Sunday, February 28, 2010


We've had a good weekend!

We finally got to try out Victory Church, the church we've been wanting to try out for quite awhile. We have some family friends that attend there, and they've had nothing but great things to say about this church! Currently Victory is doing renovations, and by the sounds of things once their done its going to be a pretty nice building for their church! Lots of work to do, but its all being done by volunteers. How cool is that, hey? The service starts at 10:30 which of course is right when Eli should be napping. We were able to put him down for 45 minutes before we left so that was good. They do have a nursery there for babies, so when you decide you want your baby to go in there they'll get the nursery working to head in. We held onto him for the whole service. By the end he was ready to go, and I had to hang out in the foyer with him.

The worship was good. Reminded me of what I'm used to. Lots of clapping which I really like! We had so many people come and introduce themselves to us, which I really appreciate! By the time we left the church I couldn't remember half the peoples names however everyone was so welcoming! I dont remember the last time I attended a church like this!! The relationships you make at church are often what keeps you coming back!

I had e-mailed the church earlier in the week just to ask about the nursery, and I had Pastor Emilie e-mail me back. During the worship she actually approached us and introduced herself and she gave me a big hug. Throughout the rest of our time there she introduced me to other women with children, and told me about their plans for the church! She also mentioned the fact that she had heard I used to help lead worship. She was very kind, and made us feel so comfortable!

They had a guest speaker this Sunday, and I ended up missing half the sermon because Eli was fussy, but we've decided we'd like to go back next Sunday and hear the regular pastor preach. I've heard that he is just a great speaker!

We came home this afternoon, had some lunch and then we all had a nap for a good hour and a half! So nice!

Andy starts school tomorrow for his plumbing apprentice. We're very excited for him to go, but its going to mean I'm going to really have to take alot of responsibility with Eli because Andy will have to be studying after school. Its only 8 weeks so just as soon as we all get into our schedule and used to our roles while he's in school, he'll be back to work! Just our luck!

Financially, both Andy and I will be on EI so its going to be tight, and we're both feeling stressed at this point. The unknown is always stressfull, but I know and trust we'll be okay!

Also, I've called the pediatricians office and have had Eli's dr. appointment moved up to Wednesday. I have a feeling I'm going to have to be very direct with his dr. because he's usually in and out pretty quick. I want to get down to Eli's congestion issues, and I keep telling myself that as his parents we have to be his advocates and stand up for him!

Hope your all having a good weekend!

Friday, February 26, 2010


I've come to learn over the past almost 9 months that one thing alot of moms struggle with is GUILT. Including me. If its not one thing its another. If you were to ask a few of my close mom friends they'd be able to tell you the one thing I feel the most guilt over. Not breastfeeding longer.

When you have a baby nurses, doctors, midwives, doulas, etc. tell you how important it is to breastfeed. All the pro's and barely no cons. Its easy! If you have breasts then you can breastfeed! Throughout my pregnancy I said "I'm going to strictly breastfeed, no formula, no bottles!" Eli latched on no problem after he was born. "He's a natural!" One of the nurses said. Yeah right. I nursed for 4 months. 4 long months, lots of tears, frustrations, questions and finally I gave up. I didn't know where to turn to help. My dr. told me to look into a few books by the La Leche League, but no doctor, nurse or instructor from my prenatal class mentioned where I could see a lactation consultant, or weather it was free., or where I could find some support. So I continued to nursing in my own shame. "Why can't we do this, Eli!? It shouldn't be this hard!!"

Our issue(s)? Most of all I had too much milk, and an overactive let down. He'd latch on, start to eat happily, take a huge gulp, start choking and refuse to go back on. At first I thought he was just really hungry. He nursed like I was going to take it away from him, but I quickly realized that he couldn't control the amount he was taking in. I suppose I would refuse to eat too if something was poainful and not enjoyable. He also struggled to latch on. Eli is a fussy eater, plain and simple. Distracted.

Everyone has their own 2 cents on how your supposed to do something, weather its feeding, parenting, sleep training, what toys or books to have, etc... and often times they have no problem telling you what they think. Clearly the feeding and nursing issues was a sore subject and I had someone tell me what their thoughts on how I fed my son. Two words to describe how I felt. Shattered, and GUILTY. I tried pumping and bottle feeding for a while but it got to be too much, and I couldn't keep up.

One of the reasons I bring this up is because breastfeeding is supposed to help your baby not get sick as often. If you've kept up on my blog you'll know that Eli has been sick alot in his short life. 4-5 colds, and 2 ear infections in 8 months! And finally today (a week after he's been off his antibiotics, and the cold was finally gone.) his runny nose and cough is back. I'm at my wits end, and I'm doing everything in my power to hold it together. We use nasal spray before every nap, every bottle, and bedtime. And as of lately he's been waking up at 5a.m because he cant breath through his nose. When he crawls his mouth is always open. Mom mentioned that possibly he has breathing issues, and I didnt notice or think of it (always putting it off as "just a cold.") until she mentioned it. Then this morning as I was talking to a close friend she said that she had noticed his breathing issues, and also had a sneaking suspicion as my mom did.

When I was younger I had to have my adenoids removed. For those of you who dont know what they are, they're glands that help protect us from getting sick. Because they trap bacteria they can get swollen when they try to fight infection. They can become so overwhelmed by bacteria invasion that they become infected themselves. Thus causing a runny nose, ear problems, snoring at night (which babies should not have!), sore throat, trouble swallowing, and swollen glands in the neck. Eli has most of those issues.

I automatically blame myself for not breastfeeding longer. "If only I had breastfed longer, maybe he wouldn't be sick all the time." I know that thats not true, however its hard not to think it and automatically the GUILT comes flying back. Clearly thats my own issue, but its hard not to think about.

We have Eli's 9 month check up with his pediatrician next week, and I'm going to request that we get refered to an ear,nose, and throat specialist to figure out the problem. I'll keep you posted on what he says, but for today thats my emotional rant.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A busy day . . .

Dad called this morning. He came in for a page in first thing this morning and didnt end up staying very long. So he came by for some coffee! He ended up hanging out for close to 2 hours. It was nice to have some company in the morning. We had breakfast together (oatmeal and a cup of coffee) and then he helped me do the dishes and tidy the kitchen up, which I appreciate so much! I love my Dad soooo much! What a blessing!

Today Eli and I could potentially have a busy day. You know the days when you could do some errands but nothing that is pressing to the point where it has to be done? One of those days, however I'm feeling like I have the drive to go out and do a few errands so I might as well! He's been down for a nap for an hour and half, and I'm hoping he'll sleep another half hour.

Andy starts his 3rd session of school on Monday. He is almost done his apprenticeship and we're so excited! Monday will be tight but we've been saving for awhile. And as I mentioned before I know God will take care of us, and financially we'll be okay! We'll have to obviously live on a tighter budget but we can do it. My maternity leave is done in 13 weeks which means my EI is also up. This is going to be a stressfull time but I'am so confident that we'll manage! A friend actually told me about income support for apprentices' so I'm off to pick up a form for it today! Its a very in depth application, as in you have to write in every little detail when it comes to how you live. Mortgage payment, cell phone bills, living expenses, groceries, clothes, haircuts, gas, insurance, etc . . . and apparently there is a booklet that goes along with it, and the lady I spoke to about the application said to read it very carefully. The more information the better. Lord willing we will qualify for this, but we'll see. It takes 4-6 weeks to be processed.

Also, one thing I'm very excited about. I came across an edmonton childrens magazine, and they had some support information in it. One place they talked about is actually in Sherwood Park, and get this its on my street!! We've driven past it everyday and I always wonder what the place is. Its called Parents' Place Association of Sherwood Park. They have breastfeeding support, birthing classes, postpartum support, and the list goes on. These courses may not apply to me directly but my thoughts are there may be a chance I could get involved and have some of my hands on doula training hours done with an organization like this! There is also an organization called Terra Association. I'm sure some of you have heard of this association. They serve pregnant and parenting teens. They're also looking for birth support volunteers! Seems like the doors are openning in all the right places. How blessed am I!

Mandi thanks for the comment you left yesterday! It was awesome to read, and its so true to be excited about something that you feel passionate about! Cant wait to see how you put your interior design skills to work!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A picture says a thousand words

Ooops, a little accident. Need I say more?

A little bit of squash never hurt anyone . . .

This is Eli's supper. He does this thing where he needs to put his fingers in his mouth once he has a full mouth of food, and then he rubs it all over his face. I stopped arguing with him after awhile. Squash is supposed to be good for the skin right?


I love Wednesdays! Its half way through the week which is great! But on Wednesdays we go to Heartland church and do bible study! They have child care and Eli loves it! So for 2 hours in the morning I get to sit and talk with other woman without a baby! We get home around 11:30a.m, and Eli is ready for his nap. Usually he'll sleep for 2 hours! So not only do I have the morning to myself but all he wants to do when we get home is sleep! Its great!

The women that I've built awesome relationships with at Heart 2 Heart are incredible! They're older than me, and their kids are a year or more older than Eli but I feel like they're willing to give any advice when I ask, and they are such an incredible support system! I wasn't sure at the beginning of H2H how it would work out, but I'am so blessed by these ladies! AND I have to mention the number of women that are pregnant at H2H is incredible! I think there are more pregnant woman than not! One Wednesday I looked around and I could count 8 pregnant ladies and that was just that I knew of! Insane! Which brings me to my next thing . . .

No I'm not pregnant, dont even think it!! After I had Eli I was blown away by how helpful the nurses were that supported me! I have grown this passion for pregnant ladies, and I just want to help in some way. Being a nurse is not an option as I would have to upgrade a ton. The fact of being responsible for someones life as well (administering drugs, etc) makes me nervous BUT what about being a Doula?? For those of you who dont know what a doula is it is a support person, and someone who assists during birth!

I've found an online training website that looks awesome! The website is: I've compared this training to other schools/courses and I feel this is the best one for me! I've done alot of research and talked to alot of moms about their experiences with their doula and I am beyond excited to do this! I'am going to take 3 courses: Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, and breastfeeding counsellor course! I have up to 3 years to complete these courses, so I can do it at my own pace! I feel so excited, and everytime I see a pregnant woman, a baby, or a mother nursing her baby I feel like there is something inside me that ignites!
Growing up I've always wanted to be a mom and a wife. My mat leave is up on May 15th, and Andy and I have decided that we're going to do what we have to do in order for me to stay home with Eli. I feel this is the most important job that I can have at this point in our lives! Now that I'm a wife and a mom I feel like becoming a doula and supporting other wives, moms, possibly young teens is something I'm being called to do! I'm not sure when I'll start my courses, maybe once we have the money saved up but I cant wait!!

Once I start my training I will also need a number of hours of hands on work, so that means attending births, postpartum work, aswell as breastfeeding counselling... weather that be through e-mail, phone, and face to face it all counts! If you know of anyone who might be interested in helping me out I would really appreciate it! Please give them my e-mail address:

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Church Shopping

These boys have my heart! I love just spending time the 3 of us. Eli is so much fun, and he loves playing with his Dad! This weekend has been a good weekend. Friday night I had a tea party, and it was great to have a bunch of women over, drink tea, and chat! It gave me a good excuse to clean my house very well!

Saturday as I said in my last post Katherine got baptised. We went to Summerside church to see it all happen, and it was really nice to be there! Summerside Church has been the church that I can say we grew up in, and we've built alot of strong relationships. For the most part I know probably 75% of the people there, and it feels good to walk in and see all the smiling people. Because Andy and I are "Church Shopping" I sometimes struggle because every church is compared to the church that in a way has my heart! At Summerside growing up I was involved in worship, as well as Quest the dance team, and the relationships that I built growing up with other youth stick. We've all grown up so fast however when it comes down to it I can walk up to some people and its like nothing has ever changed. I like that. So when trying out new churches its tough because I tend to be critical. The worships not the same, the relationships aren't the same and the list goes on. So Yesterday at the service it was really neat to be there. Its incredible the amount of support and encouragement Katherine has. One thing that I really like about Summerside is that they have a time of sharing. Basically its an open microphone time. Anyone can get up and say whats on their heart, what Gods doing in their life, struggles, prayer requests, etc. This is something that I have grown up with and I miss not having it at other Churches. When Pastor Tom said there'd be a time of sharing I felt a gentle nudge that I was supposed to say something. But what? And then it came to me. God's faithfulness! This past year hasn't been easy for us. We found out I was pregnant, found a place to rent, and that fell through the day we were supposed to move in. Bought a house in Sherwood Park, had a baby, Andy got laid off . . . it was not at all what we expected. Through all of it though God's faithfulness has never waved. Andy was without a job for 2-3 weeks and our finances did not even feel a hiccup. We know this is where we're supposed to be living, and God just continues to confirm that to us! It blows my mind that God is so faithful even financially!

Sunday. We got up this morning and went to Heartland Church. I go to heartland on wednesday mornings for their bible/book study. They have child care, and we are really liking it. They have 3 services in a weekend so its nice to be able to choose which one works with our weekend. Generally we do the 9:15 weekend. We put Eli in childcare and can enjoy the service. If he needs us they have a small box at the front of the church on the wall that will flash a number. Our number for him is 121. We haven't had him need us yet, which feels really great! He loves to play there! So now we just need to build relationships, which is the hardest part. I've met some great women, but its also important for Andy to have relationships too, and in a church so large and established its not easy to be new! So far I'm content going to Heartland but I'd like to shop around a bit more. We'd like something in Sherwood Park, its just so easy and close.

This evening we're headed out to Andy's moms place for supper. We were supposed to get together last weekend on Family day but with Eli being so sick we changed it to this weekend. Back to a 5 day week this week, but I think it should be good. We have a few play dates and things to do.

To finish off, I'd like to share a verse with you guys! It speaks clear to me.

Isaiah 66:13- As a Mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you.

Also, no one has left any comments on any of my posts. I have tried to get it so the comment button is there, but I dont see it. To leave a comment, I think you have to click on the post and a comment box would pull up! I'd love to hear any comments, and know that there are some of you out there!! Thanks!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Tim Hortons & Family

This past week I saw this commercial, and it brought tears to my eyes. Maybe its just me being hormonal but I thought it was pretty neat!

This weekend will be busy for us, but I'm excited! Tonight I'm having a tea party! Tomorrow my little sister who is not so little anymore is getting baptised! She has grown up so much, I cant believe it! I remember when Kristin and I used to carry Katherine around like she was our little dolly. Katherine hated it, but Kristin and I didnt care. When your a little girl having a real live baby to play dolly with is the most exciting thing ever! What a blessing!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

If ___________ happens, then____________.

Okay so you might think thats wierd, but if I fill in the blanks and explain it (which I will) I feel relieved and okay. Since having being taught this phrase my life feels more careful, and I dont live with as much fear as I have in the past.

One of my biggest fears in life is loosing my family. My husband, and my parents especially. There are some days that the "What ifs." control my fear and my thought pattern.

I've been doing a bible study by Beth Moore and she said that one of her biggest fears is loosing her husband, and one day God said to her "Okay If your husband dies then what!?" And she replied "Well I'd be in alot of pain, I'd cry, I'd have a funeral, I'd mourn . . ." and the list went on, and God continued to say "And then what? And then what?" Well eventually you get to the end of what you would do, you'd run out of things and you'd be okay. So for me if the worst thing I can think of happens, then . . . well eventually I'll be okay. It may be a long road to being okay but eventually I'd get there.

Since hearing what she had to say and learning that I've felt more free than ever. Anytime the what ifs start to creep back into my mind I remind myself "I'll be okay." I dont know if that makes sense to any of you, but I've found this so very freeing! I hope some of you can take comfort in it aswell.

We ended up taking him back in last night. He was coughing and coughing and finally after coughing and gagging so much he threw up. We took him in around 6:15, and were home by 7:00. The dr. gave us a perscription for ventalion but we're not going to fill it. Today he is better than he has been! More of himself, however he's still coughing up a storm and is tugging at his ear. We're continuing with the antibiotics.
So thats that! Give him a few days and I'm sure he'll be back up to speed!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Another sick day . . .

I'm tired, and sick. Eli is tired and sick. Andy is just tired. I dont know what to do with the little boy anymore. He is so sick. Coughing, and crying. It basically doesn't stop. I have a runny red nose.

Eli woke up at 6:00 this morning and we tried to get him back down but it didn't happen. We all got up and then went back to bed at 8:30. We wet out to mom and dads for lunch today. The whole family was there. It was nice to get together. Eli was just as miserable as ever. He couldn't stop coughing, and then he just starts gagging. Mom spooned him some chamomille tea and he loved it. I think it helped his throat. Poor little guy.

I tried calling Health Link today to speak to a nurse to see what she suggested about Eli. I waited for 15 minutes and finally spoke to a nurse. I explained the whole situation, she asked me a few questions, and then asked what the Dr said when we took him in. "They said to bring him back in if things didnt get better in a few days, and that was on Friday." She responded, "Well then you need to take him into the ER." Useless. She had nothing to suggest about what I can do to help him, what to look for to be concerned, nothing. Unless you have a baby who is 3 months or younger they are useless. She also informed me too that Dr's have been told that they're not supposed to perscribe antibiotics for ear infections because it'll only make it worse. Apparently according to this nurse ear infections are not a bacterial infection they are viral and they'll get better on their own. What!? Seriously!?  "Perscribing drugs will only make ear infections more serious later on in life." Okay, well I wasn't aware of that!! Andy and I decided before I spoke to her that if things aren't better with Eli tomorrow than we're taking him back in.

So here's a piece of advice for anyone who doesn't have a baby or who has a newborn. If you have any questions and your baby is 3 months or younger call health link they're honestly so helpful and great, but if your baby is older than 3 months don't bother!!

Here's hoping and praying that tomorrow he'll be better. I dont think I can do a 5th day of a sick baby.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Well Eli slept well again last night. We're so thankful for that! He is feeling a bit better, but not 100%. Still coughing up a storm, but he is definitly more happy. Even giggling and smiling at times! He has slept most of the day which we're thankful for again. We sat down and had lunch this afternoon, Eli loves his peppers, red pepper, yellow pepper, orange pepper, whatever. He loves them! I'm sure today he loved them even more because he's teething and it probably felt great on his gums!

We're just relaxing today, as we have the whole weekend. I'm going to put a roast in the oven and attempt to make yorkshire pudding for supper. We'll see what happens!

Happy Valentines Day!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

What to do with a sick little boy?

Well Eli slept really well last night! 12 hours. I heard him cry out a few times but he went right back to sleep. Thank God. I really mean that. We prayed last night that he would sleep soundly, and that he did. I was preparing myself for a horrible night, up every hour, and it didn't happen.

Every now and then today he was his happy self. Not for long though. Nothing like a runny nose, and a cough so bad that at times he cant breath. It makes my heart break. We got out of the house for a bit today, went over to Dan & Marions. It was nice to hang out with them, and its fun to see their little boy Lucas and Eli play together. But we had to leave because nothing would keep our little guy happy. He fell asleep within 5 minutes of driving. So we decided to drive around Sherwood Park and talk so we didn't have to wake him. I'm glad we did, because as soon as we got him home and out of the car he was miserable and upset.

What do you do with a sick little boy who wont eat, play, or sit and cuddle? You do this:

I'm pretty sure he is waaaay over the weight limit as compared to when he was a newborn but it worked for a bit.

Anyways, we put Eli down for 6:45. I swaddled him which is something I havent done in a very long time. It worked though, he relaxed and let me cuddle him. However, again he refused to eat. Nothing, not a drop. So we'll see what kind of night it is. He ate about 16 ounces today, and usually thats what he has to eat just in the morning. I hope he doesn't get dehydrated. The little boy has been on his antibiotics for 24 hours now, so hopefully by tomorrow he'll be more like the little Eli we know!

On another note, I'm very excited for Mothers/Fathers Day this year! Yes because it will be our first but also because I have alot more respect for my parents. Being a mom or dad is tough, and alot of work. I appreciate them waaaay more than I ever have now that I have my own child. Its an appreciation that I dont think a child can have until they have their own baby/child. Its an incredible feeling!

I'm off to relax for a bit with Andy before we go to bed in a few hours. I was really hoping to try out a new church tomorrow morning however we'll see what happens and how the night goes.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Eli's Update

Well Eli is still the same miserable baby. We went to a friends place this afternoon and he was happy to get out of the house. Picked up some advil and that helped a bit. He's still coughing up a storm and wont stop crying.

Andy suggested we take him to the health first clinic here in sherwood park. Like a mini hospital, better than a medi centre. They're hours at 5:30p.m-1:00a.m so if you get there around 5:00p.m usually your first or second in line, and depending on your situation and why your there they get you in pretty quick. To be honest I told Andy that I didnt think there was a point in taking him in, he's just teething. But after talking about how we'd rather take him in at 5:30p.m instead of 11:30p.m as well as asking my moms opinion we decided to take him in.

We got there at 5:00p.m, and there was one lady in front of me. I stood in the cold for 30 minutes, and even better the lady who was first in line said we could go before her! So nice of her! I couldn't thank her enough. We were in and out in 30 minutes which never happens in a "medi centre". The nurses were so nice, and extremely sympathetic. They looked in his ear but because he was crying the whole time she couldn't really see too well. They gave us a perscription for him and off we went. Picked up the antibiotics, got  humidifer for his room and home we went.

Bathtime. Eli's favorite time of the time! He loves the water. Not tonight. He whined and cried. We took him out and dried him off. Gave him his antibiotics, and advil. Into the crib for his bottle. He ate 5 oz (when he usually eats 7 or 8 oz.) and then cried... no screamed. Again nothing would calm him. We let him cry and cry, and then Andy went up there and was able to calm him down. So while Eli's crying I broke down too. I starting sobbing. There's nothing worse than letting your baby have to tough it out, especially when they're in pain!

But on the bright side, like my mom said about 12 hours until the antibiotics kick in and things should look up. As long as the ear infection is the issue. Tomorrow could be a movie day where Andy and I take shifts and sleep! Oh the joys of parenting.

He's still coughing but lets hope the drugs we gave him will knock him out for the night. Any prayers would be greatly appreciated. I'll keep you posted on how little Eli is doing in the morning.
We're off to bed soon. G'night.

What a night . . .

Where do I even begin? Maybe with saying that Eli was up pretty much every hour last night. And not just awake and whining, but woke up screaming. He wouldn't stop crying... nothing we did would help him. Eventually it got to the point where we had to let him cry! The longest stretch of sleep we had was 3 hours! Poor guy. Trying to get a look in his mouth this morning it looks like his two top front teeth are cutting through, at the same time! How painful! Because of all the crying his throat is sore, and he's coughing up a storm because of the extra drool in his mouth. Its a vicious cycle. Cough, start crying, looses it. What should I do? We have to make a trip to wal mart because we're out of baby tylenol. Teething gels aren't encouraged! I've heard of some teething tablets that are supposed to work wonders, maybe I'll pick some of those up.

This is what our morning has consisted of.
7:15a.m - Eli wakes up crying, doesn't want the bottle, water, or soother.
8:15a.m- We go back to bed.
10:00a.m - Eli wakes up crying. Drinks a bottle, and some water. Takes a bath, seems happy for 5 minutes
10:30a.m- Goes back to bed
11:40a.m- Still asleep

My poor husband. I dont think he got more than 4 hours of sleep last night.

Well I hear Eli starting to stir, maybe I should go get him before he starts crying.
Any teething tips on how to make this process easy for us all, please dont hesitate!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tired Teething Baby

So we put Eli down at 6:30 tonight, the regular time we always put him down. He went down with no problems and didn't make much of a peep until 8:45. Thats when he lost it!! Because he's teething he has a cold. Cough, and runny nose. It just came on today. So we went in and tried to console him. It worked for a bit. We put him back down and he starts to cry. That part is a mind game. He's messing with us. As soon as we leave the room and close the door he stops crying. For about 2 minutes. And then he looses it again! This goes on until 10:15! Now we're up . . . with a happy baby, who is no longer crying. Mind games I tell you!

Andy has to get up at 5:30 a.m, and we're still up at 10:30! We were just getting into bed at 9:00 when Eli lost his stuff! This teething thing is alot of work. Anyways, not long until we put him bck into bed where he can cry it out for awhile. I wonder what time he'll get us up in the morning!?

Here's a picture of our tired, crabby baby who has finally stopped crying after an hour and 15 minutes.

The Book of Eli

So I went and saw the Book of Eli last night. I heard it was extremely violent, but I also a Christian movie reviewer also said "The Book of Eli is, perhaps, the most explicitly Christian film I've seen come out of the secular film industry since The Passion of the Christ. Indeed, it's something of a Sunday sermon wrapped in a Mad Max adventure."

So it was very violent, extremely violent, however if you can get past that the story is incredible! There were times where I got goosebumps from the lines, or I wondered how many people around me were believers and how many were not. Denzel often quotes straight scripture from the bible, and at the end it takes an incredible turn that no could've known or saw coming! I'd like to see it again!

And now since the Book of Eli has come out, everytime we introduce our little baby boy to someone they automatically say "Ohhh, the book of Eli! Its a great movie!" Nice. However I guess now that people know Eli is pronounced Eeelie, and not Ellie people will be able to get his name straight! Thats one thing I never thought people could mess up, a simple 3 letter name, however trust me they can do it! Our little boy is also called Ellie all the time!

So follow up to my eye appointment, my eyes are 20/20. When I had my laser eye surgery through Clearly Lasik, they were better than 20/20. I guess I cant complain that my eyes are so good. Its a blessing!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Busy Day

Well Eli and I have had a busy day! We got up this morning and went to Heart 2 Heart, which is a ladies group at Heartland Church. I've really come to enjoy my mornings there! They have childcare so Eli goes and plays with other babies and at the beginning when we first started going it was pretty rough, but now he goes great! Its very rare that they need to come and grab me because he's upset! Its a nice 2 hours that I dont have to worry about him, yet if he needs me I'm still right there! I've made alot of great relationships too! Since having a baby I've learned the importance of having other lady friends! Sounds kind of dumb, but those relationships are so important!

By the time we got home it was 12:00, and Eli was ready for his nap. I fed him, and put him down. He slept for close to 2 hours! Those are the times I should be laying down as well however I had some things I needed to do. One was call Pampered Chef about some issues I've had with their products. This time around it is the bamboo spoon set that I have. I just got it replaced because the first set I had cracked. I sent the old set back and they sent me a new one. Last night I used one of the spoons while making supper and a whole bunch of pieces came off into our food! Nice! So I called to have them replcaed yet again! Well after being on hod for 35 minutes I was right angry! My time is precious, and honestly 35 minutes?! I honestly dont think that I'll buy any more of their products. Which is really too bad because it only affects the consultants! I also left a message for a supervisor to call me. More than anything I was frustrated that it took me 45 minutes to speak to someone and have a spoon set replaced for the 2nd time! And the first time I called to get it replaced I had the same 45 minute phone call experience!

Well cleaning it good therapy, because I scrubbed the walls, cleaned the bathroom, cleaned the kitchen, vacumned, dusted, and picked up a million and 1 toys. Eli then woke up, and we went out to do some banking and drop bottles off at the bottle depot. By the way, does anyone else feel like they totally get ripped off after you leave the bottle depot? $12.35 is what we got for 2 garbage bags +!! Ohwell.

It seems like Eli is teething yet again. I dont feel anything but he has rosy cheeks like I've never seen! He is drooling buckets which is making his chin totally chapped! Poor little guy!

This afternoon I have an eye appointment. Just getting my eyes re-assed because the last time I had them checked it had been when Eli was only a few months old. And who knew that your eyes can change up to 3 months after you have a baby!! Good thing we got laser eye surgery! Dont tell anyone but I secretly hope I may need glasses, well not need but I could use them if I wanted! I dont think I do though!

Anyways, I've gotta run to the eye dr.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The 2 Men in my Life

Andy, Me & Dad

 I have alot to be thankful for, but everyday I am so thankful for the 2 men in my life. My husband and my dad! I'm so blessed that my dad has been in my life since day 1, that he helped my mom raise all 3 girls, and that he showed my mom as well as his little ladies respect growing up. He's never layed a hand on any of us nor has he ever scared me to the point that I have been fearful to him. The marriage my mom and him have modelled for us girls has been one of integrity, love, respect, and the list could go on! I'am truly blessed by him.

I truly believe that I have chosen a husband who is very much like my dad! Although Andy may not agree I see characteristics in both my dad and Andy that some days I wonder if they could be one in the same, and yet they are complete opposites!

Today I realized just how blessed I'am by these 2 men because of how handy they are! Andy's car has been extremely tempermental and has decided that if she isnt driven or started for more than 2 days she wont start! (Funny how we refer to cars, boats, etc as she's.) But this little blue toyota tercel just wouldn't start! So Andy and Dad set out to fix her, and that they did! This car is running better and more smooth than before, and yet again the 2 men in my life pull through like they always do! It was so important to them to get it fixed because if Andy's car isn't working then he has to take my car which leaves Eli and I stranded at home! I'am so thankful!
Thank you Dad, and Andy for getting that little tempermental car working!!
I love you two!

Happy 8 months Eli!!

oday is Eli's 8 month birthday! Where does time go? Our little baby is not so little anymore! Everyday he is changing into a little boy. I see sides of him that I love and I see sides of him that I'm becoming not too fond of! He is a strong willed boy (maybe like his momma?) and when he wants something that he can't have, he makes it quite evident that he is not happy! This little boy can have quite the attitude, (maybe like his momma?)

Its insane that over 8 months a baby can change this much!

Well Eli slept better last night, which means Andy and I did too! We put him down at 6:30 p.m, and I heard him around 6:30 a.m babbling away in his crib. I let him babble, and sure enough he fell back asleep, and we slept in until 8:30!! So nice!

Once we did get up I needed to vacumn. Eli has made it quite evident that he hates the vacumn. He didn't hate it when he was a newborn, in fact I could put him in the sling and he'd fall asleep while I went to work! Lately, it hasn't been quite like that! He cries, and cries. This morning however it was a bit different. He was playing on the floor, I pulled the vacumn out, counted 1, 2, 3 and turned it on. Guess what happened next! It was like a game. He followed me around while I was vacumning, trying to catch it! Where did the scared little baby go that hated the vacumn!? I'm not complaining, but it was too wierd, and neat all at the same time!

Below is something Eli has figured out he can do! This morning as I was cleaning the kitchen I turned around and he had pulled himself up on his highchair and was standing. I had to show him how to get back down to the ground, but its incredible how fast everything happens!

Baby's are such a little blessing!

SUCCESS!! What a proud little boy!

Monday, February 8, 2010


Eli and his prune mustache. This kid loves his prunes!

I'm so grateful that at 8 months Eli is sleeping through the night. We put him down between 6:30-7:00, and he usually will sleep till about 7:30-8:00ish. At 4 months he was still waking up 3 times a night to eat, and I remember at the pediatricians office he told me "He should be waking up once, maybe twice to eat, but anymore than that you should let him cry." Let him cry!? Thats the hardest thing to do especially when its 3:30 a.m and your husband has to get up at 5:30 a.m. Crying in the middle of the night always sounds so incredible loud too. So I decided it was time to start sleep training. I had tried the no cry sleep solution, looked at the baby whisperer, and finally it was time to try Dr.Ferbers book. For those of you who dont know Dr.Ferber's name goes along with the cry it out method (CIO). I picked up the book and decided to was time for us all to start sleeping through the night. I like his book "Solve your Child's sleep problems" because it is catagorized to solve your problem. So if your issue is baby waking for night time feedings, or baby wont take bottle, or weaning from soother, etc you have a chapter to read for your issue! It was really easy and within a few weeks we had Eli sleep trained, and we had him realize that he didnt need to eat at night. It was great, and we never at one point let him CIO! So if anyone is looking for a good book on sleep training, I definitly reccomend starting with his book! We loved it, and more than anything we love sleeping through the night!

Your probably asking "why are you telling us this?" Well because, Eli decided to wake up at 3:30 a.m last night and wouldn't go back down! He started screaming when I left the room. I caved, gave him 4 oz to eat, changed his diaper, put the soother in his mouth and walked out. He cried for 5 minutes and finally went to sleep! He slept until 8:45 a.m this morning! I was happy!

I'm going to be completely honest with you. I have alot of girlfriends who are already talking about when they're going to start trying for another baby! Not me! I love Eli to death, but I also love just having him to focus on, only have 1 bum to change, 1 baby to feed, 1 baby to tend to! I see newborns and think "Okay, we're having another one right away!" and then I remind myself of the feeling I had for the first 4 months of his life! Sleep depravation does something crazy to you! I'm so content with Eli, and just Eli for now. I have alot of respect for moms with more than 1 baby, cause there are some days where I struggle to do it with 1!

So now that Eli is down for his nap, I have dishes to do, and papers to tidy. Mom came over this morning to visit which was nice. Eli likes spending time with her and I appreciate it too because it makes the morning go by faster! We're stuck at home today as well because Andy's car wouldn't start this morning so he had to take mine. I guess thats what we get for letting it sit out all weekend in the cold. Anyways, off to do the dishes. Have a good day!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The latest thing Eli has figured out, I'm not ready for this!

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Eli's bath time

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Isn't he cute? Okay, I'm a little biased, however I enjoy him so much! He just loves bath time! Any excuse to splash and play. I think that he loves being in the water because he doesn't have to wear a diaper or clothes. I can't imagine how horrible it must feel to always be wearing a diaper! But here he is, our little cutie!

Learning to Blog

So here it is, I have started a blog! I love writing, and lately I've loved reading other peoples blogs so why not do my own? I'm not going to lie I find this whole making my own blog thing pretty confusing, and I dont really know how to most of it, but I'll learn! So for those of you that are going to follow, I'm going to try and write a few times a week. So without further adue . . .

This weekend has been really great! Friday night Andy and I went to a MMA fight. For those of you who dont know what MMA is, it stands for mixed martial arts. It was at the Edmonton Expo centre. Basically we went and watch guys beat each other up! Usually we watch these fights on TV and this fight was actually on PPV, but I decided to buy Andy and I tickets, and to surprise him with them. I didnt want him to know what we were doing but he figured it out. My mom babysat Eli, and off we went! There were 6 or 7 fights, and for the most part they were all pretty one sided. But we had a great time!

It was such a great bonding time! And I'm not going to lie, I even enjoyed watching the fights! There was more to it than guys in tight or short shorts fighting! There was even some blood!! We've decided that instead of going to movies it'd be fun to go to another fight or something like that!

Saturday was a day of relaxing. Andy went out last night with some friends and I hung out watched a movie, and ate popcorn!

And now, Sunday. We went to church this morning. We woke up late and had 30 minutes to get dressed and out the door, with a baby! But we did it in 29 minutes, and we weren't late for church! We've tried our Heartland church and so far we're liking it. I like it too because they have child care. Eli likes to go and play and does well there too. Its very rare that I have to go and get him because he's upset half way through the service! We're able to focus alot more on the service! So nice! After church we came home, Eli went for a nap, and we're relaxing! Currently, Andy is in the kitchen making supper! I love my man!