanting to go down for a nap even though he is tired and crabby! So we'll see what happens!
Hope you're all enjoying your long weekend!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day

Last night Eli woke up 4 times! I attribute it to the shots. He woke up each time and cried for a bit and then would fall back asleep. Finally, at 4:30a.m he woke up crying and screaming. I got him up, gave him a bottle, changed his diaper and back down he went. Quietly.

He only had one nap today because we were all out and about taking in the festivities. It was a nice morning, I spent it with my family as Andy was working. He did get off work an hour early, and we all took a good afternoon nap and then went back out for a walk. It was a nice evening.

Cross our fingers that Eli sleeps well tonight. He's still awake, playing aroud in his crib so we'll see what happens. Andy has the day off tomorrow, and we have a wedding to go to so it'll be a busy day!

Enjoy the long weekend!!