Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Almost done

We're almost at the end of March, which means our life should settle down. I cant wait.

Yesterday we stopped into the duplex to clean out the left over garbage bags, and junk. My dad helped finish the crown molding in the kitchen this week, and the kitchen now looks even more incredible than it did before. We've finished all of the little odds n' ends jobs around the duplex, and today one was more thing done!! We've had new windows put in. Tomorrow the carpets are getting cleaned, and tomorrow night we do the walk through with our new tenants!

Im off to the ladies retreat this weekend, leaving my boys behind. Again, Ive said it before, I dont feel like I have the time to go but I know its important for me to get away and relax! So Friday afternoon I head off.

Because its spring break this week a lot of our regularly scheduled days are not on. So although its been a quiet week, its still be a busy week! All in all I cant complain! Ill be even more happy once this week is over, and we're into April.

Andy's birthday is coming up, so hopefully in April Ill be able to plan some sort of party or something! We'll see!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Home Pictures

Im sorry I havent posted in a few days! I came down with a cold last week, and am still having trouble kicking it. Started with a sore throat, and then runny/stuffy nose, and then a cough. Once I think Im on the mend, one or both or all three come back and I feel like Im being beat up by this cold! Unfortunately, this is the second time I've been somewhat sick in the last 2 months. Not too much I can do about it either... just upping my Vitamin C, trying to rest when I can, and thats about it. On top of that I havent been sleeping too well because I can't breath and when I can my throat is so dry and sore. If its not one thing its another. Owell!!

We had a very relaxing weekend, of continuing to get settled into our new home. Apart from not having any couches upstairs in the living room it feels like home. We put our couches downstairs where the TV is, which means 1) No T.V upstairs in the living room and 2) No couches upstairs in the living room. We did this on purpose as to hope we can cut down on the amount of TV Eli is watching. I think it has helped somewhat because if we're not downstairs, we're not watching TV, and its not even on for back round noise. Ive become really conscious of how much a bit of TV time adds up here and there.. at the end of the day it can be waaaay too much, and I dont like it.Eli is doing really well here at the new house. He always asks when we go out where the new house is, or if we can go back to the new house. We stopped into the duplex this morning and he was very quiet and asked if we could leave. The stress of Eli not adjusting well to the house was one of my biggest stresses, and it has gone incredible! Way better than I expected! We prayed alot about it, and had a lot of friends and family praying for the transition as well... So if you prayed for us, thank you so much! Lets hope the new addition of a baby will be that easy! ;-)

This afternoon I had a chance to meet a neighbor that lives across the street. Theres a high chance that I went to school with her daughter. This lady was out for a walk with her grand daughter, and said she was going to come over to meet us and let us know if we need anything dont hesitate to come over. I really appreciated this because we havent met anyone else on our street (not even out next door neighbors!) and I know the longer I leave it, the harder it'll be. When we were at the duplex & our new neighbors moved in, the first thing I did was bake some blueberry muffins and take them over when they were moving in. I dont think people really do that these days though. They dont go out of their way to meet their new neighbors, or extend relationships. A part of me is feeling a bit bitter that our neighbors on the one side havent come over to at least introduce themselves. Guess I could go over there.

Our new tenants move in this weekend, and to be 100% honest I cant wait for this month to be over. Its been crazy and busy. Once this month is over that means that life starts to slow down and we can get settled in. Duplex work is done, and our tenants will be in. We can relax, and enjoy our new home and getting ready for the new baby!

This week, I am 24 weeks along, and I cant believe how fast its gone. Im feeling really good, and had a midwifery appointment last week. Because Im RH negative (blood type) at my next appointment (28 weeks) Ill have to get some blood work done, and also get a shot because there is a risk that my body could see the baby as a threat and try to get rid of it because our blood types will probably be different. This pregnancy is quite different than with Eli, and so is this baby. He is a lot more quiet than Eli was. Eli was always on the move, busy, busy, busy... and if you know Eli now thats exactly how he is. Busy, busy, busy, lets always be moving. This baby though has its bouts of busyness, but for the most part seems very calm and quiet. We'll see if this reflects his personality when he's born.

Anyways, here are some pictures of our place from when we first moved in. Things have changed a bit, but you can kind of see what the place looks like.
 Hallway down to the bedrooms & bathrooms
 Eli's room, he moved all of his car decals over to his bed the first night we were in the house.
 This will be the baby's room, minus the nasty curtains! ;-)
 This will be our office
 Hallway to our room & bathroom
 Our bedroom
 Door to our bathroom, its only a partial, but I know a good plumber who has plans of putting in a great shower for us!
 Full bathroom, upstairs.
 Dining room
 These cabinets will be painted, new appliances will go in, and we'll also do new counter tops
 Living room with no couches, this is used mostly as a play room for Eli right now
 Back Yard
 Our TV/Rec room downstairs.
 My oversized laundry room, with more storage in the back
 Downstairs bathroom
 Another bedroom downstairs
 Another room downstairs, which will probably be used as an arts/crafts room

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Little Beans Cafe - St. Albert

This morning my girlfriend and I ventured into St.Albert to a new little place called Little Beans. Its basically a cafe with lots of kids equipment, and a train set. If you've ever been to Cafe O' Play, its the same idea, but with very different play equipment. More climb on structures. Little Beans is smaller though. I was shocked to find out that St.Albert has 2 little Cafe's like this, where you can take your kids to play, and have a coffee. Edmonton has 1 that I know of, and Sherwood Park has none. Not one. This really surprises me.

Like I said, Little Beans is smaller, but Eli was very happy to climb, and go down slides, play with the train table, and they even have tiny little toilets in the bathroom that made going to the bathroom very easy for Eli. Price wise, it was about the same cost when it was all said and done. $7 to get in (although for the month of the March it is $6 to get in.) They had fresh baking which was really nice, $2.75 for a mixed berry muffin, which was still warm, and a good size, and $1 for a chocolate chip cookie. When it was all said and done for snacks, tea, juice box, and admission to get in I probably spent about $15. I do find that fairly expensive, especially if you go to a cafe like that a few times a week. But Eli was happy to play, and didn't want to leave. My girlfriend had come and gone, and Eli was still happy to be there. I finally had to drag him out around 12:30pm, because we needed to get home for lunch and a well needed nap!

One thing I found really hard with this place was because the play structures are tall its hard to keep track of your child. When it's busy (which it was!) it makes it a bit harder to 1) make sure your child is treating other kids and 2) make sure your child isn't getting beaten on by anyone else

Which brings me to my next thing. I need your advice/thoughts.

There were a few times while we were at little beans that Eli had some run ins with a few other kids. Eli is not a very aggressive kid, and quite sensitive. Generally, if someone upsets him he'll start crying, or get upset and come to me. There were 2 or 3 older boys, and 1 girl I can think of that caused a few issues. One of the first boys was older than most of the kids, probably 6 or 7. It was very clear that he was causing issues all around, and at one point picked up the train Eli was playing with, ran a few steps and then chucked it onto the ground. Another time Eli was climbing up a ladder, and this boy was at the top, this boy stood there kicking his foot in Eli's face.This was 2 circumstances that I saw and dealt with. The mother was watching him but not fully as she was with 2 other moms. Another little girl (who was with another mom from the same table) at one point turned around and hit Eli bang square in the face not once but twice, and when I went up to her and told her hitting isn't allowed, she ran away from me.

Here's the last example. There were 2 boys who were brothers who were quite aggressive. One walked up to Eli while he was playing at the train table and swiped the trains right out of his hands and started playing with them. Another hit Eli, and a few other kids. The younger boy out of the 2 (probably around 5) kept walking up to everyone's table trying to drink out of juice boxes, and take their food. The mother was sitting with another mom, and she looked like she was closing a deal (maybe selling pampered Chef, or something along those lines) as she had a calculator out, magazine, and an invoice. My concern with this example is that multiple times that I had to go over to supervise or speak to her sons, she watched me, or her son hitting another child, and went back to what she was doing, and then would come over a few minutes later to check on things.

I know every kid has personalities, some are more aggressive, some are more sensitive. When you play in a public play place like this, you have to expect your going to run into confrontation with other kids. It happens. Even as adults we have confrontation with other adults but obviously we know (or most adults do at least!!) how to handle them appropriately. But here's my question. In a public play place like this where the parents are required to supervise their child, and they aren't as much as they should be, at what point is it appropriate to go over and say something to the parent/caregiver? If for any of these circumstances would it at some point be appropriate to go over and say something along the lines of "Excuse, but your son/daughter is being a bit aggressive with the other kids." Or, "Your son/daughter is trying to eat/drink our food."

What is the parent protocol with other kids and discipline. Is is appropriate if the parent isn't paying attention to their child to approach the child and tell them to stop their behavior or apologize? What are your thoughts. All of the circumstances above I didn't once approach any of the moms, but dealt (and I use that term loosely) with the child. Weather it be telling them that the toy they just took was Eli's toy he was playing with, or telling them we dont hit, or to be kind. Is this appropriate?

If your a mom of a more aggressive child, would it offend you if another parent came and approached you about your child if you weren't watching them as closely as you could be?

I'd love to hear your thoughts! Fill me in on how as a parent you handle these situations!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Our new Home

Well, its done. We are all moved into our new home. My duplex is clean, and I am NOT living out of boxes. I had someone say to me that the worst thing about moving is living out of boxes. Andy and I are all about getting the job done, and when we moved into the duplex it was the same thing. We were unpacked and settled into our home by the end of the weekend. This move was the same. Andy took Friday and Monday off, which means he's back to work tomorrow... but because he had so much time off we were able to start getting things in on Friday. My dad came over and helped all day on Friday and honestly between the 2 guys (Andy & my Dad) they had almost the whole place moved by Friday afternoon.

Friday evening we went to my parents place for supper & to spend the evening. Because most of the boxes and some furniture had been moved out of the duplex, it didn't feel like home, and neither did the house. So off we went to my parents place. It was a great evening. We then came home and crashed.

Saturday morning we were up by 6:30am, and Andy was busy loading a load of stuff into the van so it'd be ready for our helpful movers when they arrived at 9am. We also decided to rent a Uhaul truck to make our lives a bit easier. Had I known that Andy & my dad would have the almost everything except beds and a few other large items moved by the time our help arrived at 9am, I wouldn't have rented it. However, that being said it was one load in the Uhaul, and our place was empty on Saturday morning at 10:30am. My mother in law took Eli out for the morning. This was incredible helpful so that both Andy and I could get things done. My mother in law also started cleaning the basement, which got the cleaning ball rolling and I had a few great ladies helping me clean. By 12:00pm, my duplex was spotless, and clean!! Such a blessing. Then when we got back to the house, I soon found that the remainder of the boxes had been unpacked and furniture was being put together!! We have some incredible friends who helped us, and got the job done! They were done and gone by 1:30pm, and we were left to our new home!

I have to say the downside of our personalities and needing to have it all done is that we have been pretty exhausted the last few days, but Im happy to say that 72 hours into our new house, and there are only 2 boxes laying around.

Eli has done incredibly well! He loves it here, and when we have gone out over the weekend he asks if we can go back to the new house! He hasn't asked about the duplex, or anything like that. He has slept really well, and took to loving his new Disney Cars room. Ill post some pictures soon of our new little house! Just thought I'd update on how the move went, and how we're all doing!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Falling asleep

Our life feels a little crazy right now. Im living amongst a ton of boxes, and renovations. This past weekend Andy & his brother finished doing the drywall upstairs in the back entrance as well as the basement! It left everything covered in a thick film of drywall dust, but its worth it because the drywalling is done!!

Eli's sleep has been disrupted the past few nights, Im sure its because there is so much going on. The latest thing is that he's been falling asleep with the light on. I think I mentioned this before. The last few nights that he's fallen asleep with the light on, Ive taken a picture of him. Here are just a few!!

He decided to get himself half dressed!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Laugh your way to a better marriage - Mark Gungor

In our small group right now we're doing a marriage study. Its called Laugh your Way to a Better Marriage. Its by a guy named Mark Gungor, who is a comedian and a pastor. Honestly, this guy has a way of talking about marriage that is so funny, but so real! It is a video session that we're doing, and both Andy and I have really been enjoying it.

There is so much to learn for both husbands & wives. He is able to drive points home and speak directly to wives and husbands!

Andy and I have found that not only has this study brought up some incredible conversation about our marriage, as well as how we handle each other. But it has also improved our sex life. Not because all he talks about is sex (although he cracks some very funny sex jokes!!) but this study has helped me to learn more about Andy and him about me. We're making more of an effort to go out of our way to love on each other, and do the little things. Ive learned a lot about the male brain, and how they function but also why he is the way he is. And more so, that God actually made us so different for a very big reason!

We only have a few weeks of this study left, and the last few have been about sex. One of the topics that we'll be discussing over the next few weeks is the affects of pornography on your marriage. This study has been so beneficial for our marriage and I cant wait to finish it off. In a month or so we head off to another marriage seminar just the 2 of us, and I cant wait to learn more about how to better our marriage!

Seriously though you need to check out some of Mark Gungor's clips on you tube. Here is one for you to check out...its on mens & women's brains.... plus the differences.
You really should watch it.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

21 weeks, 1 day

Iam now 21 weeks. Where does time go? Seriously? Feels like this pregnancy has gone by so much faster than with Eli.

Im trying to enjoy this pregnancy as much as possible, because our plan is to only have 2 kids, and chances are this will probably be the last time Iam pregnant. Last week I had an acupuncture appointment, and spoke to my acupuncturist about the sciatic nerve issues I was having. She worked on me pretty hard, but I havent had the pain like I was having in over a week. At times my leg/butt will ache but not piercing pain like I was having!! This is such a relief!

Our little guy is busy in there. Im feeling him move around more and more! Im starting to feel it from the outside of my stomach, which is also neat for Andy to feel.

Last week I mentioned that Im starting to get itchy. Well this week, its waaaay worse. Last night I woke up scratching my stomach and sides. The amount of coca butter Im applying is making my stomach feel soggy, like it cant absorb anymore, however my stomach still itches!! Ugh. But Im trying to remind myself to enjoy the ride!

Here is a 21 week picture. Not great again, but here it is!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


 Andy came home from work yesterday, and told me about a rocking chair he found. He is working at the hospital right now, and its incredible the stuff that they get rid of. This chair was in the dumpster! Yes, you read right the dumpster. My husband pulled it out of the dumpster. The only thing that was wrong with it (that Im aware of, and hoping to my knowledge!! I keep envision that someone peed on it and thats why it was dumped. eeew.) was that it needed to be re glued on the base.  So he brought it home and took the entire thing apart, re glued all the pieces, and put in screws in. We washed the cushions, I sewed a few parts up, and gave it a really good wipe down, and this is what we have!

Not bad for free, right? We still havent decided to keep it yet, but it is comfy and nice looking! We'll see, but again not bad for free!!

Another Ultrasound - 21 weeks

Yesterday I had to go back for another ultrasound. Reason being because they didnt get a good profile of baby the first time around, and my midwife said if I wanted to go back to get it done again I could. So I did. The first ultrasound he wasn't in the best position, and wasn't really willing to move to a different position for her. This time around... same thing. He was in the same position, and even after having me pee, and move around a bit he still wasn't willing to budge. Unfortunately, this awkward position made it really difficult to get the shots that she needed. But after some time she got one or two pictures that she said the radiologist should be happy with. She also was able to get a better shot of his heart, that they didnt get the first time around.

 If your wondering what position he was hanging out in both times? His back was to my back. Basically he was looking at the technician straight on. At one point when she was showing me what she could see he was bootin' it around pretty good and had his hand up by his mouth, then he started opening and closing his mouth! It was so weird being able to see him moving around like that but especially his mouth! Make you realize that there actually is a little person in there! One of the first things she asked right off the bat was "do you know what your having?" I said, "Umm, is it a boy?" she said, "Yup, sure is." So with 2 technicians being able to tell us that, Im fairly confident that that information is correct!

She gave me a few more pictures ( at my request! Since Andy was there this time around) so here they are for you to see. I am officially 21 weeks today. Time is sure flying by, I cant believe it!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Wonderful Weekend

We had a great weekend! Andy didnt have to work (per say!) this weekend but we sure did a lot of work around the house! We finished off the flooring in the back entrance, put on new baseboards in the back entrance, as well as some of the kitchen and put on the door frame for the back door! These are all jobs that have been linger for forever, and finally their done!! It feels so good!! All that work took up most of our time on Saturday, so we decided to take Eli swimming in the evening. We know that generally he will get sick after we go swimming, weather it be the flu or ear infections in both ears, but he loves it so much!! To see him so excited and happy in the water is almost worth it (at least I say that now before he's sick!!)

Because we worked so hard on Saturday both Andy and I were exhausted come 9:30pm, and went to bed early. Andy was wide awake and ready to go by 6:30am, so he got up before Eli & I. Which worked out well for me because when Eli emerged from his room an hour later Andy was up already and I could stay in bed. I slept till 8:15am, until Eli came in and asked me if I wanted some tea. I came downstairs to chocolate/strawberry crepes all ready for me!! I cannot tell you how incredible it was to have someone make me breakfast! Usually, Im the one in the kitchen! aaaah! So nice. We then got ready and headed off to church. After church, Eli & his Nana went out for the afternoon on a date which left Andy and I at home by ourselves. It was a little weird, and very quiet! We went out and did some shopping, once again... for me. Andy took me to Thyme Maternity and he went in one direction, I went in the other, and by the end we both had a handful of clothes for me to try on! A lot of the stuff I tried on I wouldn't have picked out because of the price tag (can you say Hello expensive maternity clothes!! ugh!) but he insisted, and said it didn't matter! Nothing like having a great morning and afternoon to make you feel special!

Then last night, my mom and I went out to a movie. All in all it was a great weekend!! Only 10 days till we get possession of our house, and 12 till we move!! My house feels like its in shambles, and I feel like I have a ton of work to do! But I figure bit by bit we'll get it done over the next 12 days! Because we dont have tenants moving in until the 1st of April it also buys us some time as well!

I realized I hadnt posted pictures of our new little home. So for now Im only posting pictures of the outside, Ill post inside once we get settled and somewhat decorated! We are going to repaint the kitchen cabinets so we have a bit of work to do, and some painting, but nothing that is too crazy!!

We have so much coming up, and honestly Im counting down the days to each of them! Possession, moving, ladies retreat, Andys birthday, weekend in Banff at the Banff springs hotel, and then a month after that we're headed off to Banff as a family,just the 3 of us!! It will be nice once life quiets down a bit, but in the mean time we're along for the ride!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Daddy really loves you

On Wednesday night we have bible study with our small group. This week we had issues getting a babysitter, so small group was at our place. Usually Eli goes down pretty easy, but because he napped that afternoon he was up late and ready to party!! I didnt have intentions of him napping but I wanted him to have some quiet time. I put him in his room with a few cars, and did the whole nap time routine. I've figured out that if I go through the routine, he generally will play in his room for an hour or so then emerge and try to get up. But if I just put him in his room with no routine and tell him its quiet time, he tries to come out within moments of me closing the door, "Can I come out now!?" So I went through the motions of nap time, and sure enough he was out of bed within moments of me leaving. His light was on and he was playing cars. Perfect, thats exactly what I wanted. But within 20 minutes or so he was in bed, lights off, and asleep. Nuts. Not what I wanted!! I let him sleep for an hour, then opened the door to his room to let him wake up on his own as I went downstairs and got supper ready. I turned my music up quite loud and still nothing. So I decided to vacuum, still nothing. He was out like a light, finally I had to go up and wake him.

But because he napped he didnt want to go to bed early. Finally around 9:30pm, after 2 hours of our small group being there, Andy went up and tucked him in for one last time. This was after I went up a few times and he was butt naked with 3 pairs of socks on his feet. When Andy went up he was wearing a knit sweater my great aunt made and was very clear about leaving it on. Andy tucked him in, and said "Eli, Daddy really loves you." and Eli replied, "And I really love mommy." Then rolled over.

Kids are so funny!