Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sleep & other things

Not that I want to jinx it or anything but I am completely and totally amazed! The past few days Eli has slept like a champ! We're putting him to bed around 8:00pm depending on the night and how he is feeling, and he's been sleeping till 8:45am-9:00am!! I cant believe it!!

I wake up and look at the clock and figure its time to get up, and he doesnt wakeup for awhile! Its nice to have some time in the morning to myself to check my email, tidy up, get his breakfast started, or even get dressed myself!

Tomorrow morning we're heading out of the house for around 9:00am to be somewhere for 9:15, so I have a feeling Ill have to wake him up instead of him waking me up! I remember when he used to get up at 5a.m, and the day was so long! Just wait, because Ive said all of this tomorrow he'll be up before the sun! And I have to be honest, as I got up this morning after sleeping in until 8:20ish, I thought to myself that Im really enjoying my sleep and am not sure if Im ready to have another baby anytime soon because it'll be another long year before I have sleep to myself again!

Last night, I headed off to the Catholic Church in Sherwood Park, they were having a blood donor drive and Ive wanted to donate for a long time. Since before I had Eli. But I couldnt because I had been to mexico, or gotten a tattoo, or was pregnant and then after I was pregnant I couldnt either for 6 months because I was RH negative, and had to get a shot after I had Eli, so yesterday was the day! Or not. I went in for my appointment, sat down and waited for my number to be called. They checked over my information, then poked my finger to check my iron levels. Awesome!! The woman said that girls generally never have such good iron. The lowert they'll accept was 123 and I had 150. The girl sitting beside me had too low of iron so couldnt donate. Anyways, next I filled out my form, and waited again to speak to a nurse. I went back into her little area to talk. She took my blood pressure which was awesome as well. (Am I feeling good about myself at this point or what!!!) Then she took my temperature, 37.8 degrees celcius. I had a fever. I felt fine, wasnt feeling warm, or ill at all. She said that it was an issue because the highest they'll accept is 37.5. Of course. She said if I wanted I could wait 10 minute, but if I had been sitting with my jacket off, and hadnt just drank a coffee or anything chances are it wouldnt go down. Since I had to be home in less than an hour because Andy was going out, I didnt have time to wait. I was kind of shocked walking out of there, I didnt think the thing to stop me from donating blood would be my temperature! Maybe next time. So Ill call today to make another appointment to donate blood at the next blood drive, and we'll see what happens!

Anyways, I should tidy up the house and maybe have some breakfast before Eli wakes up. I should also maybe go check to see if he's breathing since its almost 9am. Remember Im not complaning or anything, and itll be just my luck that ive completely jinxed this sleeping routine!!

Here are some picture from our Family Christmas this past weekend! Enjoy!

                                             Getting the chicken ready for fondue!
                                                           My 2 boys!
                                                        Hi Mom!!
                                                        Hanging out on the couch
                                                   Eli apparently not impressed
Kristin, me and Eli
The Hoffmanns, Hopes, Schlamps and a Pearcey.
The whole Family!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

2010 Family Christmas

Our 2010 family Christmas has come and gone. It was great! Just like old times! It actually felt like Katherine was never even gone! So awesome!

Spending the time together as a family, hanging out around the table, openning presents and having a drink or two was such a blessing! Eli did awesome. He was distracted all night and he didnt have one upset at all! Weft him there to sleep over, so we didnt have to drag him home super late. He went to bed around 10p.m, (waaay later than usual, by almost 2.5 hours!!) he had no issues going to bed. We put him in the crib, he rolled over and didnt make a peep. He did however wake up at 6a.m. My poor mom! But he had a great time! I was so proud of him. He was such a character, and brought so much laughter to our Christmas this year!

Because he was so over tired today he slept for 4 hours, a well needed nap. We went off to church tonight, and it was a breath of fresh air. We were blessed by the service, and it was awesome to be there! We came hom and put Eli to bed and now we're relaxing!

Nothing like a weekend of family and relaxing!! Aaaah.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

We're meant to be

Im talking about my dear husband and I. I truly believe we're meant to be. Some days I wonder (depending on what day of the month it is) and other days I know! Theres no doubt in my mind.

Its funny, because I truly believe that Andy and I should've met way sooner than we did. We met through a mutual friend, and I had known this friend for years and heard him talk about Andy many times. I went to the same church service for months as Andy, and at one point felt that I should go over and talk to Andy and his friend (I hadnt yet met either of them!) but ignored the feeling. Later on, once we had met I learned of Andy's story growing up and how his parents were missionaries in Spain. I told my mom about his story and my mom informed me that she knew his mom and had gone to a ladies retreat at Salem Acres (a bible camp I grew up going to, as well as volunteering at!!) The summer And and I met I went off to camp for a week to volunteer as a camp counsellor. We had just started dating, and I told him of this camp. He asked me the name, and I told him. Turns out that he grew up there for a small portion of his life. How crazy is that!? So off to camp I went. My co counsellor in the same cabin turned out to be his cousin!?! What a small world! I couldnt believe it!

Just after Andy and I started dating we were hanging out after a church service with a bunch of other friends. Andy asked "So, do you like stuff?" and I said, "Stuff is good." He was so surprised that I said that, and later informed me (down the road once we were serious) that he has told his best friend Ryan that the girl he was going to ask the girl he was going to marry if she liked stuff, and if she said stuff is good, he would marry her. I know, dumb right? But I think its funny!!

Okay so heres another thing I think is pretty neat. Personally, I think our personalities really compliment each other. He is the complete opposite as me, and when people say "opposites attract" I think this couldnt be more true. We keep each other balanced. When I look up the meanings of our name, this is what comes up:

Karla: Strong and Womanly
Andrew: Manly and Courageous

I think, what are the chances of that? We just balance and compliment each other so well.

Recently, I heard someone talk about marriages and how your spouse should be. This person said that there is no one in the world that loves you more than your spouse. They are your biggest cheer leader, supporter, lover, and friend. And in this case, this is so true. Andy always supports me in whatever I want to do. Like the expensive art class Im taking. Or the crazy dance classes I like to do. He is always behind me 100%.

After being married for 4 years (in April) we sure have come a long way. It hasnt been easy, and there are times where I wonder how the heck we've done it, but he is my best friend and lover. I couldnt ask for anyone better. Ya know that check list that every girl has for the guy of her dreams? All of my boxes are check off when it comes to Andy. He is the man of my dreams. 

Monday, November 22, 2010

Cloth Diapers

Something Ive been thinking and considering is switching from reusable diapers to cloth diapers. I have a few girlfriends who strictly use cloth diapers and they swear by it. Even though Eli is 1.5, Im thinking that we can save money and possibly have him potty trained sooner, or at least have him realize when he's wet.

I would have to change him more often, pretty much any time he pee's as compared to disposable which mask the feeling of being wet, so he can go longer wearing a disposable diaper. Its expensive to invest in, but once you do it pretty much will pay for itself because we wont be spending  $50 + per month on disposable diapers.

Its way more economical and we'll have less garbage. Its something that Id like to do with our second baby (whenever that may be) so if we invest in them now, we have all the diapers we need for baby #2.

The hard part is finding which diapers work best for us, theres so many cloth diapers to choose from. Ive decided Im going to buy a few used ones, figure out what works best and then hopefully invest in some. Like I said its expensive off the bat (a few hundred dollars at least!) but it will pay for itself in just a few months.

Any thoughts?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

So blessed

Im feeling so blessed these days. Life is good. We are so blessed beyond words, I just cannot explain it!

Tonight we went over to Andy's aunts place for his Grandparents birthday party. Great food & company made for an awesome evening. Generally, when Eli is in an unfamiliar place around alot of people he clings on for deer life to who is most familiar... Andy or me. Well tonight was different. He was relatively comfortable from the time we walked in, and by the end of the night he was the centre of entertainment. He was dancing with andys iphone in hand (which was playing the music) and loved going from person to person mooching whatever food he could get. He was so happy and content. It was a joy to sit back and watch how happy everyone was just watching him.

Im really enjoying being a mom these days. Eli is talking more and interacting way more than before. He understands what we say, and for the most part listens to us. I never expected that a little guy could bring so much joy and happiness to our lives... but he sure has. I love being his mom and spending time with him.

This week is going to go by so fast, but Im looking forward to it. I get to go out with one of my girlfriends for supper, working out, and my baby sister is coming home for a few days and we get to celebrate Christmas on Friday night! Im not even excited about presents and stuff just spending time with my sister. I cant wait for Eli to see her (I know Ive told you all this before but . . .) Im just that excited! If you think of me this week, please pray for her safety as she travels home on the roads. Its only 12 hours from Montanna to home but lets pray for good travelling conditions and safety. I appreciate it!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Braces Update

So Im going onto 8 weeks with my braces. It feels like its been longer than that, unfortunately. Im not longer in pain with my teeth (depending on the day). My teeth are sometimes sensitive but not as bad as it was in the beginning. The pain in the beginning was horrible, and the canker sores I had were even worse.

But so far I can see that my teeth have started to straighten out. The bottom I can visibly see, and my bite has changed. At the beginning I couldnt bite down, my teeth wouldnt touch which made eating very hard. Now I can eat no problem and bite down into foods fairly easily. Ive had a few issues with the gaps where I had 2 teeth pulled. Because theres no bracket to hold the wire in that spot Ive had the wire bend and come out when eating. The first time it was a bagel and the second time was eating a halloween chocolate bar. oops. I was able to get it back in the second time, but the first I had to go in to get it fixed.

Poking wires havent been an issue for me too much. The only poking wires Ive had is where I hook my elastics too, and thats been a pain, but I figured out last night how to fix the issue myself.

So far Ive adjusted to my braces really well. At first I was very self concious and uncomfortable but now Im back to smiling big and not worry about them. I have my first adjustment/tightening in a few weeks so Ill let you know after my adjustment how I feel. I think that Ill probably be pretty miserable for a few days.
Keep you posted!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cars, Cars, Cars

Andy and I always said that once he was done school and was a journeyman we would get a new vehicle. Well that time has arrived and we feel completely overwhelmed. I do at least.

So many choices, and of course I like one vehicle and Andy likes another. Ill be the primary driver of our new vehicle. We're not too sure if Andy's little tercel (which was my first car!!) will survive another winter, so we figure we have to do something pretty fast. For those of you that know my husband (and he'll agree with this!) he's an import snob. Just this weekend we were talking about it, and he couldnt agree more, but he wont buy a domestic vehicle... only an import. Sometimes this bothers me, but since he will be the guy doing the work on it, I suppose I shouldnt argue!

We've looked at the Honda CR-V and Toyota Rav4, but lately our eyes have been interested in the Subaru Forrester, as well as the Mitsubishi RVR (a new SUV). We're looking for an SUV of some sort, not really ready to commit to a mini van yet. But the choices out there are endless. A new vehicle goes along with a hefty price tag, and I dont want to be paying a $1000 in car payments and insurance in a month! Debt scares me, thats probably a good thing.

I made the phone call to the bank today to talk loans and all that stuff, we figure thats the first place to start so if we find something we have the funds in place.

So what do you think? Any good SUVs out there that have stolen your heart? Id love to know!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Short Week

Back into another week we go. Lucikly for me its a short week. Andy had yesterday off (with pay! Yes!!) so we did some shopping and had a nice day together! Man, after spending 4 days together its been hard having him back at work today!

Eli & I ventured out to do some Christmas shopping this morning and I was surprised how much I was able to get done. Usually Im in and out of a store within minutes because Eli doesnt have the patience to hang out in his stroller, but today as long as I kept him distracted he was good. I'd really like to set up our Christmas tree soon, I know its only mid november but I feel like its time! We'll have to see how to go about setting up our tree, and putting presents underneath with the little guy around. Im sure its going to be a new fun looking toy that Eli would love to get his hands on. So, I may have to reconsider putting it up so early.

One of the things Eli and I have been doing lately is going to the new library in Sherwood Park. Its so nice! Eli loves running around, playing with the train set and walking in and out of the miniature house! He is definitly in his element there, even though he has no interest in the books. Boy, if only I could get him to sit for long enough to finish through one book.

For those of you that are American and reading my blog I have to tell you, Im counting down the days till next week. You know what Im talking about right? American Thanksgiving!! My baby sister is coming home to visit. In reality she is not a baby in any way shape or form, she is a beautiful young woman who is growing up like crazy! Because its American thanksgiving she gets a few days off and is going to come. As a family we've decided to do Christmas next weekend all together. My older sister will be in Prince George with her inlaws for Christmas, and Katherine will be in Brazil so its going to be Andy, Eli and I with my parents. I cant wait to see my sister. She's half way through her DTS (discipleship training school) and this is a perfect break to see her. I cant wait for Eli to see her. Even though he hasnt seen her in months Im sure he will recognizer her right away! He was talking to her on the phone on Sunday night. He kept saying "Hi!" and then he'd show her all the words he can say, which let me tell you his vocabulary is growing by the day! Its insane!

Tonight Im off to the gym, its been close to a month since Ive been... and I dont want to go but I know once I do itll feel so good, and I need to take some time for myself!

For those of you in Sherwood Park/Edmonton I hope your enjoying the cold, and the snow thats about to come this week! I guess we had it pretty good up until this point!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Canmore Weekend Away - Just the 2 of us.

We're home from Canmore.

What a wonderful weekend we had! Nothing like relaxing and just being together for the whole weekend.  We arrived in Canmore around 5:00ish on Friday evening. Our drive was quite uneventful, and quiet. For supper we went to an Italian restaurant in Canmore. Not bad, but I probably wouldnt go back. After that we got ready to head to the hot springs. It was nice just to relax and be together. We didnt stay too long before we decided to head back to the hotel and watch some tv. Our hotel had sleep number beds which to be honest I wouldnt invest in. Not the most comfortable bed Ive ever slept in.

Saturday morning we got up for breakfast and headed out to the gondola. Because we had voucher through our package, the hotel was supposed to give us our tickets but they didnt have any. One of the guys at the front desk called and got it sorted out but once we got to the gondola there was still a bit of an issue. I didnt think it was that big of a deal but when we arrived back to our room that afternoon there was a card to apologize for the inconvenience and 2 drink tickets for us!

The gondola was nice. We hung out for a few hours and did a bit of a hike. After we got back down the mountain we did some shopping on main st Banff, and then headed back to Canmore for some lunch and then a nap before our dinner reservation in Banff. I took a nice hot bath and was able to relax in the quiet. I loved it!

Our dinner was really nice, and very enjoyable. After we finished eating we went back to the hotel and sat in the lounge where there were 2 couches for us to sit on and have our drinks and an appetizer. We sat by the fireplace, and watched UFC. Not exactly my idea of romantic, but it was so nice to be able to just sit and hang out.

Sunday morning we got up for breakfast, did a bit of shopping and then headed out of town. We made it home in just under 4 hours.

Eli did so good with his Grandmas. He slept 12 hours straight for both of them, and was only a tiny bif confused when they traded off on Saturday night. He was a tad but confused when we arrived home and wasn't too sure what to think of us, but warmed up quickly. He kept saying "Mommy." My mother in law was telling me all of the things they had him eating, things which we've given him before which he would just spit out. Stir fry, chicken, all sorts of stuff. And tonight he showed us how good he has been eating. Lots of chicken, rice, veggies, its great!

Another thing he has also been doing over the weekend is talking alot more! He wants to copy everything you say. If he wants something and you say "Say Please, Eli" he says "beeze" he was saying light earlier, he tried to say zipper... its just crazy what a chatter bug he is, and how much he understands! I feel like he's grown up alot just over a few days of not seeing him!

Our weekend was awesome, but Im glad to be home. Andy has tomorrow off so it'll be a nice day to relax at home and get back into our schedule. We were so blessed to be able to get away and have this time together. The time away was great!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Baby Lotion

Have I mentioned I love this little boy?

Eli has this thing where he loves to put lotion on. It all started with my girlfriends daughter Ivy who put lotion on, and she Ivy's mom offered Eli some. He put it on his hands and rubbed them together! Well anytime he sees me or andy put lotion on, he must be a part of it too. He likes to rub his hands together and any left over lotion he then rubs on his head. Dont ask me where he got that one from!! Possibly his grandpa? Well yesterday I put some baby lotion on my hands and Eli wanted some, so he rubbed his hands together and put the left over lotion in his hair. With the left over lotion in his hair I was able to spike it. Doesn't he just look like such a little boy? Obviously, he didnt get this style by doing it all himself, but between us playing and me chasing him around the house, he ended up with this hair style! Boy, do I love him!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Half way through the week

Only 1 day till we leave for Canmore! Im counting down the days and cannot wait! Andy and I could really use a few days just to ourselves. Ive made a few reservations for some restaurants, and we're just going to go and relax!

The last few days (for the most part!!) Ive really been enjoying my time with Eli. At the beginning of the week I went out to pick some groceries up for supper and left Eli at home with Andy. When I got home and walked through the door they were sitting at the kitchen table, "Boys?!" I said. Eli screamed (before seeing me!) "Maawmy!!" He's never done that before! Both Andy and I were just shocked! He's starting to talk more and more. Last night we went through all the words he can say while he was in the bath. Id say the word and he'd repeat. Are you ready? Mommy, Daddy, Grandpa (which sounds like papa) Hi, Bye (He said bye yesterday for the first time to his talking chair toy), Hello, Nana, Puppy, Fishies (as in the snack fishies), Cheese, Juice, Yes, Yup, and Im sure there are a few more in there.

Its just really neat to see how he's responding more and more. Saying yes, nodding yes, shaking his head, trying to make us laugh. I love this stage, apart from the temper tantrums that also come with the age. Yesterday he was officially 17 months old, and I cannot believe how fast it goes. Its true what people say!

This morning I got together with some great friends. Between the 5 of us there were 8 kids. Eli's getting to the age where for the most part he can play on his own. He's loving trucks these days and loves pushing them around the house and making his truck noises. It makes visiting and chatting alot easier than before. Ive realized how important it is for me to keep up with these relationships. Just sitting and visiting with other moms make me feel so great, and helps me to understand that Im not the only one dealing with a kid who at times just gets under my skin!

Thanks ladies for such an awesome morning! I love and cherish your friendship more than you guys know!

Tomorrow afternoon Im off to a Truffle making workshop with another girlfriend. Im really looking forward to getting out for an afternoon without the little guy and again just having some adult conversation. Nothing like adult conversation. Then Friday, my babe and I are off for a romantic weekend in Canmore/Banff!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Been a few days

I was laying in bed last night I realized that I hadnt blogged since Thursday!

Our weekend was good. Andy worked a half day on Friday and Saturday which was nice (and he even got some overtime pay too!!) Saturday afternoon I ventured out to do some shopping for myself, all by myself! A tube of bright red lipstick went through the washer and dryer, I was completely frustrated and had to toss alot of clothes, BUT on top of that I washed the dryer out with some bleach, and I guess didnt clean the bleach off well enough. The load of my clothes that didnt have lipstick on it then got bleach stains on it! So frustrating! So off I went.

Andy and I had the priveledge to go out with our friends for supper which was awesome! Andy hasnt spent too much time with this couple getting to know them, but Ive spent quite a bit of time at their place so it was a good opportunity to catch up! We clicked so well! Its so nice to have another couple that we can hang out with and just chat about everything!! Good food, and good company!

Sunday morning we got up to go to church, and Eli was tired, moody and teething! We were in the nursery helping out and of course Eli was plain miserable (probably because we were in the nursery with him!!) We came home from church and down he went for a nap, and so did I.

This next weekend I've planned a "surprise" weekend for Andy. Although he found out (not on my part though, surprise, surprise!!) We're off to Canmore for the weekend, and will be venturing into Banff to check out the Gondola and hot springs... without the little guy!!! Im very excited, and am praying that Eli will be good for my mom. Hopefully it wont be a teething weekend, but I know she'll survive! We're very excited, and cant wait to get out and relax with just each other!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Congratulations, Andy!

4 years ago Andy started his apprenticeship as a plumber. It wasn't easy and he didnt always enjoy it. He went to school twice this year, and he finished his exams 2 weeks ago. Well, we've been anxiously awaiting the letter in the mail with the news of his exams. I got it this afternoon and quickly opened it. He told me to open it so I could give him the news instead of a letter.

HE PASSED! He is offically a journeyman plumber, and is done school! I am so proud of him! He has worked so hard, and he is done!!

Congratulations Andy! It took alot of work and even when you wanted to quit, you didnt!! Im so proud of you! I love you, you sexy journeyman!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Who am I

While my sister and brother in law were staying with us, Andy and I had the opportunity to go out for coffee one evening. To be honest we both didnt particularly feel like getting out and we werent in the best of moods but we thought since we have the chance we might as well take it. Im glad we did. Its been since last January (New Years Eve!) since we went out for coffee and just sat like that.

We talked about our relationship mostly, some issues we've been having and a few other topics. One of the things we discussed was our time outside of our relationship. Things that Id like to do for me and things Andy would like to do for him. Im going to talk about me, because its easier and I dont think its my place to share Andy's "stuff".

At one of my moms groups 2 weeks ago we had a life coach come in and speak. I think I mentioned her. One of the activities we did was if we had more time what would we do. We got into groups and wrote down everything we would do if we had more time for ourselves. From taking a walk or bath to a dance class, or just simply reading or scrap booking everything was on the list. It really made me think. When she first said the question I had a hard time with it. I had no clue. How sad is that. Sometimes I feel like I get so wrapped up in being a mom and a wife that I dont take time for myself. Not because of anyone else's actions but because of myself stopping myself.

Before the summer started one of the things I had looked into doing was taking an abstract art class. Dont get me wrong here, I in no way think that Im artistic. Im fairly impatient and dont like to take time to do anything like sewing or scrapbooking or drawing. Both of my sisters are awesome artists but I feel like I didnt get that gene. Abstract art is easy for me because its really of nothing. Its always caught my attention, and I finally picked up some canvases and did a few. I did a small conference at my parents church and one of them was on art. It was basically about being wrapped up in the spirit and having God take you on a journey through your art. It was very neat and extremely eye openning. That night after I came home and put Eli down I pulled out a canvas and turned some worship music on and went to it. When I was finished to be honest I didnt like what I saw on the canvas. It didnt look like art to me but ohwell. I put it up in my bathroom and stood back to look at it. So here's the thing, when I painted the picture I did it horizontally and when I put it up on the wall I hung it vertically, without really thinking. When I stood back to look at the picture I noticed something... in the right hand corner "Eli" was written in hand writing. When I was finished my painting, I took the excess paint on my brush and just dropped paint drops and squiggles on it... but when I hung it, it showed me more than just paint drops and squiggles.

So back to the art class. I decided not to sign up for it, being that it was quite expensive and I felt completely out of my element so I didnt go for it. When the life coach started talking about these things I felt extremely sad that I didnt take it. The only excuse I had was me. Andy had said "Go for it!" and I said "No, I dont think so." But while we were out for coffee I brought it up... over my crying fest to be honest.

 I was crying because I feel like somewhere in between being a mom and wife I've lost myself. I lost Karla. Who am I? I used to love to dance, and sing and read. I used to journal all the time, write letters or make cards to encourage friends. The list goes on, but why did I stop? I feel like I need to find myself apart from being a wife and mom.

So needless to say, I came home that night and decided I needed to take the art class. I signed up for the class, despite the price tag, despite my fears and despite the fact that I should be at home helping Andy get Eli into bed. I signed up so that I can find Karla, and learn more about me. Im excited, and completely scared, but this is a good place to start.


Eli writtenin the corner

Mmmm, hot chocolate powder.

Chocolate Face

Playing in the first snowfall

Halloween Night - Little Monkey

Monday, November 1, 2010


In the past couple of weeks Ive had 2 or 3 people suggest to me that we try taking Eli to the chiropractor. Ive heard of this before, but any time I talked to Andy he was against it. Well when I suggested it to him last week once more he said "Sure, thats a good idea." Okay, so I called and made an appointment.

This morning we went in to the chiropractor that my parents see, and I saw growing up. He was awesome with Eli. We were there for probably 45 minutes, and he took his time with us. We started the appointment by just talking about my labor & delivery, nursing issues, ear infections, chest congestion, and more. Then after that he just talked to Eli to see if he'd let him get close, he asked "Will you let me get close?" Eli said "Yesh." and nodded. Pretty cute.

So the verdict was that he had his neck out of place which could be a result of the ear infections and colds. He also has a bit of an issue with his hip. All in all I was very happy with what he said. He was so helpful and a wealth of information!!

We're definitly going back this week to see him once more. Keep you posted!!