Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Teeth Be Gone

Well not all my teeth are gone, just 2 more. Umm ouch. I thought about bailing once I got there, but went through it. I have 2 less teeth in my mouth than I did yesterday afternoon.

It took maybe half an hour to get them out, and it wasnt fun. I had the head phones on for the tv but of course just my luck it wasnt working properly, so it wasnt much of a distraction. So instead of being tense (which I was pretty much the whole time!!) I tried to relax by praying. Take the focus off of me. These days I find that Im doing alot of praying. Mostly for my sister, my family, friends, etc. Its good.

So back to the teeth. They finished up, and when he got the 2nd one out I didnt even realize that it was out. Basically, alot of pressure, pushing and pulling. Yuck. So I sat up, and the assistant was going over the healing process... and all of a sudden I started to feel very hot & sweaty, light headed, and started seeing stars. Since I didnt get a chance to eat right before I went in, I was feeling quite weak! Luckily she had some juice she could give me and that helped.

Im sore today, but all inall feeling well. This morning we had bible study, and before we went in I called the dr's office to say that Eli's ears are still dripping like a tap. The left more than the right. She said she'd talk to the dr, and would call me back. She called me back an hour later to ask if I could come in so they could swab his ears and give me an oral perscription.So he's going back on the antibiotics.

To be completely honest, Im feeling a little frustrated. Our specialist told us that at the slightest sign of an ear infection to call and come in. Well everyone at their office is on holidays. When I called back today I asked them if there was a reffering dr who is taking any patients that may need to come in. No. The best she can tell me is to go to emergency. I understand that they deserve holidays too, but dont most dr's leave an emergency contact number for their patients? This isnt an emergency, but I just think its a little irresponsible, and frustrating! Ohwell.

Keep you posted on how things go with his ears. And its one week from today that I get my braces on!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Yesterday when we were at the doctor we had Eli weighed. I was surprised at what she said because the last time we were in he had lost weight, and was sitting at about the 50th percentile. Well he's put some weight on and he's now sitting at about the 70th percentile. I could care less about the percentile thing, Im just glad his weight is up! The nurse said "Good job, whatever you guys are doing, keep doing it!!" Which is funny because Eli is having eating issues and I feel like he's not eating enough!

It was also good because when I mentioned I was surprised because we're having some issues right now she said that thats normal at this age and the best thing to do is let them make the decisions. Not to force them to eat, because sometimes that makes it worse. I've told Andy this before, but I know he worries when Eli doesnt eat so often times he tries to make him eat when its quite obvious Eli will have no part of it. Im glad he heard this from someone else other than me.

The weather today is exactly how Im feeling. Gloomy. Funny how that happens hey? Eli woke up at 4:30a.m, and then fell back asleep but woke up at 5:00ish and was not going back to bed. Since Andy had to be up in half an hour he got up with him for a bit and then tried putting him back to bed once he needed to get ready for school. Eli was quiet for maybe 10 minutes and that was the end of it. We got up until 7a.m, and then went back to bed. I was happy that he slept for over 2 hours. He needed it.

His ears are still draining, and I feel so bad for the kid. No one likes crusty ears, or wet ears! Which right now he has both. Draining out, and then drying. Im trying to keep on top of it, but between the nose and the ears running its hard to keep on top of.

We have no schedule whatsoever today! I dont remember the last time Eli got up at 5:30a.m (sorry to the parents that get up at 5:30a.m every day!!) so he's tired. He's currently back down for a nap, so we'll see how long it lasts! I think when someone is sick, the best thing for them is sleep... so if he can get to sleep and stay asleep thats great, Ill let him sleep as long as he needs to!

Im hoping by tomorrow his ears will be doing better. I had someone suggest to me trying Colidial Silver in his ears, and actually the naturopath that we saw said its worth a try. I dont have any right now, but Im considering picking some up. Its hard to know what to do. Go with the ear drops perscribed, or take things into our own hands? The good thing with the silver is it only kills the bad bacteria, not the good.

Any thoughts?

Monday, September 27, 2010


Thats whats coming out of Eli's right ear. Blood colored, gunk.

I noticed it this afternoon while I was talking on the phone to my dad. I wanted to panick but didnt. His fingers have been in his ears alot and I thought maybe he just scratched it or something. Then this afternoon before I tried to put him down for another nap (which didnt happen!!) I noticed that the puss was actually dripping out of his ear. I called the ear, nose and throat clinic at the hospital just as our specialist told me to the minute I thought there was something wrong, and of course their all on holidays. Perfect timing, right?

Next phone call on the list, the pediatricians office. I love the nurse there who books the appointments, she got us in within 2 hours! Eli's ear was so gunked up the Dr couldnt even see in his ear. He prescribed us some ear drops, and off we went. Im crossing my fingers and praying that they'll work.

Our appointment was supposed to be at 4:15, but we didnt get in until after 4:30. Im not complaining because they got us in super quick, and I totally appreciate it! But, because we were downtown and didnt leave the office until after 5p.m I had to cancel my teeth appointment. Lucky for me, I can get in tomorrow to get the teeth pulled! Eli went down for an early bedtime tonight. Boy was he tired.

Ill probably sit and eat popcorn tonight. Im trying to get in as much popcorn as possible before my braces go on, and with my teeth being pulled tomorrow night popcorn will be off limits!!

Keep you posted on the little guy! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!!

Have you ever?

Have you ever had a realization that is just so simple, and if you learned it earlier maybe things might've been easier?

Thats happened to me!

I've realized that when Eli is standing at my feet whining or pulling on my leg he often times just wants to be involved or help. The other day I was putting dishes away and he started whining. So I lifted him up and placed him on the counter in front of the cutlery drawer. I grabbed the basket of cutlery and placed it in front of him. Sure enough, he reached in grabbed a utensil and handed it to me. We did this with every utensil, one by one. He'd choose one, hand it to me, I put it away and he hands me the next one!

This morning as I was getting my cereal ready for breakfast I grabbed the box of mini wheats and he reaches up for it. I handed it to him, and he carries it over to the counter and places it on the floor.

He just wants to help and be involved. Believe it or not when he's hanging on my leg whining he's not just trying to get under my skin!?

I see how he's starting to understand better as well, even if he isn't talking. Lots of babbling, and things that sound like words, but not really any real talking. Last night we had company over and I was pulling our dessert out of the oven. Eli started walking over and I said very firmly "No, Eli. Back up." He stopped dead in his tracks, and took one step back and stood there. I had to start laughing because I couldnt believe he actually listened to me! Must've been the tone of voice! Yesterday as well, he pulled all the magnets off the fridge. When it was time to tidy up I said "Eli, could you please help me put the magnets back on the fridge?" And sure enough one by one he put all the magnets back on the fridge!

That kid understands more than he lets on, and maybe its time I start accepting that he's actually turning into a little boy with a mind of his own, and wants of his own!

We're hanging out around home today, and in fact Eli already decided he was going to take us for a walk this morning. Off we went to the park, and by the time he was done (which was up and done the slide once!!) he was covered in wet sand... I guess I should've remembered that maybe there would be dew on the slide. Ooops. He had fun needless to say!

Anyways, Eli is down for a nap, so Im thinking Im going back to bed for a nap too!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Like most weekends this one had been quite quiet. Last night I went out with a girlfriend for a drink and some appetizers. Andy had a few guys over so I went out!

Tonight we went over to our friends place for a bbq, and it was such a nice time! They have 3 kids under the age of 6, one which is 6 months older than Eli so its good for Eli to be around them! I cant wait for the time when we can just let Eli go play and not need to check on him as often! He's getting better but we still need to check on him regularly. Andy's gone off to watch the UFC fight tonight which means Im relaxing at home! I wish I had a good book to read, but its going to be a quiet night for me!

Eli still has a bit of a cold, and at this point I dont know if its a cold or teething but he's doing alright all in all.

Monday I get 2 teeth pulled in preparation for my braces, which go on next Wednesday! I cant believe it! Its the 4 tooth back on the top on both sides that I have to get pulled. Im not really nervous, apparently it shouldnt take too long. Im sure before I go in I'll be extremely nervous, but it cant be much worse than my wisdom teeth right? And my wisdom teeth werent too bad, so cross our fingers!

I think I'll make myself some tea and relax! Hope your weekend is going well!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Better Day

How could you not love that face?!

Today was a better day! We went out this morning to a moms group that Im now involved with. Eli did well. We came home and played, had some lucnch (which consisted of mandarin oranges, and watermelon... and not alot!!)  I put him down for his nap, and he napped for 45 minutes. I got him up for a bit and then put him back down. He didnt nap for long, but I went outside and mowed the lawn. He didnt really sleep but as long as he understands that its quiet time Im happy. And he was very happy when I finally went in to get him!

We had a nice afternoon playing, and he even cuddled with me for a bit! At supper time he had rice and mushroom sauce with us which makes me so happy!

Tonight I think Ill maybe go workout, and head to the dollar store or wal mart to pick up a few things to send to Katherine. So far it sounds like she's doing good. A hard adjustment for all of us, but we cant be more excited about where God is going to take her!! I cant wait to send her a package with some yummy foods, and gifts!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mommy Issues

These days Im not really enjoying being a mom. Im not going to lie.

Eli's only 15 months and the attitude he's developed just seems to get under my skin. Im having a hard time figuring out the line of him being defiant or just being a 1 year old. Or maybe its the same? Im also having a hard time figuring out what constitues having a time out or not, and what are the guide lines of having a time out. Im going to start putting him in his room for time outs so that he's off by himself, not starting at me screaming. But do I leave him until he stops his fit, or do I leave him for just a few moments, how does it all work?

I know I've mentioned it before but this food issue we have! I know with kids its an on going issue probably till they move out, but Im starting to get really frustrated. Everyone has their two bits of advice (which I dont mind) but I feel like we've tried everything in the book. "He'll eat when he's hungry." or "If he doesnt want to have his supper at supper time, give it him for his bedtime snack." or "Let him go hungry over night and he'll eat." Well those are all fine and dandy but then Im the one who has to deal with a cranky, hungry kid who wont eat, and if he doesnt eat before bed, he wakes up upset and hungry in the middle of the night!! I just dont know what to do! He used to do really well, and now we're stuck with banana's, peanut butter toast, yogurt, watermelon and then unhealthy snacks. Just what a kid needs right!?

So between the attitude issues, and the eating issues being a mom is not fun these days. He has a runny nose and cough, isn't napping well because he cant stop coughing and doesnt want to eat.

Very very frustrating. Am I the only one!?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Think before you speak . . . I learned my lesson the hard way.

So we've all been there, made a comment or two or more that was inappropriate and hurt someone! No one likes to admit it, or even talk about it, but I think sometimes it needs to be talked about! We all know we open our mouths and say things that shouldn't have been said, but we're just so ashamed of it!

Here is my story of opening my mouth and making some comments that shouldnt have been made, and how I really learned my lesson . . . the hard way!

A few months back I ended up having an issue with a friend. We had been friends for over a year and as far as I knew things were great. Over the past 6 months or so though we started growing apart, only hanging out or speaking a few times every now and then. I felt as though I would try to contact her and not have a reply or anything become of it.

Finally, I confronted her and asked her about it. At first she told me that we had grown apart and we were too different. After a bit of conversation, it came out that I had made some inappropriate comments while spending time together that she was uncomfortable with, and rightly so. Im not going to go into details about the comments, but Ill tell you they had been brought to my attention before she had brought them to attention and it was something I had felt completely convicted of even before her and I started to talk about it. In fact I was completely ashamed of what I said! Funny how the mouth and mind just run and say things!? I apologized, and said I was very very sorry. Unfortunately the damage had been done and her decision had been made about about our friendship. We were too different and didnt have much in common and that was that.

I was really hurt that instead of being honest with me she just avoided calling me back or speaking to me. I wondered for months what was going on, and what I had done. I knew there was something, but wasn't too sure! I felt as though I had been lied to, weather or not I had been. Our friendship was/is done.

After our final conversation I struggled for weeks with this because I felt there was nothing I could do. One night I laid in bed crying because the thought of hurting someone just broke my heart! I had apologized (our conversation had been online.) and that was that. That same night I laid in bed the thought came to my mind "Maybe you should call and apologize." I had deleted her number out of my phone a few weeks prior, but thought maybe I could remember it. So the next morning I picked up and the phone and left a message. I told her I wanted to apologize to her over the phone, and that I wasnt trying to argue, but just needed to apologize. I never heard back from her, and to be honest I didnt expect to. Funny how the heart and mind works because in a time when I was feeling really hurt, and vulnerable I immediately became angry. "How could someone be so rude not to return a phone call, especially when I had to swallow my pride and pick up the phone!?" Andy said I had done what I could and if she didn't respect me enough to call me back to just leave it. So I did.

But I continued to feel horrible, and angry (more so about myself than anything.) There is nothing that I hate more than feeling at odds with someone. It consumed me... conversations her and I had had in the past, watching tv, thinking about it while being out and about, I even dreamnt about it!
It wasn't until one my good friends came over 3 or 4 weeks ago that I talked to her about it. I told her everything and got it off my chest. I told her how ashamed I felt, and how horrible I felt, how it was affecting my whole life... my marriage, other relationships and how it was consumning my mind! She told me she had had an experience in her life that had consumed her too. It felt nice to know I wasnt the only one. It felt nice to know that Im not the only one who goes from feeling like junk to feeling angry, to feeling hurt! Finally, she challenged me with a few things about the issue and I took on her challenge. The next time her and I got together we talked a bit more about how I was doing and feeling... she offered to pray for me, and told me that she had prayed a few more times after we got together. The freedom I had from her prayer was incredible. God really worked through me in those moments!

I still struggle with how the situation was handled, and how it was brought to my attention (or possible lack of brought to my attention.) I still struggle with certain conversations we had, as well as things that she said.  I struggle with the fact that in the ending of our friendship Im made out as the "bad person", and now we're just "too different". Obviously, I'm quite upset about the way our friendship ended, and unfortunately because of our friendship ending, Andy's friendship with her husband also ended. 

There are days where I still struggle and feel angry about the situation. I feel as though if we were as good of friends with this couple as we thought we were, shouldn't we have been able to discuss it and overcome it? I know we have other friends that would've called me out on the situation the first time it happened and we'd move on, and our friendship would be better because of it. I still feel hurt some days, and I still feel really sad that I hurt someone else and lost a friend.

I've definitly learned my lesson on this one, and have huge regrets, but God is continuing to teach me and mold me into who Im supposed to be. It doesnt make it right though.

If my friend had called me back to hear what I wanted to say that day I would've told her how sorry I was that I offended her. That I wished she would've told me right from the get go, even though she shouldn't have had to. I would've told her that I was so ashamed that those certain things came out of my mouth, and I cant believe that I said what I said! I would've told her that I didnt expect anything to change, but that I at least owed it to her to give her a proper apology instead of just over the internet. And I would've told her yet agian that Im so sorry I hurt her, and I hope that she could forgive me.

Whats done has been done, and in my case I sure learned me lesson . . . the hard way this time. Hopefully next time Ill think before I talk!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gloomy weather and mood

The weather is gloomy today and it suits how Im feeling. Mom & Dad are driving Kath to Montanna today to drop her off for her DTS. Last night we went to church and had to say our goodbyes there since they were leaving quite early this morning. I was fine until the end of the service and my emotions got the best of me. Then came the time to say goodbye. I bawled, we both did. But it was good!

Im very excited for her and what God has in store! I know He is going to help her grow in ways that she never imagined!

Because we went to church Eli didnt get into bed until close to 9:30P.M, and he woke up around 8:00a.m. Needless to say he was very tired and crabby. He didnt want to eat breakfast, and basically whined the whole earlier part of the morning. So he's back down for a nap... we'll see how long it lasts!

Today I think will be a quiet day, nothing too busy.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Family Dinner

I was very thankful that Eli napped twice yesterday (in total 4 hours!). Not only did I have time to relax, but I was also able to get alot done.

We had our last family dinner last night before Katherine leaves and I worked my butt off. Marinated steak, baked potatoes, garlic mushrooms, and cheese cake to finish it off! It was a good meal and the company was great, but let me tell you by the end of the night I was tired!

Before everybody left we sat down and prayed for Katherine and her DTS. It was an emotional evening, and this weekend will be hard too. Im so excited for her to go, and I believe there is no safer or better place for Katherine to be than to where God is calling her. It will be a hard adjustment, but so worth it in the end!

I think today Eli and I will try and have a quiet day. We have no plans, and really nothing to do so Im crossing my fingers that when he wakes up he's going to be a happy fun boy to be around! We'll see though!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nothing like a tired kid to completely change your plans (once you've already reached your destination).

Im feeling tired these days. Its been a busy week, and since Eli has a runny nose/cough he's also been more tired. Im not convinced he'll do 2 naps a day, but by 12:00P.M he is tired and ready for a nap but I feel like its too early to go down. I like to at least keep him up until 1:00P.M.

So this morning I went to go meet with my back up doula and friend Carla. We were there for all of maybe 30-45 minutes before finally I said we had to go. Eli was so whiney. He just walked around complaining. This is becoming more of a common thing these days. Im not sure if its his age, or if he's tired, or teething but man its draining on me... I couldnt imagine how he's feeling!

I zipped home and put him down for a nap by 10:30a.m. Im crossing my fingers he'll get 2 naps in today, but you never know.

Because Eli has been so irritable and moody lately its made me really question a few things.

1) Myself as a mom & wife
    We used to have a really set schedule, however lately not so much! It feels as though I cant keep up on the house work, dishes, laundry, and making supper for us has been even harder! Eli refuses to eat what we give him but he's miserable to play while we try and eat supper. There was a time a few months ago when the 3 of us would sit and eat nicely... those days are gone!! When I fall behind on my stay at home mom duties I feel like I expect more from Andy who is already dealing with enough at school.

2) Am I really supposed to be staying at home?
     So many of my mom friends have gone back to work and put their kids in day care. I think about when I dont see Eli for a few hours and then I come home and I want to see him and play with him. By the end of the day when I stay at home I just want a break. I feel frustrated and angry. Which brings me to the next thing.

3) Anger
Yesterday at H2H a woman spoke on anger, and how so many moms are angry. It brought tears to my eyes because I think of "How many times have I over reacted and yelled at Eli, or gotten angry when he really didnt deserve it?" It happens often! Im ashamed to say it, but it does happen and I think alot of moms can agree with it! It breaks my heart! I remember saying to myself "I dont want to ever bully my children." I see alot of moms who speak to their kids in a way that I think could be considered bullying. But what if we put bullying and anger in the same subject? Isn't it or couldnt it be the same thing? I think so! I dont want to be an angry mom, or wife, I dont want to be a bully to my son or husband.

Being a mom is hard, one of the hardest things, but I feel like God is slowly but surely pulling back the layers of my complicated self and showing me bits and pieces (as I can handle them!!) about what I need to change and who I need to strive to become! Man its not easy, but Im praying that Ill get there!!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What a busy day

What a day!

This morning we had our first heart to heart start up. Its a potluck brunch and what could be better than visiting with a bunch of woman and eating?! I really enjoy Wednesday mornings, and I think that this year God is really going to speak to me regarding some issues in my life! Im excited, but nervous to see what He has to say to me!

Eli generally does very well in the nursery, but this morning about 15 minutes before things were wrapped up one of the ladies came and grabbed me and said he needed me. He was beyond tired and ready to go. Unforunately for him, we had his 3 month check up for his ears in just under 2 hours so no nap was in store yet. We came home, I fed him lunch (which every meal these days consists of oatmeal and some fruit!!) and off we went. I have myself 40 minutes to get there and it was just enough time... and of course Eli fell asleep on the way there. He hasnt done that in months (fall asleep in the car) but today he did. This may sound funny but I felt incredibly blessed to watch my little boy sleep in his car seat while we drove to the hospital. Eli never sleeps anywhere but his crib so I dont usually get a chance to watch him be peaceful and quiet. For those of you that know our little boy, you'll also know he never stops moving! He is always on the go! He slept almost the whole way to the hospital.

So, we arrive at the clinic for 12:40p.m, just in time. The waiting room is beyond full, hot and stuffy!! Great! Eli played really well for the first half, but wanted to go exploring for the second half. One by one, the room cleared out until it was me and another woman and her daughter waiting. 45 minutes from our appointment we were still in the waiting room and Eli was starting to get antsy (as was I!!) at one point Eli and I were playing and he was giggling and I had a lady tell us to be quiet because they were doing call backs. Let me tell you I wanted to snap and say "We've been waiting for almost an hour, if he is happy and giggling Im not going to makehim be quiet." Unreasonable? Regardless, I told Eli to be quiet, put the soother in his mouth and tried to keep him occupied.

Finally we were called in by a resident who looked in his ears, and said he'd be right back. 15 minutes later he returned with our dr who did Eli's surgery. This dr is incredible! Honestly! He looked in Eli's ears while Eli was standing, and had no issues with it one bit! He said things looked great, and if he gets a discharge coming out of his ears (which is common over winter) just to call and come in to see him. Then Dr.Eksteen crouched down to Eli's level and asked for a high five, instead Eli walked into his arms and hugged him!!!! Too cute! Made my heart warm! So off we went, our appointment was supposed to be at 12:40p.m, and we didnt leave until 2:00p.m! However, the incredible care of our dr made it worth it. I was so proud of Eli because although he had his times of acting like he is 2 years old (terrible 2's anyone!?) he did really well and listened!

Now we're home and Eli is down for a nap, and the house is quiet! Im glad to be relaxing, and although its 3p.m I should probably make myself some lunch or else Ill be getting crabby!!4

Just a little too big, but he wanted in!!

                            Nothing like dumping the whole box of Q tips!! Doesnt he look proud!?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thank You, Ikea.

Katherine and I took a trip to Ikea this morning and guess what happened? We both started crying in the middle of the store!! Sorry, Kath, hope you dont mind me telling this!!

These days Im an emotional wreck. Kath leaves in less than a week and I dont feel ready to let go of her! I cant imagine how my parents feel! So as we're walking through the store we're talking about the final details of her leaving and what time on Sunday and her saying goodbye to her boyfriend and I started to tear up. I told her "Well, I can barely hold it together now, I dont know how Im going to be when you leave!!" and then I started bawling, we stopped and hugged right there in Ikea, both crying away like 2 little girls. 2 minutes later (and a fter a few looks!!) we pulled ourselves together and continued on! But seriously, I dont know how Im going to be next week or this weekend!

We're having our last family dinner before she leaves one evening this week and thats going to be difficult too. I know in a month having her gone will be "normal" but its still going to be hard. Her and I have become really close over the summer, we've spent alot of time together... and thankfull her and James have been awesome about babysitting!  What a blessing she is... our little dolly!

Thank you, Ikea for a great experience today.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Play Date

We had another good night last night, however Eli's nose is still running and he is quite congested. Im convinced its teething but also the time of year; weather changing!!

This morning I had planned a play date with a whole bunch of mom friends and their kids! The ages of the kids ranged from just a few weeks old to almost 1.5. It was a nice time, however Im a little disappointed by the turnout. I know its to be expected when you plan a play date with moms & kids that at least half will probably cancel first thing in the morning, weather its because someone is sick, or they were up in the night, which I totally understand but its still disappointing. I had 9 moms rsvp that they would be there and I had 4 show up. Unfortunately (or fortunately I suppose) I have a ton of cinnamon buns left over. I think I was the only one who had 1 and I made 26 cinnamon buns!! So lets just say we have quite a few left over! Lucky for andy!!

So now Im just cleaning up and relaxing. It was a really nice morning though. The moms and kids who showed up are awesome and I really enjoyed getting to know each of them a bit better! 4 moms and kids was the perfect amount to all be able to have great conversation and get along!

Thanks for coming out ladies!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thank you Eli!

Thank you to those of you that prayed for us and Eli, because last night was great! I didnt hear a peep from him all night! He slept a solid 12 hours, and I also got a very solid sleep; thanks to a glass of wine (or two!) and going to bed early because I was anticipating having to get up in a few hours! But he slept right up until 8a.m! So thank you so much for your prayers!

This morning we went and tried out a new church. We've been there before, and decided to go back. They're childrens ministry isnt as developed as other churches that we've been too, as well as the nursery doesnt start until the sermon starts so we still have to keep the little guy occupied for the first half of the service. That wasn't so easy this morning because he was already getting tired by 10:30a.m, and I dont think he was feeling well. But once he was up in the nursery he was fine. I have to say there are some things about this church that are very different from what Im used to, but at the same time I met more people this morning (who introduced themselves to us!!) than I have going to the other church we've been attending for the past year. Makes me wonder about it. Do we choose a church that is large and we dont know as many people, but have 3 services in a week, a great childrens ministry, and I've met some great women there, or the smaller not as developed church, but the people are so friendly and I think we could easily build alot of great relationships?

Its hard to know what to do, and I feel like this is something we've been trying to figure out for the past year. It'd be really easy if God was just to say which one is best for us, but I dont think thats how this is going to work out. I think we need to make the decision and He'll bless our experience regardless... maybe in different ways, but either way we'll be blessed.

My long time family friend came to church with us this morning. Its such a blessing have a good friend (who you've known pretty much for forever!!) and its great when that person shares the same passion for God. The talks we have are awesome, we're very alike in some ways and in others very different! The past few weeks her and I have been spending quite a bit of time together and every time I feel like Im so blessed to have her! I always learn so much from her, and even when Im struggling with something I can sit down tell her and we'll pray together! Its incredible having a friend that you know is praying for you and cares! She also came over for lunch after and always the conversation over a good meal couldnt have been better! The last time she came over we had tacos and beer . . . special chili beer to go with tacos!! How awesome is that!? Im so blessed!!

This week is going to be busy! Volunteering, doctor appointment for Eli's ears (his 3 month check up of his tubes!) get together with friends, Heart to Heart potluck/kickoff, birthday dinner, haircut/color, and the list goes on! It will be good, but busy! Why do the weeknds seem to go by so fast?? Into another week we go!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

What a night!

What an incredible night! It started off awesome, and ended well not so great!

It was my sisters going away party out at my parents house. Andy and I had my mother in law babysit so we could enjoy the evening visiting and catching up with people. I went out early to help get set up and ready as close to 35 people had rsvp'ed!! By the end of the night close to 50 people had come and gone and I think I visited with 3/4 of all of them! I feel so blessed by the conversations I had! I had alot of encouraging conversations from close family friends just about being a mom, and still being Karla. A few years ago I made a huge effort to send out a card to someone who I felt was on my heart, just to encourage them and bless them... I think its important I start that up again! Having just a tad bit of encouragement can keep a person going when they're not sure they can anymore!! Its easy to say Im going to do it, but following through is the tough part!

When I got home from the party last night my MIL told me Eli had woken up a few times (which he has been doing lately, but usually falls back asleep without us going in!) I didnt think too much of it. We got ready for bed and were in bed before midnight. Well, lets just say we were up every hour and a half with Eli. He'd wake up crying, we'd go in, bring him downstairs to sit, and then he'd want to play. His nose is also very stuffy, so Im thinking he was upset in the first place because his teeth hurt and because he cant breath while sucking on his soother! Finally, after being up 3 times already and it being 4a.m with a baby -I mean toddler screaming his lungs off I decided I had to do something. We were given a nice blanket from my aunt & uncle for our wedding. We keep this blanket on the couch all the time, so I grabbed the blanket, laid it on the couch and put Eli on top then proceeded to swaddle my 15 month old! He was not happy, but he started to settle down fairly quickly after that. With his legs to tight to his body he definitly let me know he had an upset stomach. Once he calmed down and relaxed I took him out and pumped his legs which helped him feel a bit better. I put him back down around 4:30a.m, and he slept till just before 8a.m with only a few squeeks. So our longest stretch last night was 3.5 hours!! I think having a newborn was easier than this because they usually fall back asleep once they're full!

Getting up this morning I left andy in bed, and came downstairs with Eli. He is quite content now, and I forsee a nap within a few hours. I generally can function on not alot of sleep, but not Andy. And not to mention he got up on Friday morning at 4a.m to work out, so he's had waaay less sleep than me over the past 24 hours. By the looks of things Eli should be fine to do whatever today, its the night times that are the issue. And can anyone tell me why he always does this (keeping us up most of the night!!) always on a weekend!? Im thankful because then I have Andy's help, but then its also a waste of a weekend!

I have a feeling that its goiong to be a quiet day today, the weather is gloomy and we're both feeling tired... I cant imagine how tired Eli must be! Time will soon tell!!

So what started as an awesome night of being blessed and feeling so proud of my sister who is leaving in a week for her missions trip, ended up in a quite stressful, tiring night!! Unfortunately its nights like these that I think "Why on earth would I want another one!?" And Andy even mentioned at one moment "This kid is great birth control right now!!" Great.

Hope you all slept good last night!! If you feel so inclined your prayers would be appreciated, Im hoping and praying for a good day of long naps, happy boy, and everyone having a good sleep tonight!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jehovahs Witness

Well it happened. The jehovahs witnesses came and knocked on my door. Part of me feels quite disappointed in myself because Ive been trying to prepare something for when they arrive at my door, but when I sat down to do it I had a hard time getting info on paper.

It is true, they are quite pushy. But as they opened their bible to read verses, I grabbed my bible and read the same verses. Its hard because apart from a word or two the verses are almost exactly the same. BUT the english language is very complex and a word or two can change a sentence in a huge way! I kept coming back to one verse in John that Ive learned is very different but couldnt remember where it was! Sure enough it is in John. This is the verse.

John 1:1 in the NWT reads, "and the Word [Jesus] was a god." All other legitimate Bible translations say, "and the Word [Jesus] was God."

What a difference in a verse, but only a few words of a change!

But today I was honest. Let me tell you as I ran into the kitchen to grab our bible off the kitchen table I prayed for God to give me wisdom. I felt like He gave me the strenght I needed. She referred me to a website (the offical watchtower website) so I can get the facts and information on JW belief, and I told her that Im going to be completely honest that I have no intentions that looking at the website, and the magazines they give us I do not look at and can no longer accept. It sounds hard, but I needed to be honest.

She asked me about the Lord's prayer in Matthew 28 (I believe!) and what God means when it says "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven." I told her that I dont believe that everyone is supposed to go door to door. Some people may be called by God to go door to door, but in Christianity not everyone is. You may be called to go overseas to do work (like my little and big sister!!) or you may be called to start a bible study at your workplace, or moms group, etc... but I dont believe that doing good works and going door to door will get you to Heaven. God even says that there will be people in heaven we never expected, and He is the final judge. I also told her that I believe God wants a personal relationship with us. Not just reading the bible, and going door to door but he wants an open lifeline, and wants us to need him and talk to him. I told her the number of times that I feel God has spoken to me and provided for us is too many to count. They agreed, but if I remember correctly JW's dont have a relationship with Jesus Christ. They dont believe in the Trinity as Christians do, and the list of differences go on.

We'll see if they return, I told her she could if she wanted to talk, but Im not sure if they will after Ive told them I wont be accepting their magazines. The other thing is, I didnt ask them in. I feel that spiritually I need to protect my home and family. It was cold and raining out, (dont worry they werent getting rained on the whole time!!) but I didnt invite them in and I stepped out onto the front porch.

I know some people may disagree with my feelings and actions as well, however I feel that God has placed these people at my door for a reason. They are persistant about what they believe and are firm in what they believe, but I also need to be firm and persistant in what I believe. Often times I feel as though people expect Christians to allow other people to walk all over them, or not stand up for themselves. However, Jesus was the opposite of that! He hung out with "ungodly" people, he hung out with prostitues, tax collectors, homeless people atc... I heard a sermon a few weeks ago that called Jesus "socially promiscuous" because he loved and hung out with people that were not "holy" or "pure".

Until next time, we'll see what happens. I found a great chart that has the differences between JW and Christianity that Im going to print out and have ready to discuss some of these things. Now lets hope they return.


We put our little guy down early last night. He was so crabby! So he went down at 7:30p.m, and woke up just before 9a.m! Apparently he was tired! But now at 10:20a.m, he is in bed for a nap! He hasnt napped in the morning for quite awhile, but I realize that some days he may need it. Today is one of those days! Especially since Im dropping him off at moms work while I go to the doctor for an appointment. He loves being at her work because he can run and play. The office she works in is in a school, but the school has been closed down this year so its hallways, and doors that is empty. So Im thinking its good he's napping this morning!

Last night I went to the gym. We were there for about an hour, and did a pretty good work out! I feel quite proud of us for doing it. Im really enjoying getting to know my awesome workout partner, we seem to be a good match! BUT . . . Im not sore today... is that a bad thing? I worked my hiney off last night and felt tired (and slept even better!!) but Im not sure. I think this afternoon if possible Ill go and do some cardio!

So something Andy and I have been talking about lately is a big boy bed for Eli. While we feel like he is no where near ready for a big boy bed (or maybe its us!?) when is the right time to take your toddler out of the crib and into a bed? I think for each child its different, as I know some people whose toddler is only a few months older than Eli already have their child in a big bed. Any thoughts?

Monday, September 6, 2010

R & R

Another weekend has come and gone, very quickly I must add! Lucky for all of us its going to be a short week! Both Andy and I enjoyed our weekend, we did alot of relaxing but we got alot done which was great!

I was able to continue on with painting the window trims which is a good feeling. Getting closer to being done. Its a big job but I know it'll be worth it! Andy was also able to rip out the cimmney which was something he has been wanting to do for weeks now! Once the hole is filled up properly, and our window trims are done painting we can offically start doing renovations in the basement and our kitchen! We cant wait, and its going to be so nice once its done. Right now our basement is filled with boxes (that kind of smell funny, Im not going to lie!) so Ill be extremely happy once our new kitchen is in. Did I mention that Eli actually ripped one of our old cabinet doors off yesterday while he was playing? Yeah, true story. Andy had to screw it back on for the time being. If we didnt have new cabinets waiting to be installed sitting in our basement I wouldve been pretty upset, but I had to laugh!

All weekend Eli has slept in until after 9a.m! We have been so thankful! Its been great being able to sleep in, and have a half decent sleep. Especially for Andy that gets up at the crack of dawn!

On top of relaxing, Andy has been busy with school today. He's in full throttle and its only week 1. I suppose what do I expect for an 8 week course. Only 7 weeks to go! Im not counting down.

Into a short, and quiet week... hope you all enjoyed your weekend!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Not too bad

Sorry Im a day late to tell you about my workout! Life feels like its been busy the past few days... but the long weekend is here and it feels great!

So my session went great, she worked me hard but I enjoyed it. Im sore, but not so sore I cant function. She kept telling me Im in good shape. Its nice to hear, because I feel a long ways from being in good shape! Right now we cant afford $65 per hour session with a trainer so Im going to have to do it myself, but thats okay because it will teach me discipline!

This afternoon I went and met with my client and got to meet their beautiful baby boy! It was great to see them and hear that their doing wonderful! So happy for them both! They're so thankful for my services which is also really nice to hear too!

Our cabinets are in, and we picked them up last night but unfortunately now we wait until Andy is done school. Only 7 weeks left! I came home yesterday evening from the gym to Andy having one cabinet in the kitchen trying to get a feel for what it'll look like. I wonder if he's excited!! We both cant wait, and its going to make such a difference in our kitchen and our whole home in general. My dear husband is so antsy to get them in, but I keep telling him he has to wait. Oh how I wish we didnt have to though!

We're going out tonight to a friends wedding. We're not super close with them, but we've been invited to the dance part of their wedding which is the best part. Very excited just to get out with Andy and have a nice night & a few drinks!!

Enjoy the long weekend!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Going to get my butt kicked...

This evening Im off to the gym again. My new workout friend and I will be regularly working out on Tuesday & Thursday evenings, and in my mind I need to be at least once on my own. But tonight Im going solo... well not really solo since Im going to meet a trainer so she can show me the ropes and basically kick my butt. To be honest Im not really looking forward to spending this time with her because I know tomorrow Im going to be in pain, but it'll pay off. Id totally cancel if it wasnt for my workout friend who already went today and had her session. So I suppose I really cannot bail!

In the end it'll pay off and we'll be able to work out and actually achieve something! Also, I'd really like to tan a bit over the winter and I cant justify paying to go tanning if Im not working out. The 2 MUST go hand in hand.

Earlier today Eli and I went and registered for a new moms group that meets every 2 weeks. Im very excited, but they only have limited spaces so we should get a phone call about weather or not we're "in." They had a huge play room at the church where we met so I let Eli go play while I chatted with some of the moms. He always does so good with other kids, and Im so thankful that he doesnt scream or cry when I put him down, he just sees the toys and goes right for them! At one point though he was pushing a toy stroller around and this girl (who was quite bigger than him) came up and ripped it from his hands and walked off. He started screaming immediately, so I went over, bent down and said "Did she take it from you, Eli?" He replied, "Yesssh." I couldnt believe it! This was the first time I've really had it where I was certain he knew what he was saying to me and I knew what he was saying to me! The mom came over and said "Did she hurt him?" I said, "I think he was playing with the stroller." So the little girl had to give it back and he was good to go.

But I was so shocked. He has totally blown me away with how much he is understanding these days! Or maybe its me who just has to realize he has a mind of his own and can understand! I cant wait to start interacting with him. The next thing Im going to do is buy some crayons, and let him color. He's been loving carrying pens around (dangerous I know!!) but today I caught him with a pen and a piece of paper in hand! Time to get this boy creating!

Im off to relax since Eli is napping. We have a busy afternoon of being out and about once he wakes up, so I should probably take a nap too!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Growth Spirt

Im almost convinced our little guy must be having a growth spirt. Last night we put him down to bed at 8a.m and he slept until almost 9:30a.m! I couldnt believe it! I almost feel bad when my dear husband comes home and asks what time Eli slept till and I tell him. 9:30a.m is a full 4 hours after andy gets up! I hope Eli decides to do it this weekend for us!!

Im also thinking that thats why Eli was so miserable over the weekend, flu . . . maybe but I had someone tell me that her kids almost always were downright miserable right before they had a growthspirt. Could be it Im thinking!

1 year ago I thought we'd never have a half decent sleep again but man is it nice to sleep through the night and not have to get up!! We're heading into a long weekend, and even though Andy will probably have lots of school work to do Im looking forward to a long weekend where Eli isnt sick! Cross our fingers!

Its been awhile since I posted pictures of our toddler, so here are a few! Enjoy!