Monday, April 8, 2013

Life update

Hey guys! So I'm not going to lie, blogging just doesn't feel like a priority right now.

I have so many other things on the go, on top of my taking care of my family. However that being said I suppose that's by my own doing.

A few updates for you anyway!

Eli: I am so in love with this little boy. He is so funny and smart. The things he remembers and says are just brilliant! He is now fully potty trained. He hasn't worn a pull up at night in over a week. We haven't had one accident and he gets himself up in the middle of the night or morning to go pee, then puts himself back to bed. To say the least Iam so proud of him. I've registered him in a preschool program once a week again, and I do look forward to the break for a few hours. He loves going and is so sociable. He is also registered for preschool for September. He'll be going 3 days a week in the afternoons. Lucky for me my neighbour has her kids registered in the same class and we could car pool! So excited for this!! Last week Eli informed me that he'd like a baby sister. He was sadly disappointed when I told him he wouldn't be having one. Eli's birthday is soon and I canot believe he'll be 4 right away! Where does time go??

Judah:  this little boy is the complete opposite of his brother. Way more relaxed and chilled out. He's happy just to be. He's also even more happy now that he's a crawling machine. He motors around everywhere and is starting to pull himself up on everything. Even the oven he was standing in front of this afternoon looking at his reflection. He is a very happy baby and has taken onto the nickname chuckles because its very rare that he is not smiling when you talk to him or acknowledge him in some way. Judah popped 2 little bottom teeth about 3 weeks ago and since then when he smiles he pushes his tongue out of his mouth. I'm convinced its because there's something new in there. Judah, unlike Eli will prett much eat anything. We started out with puréed foods however we have taken onto more of a baby led weaning approach. This is where we give him whole foods that are very soft. He feeds himself. These days he's love blueberries, cheese, Cheerios, and as of recently banana & egg pancakes. This is just eggs, banana, a small a amount of flower and a bi of baking power mixed in a blender and cooked like pancakes. They are so sweet and he loves them!! I actually even had Eli eating them, so happy to get the protein in him.  Judah has also started to sleep through the night for the most part. This makes for a very happy momma, but why is it that you almost feel more tired when they start to do this?!

This last weekend I was away on the ladies retreat with our church. It was an incredible weekend and a chance to connect with other women, relax, do what I wanted to, and spend some time with The Lord. It was so well needed and I came home feeling rested. I even got to take a nap on Sunday. An uninterrupted nap!!

lia Sophia has been very busy for me. I started thinking that if I could bring in a few hundred bucks a month that'd be great. Well I was shocked she I made over $1500 for the month (working less tha. 20 hours!) and received over $800 in jewelry credits to spend! Can't complain about that! I feel so blessed to be doing this and am loving it. I thought it would be really difficult to do parties and it hasn't been. So awesome to feel like I can contribute financially.

Andy's birthday is this week (April 12th) and then our anniversary to follow. It's an exciting month as my parents also celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. This is year 6 for us. ;) I really can't complain how life has been lately. I'm feeling so happy about the future and content!! So blessed to say the least!

Thanks for reading!!
I'll post some pictures soon!