Friday, April 29, 2011

Tired Day

Today has felt like a long day so far, however its gone by pretty fast.

I watched a girlfriends son from 10:30-2:ish and Im pooped! Having two 2 year olds running around is exhausting! Between the two of them, they had me running around like crazy. I kept Eli up for as long as I possibly could but I finally put him down just before 2. He was exhausted, and every little thing was setting him off. Honestly, I couldnt imagine having twins!

So, who watched the Grand Royal Wedding today? Did you actually get up super early to watch this event? Not me, I recorded it on the PVR, but have gotten enough of my fill from the news and online. I dont even need to watch the recorded stuff!

This evening, Im off to clean a clients house, and Im already exhausted. But lets just get through today and then Ill thing about my mess of a house that I've neglected all week tomorrow!

Enjoy your weekend!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

A few new things!!

Alright, so as you can see Ive made some changes to my blog. Down on the right hand side I have added a new box. Its like a chat box. Pretty plain and simple. I was thinking this might encourage people to comment more because you dont have to have a specific email with google. You just type in your name and type away your comment. Pretty simple right? Id love to hear your thoughts and comments. The only thing Im trying to figure out about it at this point is the time and date. Its off... but thats the only problem I can see right now.

Also, right around the same area there is a place where you can put your email to subscribe to new posts. So if youd like new posts to come right into your inbox, thats the way to do it!

I hope this makes it easier to comment and leave feedback! Cause I love to hear it!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My cue

Seriously, before I had Eli I didnt realize how big of a deal poop really is!! I had a bit of a shock happen this afternoon. After we got home from our bible study I gave Eli a hair cut. Because he was covered in hair. Once he was out of the bath, he ran around naked for a bit. Finally I decided it was time to get dressed and head down for a nap. As I picked up my naked boy, I put by hand under his bum and was shocked to find that he had pooped as I picked him up and I had a handful of poop in my hand!! Eeew! I was just as shocked as he was. Gross. For the most he usually makes it to the potty but this time I guess he was too distracted, and lucky mom!! Wait till I tell Andy. Eew. Yuck. Gross.

So. This morning we went off to our last bible study of the year. Its done until the fall. And I had an interesting morning. Remember how yesterday I posted about wanting to build relationships and meet new moms and people in the neighborhood? Last night I had a conversation that Id like to invite our new neighbors over one evening to get to know them. But its tricky... or maybe I make it tricky. What happens if we dont like each other? We live next to each other... What happens if we dont get along that night and they feel like they're trapped and cant leave... blah blah blah. Excuses much?? Back to our morning. It was open mic time, and alot of the women got up and spoke on ways to reach out. Wouldn't you believe it but half of the women spoke about their neighbors, building relationships or the people that live in their area!! Funny how that works hey?? So Im taking it as my cue that maybe I need to start building relationships. So where do I start? Maybe with my next door neighbor... planning a block party to get to know the people I live around... suggestions please??

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Moms in the Area

The weather has been so nice lately. Ever since we got back from Mexico, Eli cannot get out for enough walks. All he wants to do is go on a walk. He loves being outside in general. He loves life even more when his Papa comes over... which I will tell you his Papa comes over just to talk him out on a walk. When someone walks in our door to visit the first thing Eli usually says to them is "Walk?!"

Anyways, since its been so nice out I cant not take him for a walk. Today we went to a friends place that lives just a few minutes away. I couldnt justify driving because they live so close! So Eli hopped into the jogging stroller/bike trailer and off we went. The area we live in has lots of walking paths, and a nice lake and even a small playground to play in. Eli is finally at the age where he can wander around and play while I sit and watch him. Today as I was out walking I noticed something... there are alot of moms in the area. I passed on on the way to my friends and one on the way home. Yesterday, I saw a few out walking as well. It got me thinking, how many moms are there in my area that stay at home with their kids? Probably alot!

Im always up to meeting and building new friendships and relationships, but it might be a bit weird to stop a mom as I walk by and say "Hey, do you want to start walking in the neighborhood together?" or "Hey, how old is your child? Do you live in the area?" Creepy, maybe?

The Parent Link here in the county has alot of awesome summer programs that they offer. They have some neat ice cream socials that they'll come to a park near by and give you ice cream, or they'll have a bbq in your area. My job would be to hand out invitations and get people to come. I know there are quite a few young families that live on our block. This would be a perfect way to get to know some people and maybe meet some young families in our area. 

Another thing is that now its summer all of our programs we've been involved in are coming to an end. Im sad because now I have a full week of figuring stuff out to do for us. Other than walking, and playing in the yard, I have no clue!! Any suggestions?  Eli is at the age now that he can play in the yard or a small pool without me being there in the pool with him, but sitting beside in a chair reading... or going to the park with some other moms and not having to be in the sand too!! Im having alot of fun with him these days!

All you moms out there, I need some suggestions for summer things to do!! What do you do with your little people!?

Monday, April 25, 2011


We had a pretty busy weekend all things considered. We were celebrating our anniversary this weekend.

Saturday night we ventured off to Madisons Grill which is in the Union Bank Inn. We stayed at the Union Bank Inn on our wedding night, and have enjoyed going back to Madisons Grill every once in awhile. Its a fairly expensive place to eat however the food is incredible, and its all about the experience. We had a great time. Andy had wild boar loin... yup you read right!! And I had pheasant breast. This was my first time having pheasant before, and it was good. Tasted like chicken!

Andy also took it upon himself to go shopping for an anniversary present. He bought me some pearl earrings, and a pearl necklace. Not your conventional pear necklace though. One pearl with a small diamond on it, on a chain. Something that I can wear every day!! I love them! So beautiful!!

Sunday we got up to head off to church. I was helping in the 2 year old room, so I missed the Easter service, but it was a nice morning. My allergies are acting up like crazy, and I felt horrible most of the day yesterday. I slept for 2.5 hours when Eli went down, and didnt feel too much better when I woke up. This is my first time having allergies like this, and Im so glad that I havent had to deal with these before!! Yuck!

Then last night we went to my parents place for supper. It was a very nice weekend.

Why is it that weekends go so fast compared to the week? Especially long weekends!! Ohwell!! Back into the week we go!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Andy & Karla - Through the years - Happy Anniversary

Engagement Pictures. December 2006

Pure Happiness & Joy

Newly Engaged. Christmas

Husband and Wife finally!
April 21st, 2007

April 21st, 2007

On our way to Puerto Vallarta
October 2007

My girlfriends wedding. Newly Weds
May 2007
My cousins wedding. 
Little did I know that the pregnancy test I had previously taken a few days before before was a false negative and I was in fact pregnant here!! This was also the weekend before we got our laser eye surgery!! 
Sept 2008
Christmas 2009

Christmas 2010

How our lives have changed 2010

Canmore 2011

So there you go!! Theres a snap shot of the the last 4 years of our lives!! I wouldnt change a thing!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Small Group

Andy and I have started going to a small group. We've been going to the same church for 2 years, and it finally got to the point where it was dive in with both feet or continuing being luke warm. So, I talked to a girlfriend about wanting to join a small group and she spoke to the small group leaders of the group she's involved in and we decided to try it out.

Boy am I glad we did!! We've made some incredible relationships, and its so awesome getting together to discuss God, the bible, sermon and the "stuff" in our lives. On top of that, its been good for our marriage, and every week I feel so blessed to be able to share with these people and listen to whats on their hearts!

I couldnt be happier we joined this small group, and every week I feel like God confirms that this is the small group for us. From the little details to the big! These couples just click with us, and its such a blessing!

God is so awesome, He cares about the little details in our lives, and He continues to wow me away!!

Thanks guys for openning up to us, and loving us! You know who you are! ;-)

Angry Mom

Yesterday was one of those days. If your a mom or a parent you know what Im talking about. Let me explain though.

I generally am pretty proud of myself when it comes to spending all day with Eli. I encourage him, and praise him alot. Im not usually a yeller or an angry person. However yesterday at the end of the day all I could do was lay in bed and cry because I was so disappointed in myself.

It was one of those days. Eli and I went over to a friends place to watch her kids while her husband and her went out. Things started off really well, but after a bit he was so moody and whiney. Generally, he is really well behaved at someone else's house but everything was an issue. If the baby took a toy from him he would get upset, so I would gently give it back to him and he'd throw a fit because it was taken it away and then given back. He would get upset and whine if someone was playing with a toy he wanted, he would whine if I took one one of the boys to the bathroom, leaving him at the baby gate. He'd tell me he had to go poop only to get across the gate and run from me. He really just wanted go play in his friends room. So once back on the other side of the gate where he should be, he would throw a tantrum, throw a toy, scream, yell, you name it.

So after a few time outs, and him still whining and crying I told him if he didnt stop he'd get a spanking. And so when he didnt stop I had to follow through. I gave him a swift swat on the butt, and then proceeded with a time out. Well the spanking didnt change his attitude, and I continued to yell at him. I felt like all I did was yell. Halfway through the day I was feeling emotionally exhausted, physically, mentally, and the topper of it all... I was hungry. If my husband was there he would've asked me "Are you hungry?" and I would've answered yes and realized thats what was tipping off my anger, on top of a whiney kid, who had previously pooped on the floor before we left out house. It was one of those days. And like I said, all I could do was cry in Andys arms and feel like a horrible mother.

Im so thankful that those little guys are so forgiving and dont have a long memory, because if he did today would've been horrible. But its been a good day. We played at church this morning, and then came home for lunch (which was actually McDonalds.... shhhhhh) and then played outside. He loves being outside and going for walks, and we just played together. I didnt worry about the stuff laying around the house, or dishes that needed to be done, we just spent time together... and it was great!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Something New

While Andy was away in Jasper I decided to do a bit of work around the house. Not finishing renovations or anything like that (good luck!!) but I love painting so why not set myself to it!

This is what I did... with some help from Andy when it comes to the wall paper and measuring the strips out.

Paint and wall paper. And I love it!! Im currently working on a picture for the wall over top the toilet. Something not too busy, but to fill the space.

The wall paper was tough but I love it. Lining up the design was tricky, and Im not good at measuring and numbers, but Andy is and he helped me. Im thinking Id like to do some wall paper in our bedroom. Im on a roll!! Any suggestions?

This morning Eli and I went to McDonalds(yet again!!) seems to be the play place. Its free, and I can sit and have a coffee while he runs around. Plus its an enclosed area, so no escaping. Coffee is cheap, and its not too bad! Then we came home and my dad popped by for awhile. Eli is a boy after my dads own heart. The two of them could go off playing outside for hours and be happy. First they went out for a walk, I tidied up and made lunch, and once they got back after 25 minutes or so we ate. Then Dad was getting ready to leave and Eli wanted to go out and play for a bit. So, Dad went outside with him and took him for a ride in the stroller. Eli loves the stroller and so off they went! Im so thankful that Dad came over and spent some time with him. Makes for a nice break in my day, and Eli loves his Papa. Eli cried and cried when Dad left. All he kept saying was "Papa!! Papa!!"

It warms my heart seeing them together, and finally a little boy in our family!! Dad gets this little smile on his face when Eli does something that a little boy would be expected to do. Like running his mini shopping cart into the wall and yell "BANG!!" So blessed.

I love the boys in my life so much! My son, my husband and my dad.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Ive come to a realization. Its about marriage. Im blessed and beyond lucky. Why do you ask? Im so blessed and lucky to have parents who modelled a healthy marriage for me and my sisters. Im also very lucky and blessed to have a husband that I love more than anything, and that loves me unconditionally... even when I have those crazy hormonal moments.

Over the past few months, Ive found out that a few couples we know are having some serious issues within their marriage. It doesnt get any easier to digest when you find out that news, that yet another couple is seperating or getting divorced. Each time it feels like a blow to my stomach. Why? Maybe because I took my wedding vows so serious, and for Andy and I divorce is not an option. Please dont think that I have the mindset that I am "Holier than thou" because I know marriage is tough and sometimes it really sucks! Yup, it does! But how does a couple go from getting married to being divorced or living apart in a matter of months or a year??

Ive been open about this before, but Andy and I have always said we will go see our marriage counsellor every 6 months to a year. We go weather things are tough or weather things are great! We leave feeling like we can take on the world... but together.

Having Eli was the biggest hurdle we've had to tackle yet in our marriage. Nothing can prepare you for the shock of having a child, and the adjustment and commitment it takes from both parents. But we've figured it out, and I can finally say that almost 2 years in from having Eli we have a healthy balance in our life!! We have a healthy balance in our marriage, and a healthy balance as parents, and a healthy balance as Andy and Karla.

This week is our 4th wedding anniversary. Andy I have been together for almost 8 years! I cant believe it. But I also cant believe how blessed Iam to have such an incredible man. He is so hands on as a dad, he is helpful around the house, and always willing to be there for me emotionally.

When I woke up this morning there were notes all around the kitchen. One on the counter, one in the fridge, and one in the bathroom. These are the little things that keep me going on some days. He is so thankful, and although some days he doesnt show it, he makes up for it on others!

Im so happy to say that although Andy and I dont have it all together, and there are days where we hate each other, we love each other with a love that isnt just skin deep. Its emotional, physical, and even spiritual. Without God I dont think we'd have lasted this long. Andy said this to me this morning... cheesy but I felt goosebumps when he said it. "When God created Adam, he created Even. When God created me, he created you." Yes I know, cheesy, but I do feel like Andy is the man planned for me. My choices and my path lead me to him, and that doesnt mean that there arent other men out there that I could be married to or make things work with, but Andy and I made the decisions that lead to each other and Im so blessed and couldnt be happier!

Happy Anniversary, Andy!


This weekend Andy went to Jasper with his brother and cousin. Which leaves me on baby duty (or little boy duty!!) for most of the weekend. I was thankful this morning that my family came over for breakfast which even though its a busy morning it gives me a bit of a break and some adult conversation is nice too!! I made eggs benedict (from scratch) and I was quite disappointed to say the least. Ive made this recipe many times before and it seems like my hollandaise gets to a point and then seperates. This has happened before but usually I can get it back to its nice emulsified sauce. This morning though it didnt happen. Luckily even though its seperated and not very nice looking it still tastes all the same. Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix a broken hollandaise sauce? Help please?!

Last night I cleaned, and came home to relax a bit with Andy before going to bed.

My initial plan for today while Andy was gone was to paint the downstairs bathroom and put some wall paper up, but Im not feeling motivated so I dont think its going to happen.

Tonight Im going out with a girlfriend and then to relax a bit before bed.

Enjoy your weekend!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hello Hormones

Im feeling emotional today. My husband will thank my hormones. Funny how "that time of the month" has such an affect on us as woman. Sometimes I think guys have it so easy.

We went to bible study this morning, and afterwards we went to a girlfriends for lunch. Eli was quite tired and I think over stimulated. He was down right miserable and throwing tantrums left right and center; not to mention at one point he hurt himself and he just wanted to cuddle with me. So once he had another full out tantrum I decided enough was enough and we were going home, even though we'd only been there for less than an hour.

When I pulled up to the house I decided that we should go for a walk. Ive been wanting to get out and jog lately, but the lazy side of me has taken over. Today not so much! I did the full circle around our house and it was great! Even though it was windy and cool today I got out, and knew Id feel better once we got home. Well, I did to some extent, but I didnt eat before I went out and that was a mistake. Eli was still miserable by the time we got back and so I put him straight to bed, and made myself some lunch. Now Im just relaxing.

But what Id love to hear is how you as a woman handle your emotions and hormones when it comes to that special time of month we all love?? Do you get out and exercise, eat your heart out, take a class, etc? Id love to hear it, cause right about now Im feeling like I need some way to blow off my emotions!!

Fill me in!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Busy Birthday Weekend

We have had one busy weekend. But Andy doesnt really know it. This weekend was full of birthday events for him. 2 to be exact. One which he didnt know about.

On Friday night we went out to the Blue Chair Cafe. Its a little restaurant that supports live music. You have dinner, drinks, and then a show at the end of the night. This night was a blue's night. Incredible. Thats what I can say. There was 4 guys playing, a bassist, electric guitar, drummer, and a guy on the harmonica. It was so neat to watch. I can never listen to that type of music on the radio, but live was completely different. Front Porch Hills was the name of the night. They all took turns picking different songs, leading the song, and basically it was a jam session all night. The food was incredible. They use organic food, and have things on the menu that arent your typical restaurant foods. I had the vegetarian lasagna. So yummy!! The best part of the night was that all 3 of Andy's brothers were there. The last time that all 4 brothers were sitting at the same table was over 10 years ago! It was such a blessing to have the whole family there, and my parents. I told Andy this night was to celebrate him being a journeyman plumber and his birthday.

Here we are all dressed up and ready to go for supper at the blue chair! Such a nice evening!

Saturday morning, I got up and went to clean another clients house. We hung around at the the rest of the afternoon, and I cleaned our own house. This didnt make Andy wonder if something was up because I always clean on the weekends. Andys mom was coming over to watch Eli so we could go out for a bite to eat. I told Trisha that Eli hadnt been feeling too well throughout the day so if something came up we werent too far and wouldnt mind coming home.

We went to Original Joe's and ordered some Nacho's and beer. My best friend Chelsey also came over early to our place to get everything in order for all our company to arrive. Im so thankful for Trisha and Chelsey's help, I couldnt have pulled it off without them!!

Andy and I decided that after we were done we were just going to go grab some snacks and go home since we spent so much money the night before. This was not in the original plan, but since he had suggested it I thought why not. Shortly, after we decided that Trisha called and said Eli was acting odd, and not like himself and she thought we should come home. So off we went to go home. I gave andy the keys and followed behind him up the back walk way. We walked in and Trisha called Andy into the living room, "Andy, Im in here, quick!!!!" She sounded so alarmed, he rushed into the living room and little did he know that there was going to be 20 some people sitting there waiting for him. "SURPRISE!!!!!!!" He was surprised. He had no clue!! We pulled it off, and he didnt suspect a thing! It was an incredible night of great company, awesome food, a beautiful cake, and celebrating my husband!

Eli even had a good time! He walked around mooching chips and pop off everyone. He knows that usually if he says "peeease?" he can get what he wants, and he got his fill. He finally went to bed around 9pm, and went down without a peep and slept till 9:30am! Which we were thankful for since we went to bed after 1am!

What a beautiful night, and a great weekend. And to top if off, we're going out on Tuesday (Andy's actual birthday!!) to take a peek at a preschool open house, and maybe get some dessert. Lots of celebrating this month. Our 4th wedding anniversary is coming up aswell so on the 21st we'll be celebrating more! We are so blessed!

Here are some pictures from our weekend!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Playing at Galaxyland!!


New Toy & A Good Cause

Eli and I stopped at our church's garage sale this morning, and he found a toy that we've been wanting to get him for awhile. $10 is a good price, and all he wanted to do was push it around the warehouse where the garage sale was.

There was so much stuff there, and it was fundraiser for a missions trip. The youth are going to Ecuador. Last year they raised $15 000 from the garage sale. You should go check it out if you have a chance. Its right across from Millenium Place in Sherwood Park.

Here are some pictures. As soon as we got home he wanted to "dump" all of his toys in it. He also tried to convince me to put him in the cart. Definitly was not happening!

A nice evening

Last night wasnt as bad as the night before.

Andy and I had small group last night and my mom came over to watch Eli. We were a bit unsure of how the night would go, but we left the 2 of them playing upstairs in our room. Because quite a few people couldnt come to small group last night we decided to go out for wings and beer. Yup thats right, our Christian small group (which is our bible study group) went out for wings and beer. There were 5 of us there, and it was such a great evening! Its always awesome getting to know people a bit better, and even better to have a night out to ourselves!

When we came home (close to 10pm) the light on the stairs was on, and mom wasnt in the living room. When we walked into the house and up the stairs Eli was laying on the floor while my mom was changing his sleeper. He had been coughing so hard, that he couldnt sleep. Poor kid was sure happy when we walked through the door though! He started jumping up and down and getting all excited. Shortly after mom left we put Eli to bed and then followed. He only woke up crying twice in the night which was way better than the night before. He slept in until almost 9am this morning and off we went to our moms group. We have enjoyed our day, and now he's napping and all has been quiet for about half an hour!!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rough night

We had one rough night last night. Eli seems to have come down with a cold, weather its a real cold, or teething its not fun. He is coughing up a storm and last night was no exception. I went out before he went down to bed to do some birthday shopping for Andy, so Eli was in bed by the time I got home. When we finally went to bed, we heard Eli start crying and then he did something he's never done before "Mommy!! Mommy!!" He cried out. Of course I had to go to him. I pulled him out of his crib and cuddled him for a bit then put him back to bed. A few minutes later he started crying again. Andy went to him this time. After being put back down after a few times he was still crying so I got up with him and cuddled on the rocking chair.  After putting him back to bed he was okay for a few minutes and then cried. This went on all night. We didnt go to him because he just gets more wound up in the end and the result is the same... he cries himself back to sleep. He must've woken up every hour crying, and each time I woke up and just listened to him cry. Needless to say we were both quite tired come early this morning.

By his nap time he was more than ready to go down. We'll see what happens though, he's already woken up once crying and then fell back asleep. I think he's just so overtired that he needs a really good sleep. Poor kid.

Monday, April 4, 2011


So I need some advice!!

Something that Eli has started doing is hitting. He doesnt usually hit other kids, but he does hit me, andy and himself. Today was very interesting. We had a great morning, and had so much fun. I was genuinely enjoying his company. We headed upstairs because he wanted to take a bath and I had some laundry and tidying up to do. While he was in the bath I cleaned the bathroom. Once he got out, he ran around naked for awhile, and I dont remember what set him off, but he was upset about something. He wound up and slapped me. I told him we dont hit in our family and that he needs to go sit in his time out spot. He proceeded to his time out spot and sat. After speaking to him, and telling him we dont hit, he got up and came back into our room. We were playing again when something set him off and he hit me for a second time. Back to his time out spot he went. There he cried for a few minutes until I went and spoke to him. This must've happened 4, or 5 times that he wound up and hit me, and he went back into his time out spot. Even after his time outs, he still would wind up and hit me. At one point we were playing, and I dont him to be gentle... what did he do?? He hit me! Then he gets even more upset and frustrated and his hands start flying and he'll whack himself in the face.

I dont know what to do because repeatedly telling him not to hit is not doing anything. I dont think that giving him a spanking because he is hitting is fair, but Im at my wits end at what to do?

Any ideas or advice as to how to get it clear to him that we dont hit. Andy doesnt hit me, I dont hit him, and Eli doesnt hit either one of us. Its not allowed... Help??

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Been too long

Its been too long, sorry to my faithful readers! But here I am, ready to update you!!

Over the past 10 days or so Ive sat down to write but nothing comes to me. My head space was in a different area last week, but after getting some things sorted out Im feeling much better!

These days Im feeling so blessed. God is so faithful to us, and continues to provide for us. This last week as Eli was eating lunch he said to me, "Jesus?" Which he actually means "Lets pray?" As in grace. Eli does this multiple times during breakfast, lunch and supper. We'll pray at the beginning of our mealtime and then continue eating. Well generally half way through Eli asks to pray again, and so we'll say a quick pray, and on we go. Lately, he's been asking multiple times to pray during mealtime. This specific day he asked to pray and so I crouched down beside his chair and said a quick pray. Finishing with Amen, he says to me "Go??" Which means "Where did (something) go?" He says this while raising his hands in the air like he's asking. I said "What, Eli? Where did what go?" He just kept repeating, "Where, go??" I asked again, and he kept asking me again. I still dont know what he is talking about, but Ive heard some really neat stories about small children claiming to see angels, or other spiritual things... I dont doubt in my mind that he might've seen something. Jesus talks about faith like a child, and it blows my mind that Eli at less than 2 years old already has faith... he requests to pray all the time, while we're in the car he sings "Jeeesus" to the worship songs, and loves looking at his bible story book. It warms my heart.

This weekend, I had my first cleaning job. I went on Saturday afternoon around 1:30pm, and it took me 5 hours to clean almost their whole house.  I was exhausted by the time I was finished, but it sure felt good. It was also nice walking out with cash in my hand, and them having a clean house. I go back in 2 weeks. My other clients that I have I start with this Saturday, so that'll be nice aswell.

All in all its been a good weekend. Busy, but good!

Hopefully Ill have more to write about this week. I wont keep you in suspense for 10 days again... talk to you soon!!

ps. Remember comments are always appreciated!!