Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Stomache Flu

This weekend has been insane!

On Saturday we went to the Edmonton Humane Society to look at the puppies there. Eli loves puppies, so we thought maybe it might be fun to go look at them. He did love it! Then we came home for naps. Once we woke up we got ready for Church and headed out. The service was great, and Eli loves being in the childcare with the other kids. He even sat in the service for a bit because it went late. He kept asking to hear the music.

When we got home we got Eli ready for bed, and thats when it all started. He kept complaining that his belly hurt. We got him to sleep and he was quiet until about 11:00pm. I went in to check on him and he was whining and tossing around in his bed. Then next thing I knew he started puking everywhere. I called Andy in, and we brought him into the bathroom. This whole puking thing went on for the rest of the night. He threw up 4 or 5 times more. We pulled his bed into our room so he could sleep beside us, but when he was throwing up he was whining because his tummy hurt, as well as coughing.

We came downstairs around 4am, in an attempt to sleep on the couch with him, but that lasted less than 45 minutes. Then Andy told me to go upstairs while he stayed down with Eli, trying to get him to sleep. Awhile later Andy came into our room and told me to come see Eli. He had set him down on the floor and went into the kitchen for a minute, and when he came back Eli was asleep on the floor. Thats where he slept for the next 2.5 hours. The longest stretch of the night that we had.

Eli's stomach flu went on into Sunday and some of Monday. Luckily for us, he is feeling better today and back to sleeping through the night! We were all exhausted, and theres nothing worse than having a sick little boy that wont sleep, and cant keep anything down including water.

Today we went out, and played for awhile. Boy was it great to get out and have a happy little boy who could eat, and play!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Huge Pet Peeve

These days I have something that really bugs me! I didn't think a simple question would ever both me so much! Its also a question that I've asked before to other people.

This question is something I get asked on a regular basis, maybe a few times a week maybe. Can you guess what it is?

Recently a conversation I had with someone went something like this, "So, do you think the next one you'll have will be a girl?" I reply, "Mmmm, I dont know. Probably not, most of the Hopes, are boys, so I even wonder if they make girls." Then I was asked, "Would you want a girl though?" "Sure I'd want a girl, but as long as I have a healthy baby Im not going to complain if its a boy or a girl." Then here it is, "Oh, so are you saying your pregnant?" I then reply, "Uh no, not that Im aware of at least. Unless theres something I dont know."

Then there was this conversation, "So are you guys going to try and have another one soon?" I then reply, "Yah, I think so, we'll see what happens." "Oh yah? Cause Eli's what 2.5 now, hey? By the time another baby comes around he'll be past 3, thats a pretty big age gap." I would like to reply, "Well actually, I dont think its any of your business if we're trying to get pregnant... maybe we're having issues getting pregnant, or maybe we would like to have a big age gap in between our kids. Im young, not even 25!!!" But what I usually say is, "Yah, well we'll see what happens, I dont want to become stressed about it, and when it happens, it happens."

I just hate the pressure there is from everyone around to plan our our entire life. When we'll get married, when we'll have our first baby, then when we'll have our second baby, "are you going to have more kids??", blah, blah, blah...

I no longer ask people (unless their family, or very close friends!!) when they're going to have another child. 1) I dont think its my business and 2) what happens if you ask, and that couple is having issues getting pregnant? The added stress and frustrations (as well as questions as to "Why the heck cant we get pregnant??) are the last things that someone else needs. Maybe Im over thinking it all, but I can tell you I get so tired of this question, so I must not be the only one.

The other thing I'd really like to say to people when they ask so casually, "So are you pregnant, yet?" Is, "How about, when Im pregnant Ill tell you, until then could you please stop asking??" Is that totally rude?

Am I the only one who feels this way?

So with that being said, for the many of you out there (unless your my family!!) I will let you know when Im pregnant and ready to tell the whole world.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Good choice

So its a good thing we made the decision we did. The roads were not good, and it would've been a long stressful drive. Andy actually ended up getting back into town taking the bus earlier than I would've gotten into Calgary to pick him up. He was back in town by 10:30am and we had the rest of Thursday to be together as a family. Eli was so cute when I told him I was driving to the bus station to pick up daddy. My mom stayed with him while I drove to pick him up, and all Eli said to me while I was getting my jacket on was, "Mommy, just go. Mommy just go get daddy already!!" It melted my heart.

We had a great long weekend together. Because Andy got back early Thursday morning, we had the whole weekend to spend together. Although it was fairly busy, it was awesome to just spend time together.

Im not sure whats changed, but Eli has been sleeping a ton these days. He'll go to bed around 8:30pmish, and then sleep till after 8am, go down for a nap from 2-4pm and then it starts all over again. We've had some issues getting him to calm down and go to bed or nap, but once he's down and out he is officially out for awhile! He's always been a good sleeper, but for the past few months he's been getting up earlier and earlier... not recently though!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Thank you Alberta winter, for ruining my plans. There is supposed to be a huge winter storm tomorrow. 10-15cm worth of snow, wind gusts up to 50 km/hour. Unfortunately, for me I was supposed to go pick Andy up tomorrow, and I dont see that happening now.

We decided that it would be best for him to take the bus home tomorrow morning. He'll be home by 10:30am, and we have the whole day as well as Friday and the weekend together! I've missed him so much! As much as Im disappointed that Andy and I cant spend the day together just the 2 of us tomorrow, I'd rather be safe than sorry. Not worth the stress of the drive.

So thats that... Ill keep you posted on the winter snow storm!

Monday, November 14, 2011

On my own... for now.

We had a very quiet weekend together as a family. It was awesome. We even ended up setting our Christmas tree up. Yes, like 5 weeks before Christmas, we set our tree up. We didn't feel like going out, and thought we should do something fun together. Eli had a ball, and was very excited about it! This Christmas is going to be a lot of fun, he'll be 2.5 and he is finally understanding the concept of presents, and Christmas and all that stuff.

Last night Eli & I went out to my parents place for family dinner. I really look forward to these times together as a family. We each brought something out for supper, and it was perfect! Corn Chowder Soup, with Corn bread, salad and brownies & ice cream for dessert! So good! This time with my family gives me a break from having Eli hang on me, and I get to laugh with my family.

Andy is out of town for a few days, so Eli & I are on our own for a few days, but theres an end in sight. On Thursday, Im going to be driving out of town to pick Andy up and we'll spend the day together just the 2 of us. My mom will watch Eli. Even more so Im so excited about the drive out of town... 3 hours to myself, listening to whatever I want I to, stopping where ever I want to, just being on my own in my new car! Then Andy will have Friday off and into the weekend we go! So as long as I can get through the 3 days on our own, it'll be smooth sailing from there!

So into the week we go. I have a few appointments, and such but I think we should be good to go!

Wish me luck!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

I take my time quite seriously. When I have appointments it's very rare that I'm late. Even just a minute or two past my appointment time stresses me out completely!

Today I had a few appointments. I had a coffee date at 10am, at Mcdonalds, then a Dr's appointment at 12:20pm, and then an orthodontist appointment to get a wire trimmed (takes all of 30 seconds) at 1pm.

I've learned very quickly that although I can call a day before I need to get in to see my Doctor, to never arrive early. If anything I should arrive 20 minutes late and I'd probably still have to wait 5 minutes before I see her. Today I walked into the office at 12:22, completely stressed because I was 2 minutes late. We went into the office, and then waited, and waited and waited some more... we waited in total 25 minutes! I was actually getting ready to gather my stuff up and leave because my next appointment was in less than 10 minutes. She walked in, we chatted for 5 minutes, and then I rushed out.

We arrived at the ortho office at 2 minutes after 1:00pm. Eli played with a few toys, looked out the window, looked through a Sears catalog magazine, and then started to loose him stuff. He was getting loud, running around, basically being a boy... but when he gets like this I loose control of him. I went to the front desk and asked what time it was. I left my purse and everything in the car because I thought we'd be in and out like that. It was 25 minutes to 2pm. So, 35 minutes past out appointment time, for something that took 30 seconds. The more frustrating part is that one of the ladies that works there came up looked through the files (when mine was next) and then picked the one behind it and said "Im going to leave this one for Tracy." Then we waited another 15 minutes.

I suppose the most frustrating part for me is that I take my commitments and time very serious. But in total today I waited for an hour in waiting rooms. It was more stressful of a day than anything. I got my appointments done and thats whats important.

Is it only me that feels this way, though? Plus with a 2.5 year old waiting with you, it is hard to keep a little boy happy with minimal toys, and lots of time!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Here are a few pictures of Eli & Micah from last week. Its incredible how fast babies change!! And I didnt get too many Halloween pictures of Eli but here are a few to show you just how cute he was! I might have to check on Andys phone to see if he got any better ones!!

My 2 year old

November all ready! I cant believe it! Time is flying, and the seasons are changing! Although I hate the snow and cold, Im actually looking forward to it. With the change of seasons I feel like my life is in a season of change. Its exciting, and kind of scary! I feel like God has really been changing me. Its exciting!

Halloween was on Monday as most of you know, and we dressed Eli as a skunk. He loved it, was running around the house saying "Happy Hallowoooon!!!" We went to the local rec center and they had tons of stuff going on there! Eli loved it! It was a special time to spend together the 3 of us.

The other night I went over to visit my older sister and her husband as well as their little baby Micah. Eli loves his new cousin, and the things he says are too funny and beautiful all at the same time! He was sitting at the table eating supper and I was talking to my sister and brother in law. But I heard Eli kind of talking quietly, so I listened. "Dear God, thank you for Mummy, thank you for baby Micah. Amen." It warmed my heart, and it was the most beautiful thing I think Ive ever heard!

On Monday morning Eli came and woke me up, and told me "Just get up, Mommy!!!!!" "Mommy, just get out of bed!" So as I pulled myself out of bed he said to me, "Sip of milk, mommy?" I said, "You want some milk, Eli?" He replied, "Sip of milk from mommies boobie??" He watched my sister feed Micah last week when she was over visiting, so thats where he got it from... but I had to laugh, and told him no. He then asked why. I proceeded to tell him that God made it so mommies who have little babies have milk from their boobs to feed their babies, but that milks not for big boys like Eli. Oh man.

I love this age, however it is also very challenging. But so totally worth it!