Thursday, June 30, 2011

Big Boy Bed

Im feeling anxious tonight. Why? We finally decided to move Eli into his big boy bed this weekend. Since Andy is home tomorrow and its a long weekend, we thought this might be a good time to do it. He isn't trying to crawl out yet, however he jumps in it and pounds around like there's no tomorrow! It makes me very nervous, and I know he can definitely hoist himself up on the bars up to his waist, its just a matter of time till he throws his leg over and he's out!

Every morning when I go in to get Eli out of his crib, he tells me that his bed is broken and that it need to be fixed. He also loves laying in his friends "big boy beds" whenever we go to visit at someone else's house. He will say "Night, night, sleep time." Tell you to close the door, and shut the light out. So Im hoping that this means he's ready!

One of the reasons I think Im having so much trouble with it is because of 2 reasons. 1) I dont think I want to accept that my "baby" is no longer a baby anymore. Once he's out of his crib, that really means he is a big boy!! And 2) He is such an incredible sleeper right now. He naps 2-3+ hours a day, and at night he sleeps 12+ hours which includes him sleeping in until after 8am most days!! Its a beautiful thing, really! So here's hoping that the sleep continues. Ill keep you posted on it!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Abstract Art for Sale

So in an attempt to get some of my artwork out there, Ive posted some of it on

I thought about selling on however Ive heard some people dont get good results with it, but then you still have to pay the sellers fee's. I dont want to loose money on my paintings. The only thing with Kijiji is it generally consists of people who are looking to score a deal, and spend as little money as possible. They are already listed low, so we'll see what happens. My art instructor told me for a large canvas, that is an original painting you generally shouldnt sell it for less than $200. But I'am.

If you would like to take a peek at my paintings that I have for sale on head on over there, and search for Abstract Art, and a few should come up! If there is something you like or have any questions please dont hesitate to ask! Id love to have you support me!

Thanks so much for checking them out!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Where did the weekend go...

Usually I start my posts after a weekend saying that it was quite relaxing! Not this post. I worked my butt off. I cleaned on Saturday morning, Sunday morning and then Sunday afternoon. I found an extra job online. Someone was looking for a move out clean, and I ended up doing it for them! The guy was super nice, and actually works in the army. Him and his girlfriend are moving in together and his tenants were coming that evening and he just didnt have time to clean. So I cleaned as much as I could with most of the furniture in in the house still. I ended up working for 4 hours and made a few hundred dollars. Move out/in cleanings are the way to make money because you can charge a flat rate instead of an hourly rate. Worked well to make some extra money! But because I did that from 8am-12pm, I had to head to my other clients place right after to clean from 1-4:30! It was a long day thats for sure! But I made some good money this weekend, and that felt really good!! But when I got home last night I was pooped! Its incredible how 7.5 hours of cleaning will exhaust you! And let me tell you, by the time I was done cleaning at the end of the weekend, I had cleaned 4 microwaves in total, and 4 houses (including my own!!) Insane!

Im still on the road with my 17 Day Diet, and counting calories. Its definitly not easy, and finally on Saturday evening I decided to give into my sugar craving that Id been pushing off all week. I actually had a dream about an ice cream sundae! Uh yah, seriously! So I had 2 small scoops of ice cream, with a banana, and a small amount of chocolate sauce on it. Well I should say I had, I tried to have but honestly it was too sweet! After not having almost any refined sugars for a whole week, I couldnt eat that much ice cream! I ended up eating the banana's and letting the ice cream melt away in the sink. Crazy hey?? But I think being more active, and watching what Im eating, along with drinking way more water is starting to pay off. I started doing this last Tuesday, so almost a week and have gone down 4.2 pounds. Obviously, I dont see a difference in my body, but it feels good to see it on the scale! Just gotta keep going!

So thats where I wanted to ask you, any suggestions on workout videos? I love going to workout classes like Zumba or anything like that but it doesnt always mean I can get out to do it, so having a video at home is a good idea!! Suggestions??

Friday, June 24, 2011

17 Day Diet

Im so glad its Friday. Feels like its been awhile since I had a weekend, but really all of last weekend was mine to relax!! I do have to work this weekend, but regardless it'll be nice to spend some time with my boys at home!!

For the longest time Ive been wanting to get back into shape, and loose the extra weight I have. Im looking at about an extra 20-25 lbs on my body. I hate the feeling of not being comfortable in my jeans, or liking the way I look, or going shopping and trying on sizes that I used to fit into, but am now 2 or 3 sizes larger!! Its not a nice feeling. So why not do something about it, right?? A friend of mine was telling me about a diet (I hate calling it that!!) that she was doing. Its called the 17 Day Diet. Its a diet book written by a medical family doctor, and there are different cycles/phases in it. The first phase is 17 days. It basically consists of giving up sugar, and carbs. When they say giving up carbs though we're talking about carbs like breads, and such... not carbs that may be fruit. In this "diet" you eat unlimited amount of cleansing vegetables which consist of peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, mushrooms, lettuce, carrots, celery, leeks, and the list goes on. You also eat a lot of protein too. The thing that Ive really liked about this "diet" is it is attainable. I can do it, and its easy! For breakfast I have a shake with fruit in it, or 2 boiled eggs with a piece of fruit! Easy and quick!! Then to follow each meal you drink a cup of green tea to kick your metabolism into high gear!

I started on Monday, and have done a pretty good job. Im using the template of the 17 day diet, but am also counting calories too. I found a great app on my iphone (which I dropped in water and now its acting up!!!) Its called My Fitness Pal, and it has such a huge data base so its easy to count calories and input exercise, and anything else you might need to, including weight!!!

Its important to watch what Im eating but I dont want to get so rigid about it that I dont enjoy it. So on Wednesday when we had our small group over I had a small amount of chips, as well as dessert, but it was waaaaaaay less than I usually would have.

Each morning I weigh myself, and input it into my tracker and so far Im down almost 2.5lbs. It maybe water weight, but its still something! I have also started jogging and walking every day!! Now lets just hope my stomach will get a bit nicer... maybe one day Ill be able to wear a bikini again!

We'll see...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ready Set ........

I couldnt but help laugh yesterday as I got Eli ready for his nap. When Eli passes gas he says "Toot".

So as I changed his diaper and got him into his sleep sack, he passed gas and proclaims "Toot!!" I said, "Yah, stinky!!" Then next thing I know he says, "Toot again!" He waited a moment and said "READY, SET.... TOOT!!!" I burst out laughing. Im not too sure where he came up with that or how he knows that Ready, Set, and eventually go all go together!!

This is such a fun age, but also very challenging!! Iam enjoying it however! Today, as we crossed the street to walk into Save On Foods, he sneezed and said "Excuse me" Which actually comes out "me me." Then a car stopped so we could cross the street and he said "Me Me Car!! Thank you!!" He is just so brilliant, and the words and sentences he comes up with blow me away!!

Anyways, Ready Set Go!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

First. Annual. Girls. Weekend. Away.

Iam home after a great weekend away! Funny how its Fathers Day weekend, and I was away on a girls weekend! What a great husband I have!!

My sisters, 2 close friends, and I headed out of town to the mountains. Canmore to be exact! Beautiful! It was incredible to get away! We booked our hotel a few weeks ago, and what a great deal we got! We stayed in a place called Copperstone Resort in a little hamlet about 5 minutes away from Canmore. The little hamlet is called Dead Man's Flat. Basically, it is a little little hamlet that has nothing but a few hotels, and gas stations. Thats it! When I read about it online I heard mixed reviews but we took the chance!! It cost us each $50 for the weekend at this resort. Am I ever glad I found it!! It was incredible! A beautiful kitchenette, with granite counter tops, complete with a washer, dryer, fireplace, 2 bedrooms, and a balcony!! It was wonderful, and perfect for us 5 girls to stay in!

We left on Friday early evening, and arrived just before 10pm. The drive there was only 4 hours, but we did alot to entertain ourselves; which you will see some pictures to show proof!

As soon as we got there 4 out of 5 of us went into the hot tub. Kristin stayed back because she cant fully enjoy the hot tub as a pregnant mama to be. But we were lucky cause by the time we got back our snacks for the evening were fresh out of the oven and ready to eat!! Mmmmm.

One of the perks about this hotel was also that they had DVD players in each hotel rooms (in the den area) and you could pick a movie from the front desk to watch. There was about 12 movies to choose from by the time we picked one, so Chelsey and I decided the movie to watch was Princess Diaries 2. Yes, you read right!! We watched about 20 minutes and then went to bed.

In the morning we got up around 9am, and had breakfast. Bacon, eggs, toast, and fruit!! So yummy! Then we took our sweet time getting ready, and ventured into Canmore to do shopping. Apparently, we picked a good weekend to go because they help an event called Arts Peak, where they feature local artists around the town. Very cool, there was also a small farmers market (or Fringe, as some/one of the girls.... Chelsey called it!!) We took some fun pictures there too!! The candy store was also a place we visited and bought a few small items. Then back to the hotel for lunch which was Cesar Salad with chicken breast. The day was great! We went in the hot tub, had some drinks, finished Princess Diaries 2 with a glass of wine, while in towls, then went into Banff for supper, did some wandering around, and then back to the hot tub, and into bed!! It was such a great weekend away. It was well needed, and I sure enjoyed it!!

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy.... dont judge!

 The start of the car pictures. We put it on timer and went to town!!
 Yes Iam looking through a pair of binoculars!
 I think Katherine is texting her boyfriend about how weird we are. And Alex is focused on driving!!
 This little picture here was us making faces at this phrase. "KRISTIN'S IN LABOR!!"
 Our home away from home. Bunk Beds.
 She got the big comfy bed because she's pregnant! However, she did have to share it!
                  $100 bill!!
 Chelseys elephant hat?? This was not purchased.
 Nice picture by the lake of the 5 of us!!
 Jumping for joy because its the.. fringe??
 The Three sisters. Karla, Katherine, Kristin
 Candy Store... Katherine getting Jelly Bellys!!
 Relaxing, waiting for lunch to be made.
Hanging in the hot tub! Karla, Chelsey, Katherine
Hanging out at the Elk & Oarsmen. Self timer again. Unfortunately you can only see half of Alex's sexy face!!

We decided to give our weekend away a name. Chelsey, and I came up with: FIRST ANNUAL GIRLS WEEKEND AWAY. Also known as: FAGWA  ?? Clearly we didnt think that through, especially since next year it'll be SAGWA. Second Annual Girls Weekend Away. I think we may need to re consider what our girls weekend is called. Until next year! Thanks girls for a great weekend of laughing, relaxing, and just being together!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Quiet Week

We've had a good week. Its been quiet, which I felt like we really have needed.

Eli and I went swimming at the beginning of the week. Something we dont do too often because of his ears, but I thought that since he still has the tubes in, and we have drops in case his ears start draining that we could probably handle it. He loved it, and went crazy in the water! It was a great time, and I will for sure be taking him again next week!

Yesterday, I thought we'd go to McDonalds and play in the play place because the weather has been so horrible this week. Generally, he has a great time and we dont have any issues. However, the story was quite different yesterday! He was fine for the first 15 minutes, and then I found out that he had hit a little girl. Now by hit, I mean he raised his hand and touched her with it. But its still hitting. I told him if he did it again we would be leaving. He proceeded to do it again, so we packed up and left. Well, it must've had an impact on him because he told his dad later on in the day (even after his nap!) Andy got home from work and asked him how his day was. Eli said, "Hit people.... home." Which is exactly how it happened. Then this morning when we went out for breakfast with my aunt he told her that he "hit people.... home." So when we went out this morning to another indoor play place I told him that if he hit anyone we would he going home, and that hitting isnt allowed. We had no issues with it today. Im so proud that he understood!

This weekend Im going away for a girls weekend! Off to the mountains we go. Should be a great weekend, and Im looking forward to not having any schedule or plans!

AND at the end of the summer my best friend and I are off to Vegas for a few days! Looking forward to it, but before then I have to work hard to pay it off and save up some moolah so we can do some shopping!!

Here are a few pictures of Eli that my friend took! So happy with the way they turned out! She sure is talented, and Eli definitly gave her a run for her money, as you can tell by some of he faces he is making!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wine Time

This was the weekend we bottled our first ever batch of wine! And all in all it went really well!

We filtered (no actually my sister and brother in law filtered it) earlier in the day so it had time to settle before we bottled it! It was alot of fun! And our wine is great! We tend to like sweeter wines so we bought some sweetner to make it more to our liking! Here are some pictures!!

    One of the first steps

   Second step. He's siphoning it, not drinking
Into the other carboy it goes. Notice how murky it is still?

After 6 weeks, and being filtered, this is what a glass straight out of the carboy looks like!

      Lets get bottling!!

    We got 30 bottles of Cabernet Savignon from this kit

 Time to cork em!!

        Nicely done Jason!!

  Putting the seals and labels on!!

 Our wonderful taste testers!! This is James. He said "Its actually good!!"

This is Kristin... she is not drinking wine because she is pregnant.

 Here comes the other sister Katherine, who was also shocked that it was good!!
  Ps. Thats my painting on their wall!!
            Beautiful Bottles of wine!!

      Starting the next step on the Chardonnay! 
             Transferring into another carboy

Jason and I have talked about wanting to do this for a very long time, and finally we did it, and we're hooked! We dont even drink alot of wine but its so nice to have some wine kicking around the house for gifts or when guests comes over, or lets face it; for when I feel like have a glass of my own home made wine!! Jason and I both got 15 bottles out of the first kit!! We're on a roll!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Empty Wine Bottles

My brother in law and I are hoping to bottle our wine this weekend. Apparently, its doing its thing and fermenting a whole lot faster than we expected and its ready to bottle!! Heres the thing though, we need empty wine bottles. They have to be bottles that use a cork, no screw tops though. I would love to take some off of your hands if your willing! Id even pay you for them. The bottle depot gives $.10 per bottle, and Ill give you $.25!!

Let me know!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

2 Years Old

On June 9th, 2009 Eli was born at 10:31pm after 31 (very long & scary) hours of labor! He arrived weighing 8 lbs 10 oz, and 21.5 inches long.

How quickly 2 years goes by, and how quickly have I fallen in love with this little boy! He brings a joy (and a frustration) that Ive never experienced before. We are so blessed by him, and cant believe he is already 2 years old! Not a baby anymore! Happy Birthday, Eli!

Monday, June 6, 2011


Im pooped! It was a busy weekend as you probably know!

Yesterday we had a great party for Eli! He had so much fun, and was very happy with all the attention! Both Andy and I were exhausted come the end of the party, but we were happy to have everyone here. I was expecting close to 20 people, mostly family at this party but quite a few people ended up not coming last minute! Needless to say, I had way more food than needed!

Here are a few pictures of our little guy from this weekend!

One of my friends who is a very talented photographer has offered to take some 2 year old pictures for us this week! I am so excited, she is extremely talented and I cant wait to see how they turn out!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

A little wine, anyone?!

So far its been a great weekend!!

Last night my dear husband and I had a date night!! Dinner at the Keg and a movie!! We dont get to do a full evening out like that very often, so it sure was a treat!! My best friend babysat, and Eli was good to her!! He went down without a peep, and apparently through a fit when he wanted a snack, but was happy once he got his "blankie" and a banana... then bath time! Perfect!! Thank you Chelsey!! We had an awesome evening out!!

The best part about our evening was that it didnt break the bank! We had a gift certificate to the keg and for the movies!! We spent $12 on a tip, and that was the cost of our evening!

Today was a quiet day with no plans! This doesnt happen very often, but it sure is a treat when it does! My brother in law and I are in the midst of attempting to make our home made wine! Yup, you read right!! Today we completed the 3rd out of 4 steps!! Our next step will be bottling (which happens in 2 weeks!!) Its a great bonding time, and we're so excited! The most exciting part for me is always having a bottle of wine on hand as a gift, or for when we go over to someones house!! And, last week my BIL (brother in law) and I stopped into a store that sells wine & beer kits (and more!!) and tried a few different wines. One of them (which Im totally excited about!!) is a coconut wine! So it tastes exactly like a pina colada, but without a TON of sugar!! So good! The guy in the store says that when he has company over he blends up some ice and mixes some of the wine in with it for a drink!!

So after we completed our steps today, which btw we did try our wine even though there is still 2 weeks left for it to do its thing... and it tasted like cheap wine at this point; we started our red wine and are on our way to having red wine done in 6 weeks!!

This evening we went to church. Since we're having Eli's birthday party tomorrow we thought we'd go tonight instead of tomorrow morning!! Might be a crazy morning going to church and then getting ready for a birthday party that starts half an hour after church ends!! It was a great service! Eli did awesome in the nursery and was perfectly happy!

Thats our weekend in a nutshell so far! We'll see how the party goes tomorrow, but Im sure Ill have lots of pictures to show and tell about!!