Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thank you Katherine!!!

Im feeling tired today. So far this week its been busy and we're only half way through.

To be honest... I dont even remember what we did on Monday. Guess it was that kind of day.

Tuesday, I definitly remember. Katherine (my younger sista!) came over and my mom also came over for a visit. Eli was down right crabby, so Kath and I decided to get out for a drive after my mom left. It was very obvious that Eli was very tired so I thought we'd just drive for a bit (since we have heated seats... why not!!?) to see if he'd fall asleep. At one point he started crying (like crying as in his feelings were hurt...) and reaching for me saying "Mommy, mommy..." he stopped crying and it looked like he was going to fall asleep. Then a few minutes later he did it again, started crying and reaching towards me... then all of a sudden he just started throwing up. I quickly pulled over, pulled his puke covered jacket off, pulled my jacket off and pulled him out. I had a blanket in the bank of the car so I wrapped him in it, and he just flopped into my arms. Remember that feeling of throwing up, how much it physically takes out of you? Well it was clear it took alot out of him. He just wimpered in my arms. Poor guy. Once he had stopped crying, we headed for home, in our smelly throw up vehicle.

Im so lucky Katherine was with me. She ran out, got some ginger ale, crackers, and apple sauce while I put Eli in the bath. Once she got back, she sat in the bathroom with Eli and I headed out to the car to clean up the throw up. I needed to pull apart his carseat because it was dirty anyways, so the throw up just topped it off. Nothing like trying to pull apart a car seat covered in... well you get it. I was able to get the vehicle cleaned up, and did all the laundry I needed to do too. But boy let me say again Im so blessed by that sister of mine, and how willing she was to help me out. And Eli sure loves his auntie too... both of them! He talks about them all the time. When Eli woke up from his nap yesterday (after Katherine had left) the first thing he asked for was his Auntie. And then this morning he mentioned Kristin too... they're so good to him!

This morning we went to bible study at church, and then came home to have lunch and tidy up. Im feeling a little under the weather so Andy took Eli out for a bit. Im so thankful to have such an incredible husband.

I know we really havent done too much this week so far, but Im feeling tired already!

Last weekend I was super busy, but it was good busy. Spent some time with some girls from the moms group Im involved in. Breakfast in the morning, pedicures and shopping in the afternoon. Then hot tub, supper and drinks in the evening! A great weekend all in all!

Okay theres your quick update of my weekend/week so far!
How are you guys all doing?

Friday, March 18, 2011


The Passion is ignited.

What do you think?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Abstract & Me

Sorry that Ive kind of disappeared for a few days. Life feels like its been busy, and it has been! The next few weeks are a bit crazy, but we're quickly heading into April!

I have my last art class on Monday. Im a bit sad, and a bit relieved. For those of you who have followed you've read that I have been a little bit disappointed with the stuff Im actually learning... which is not a whole lot. But that being said it has been incredible getting out of the house on Monday nights for 3 hours to paint, and not think about anything. I really do enjoy the time Ive had for myself! This art class has also ignited a passion within me. I noticed abstract art where ever I go, and am starting to feel a bit more adventurous. Its been a huge learning process, and some of my paintings I hate, and some of them I love but its great! I even have a piece of art in my sisters place, which she says gets a ton of compliments. And just recently, our friends came over (who are recently engaged) and she asked me if I would do a piece for their house! Yeah I will! No pressure right?! So Im very excited. As I continue to paint, Ive had a bit of an idea come to mind that I think I might work towards for next year. Every year Edmonton has an Art Walk for one entire weekend. This is an opportunity to showcase your work, and even sell some of it, and get to meet other local artists. To be honest, I dont feel like Im "good" enough to put myself out there, but then the other side of the spectrum is... why limit myself? I figure that since the deadline for this year is coming up, I might work myself up to do it next year. Its a huge commitment too, a whole weekend - Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So we'll see! That being said... here are a few more of my paintings that Ive done.

Any thoughts or comments on them? Id appreciate any feedback! Im starting to play around with a varnish to put a gloss look over some of them. You cant see it, but the top one does have a fresh coat of varnish. That stuff is messy by the way!

So, what else has been going on in our lives? Ive decided that Id like to look for some part time work. I had emailed a few resumes out to some salon & spas, and even a tanning salon. Nothing came back, not one thing. And I was feeling completely disappointed. However, I feel like Ive found a different direction to go in. Something, Ive always considered but never tried it. Are you ready? Cleaning houses!  There are lots of adds online of people looking for someone to come in every week or two weeks to clean their house and you can make half decent money. I sent off a few emails, and I have two meetings set up with 2 different families just to check out their home and see if we "click". Im very excited about it, and I feel like God is totally blessing me with this opportunity! I enjoy cleaning, and feel like its therapy to a certain extent. And let me tell you, I can get so much done when I dont have a 2 year old hanging off of me. Its incredible!

For the past week, Ive been making a point of getting up early to spend some time reading my bible and praying. I cannot tell you how much Ive enjoyed it, and am cherishing this time. It used to be Id stay in bed until I have to absolutely get up (which usually means Eli is starting to whine in his crib, and has been awake for awhile) But the last week Ive had anywhere from 30 minutes - an hour + to have my devotions, breakfast, and get myself ready. Im finding too that both Eli and I are happier. I can go get him up once he's awake and Im ready to go, therefore I can spend more time with him and getting him ready. Ive made my "me" time, and Ive also had my time to sit and chat with God. I feel happier, more content, and just a better mom altogether! Its incredible!

So theres the update on my life. This weekend Im away on Saturday for a girls day with the moms group Im involved in. We're having breakfast, pedicures, shopping on whyte ave, and then dinner and hot tubbing in the evening! Im so excited, plus I get my hair done on Friday. At the rate Im going, I think its a good idea to make sure I get a job so I dont make up broke!

And lastly, I just want to say I love your comments. Its so easy to leave comments, and Im really trying to make a point of commenting on others blogs more often because its so encouraging. You have no idea how encouraging it is to have your comments, and feedback, plus it makes me want to write more and keep you more informed! So remember to comment, comment, comment!

Thanks guys!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Proud Moment

Today I went to visit one of my girlfriends and her son. The boys played together great, and Eli is obviously very comfortable there. He toodles around like he's at home, and really does make himself at home.

After lunch Eli stopped playing and walked up to me and said "Potty?!" I said "You have to go to the potty?" "Yah!" He replied. I asked him, "Are you sure?" "Yah!" He said. So off we went upstairs to the bathroom for him to go on the potty. Sure enough, he went to the potty! I was blown away!

I was so blown away because one, he feels comfortable enough at my girlfriends place to tell me he had to go potty, and secondly because he has taught himself how to poop on the potty! I just cant believe it, and Im so proud of him!

Nothing is better than being so proud of your child!

Quiet time

This morning I woke up around 7am and decided to get up and have breakfast by myself without a little person mooching off me. I had about 45 minutes or so until Eli would wake up, so I made myself breakfast, and as I headed towards the living room to sit down in front of the TV I decided to stop and sit at the kitchen table. I grabbed my bible and opened it up to James. It felt incredible to sit and read my bible in complete silence and just be.

After I was done I headed upstairs to shower and get ready. It was incredible to be able to get ready quietly, and have my own time! Ive decided that Im going to try and get up an hour early every morning so I can just that quiet time. The whole day has felt way better, just because I had some me time! I enjoyed it like crazy and Ive also had way more patience. God given grace and patience!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Home from Mexico

We are home!! One week goes by so fast, but it was incredible! Mexico is so beautiful, but there is nothing like home!

Here is the recap of our week!

Sunday morning we got home bright and early to catch out flight for 8:25am, well it was delayed two hours so back to bed we went. Our flight was great though, Eli did incredible. No big upsets, he was content and a breeze to be with. The flight home however... is a whole different story. We didnt get to our resort until almost 10pm, so it was a long day and we were tired. The wind was blowing like crazy and the whole night it just howled. When we got up in the morning the wind was still howling but it was so warm, so the wind was a great relief. Eli was a little leery of the waves at first but once he got in a bit he loved them! He screamed with delight.

Eli was also very well known around the resort. He was one of the only almost 2 year olds around, and he all he wanted to do was walk; so he put on alot of mileage. He also wore his sunglasses and hat ALL the time, he had no issues with wearing them, and he was pretty m uch the cutest thing ever... I might be biased though.

Most the week consisted of getting up for breakfast, getting onto the beach, going from the pool to the ocean, going for walks into Akumal (which was just down the beach.) and then it starts all over again.

Andy and I got to play volleyball together, which was a nice highlight for me. I played volleyball in junior high, and still enjoy playing. Andy was impressed with my playing and said I was better than he expected. I also promised Andy that before the week was out I would go snorkeling with him. I dont mind snorkeling but heres the thing. I have issues with sunscreen on my face... I can put it on, but theres something with the reaction of the sun, water and sunscreen that makes my face feel hot, and burn, so I was nervous about going snorkeling. It was well worth it. We saw some incredible turtles, and just watched them for 45 minutes or so! It was well worth it and Im glad we went.

The trip was incredible, and Eli did so well. He was so happy. Sleepwise he did really well too. The first night his bed was by ours, but the rest of the week we decided to move him. The close was fairly large, and the doors opened out, so we put his bed in front of the closet doors, and he slept and napped great! He wasnt technically sleeping in the closet, but pretty close!! But it worked! One day he napped for 4 hours!! And might I add, he also has continued to poop on the potty, all week!! Even at the airport yesterday! So impressed!

We also met some awesome people. Thats the thing about staying on a smaller resort. A few nights we played spoons as a family after Eli was down. Since our rooms were all close to each other, and the doors are right side by side, we would take shifts and someone would hang out in the room or read for a bit while everyone was out by the bar, and then we'd switch. It worked well. We attracted a lot of attention playing spoons and even had some people play with us. It was great! So much fun!

As much as I wouldve liked to stay longer, it is great to be home! Our flight left mexico yesterday around 4:30p.m, and it ended up being a bit delayed so we didnt get into town until around 11pm! It was a long travel day considering we left the resort at 11am. Eli was exhausted, and lost it multiple times. He was the kid screaming, and loosing it that you just want to stop crying. So at one point I got up to go see my parents to see if they could help, well there was lady standing up getting something from up top and it fell smack dab onto Eli's face. Well he lost it even more, and now his nose is all scratched up! It was an exhausting flight and of course as soon as we touched down he fell asleep. I couldnt believe it! Ohwell I guess.

All in all Im tired, but am so glad that we got to go. Im wanting to start planning out next trip already (without Eli!!) but we'll see what happens!!

So for all of you who continued to check my blog over the week we were away, thank you!! I will post some pictures soon once we have unpacked. Today is a busy day of laundry, grocery shopping, and a dr appointment. Im glad Andy stayed home from work one last day, his help around the house is so appreciated... including the help in fixing the dryer since it wasnt heating up. He ran out grabbed a new part and now we have a hot dryer!! Praise God!!

We are so blessed!!