Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lets do this!

Well, Jillian Michaels didnt really work out! I really didnt feel like working out once Eli was napping... excuses, excuses I know!

But, Andy has started working out a new 24/7 gym and he loves it! So he suggested that I start working out. It just so happens the guy he works out with has a wife who would also like to work out. So we were set up! Ive only met her twice, but we met up at the gym tonight and did some cardo and weights. We get a free 1 hour session with our new pass so we're really looking forward to that and making this work! I think if we have each other to be accountable to (and our husbands!!) then it'll work! This gym is super nice too, it even has a tanning bed (which is at an extra cost of course!) however its a good price (Only $34/month unlimited!) and if Im at the gym tanning I better be working out then! Right!? Maybe good motivation? We'll see! So this is my next attempt at loosing weight! We'll see what happens, but I really want to make this happen!

Eli is feeling much better today. Still not eating much but I suppose our little guy will eat when he's hungry, and he definitly ate at supper. We had stir fry & coconut rice, just in case you wanted to know! Today is going onto day 3 of no bottle. I washed the bottles up and put them away into the basement, and felt very sad while doing it!  My baby (who is really not a baby at all!!) is turning into a big boy! Next thing will be the big boy bed! Im so not ready for that!!

Anyways its getting past my bedtime. Im off!!

Monday, August 30, 2010


Okay so I realize I've written like a million posts in the past weekend, but I have to post this!

My little sister (who is not so little!!) is going away on a missions trip for close to 6 months! She leaves in just over 2 weeks and I cant believe it! Our little dolly is no longer a little dolly. When she was born Kristin (my older sister!) and I would play with Katherine like she was our doll. We loved putting her in a tiny little crib that was for our toys, and carrying her around. I even remember when she was born. We went to stay with a family friend, and I had a cold so I wasnt allowed to go see her, only through the glass could I look! I remember getting up in the middle of the night when mom went to feed her. Now our little dolly is going off on a missios trip to Montanna and her outreach will be somewhere across the world, she's thinking Nepal! I cannot believe it!

I remember when Kristin went and did her DTS, we dropped her off at the airport and I cried the whole day because she was gone. Off to Fiji she went! She was gone for 6 months too, and it did go by very fast for all of us!

Not to mention we'll be out a babysitter once Katherine is gone too!! Eli is sure going to miss his Aunty!!

She wasnt usually too happy with being dolly!

oh, how things have changed!

A New Day

Well Im happy to say Eli is feeling a bit better. He slept through the night, however I did not. I kept expecting Eli to wake up so I dont think I ever really fell asleep fully. Finally at 4:30a.m I got up to read and have some sleepy tea. That tea knocked me out and I slept great after that, and Eli slept till 8a.m!

He's still refusing to drink his bottle, he doesnt want anything to do with it. So now instead of asking how the heck I wean him from his bottle, how do I get him to drink some milk because he still needs that calcium! He ate some yogurt and quite a bit of rice cereal, and now he is obviously feeling better with some food in his tummy.

Lucky me, I have a sore throat now. Today is just going to be a quiet day for us. Andy went off for his first day of school and in 8 weeks (Lord Willing!!) he'll be a journeymen plumber! Very exciting! Once he's done school we have big plans! Our cabinets are in and we're hoping to buy a new car! We cannot wait! Life is looking great!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

From Teething to Flu

Well, I think our teething has turned into a flu bug. Eli woke up last night around 1:00a.m, and ate a few ounces of milk and then went back to bed. We werent up for 2 hours like the night before. He woke up a few times after that and just whined and fussed. We didnt go in, at this point theres nothing to do for him.

This morning we got up and went to church. He always does great in the nursery and he still did this morning despite feeling unwell. He had a few ounces of milk this morning, but is refusing to eat any sort of solids. He turns his head at the sight of food. My mother in law mentioned at church this morning that he looks like he's lost weight. The good thing though is he still is drinking lots of water. He is usually almost always willing to drink water if you offer it to him. I made some chicken broth to see if he'd eat it, but it wasnt going to happen. Again, he didnt even want to look at it! His color is off, and he is quite lethargic. He went down for his nap with no issue this morning after church. No crying or whining. I feel so bad for the little guy. He must be so hungry, which is why he's lethargic. Oh and did I mention his breathing is really shallow? He sounds like a panting dog. Andy and I are thinking he's doing it himself but it still stresses me out. Hopefully, when he wakes up from his nap he'll be willing to eat. Cross our fingers.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A day

Well, Eli is down for the night. He napped twice today, but boy was he crabby all day! He whined and complained non stop. Both Andy and I were feeling like we needed a break but unfortunately theres not much that can be done about that! Im hoping and praying that he is down for good, and there wont be any waking up. We'll see what happens. Just to be on the safe side, Im going to be early tonight.

Finally, this evening around 6p.m I suggested to Andy we take Eli swimming. He was miserable, and I didnt know what else to try. So we did. He loved it, except for the fact that he was shivering and his lips were blue! We sat in the hot tub for a bit with him to warm him up. It was so good to see him happy, and while we were swimming he even was making happy noises! Melted my heart! But, as soon as we were out of the pool he was back to being his unhappy, miserable self. We came home and he played for a bit and finally he went to bed. He didnt scream himself to sleep which surprised me. He refused to eat all day! He drank lots of water, but refused to drink his bottle (or even look at it!!) or each any sort of solids! Come tomorrow morning he is going to be one hungry little boy.

This afternoon I finished off my canning! I did some more pickles. Yesterday, my mother in law and I did carrots, pickles, and garlic! I was so proud of myself, so this afternoon I attempted to do some more pickles by myself! And it went great! Im so excited to try them, and so is my husband!

Luckily my aunt was able to give me the recipes and the low down on how to do it all, because if I hadnt talked to her about it I would've had no idea!! So thank you Aunty Lynda!! I cant wait to try them! I still have some brine left over so Im going to do a bit more garlic!!

Anyways, Im off to shower (because Im itchy as heck after swimming!!) and then into bed to sleep(hopefully!!)

Teething is

Very Hard!! On all of us. Not only our little guy but both his mom & dad! We were up Thursday night for 45 minutes because he woke up screaming, and then last night he was up for 2 hours! He cried and cried and cried when we tried to put him to bed. Finally at 2:30a.m, I took him for a drive and he was quite happy. When we got home at 3a.m he went to bed, but woke up at 6 then fell back asleep. Needless to say we're all feeling quite tired this morning. He's very moody and miserable! Just in time for the weekend. Im glad he does it on the weekend because then I have my great husbands help, but our weekends are shot then.

We were supposed to go out tonight on a date but I think Im going to cancel because he is putting up such a fight when being put down to bed, and he is so moody and miserable. Just not worth the stress of it. Ohwell.

Maybe tonight will be better!

Friday, August 27, 2010

The ball is rolling

Well the ball seems to be rolling. I have my braces booked for the first week of October and we're (Yes, We!! My mom is coming!!) heading to Waterloo Ontario shortly after that! Im looking forward to it. It'll be nice to get away, and Im hoping to be able to go to Niagra Falls and tour around there a bit.

Which brings me to the next thing. I would really like to have Eli weaned from his bottle by that time. He is old enough he doesnt need a bottle, but I just dont know how to even start weaning him. Im assuming cold turkey? I dont want to have to worry about having a bottle on hand and heating it up if he's hungry. He really shouldnt be needing it. But boy does he loves his bottles! So any suggestions on how I should do it? Can I still give him his bottle at bed, and only bed?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Family Pictures

We had my cousin do some family pictures for us. Not just my family of 3, but our whole family!! The pictures are incredible and I cant wait to recieve the rest!!
Heres a sneek peek!

Babys & Hospitals

So after reflecting quite a bit over the past week on my first birth that I had as a doula, Ive come to a conclusion about a few things. You may disagree with me on this but this is just my feelings that I have from my training and small experience!

Babies are not supposed to be born in a hospital.
That doesnt mean that they have to be born at home, as there are other options. Like birthing centres. As soon as we go to a hospital we're put in bed like somethings wrong and the best option is drugs and intervention. Oh your labors not progressing as fast as we want it to? Okay, lets put you on pitocen. Lets strap on monitors to your stomache so we know when your having a contraction, how close they are, how strong they are, oh and lets monitor babys heartbeat too. Im not saying that there is anything wrong with either of those things but they never use to have monitors or drugs. What about breaking the waters? Your body knows when to do that, your dr doesnt need to. Generally, your water will break about 8 cm's. On its own, without any help!

For example, with my client she had been having conractions off and on for a few days. They admitted her into the hospital but because she was "failing to progress" they put her on pitocen. Pitocen will make her contractions stronger, and quicker. I can tell you that because of the pitocen her uterus (while she was pushing!) was giving her false contractions. She thought she was having one, but she wasn't. They had to turn the drip down because her uterus was out of control. At that point too, her uterus is getting tired and is feeling overworked. A few other things about the pitocen. She was bed bound. She had to lay on her back the whole time she was there in bed. No walking, no sitting in the shower for pain relief, nothing! Laying on her back was the worst possible and unnatural position for her baby to work its way down the birth canal. Her body has no idea what the heck the pitocen was, and I believe thats why she had the lable "failure to progress." As a doula this is so frustrating!

A womans body is made and meant to have a baby. I dont believe your body will make a baby that you physically cannot deliver. Once you get the ball rolling with the drugs its one thing after another. Your body is trying to do what it needs to do and we interfere and try to help. Theres nothing natural or healthy about it.

My birth experince was exactly the same. 31 hours long, and very complicated. Would this have happened if I just allowed my body to relax and do what it needed to do on its own. Baby will come when its ready, if its not coming yet, its not ready!

I myself personally wouldnt have a home birth, however I have no intentions of having another baby (if we're blessed with another down the road!) in a hospital. I will have a midwife and deliver at a birth centre. There is a birth centre in stony plain and there is another openning up in Edmonton. This is very exciting. There are so many different options out there for pain relief and some of them are very radical... orgasmic birth? Yup it exists. There are books, and videos on it, as well as a movie coming out on it. Also, hypnobirthing... Ive heard some pretty neat stories on it as well! The opportunities are endless, but I can tell you I truly dont believe that babys are supposed to be born in hospitals, with monitors, and drugs... it causes stress on the mother and baby, thus resulting in higher labor and delivers with interventions (forceps, vacumn, etc.) and high rate of emergency c section.

Like I said at the beginning, this is just my opinion that I have from my training as well as experience. Id love to hear your thoughts on it!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


This week so far feels like its flown past! Maybe its because I dont feel as stressed as I did last week when it comes to not knowing when my clients baby is going to come.The unknown was really hard for me.
Remember how awhile back I went in for a consultation to find out about braces? Well I went in and got my second opinion at another orthodontists office here in Sherwood Park. And this place is close to $3500 cheaper when its all said it done, maybe more! Is that insane or what!? Its definitly obvious walking into this place that its not as "ritzy" as the other place, and you know the bib they tie around your neck at the dentist?? Yeah, they use a napkin... but they are $3500 cheaper so maybe I shouldnt complain! The consultation was cheaper too, almost by double but I was only in there all of 7 or 8 minutes. Regardless, the orthodontist said the same thing we need to pull 2 top teeth because theres not enough space, and braces on both top and bottom probably about 2 years. Im going to do it! I called this morning to book the diagnostic phase and they actually could get me in today! So thats good, after that I book getting the 2 teeth pulled and then go back from one more appointment and then I guess braces after that! Im thinking the braces should be on by the beginning of Oct. Ugh. Im excited but not! 2 years of wearing braces... ohwell.

Yesterday, Eli slept in until 9:00a.m so I decided he didnt need his first nap. He slept for close 2 hours in the afternoon but I had to wake up because we had to zip out for a bit to drop kath off at work. By the end of the day he was so tired and crabby we couldnt believe it! He ended up staying up until after 8p.m, but woke up this morning at 6:45a.m! This little boy definitly needs his 2 naps a day still at almost 15 months! Its crazy!

And, I've decided Eli and I are going to take a trip to Ontario. My great aunt and uncle live there, and are getting older. Their health is not 100%, and she loves getting pictures of Eli and hearing all about him. I make sure to send pictures every month or so. She doesnt have any kids so Eli is the closest thing to having kids. I wrote in my last letter that we'd like to come visit and she called as soon as she got our letter and said theyd love to have us and to book the flights! Well, its like a 5 hour flight to Waterloo with a layover in Calgary. For those of you who know our little boy I dont know how he will survive a 5 hour plane ride where he has to sit still, nor do I know how Ill survive! Lots of prayer, snacks, and maybe a portable dvd player (anyone have any other suggestions!? I need them!!) My mom said "Lots of babys go on plane rides every year, and it works out, it will work out fine for you too" Here's the thing. Id be going by myself. Andy will be in school so this would be the best time for me to go so he can focus on school. Im looking forward to going, just not the flight. I think we'll go for a week, and we actually have some friends in Toronto so maybe we might be able to go visit them for a day. Im sure Ill need a day or evening away from my aunt and uncle at some point! We'll see! So I think that Ill book the flight sometime this week.

Like I said, anyone have any tips for flying with an overactive kid who doesnt nap unless he'sin his crib,and doesnt cuddle please fill me in! Ill need it!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Baby is Born!

Okay, so you are probably all wanting the details of what has happened over the past 24 hours!

My client didnt call me on Saturday night as I expected she would. We got up around 8a.m, and I still hadnt heard from her in almost 12 hours! I thought for sure she had had the baby and I wasnt a part of it! She texted me around 10a.m and said they admitted her into the hospital and had her on the pitocin drip.

I arrived at the hospital for around 10:30a.m to see what was happening. She was working through contractions well. She had her music on and the lights were dim. I wasn't too excited about the pitocin drip, because the nurses wouldnt let her walk around, so she was bed bound! The pitocin (induction method to speed up contractions) was making her contractions strong and hard. She went from 0cm to 3 cm in an hour after they started the drip, so she had a nurse check her shortly after I arrived. Still 3 cm. She was very disappointed, but kept working through. I massaged her shoulders, her neck, stroke her arm to help her control her breathing, kept a cold washcloth on her forehead, and breathed with each contraction so she would keep control. Around 2:00p.m, I said I was going to go to the bathroom and grab a quick bite to eat. I was gone all of 20 minutes and when I returned she had gotten an epidural. I guess her dr. checked her and no progress. Still 3cm! So she needed an epidural, especially since her water had broken so the contractions were stronger. She was able to relax, and her dr came in and talked to her. The baby's heart rate was quite high (sign of stress!) and to top it off there was moconium (baby's first bowel movement.) in her water so the baby had gone poop in uterus. This is a sign that the baby at some point recently was stressed out. Not a good sign. On top of the stressed baby and her failure to dialate, the de said she'd give her an hour to do some dialating.

The hour went by and she was check. 9 3/4 cm! Within 15 minutes after that she was ready to push. She pushed for 50 minutes and there was no progress and the baby was still showing signs of stress. So she had an emergency c section. Its not how I expected my first birth to go, but the baby was healthy and fine when it was all said and done.

For me, this worked out so well.  I had been praying that God would work out all the details and He certainly did! Considering, she went into labor early Saturday morning and I didnt have to head to the hospital until Sunday morning that was great! I didnt miss any sleep! Andy was at home to take care of Eli and all the little details were great! I felt awesome being there. It felt very comfortable and natural to help her through her birth! They thanked me and her husbands parents said they had heard such great things about how much I had helped them! It felt good to hear that!

Im not planning on taking on anymore births for the time being because andy is going to school soon, but eventually I will!

Oh and they ended up having a boy! 8lbs 3 oz, Ari Jordan.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cant sleep

Its early in the morning, and Ive been awake for over an hour. I decided to go to bed early just in case I had to leave in the middle of the night.

I last spoke to my client at 9:30P.M before she was going to try to go to bed. She was still having contractions but nothing very regular. She told me she was nervous about the pain when the contractions really get going. Its now 4:00a.m, and I havent heard from her. As you can imagine a million and one thoughts are going through my head right now, and I am having trouble turning my brain off. I suppose too since I went to bed around 10P.M, that might be why Im having troubles sleeping.

Again, Ill keep you posted as to whats happening but right now there is absolutely nothing happening; except that I cant sleep and have been awake for the last hour and a half! So frustrating!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Labor time!

This morning Eli and I went over to a friends place to hang out with some moms from moms group that we met  close to a year ago! Its incredible how fast our little people grow! Each time we get together we make sure to take a picture of them sitting on a couch, same order, and everything! Its incredible to compare the pictures! It was an awesome time and visit! Boy do I miss those girls!

As our visit was coming to an end (around 12:00p.m) my doula client called and said she was at the hospital because she's having contractions but was being sent home because nothing was happening. She said she'd let me know if she needs me. Around 4P.M, she let me know she went back to the hospital and still nothing was happening, she had softened a bit but not much for dialation. The hospital told her that she could be back tonight or this could go on for days! She also got a shot of morphine so she could rest as she was feeling tired. Im excited, and have a feeling maybe it will be tonight. But Im nervous as a few doula's I spoke to have said their clients dont call them all the time when somethings happening. I know she'll call me when she needs me, but the what if still stands over my head! It'd be great if it happened this weekend so that Andy can watch Eli but we'll see what happens!
Keep you posted!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Sorry its been a few days since Ive last posted. Feeling a bit uninspired I suppose.

My life is kind of up in the air right now. Im waiting for my client to go into labor and to be honest I dont think its going to happen anytime soon. She has her dr appt on monday to find out what her dr thinks they should do. I have a feeling she'll give into being induced, but we'll see what happens. Im pretty much ready, just waiting for the phone call. Unfortunately, my biggest stress is still having someone watch Eli. I do have people to call, but there are alot of days that their not available and it just happens to be right over the week that Im thinking things will start to get moving! I know it will all work out its just the unknown and making sure that Eli is taken care of.

Andy starts school in less than 2 weeks and we're very excited but with this comes the financial stress. Because he wont be working we'll be living strictly off of his EI and thats it. I know everything will work out, heck last session he went to school we had more money than we usually do, but again the unknown is the hard part. Once he's done school though we'll get a grant as well as the money from his school.

So, the latest thing with Eli. Im pretty sure he's getting to the point where he doesnt need his bottle. I know I said it awhile ago, but now I think it even more! He often will sign for milk, so we make a bottle feed him (which he only will drink a couple ounces!) and then once he's done he wants to walk around and just take swigs of milk out of the bottle! He's been doing this for a few days! A swig here, a swig there. Its really quite funny. So we need to figure out what the next plan of action is bottlewise!

Can you tell whats wrong with this picture?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Kettlecorn Popcorn

I found this recipe online and its a huge hit!! I love it!

You should probably try it, its easy and so good. I will never buy kettlecorn popcorn at the market anymore!

Try it out!! Let me know what you think!

Homemade Kettle Corn
1/2 cup popcorn

1/4 cup vegetable or grapeseed oil

3 tablespoons sugar

Salt to taste. I think I used between 1/2 and 1 teaspoon.

•Heat oil in a large, heavy saucepan over medium heat. Make sure that it’s a pan that you can easily lift and shake in the air. Yea… you’ll also want to have two pot holders on hand.

•Once the oil is hot, pour in the popcorn, sprinkle sugar on top and cover.

•It will take a few minutes for the first pops, but once the popcorn starts popping, shake continuously until the popcorn is popped. This means that, once the popcorn really starts going, you’ll want to grab the pot with your pot holders, securing the lid, and shake the pot above the flame of the stove for a few seconds, return to the heat, and repeat this process several times throughout the popping process. This will prevent the popcorn from sticking to the bottom of the pan and burning.

•Transfer to a serving bowl and salt lightly. Mix with a big spoon. The sugar will still be hot, and the popcorn may be sticky. Don’t burn your hands on hot sugar. The popcorn will dry as it cools. Makes 8-10 cups.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Eli's 1st haircut

Last night after supper, Andy and I sat at the kitchen table watching Eli toodle around playing and getting into everything! We decided that it was time to give him a haircut. He doesnt have alot of hair and since its so light it doesnt look to insane but since it was growing over his ears, we decided it was time to attempt his first haircut.

He didnt mind it at first. We sat him in his highchair and he just wanted to look at the clippers as we started cutting his hair. The first side we did was no problem, but the second side he lost it. Screaming. I think what upset him at first was the hair in his oneside that was itching him. Finally, andy held him down and I just went to it. Its not hard to cut a childs hair when he screaming and thrashing everywhere! We gave it a break and then went back to it a bit later. He did well the second time around, we let him sit on the bathroom counter and play with the water in the sink.

Is it normal to feel a bit sad after cutting your babes hair for the first time? And is it wierd that I saved his hair in a little baggy? Wierd??

We went off to Andy's cousins wedding today (which was beautiful!!!) and we had a ton of compliments on his hair. I guess we did a pretty good job!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Why me?!

I've put a few adds on Kijiji the past little while getting rid of some things that we have collecting dust. One of them being a bunch of gift bags and tissue paper from the baby presents we received over a year ago! I had a lady say she would like to pick them up and showed up this afternoon. I wasnt expecting her to come but there she was. She handed me a tupperware of raspberries and let herself into my home.

She commented on the wall decals we have and then came and looked at our pictures on the walls, "Oh you have a baby, is he walking?!" "Yes, he's 14 months..." she says "Oh I have a grandaughter who was born last april and she still isnt walking, she has health issues, and is very sick." I say "Oh Im sorry to hear that." Andy brings the bags up and I take them from him, she then sees the laptop sitting on the computer and sits down beside and starts talking about her adds on kijiji and says that she has no idea how to use them and is so computer illiterate. She's sitting on the couch looking at the computer as I walk over to the door (hoping she'll get the point...) and she asks me to help her with her adds, "Im sorry we're about to walk out the door shortly." "Oh, okay, well ya see the reason . . ." and she goes off and tells us all about how her and her husband are deathly ill, and they're in and out of the hospital and they need help and they have heart attacks happen all the time in their family... she told us how her brother had a heart attack, her brother in law, her sister, on and on... and then she mentioned how the other side of her family is very sick and they have serious issues with commiting suicide!!! On and on she goes, and she hints at me helping her to search up some information to get help for medical research for their family, on and on... she stood at the door for 10 minutes talking. As soon as she mentioned the suicide issues in their family it was a red flag and I felt in my spirit she needed to leave. She mentioned again that she had no idea how to use the computer and needed help, I said "Well I guess the first place to start is taking a computer class then, hey!?" Trying to change the subject and just get her out. "Oh I have no time for that, we're in and out of the hospital all the time I was just there yesterday . . ." and she goes off. Finally I said, "Well Im very sorry to hear that." And opened the door, she eventually stopped talking and walked out after we said goodbye.

Seriously, why me!? I very strongly felt that we were being attacked spiritually, as soon as she mentioned the suicide stuff there was a thought in my head that said "Get out!" I know it sounds bad, but I just needed her out. I didnt invite her in and yet she still came and sat on the couch and looked around our house! As soon as the door closed Andy followed me into the kitchen and said, "I think we should pray, there was something spiritually off there." I love it when this happens because its total confirmation that my spiritual intuition was correct. We prayed against anything that may have been not right and asked for protection and guidance.

I have a feeling she is going to try and contact me through email so I need God's guidance.

I know it sounds so cliche but what would Jesus do in this situation??

Why Hello Pandora's Box

Well its happened, Pandora's box has been opened. Things have been quiet for the past few days, in terms of the neighbor lady I mean. Well this morning before 9a.m (which means she definitly was looking through our window to see if we were up and moving!! ;-) she came and knocked on the door. I saw her walk up so I opened the door before she even knocked "Oh, wow Im amazed you saw me coming over here again! The reason Im here is Im wondering if I can borrow $10 before payday tomorrow?" Lucky for me, we never carry cash so I didnt have any money but even if I had I wouldnt give her any. I simply but firmly said, "I dont have any money to give you, sorry." "Oh okay, well I havent had my coffee yet this morning so thats why I dont really seem awake yet." And off she went. It starts off with a bag of coffee and then $10 and continues on from there, I have to say no at some point right?

So frustrating. But why bother letting it get to me.

Yesterday, was my birthday so we went out for wings later in the evening after Eli was down. We went to Hudsons and it was a really nice time. My younger sister and her boyfriend joined us. It was a really nice time. This weekend Andy has planned a bbq (the one that was supposed to be a surprise, but I ruined!!) with all our family and friends. Its going to be a nice time having our friends and family over just to relax and be together. Tonight, we're going over to my mother in laws for supper for my birthday. Its tough to go out in the evenings with Eli especially a bit later but Andy and I have gotten a good handle on Eli when he's tired and we're out and about.

Enjoy your day!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One nap a day boy

Its happening, Im sad, but happy at the same time. Eli has decided he is a one nap a day boy all of a sudden. Yesterday, I put him down in the morning and he slept for 2 hours... then around the usual time between 2-3p.m I put him down for his second nap. It wasnt going to happen. He was quiet for half an hour or so and then was awake and ready to get up. He was happy when he got up so I really was fine with it.

Well this morning he was cranky around his usual time, I put him down for his nap, and he had no part of it. I got him up and fed him lunch and then we went out for the afternoon.

Its 2:00P.M now and he's in his crib however it sounds like he isn't very happy to be in bed. Great. Our awesome napping little boy has turned into a boy who doesnt want to nap! Awesome. we'll see what happens.

I have to go out and clean my car so I think I'll head out there soon, its easier to be outside for the first bit of his nap so I dont have to hear him whine until he falls asleep. Is that bad? Ohwell, I guess!

Last night I went for my accupuncture service. Wow, its quite different. Good though, I'm going back in 2 weeks. I felt totally relaxed after she was done, and today I feel great. Apart from the hickey looking spots on my back I have no complaints! The spots on my back are from whats called scraping. Basically its working on a knot that has formed in a muscle that doesnt have good blood flow, she works over and over until its gone and the hickey is from the bad blood flow. Wierd hey? Totally neat how the body works though! The needles itself was pretty wierd too, I felt a slight prick of it going in and that was the most painful part, sometimes I'd feel it a bit deeper sometimes not. There were a few times where she'd say, "Ok, tell me when you feel a twinge." And then she'd tap a bit more and TWINGE!!! It feels like when you hit your funny bone but that same feeling your back, so wierd!! Neat how simple medicine like that can make you feel good.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I've been putting off getting groceries for too long now. Off we went to Superstore today. I didnt go to the one in Sherwood Park though, their doing renovations again and the last time I found it really hard to get through and find what I needed. There is a Superstore about 7 minutes (yes 7 minutes!!) from our place just outside of Sherwood Park. It feels very big compared to the other one Im used to, but off we went.

I will continue to go back there thats for sure! It was great! It wasn't too busy, easy to get around, everything was posted clearly and super easy to find. The checkouts weren't really busy, and I got through really fast! They even have a deal of the week which was tylenol for $3.99. Then I got a coupon for $.30 per litre off of my gas purchase, AND as I was walking out the door I have a lady stop me and tell me that if I switch all our perscriptions over to Superstore everytime I get anything filled I'll get a $10.00 superstore gift card! Not bad hey!?

Eli did well too, he was happy to make noises and chat away!! I love it when he's like that! Such a happy boy these days, makes my heart full of joy!

Here are some pictures of Eli helping me clean this morning!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Pandora's Box

Our day went by really fast! I dont know what was different about today, but it was a really good day!

Eli slept in until 8a.m, and then went back down for around 10:15a.m, he slept until close to 12p.m, and we went out to pick my sister up. Then we made a quick trip to wal mart, came home had some lunch and Eli was back in bed by 2:30p.m, and slept until 4:30p.m. Im wondering when this 2 nap a day thing is going to end. I enjoy the 4 hours a day of quietness however it makes things very difficult to get together with people or get out in the day. We basically have a 2-3 hour time frame between 12-3 that we can do something! Im not complaining, but its hard to have a life!

So, I think I've opened Pandora's Box. My neighbor from across the street came over yesterday as I was cutting the lawn to tell me how great out new door looked. I said thankyou and she said "So your landlord must be happy that you did this!!" I replied, "Oh actually we own it." Neighbor: "Oh really? So your parents must've helped you." Me: "No, we bought it ourselves on our own." Neighbor: "Really? Well you did a great job on the door, it looks awesome!!" So our conversation continued on, and I basically learned her whole life story and most issues she has in her life. I happened to mention andy is a plumber, and she said they're having some issues. Well we finished our conversation and that was that. Today she stopped by and asked if andy could come look at the issues, but the catch was that if her husband came home andy has to say he's from the rental company because she doesnt want him to know shes paying for it and not the landlord. Okay, so then she mentions that her husband has anger issues. Great! I told her that I wasnt very comfortable with that because what happens if her husband sees andy cutting the grass or driving home one day and puts it together, then what? "Good point, okay never mind Ill call our plumber, oh by the way do you have any coffee? My husband used the rest of ours and I dont have any left and I asked all the neighbors but they said they dont drink coffee, could I borrow some from you?" Me: "Sure." I pull out our folgers coffee, grab a ziploc fill it half full. "Oh actually could you fill it all the way to the top? Ill bring you a bag back once we get some." So I filled it and she went on her way.

Im just hoping I havent opened pandora's box and now she's going to come over here everyday. I think she's very lonley and they dont have alot of money. Really sad. Maybe Im just supposed to love her. We'll see what happens! Keep you posted!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Amazing Race

It has been a very very quiet weekend!! I used to be such a busy body, always wanting to be out... however that has changed. I surprise myself sometimes!

We did alot of relaxing and hanging out at home, which seems like we have started doing every weekend!

So here is a story! The small time that I did get out on Saturday was to go to Julio's Bario on Whyte ave with my sister who was surprising her husband of a trip to mexico for their 4 year anniversary! Kristin had the trip booked for close to 6 weeks and pretty much everyone knew about it except for him. So what she did was send him on a scavenger hung, exactly like the amazing race. She made clues and dropped them off at the locations the day before... we're talking all over Edmonton. Jason's friend showed up at the first location and off they went. Jason had no idea what he was in for. They went off to a friends house, La Senza, 2nd cup, the wee book in on whyte ave, and more! The final location was Julio's where on the clue it said to find a familiar face. So there we were waiting. He got his next clue which was to order a drink, and once he did the waitress gave him the final clue. A word scramble. It spelt out the words Playa Del Carmen. Once he figured that out, Kristin pulled out their laptop for a video. She had their friends who is extremely incredible at doing media videos. He pretended to be the guy from the amazing race. You know when the first team comes in and he does the speel? "Congratulations Jason, as the first team through this leg of the race you have won a trip to Playa Del Carmen! (A picture of the resort comes up!) Thats right Jason, you've won a 7 nights all inclusive, all expenses paid trip to Playa Del Carmen. But dont pee your pants just yet Jason thats not all, your going with your wife of 4 years Kristin, and you leave tomorrow, yes thats right you leave tomorrow morning!!" He was so shocked! It was the coolest thing ever! Kristin got his time off work, booked the trip and they were leaving in less than 12 hours from when he found out!!

Im so jealous of them! Its crazy! I dont think any anniversary surprise can top what Kristin did! So their in mexico right now as we speak enjoy the 35 degree weather that actually feels like 45 degrees! Yikes!

Can someone tell me how the weekends go so fast though? Its like Friday comes and then Sunday arrives right away!

This morning we went off to church and were supposed to be in the nursery. Lucky for us we didnt have to so we got to go and enjoy the service! It was awesome. There was a guest pastor speaking and it was very powerful! It was on weather christians are hypocritical, as well as a few other things. I felt empowered by what he said, and it reminded me that Jesus just loved people... thats what Jesus did. Love. I need to learn that better!

Hope you all have a good week!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Ben Harper & Edmonton Folk Festival

Well last night was our date night! Remember how I said I was going to keep it a secret? Yeah, didnt happen. Andy walked through the door on Tuesday and I told him right away. Im the worst at keeping my own secrets, other peoples... no problem, mine... not going to happen!

Because of these measels Eli's had, he hasnt been exactly the most content baby on the block. Quite whiney and tired. Our days this past week have consisted of getting up between 7:30-8:00a.m, and then Eli's back down for a 2 hour nap by 9:00ish usually, he sleeps for 2 hours, gets up for an hour or two and goes back to bed for 2 hours! In crazy how much he's sleeping! Thats okay though!

So yesterday he was quite happy most of the day, until after his 2nd nap. He was whiney, and very discontent. Katherine & James were going to be babysitting and I felt like I was going crazy being with Eli, so I felt pretty concerned for them. Also not to mention the past few nights Eli has gone to bed screaming himself to sleep, and refusing to drink his bottle (Im wonering if he's weaning himself!? This wouldnt be so bad!) So we left around 5:00p.m, and as soon as we left we started praying immediately. We prayed that God would calm Eli and whatever issues he was having that it would be fixed... Katherine said he was very content the whole night. He refused to drink his bottle but he let out only one cry when put to bed and that was it!! God is good!!

The Folk Festival was incredible! When we got there, there were a few people wanting tickets and we thought we steep really high and see if we could make some money, Im thankful no one did because it was one of the best dates we've had in a long time! Taking in the people, the weather, the experience, music... awesome!! When we got there we put our blanket down amongst the other blankets and tarps, and decided to go get something to drink. We got a pitcher of beer and sat on the grass and just talked and had some beer! I dont remember the last time we just sat and talked like that . . . the best part for me is that I love people watching and let me tell you this was the best place to people watch and chat!!

Ben Harper was the last show of the night, and the best by far! He is an incredible performer, very down to earth. He said Edmonton was very inspiring to him (?!) and he loved it! The Edmonton Folk Festival does this thing for the evening shows where they light candles and have them lit for the show in the dark. I get goosebumps thinking about it, but Ben Harper said ever since he was a child he imagined a show like that, and Edmonton fufilled that dream for him, and he would be talking about Edmonton for a very long time! How cool is that!?

The neatest thing is that he played some old songs, some good classics. One of the ones is talking about the power of the Gospel and I couldnt but help feel like he was worshipping while singing. His music is very spiritual, and I felt honored to be there and take the experience in. Andy enjoyed it immensly too! We decided that we want to attend the folk festival next year for sure!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Well, I've self diagnosed us... along with the help of a few facebook friends! Eli has Roseola. It makes sense from what people have told me, and what Ive read online, as well as the pictures look like what he has.

It starts with a high fever, and then once the fever breaks the rash comes up a day or two later. Thats exactly how its happened!! Poor guy woke up last night a few hours after we put him down. He was not happy, and couldnt stop screaming! Finally, we put him down to bed and he cried himself to sleep. I laid in my bed crying too, as I listened to my little boy try to catch his breath from crying so hard. I hate that!!

Seems like he never gets a break! Ohwell I guess... should take a day or two before the rash goes down, but its just a matter of waiting it out the pediatricians nurse said! Keep you posted!

He's still pretty cute, despite the red rash!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It was worth it . . .

Well after a somewhat quiet weekend we're into the week! Sunday night went alright, Eli woke up a few times, let out a few cries and then went back to sleep. When he woke up on Monday morning though we thought we were going to be in for another tough day. But once Eli woke up from his first nap he was happy. We had a completely different baby on our hands. It was so nice! We stayed home the whole day just doing things around the house.

We've started doing renovations on our basement which we're totally excited about! For the past year or so its just been wasted space down there. A storage place for all our extra junk! The fire place is gone, as well as the back wall that was there. We're happy to see it out of there, and excited to get going with our new plans! It shouldn't take long. On our date night that we had on Saturday night we looked at carpet, and Im totally excited about putting new (cheap!!!) carpet down there! We're also planning on moving a wall back and its just totally openning it up! Its been fun for Andy and I to work on it together (for the most part!!) I can only do so much...  But these little (or rather large!!) projects that we do really makes me thankful for a handy husband!

This morning Eli woke up early, considering how late he went to bed. He went to bed (by his choice, not ours!!) around 9p.m, and up before 7a.m!! He was tired, and crabby, so I fed him breakfast and back down to bed for 2 hours! I also went back to bed. We went out to the library and mall for awhile and then came home. I picked up some teething tablets and they seem to be working. Homeopathic so its worth a try!

While he was playing we played the game of bite mommys finger, it wasnt too bad because I was trying to see if he has any new teeth in there. And sure enough!!!! 2 top molars are poking through one each side! I can understand the high fever and crankyness. It makes me feel a bit better now, knowing that all that anger he had was for a better good!

So . . . keep this on the down low, and I can put this on here because Andy doesnt read my blog, but the folk festival is this weekend, and when tickets went on sale Andy was really excited because Ben Harper is one of the artists. Well tickets sold out, and we never got any. He was disappointed. One of the girls I worked with at Perugia just so happened to have tickets for the Thursday night show (when Ben Harper is on!!) and Im getting them from her! Im so excited, and Andy is going to be surprised! Im not going to tell him until Thrusday night until he gets home from work. Cross my fingers I can keep it a secret. Im not good at my own secrets, I get too excited and blab! So we'll see! It'll be a great night!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

What a night!

Yesterday, Eli was quite moody. Chances are it was his teeth but after his second nap he woke up with a fever. Mom came and picked him and took him to church so we could go out on a date. It was a nice evening for us. We went to dinner and then home depot to check out a few things, and out for a drink. It was a nice evening.

When we got home mom said he hadnt had anything to eat from his bottle, (which means he hadnt eaten since about 5:00P.M) and he went to bed around 9:15ish. I decided after mom left to go up there and give him his bottle. He sat up, looked up at me, so I picked him up fed him his bottle and back down he went. Around 11:30P.M about an hour after we went to bed, Eli woke up screaming. We went in, and he was burning up. His temperature was 39.1 degrees. The health nurse told us that if it hits 41 degrees we need to get him to emergency. Finally around 12:30a.m, he went back to bed. But then around 1:30a.m, he woke up again screaming. After giving him some tylenol and advil he went to bed at 2a.m, and then slept the rest of the night. He woke up without a fever (Thank God!!)

I dont know if the issue was his teeth and he was teething, but it was nice a fun night! Cross out fingers that the rest of the day goes alright, and into this evening!

We were planning on doing some painting on the window trim, but after our rough night, and the amount of mosquitoes there are out there we started one window and that was that!! I couldnt do anymore!!

We'll see how the rest of the day goes!