Tuesday, May 31, 2011

2 year check up

Eli had his 2 year check up today. We've started going to a new doctor that lives right by our house! Its so easy to step out of our house, take a 2 minute drive and pull into the FREE parking lot, instead of taking the 25 minute drive downtown and frantically looking for meter parking on Jasper Ave. Im wondering however if Ive made a huge mistake!

The last time we went downtown to the pediatrician there he didnt really have any issues or big upsets with the doctor. He never really did have an issue with him. The new doctor we're seeing however, Eli is not a fan of. He see's her walk in the room and he immediately says "No....." and runs for me! He was miserable from the moment the nurse tried to take his height. I was lucky that my sister came with me today for emotional support!!

I thought since it was just a check up it should be okay. That was quite far from the truth. She tried to look in his ears, he screamed and covered them. She tried to listen to his lungs, he wouldnt stop moving and tried swatting her away. She tried to listen to his chest, same thing. She then needed to feel his stomach, and at that point I had to hold him down on the table and let him scream. He kept screaming, "No... Mommy!! Auntie.... Done!! No!! Mommmy!!!" and then repeat! It was embarassing for me because every time we go see her, Eli looses his stuff. And its hard on Eli because he screams like theres no tomorrow and emotionally he is exhausted by the time we leave.

The last time we saw the other dr downtown we never had an issue, not once like that. Its almost pointless to take him in to have anything looked at because he screams and wont let her touch him! Im seriously at a loss of what to do!! He is not usually like this, and generally loves being around people and trusts most people!! That aspect scares me because he is so trusting. Not with her apparently!

All is good on his check up though... as well as she could check. She looked in his mouth, and indeed his molars are cutting through which could explain alot of the attitude and such. Hopefully they'll be up through, and life can continue on!! Crossing our fingers!!

So here are a few stats on Eli at 2 years old:

Weight: 28 lbs
Height: 35 or so inches (I think thats what she said, Im not sure though!!)
Shoe size: 6 or 7 depending on the brand

For the most part he is a good eater. Since he's learned the word no, however dinner time can be a tad stressful.

Talking wise, you say it, he will repeat it! This boy can talk like no ones business!! Today we said we were going to Home Depot and the whole way there he said "Depot? Depot??"  Like I said, you say it and he'll repeat it, which has proven the point that we really do need to watch what we say!! Yikes! He is still sleeping in his crib, however we're considering and talking about when the time to put him in his toddler bed. He loves going for walks, bike rides, and car rides.

Eli is poop trained and this morning asked me for "Undies" instead of a diaper.... hmmmm maybe I need to run with it!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Another weekend come and gone

We have had a busy weekend!! As always, what else is new right?

Saturday morning we had a birthday party to go to, and then I had to quickly rush out to clean a clients house. All in all it was a long day, and I was ready to relax and just have a quiet night. My sister and brother in law came over in the evening to watch a movie and hang out with me. Andy went out with some friends.

Come Sunday morning Eli was coughing up a storm, and was just miserable. Seems like this cough comes around every 6 weeks or so, and usually on a weekend! We have one really bad, hard day and then he's good to go. Well, yesterday was that day! He woke up earlier than usual. 7:30am, and was miserable from the moment he woke up! Perfect for me because I was getting ready and prepping for his birthday party which I had today with all of our friends from our moms groups, and a few friends from church. Lots to do, and with a miserable kid it makes it a bit tough! But luckily for me I have such an incredible husband who was willing to help where ever I needed him to! Ive come to the conclusion that the moodiness is because of his teeth. His 2 year old molars are coming up! He wouldnt eat much, clear runny nose and cough! Poor kid!

When nap time came, I was relieved however he couldnt stop coughing during the day so laying down in bed... good luck! I held him (yes like a 2 month old!!) and he fell asleep in my arms. I sat in the rocking chair holding him like a little baby. He was asleep thats all that mattered! I felt so blessed by the cuddle time that I got with him too! I dont remember the last time he relaxed in my arms enough to fall asleep!! Finally, when he woke up quite angry, Andy came in and put him to bed. He cried for a few minutes and then slept for 3 hours! He needed it!

Along with the cuddle time that I got yesterday, Eli also did something else that melted my heart. He was laying on his change table as we were putting his jammies on, and he says "feet!! Feet!!" and put them pretty much in my face. "Feet! Rub feet, please!!" so I rubbed his feet for a second time and then proceeded to pretend that his foot was a phone, and talked into it. He thought it was the funniest thing ever, so when I finished talking I looked at him and said "Its for you." He then tried to put his foot to his ear and once he realized it may not happen he said "ow... hello???" Andy and I burst out laughing!!

I knew he'd be feeling better this morning and sure enough when he woke up at almost 9am, he was happy and ready to go! We had a whole bunch of our close friends and their kids come over and celebrate Eli's birthday with us! Andy and I decided to have 2 parties for him this year since I have alot of close friends Id like celebrate and have over, and also alot of family. To have one big party might be a bit much! So we had our friends party today, and our family party next weekend!

Eli had so much fun, and he is at the age now where he can go play by himself and be alright, and I dont have to worry too much!! This age is so much fun!

Im so thankful for all our close friends who came out this morning!! Thank you for blessing us and turning my house upside down... it was all worth it!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bullying in the playground

My dad came over for a walk today, and the timing was perfect because I was going to head out for a jog. Eli loves (as you all know!!) having my dad around, and he loves even more that he's always willing to take him for a walk... or three!! We jogged over to a nearby lake and park where Eli likes to play. Eli is a very easy kid to get along with and when he's playing in the park generally doesnt have a care in the world. He toodles around plays in one area for a bit and then heads to the next section.

Today there were some other kids (that were older by a few years) playing all together. Eli walked over to one area they were playing in and as I followed and watched I noticed a little girl who was looking at Eli and as he approached them she said something along the lines of "your not allowed to play on here." and then proceeded to stick her tongue out in his face. Eli thought it was funny and laughed. As my dad and I walked over she told us that he needed to go somewhere else to play and he wasnt allowed in this area. She then stuck her tongue out at him again. I told her that sticking her tongue out was very rude and she needed to share. I said once she was finished playing he could play on the little car. She told me no, and we walked off.

A few minutes later Eli headed back in their direction and we went through the same conversation and the same sticking her tongue out issues. As we continued on around the park a few minutes later Eli went back to the same little car, where none of the kids were really hanging around, except the youngest little girl who couldn't have been much more than 3. Eli sat down on the bench of the car and she attempted to place her hand under his butt, and then whined when he sat down. I ran over and sat down beside Eli where she told me "No, he cant play on here." I told her, "Yes he can, you werent playing with it, and you need to learn how to share." Next thing she does is "Guys! Help!! Over here!! Come over here!! Help me!" Within 43 seconds Eli was bored and continued on.

So moms, what do you do in this situation? You are your child's advocate and need to stand up for him/her. Do you decide to go and speak to the mom who is standing in a group of other moms talking and laughing not even aware of the bullying her 2 daughters are doing to a 2 and twenty something year old?? Do you speak to the child, how do you handle it?

I have an issue with another child sticking their tongue in my childs face and telling him to basically in nicer terms "BUG OFF!!" I also think that children need to sort issues out themselves. Eli wasn't really bothered by the attitude the girl was giving her, but I was totally bothered by it!

So all you experience and inexperienced parents, and not parents yet please tell me how you handle a situation or how you would handle a situation.

 All I know is that if I found out my son was bullying someone and being rude like that he'd have one warning that he needs to stop sticking his tongue out, and share or we're going to pack up and head home. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spin Class

Okay I did my spin class!! I ended up dragging my best friend along, and she reluctantly came! Im glad she did!

We got there a few minutes early, and since it was a new gym Id never been to, nor had I ever been to a spin class, I was extra nervous. I was extremely disappointed in the instructor. She walked in 1 minute before the class started. I approached her and told her we'd never done a spin class and didnt know what we were doing. She said, "Just get in line." Okay. Luckily there was another instructor there who was taking her class and she helped us out. She got our bikes set up for us, and showed us and explained to us how things would kind of work. Im so thankful she was there!!

It was an awesome class, and at the end there were a whole bunch of circuits we did so we werent on the bike the whole time. Id do it again I think. It was good. Hard work, and totally intimidating but if you can get past that it was awesome! My legs were burning, and my but (among other things!!) were hurting from the seat, but it felt good. Its all what you make of it. When I got up to fill my water bottle up I didnt think my legs would feel like they did, but they were COMPLETE jelly, it didnt feel like I even had legs!

When I got up this morning I thought I might be super sore, but my butt is the sorest. When I go up the stairs I feel the burn in my thighs, but Im not feeling too bad! But the burn yesterday I sure felt!!

I would really like to go to another one, and hopefully I can start getting into better shape and feel better about myself! Im very excited!

Also, I have to give props to Groupon!! Im sure we've all heard of Groupon.com and have bought or considered buying something off of their website. Awhile back I bought a gift certificate for my sister. It was for a wall decal picture. I was very excited about it and even considered buying one for myself. Well she ordered it and received it. It looks horrible. Horrible! It looks like she printed off the picture from her printer at home. The colors are off, and theres a crease in it! So I wrote groupon an email explaining to them what the issue was. Less than 12 hours later I received an email telling me I already had a credit on my account! Is that customer service or what! How awesome!! Groupons policy is if your not happy they'll give you your money back, and they definitely followed through!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Everything I Have To Give

If you know me, you know that generally if your my friend I will do almost anything for you. Iam a natural leader, and often times take it upon myself to set up play dates, go for coffee with a friend I havent talked to in forever, or invest everything I have to give. Iam trusting right off the bat, because I have no reason not to trust you. This sometimes leads me to get hurt. As Im about to explain.

But when is enough enough? The past little while I suppose I could say my feelings have been hurt a bit. I work really hard at my friendships and when they're not reciprocated in a way that I would expect its hard not to talk personally. Because I am a leader and tend to set up plans or initiate these things, often times certain things (like play dates, girls get togethers, etc.) dont happen unless I make the plan and make it happen. Im tired of feeling this way. Im exhausted of offering everything I have and not hearing back from some friends or getting an email or phone call back about setting up that dinner date. How many times can you try until theres no point? Dont get me wrong, I know life gets busy and things dont always happen like we'd like them to. I understand that for sure!!

Recently, I offered some support to someone that Ive known for about a year. She was going through some very very hard things, and some decisions she made really threw her whole life into chaos. We met to talk, have coffee and she poured (or so I thought) her heart out to me, and told me what she was going through. I offered some advice, and I prayed and prayed and prayed for her and her family, and offered everything I had to give. Everything. This weekend I found out some information that maybe I wasnt told the truth about everything. Pretty sure I was lied to, and I feel like a complete idiot. I cried tears of hurt, and my heart ached for her and I was completely lied to and deceived. Im hurt, and frustrated. Here Iam giving everything I have, and even making phone calls to find support, information and resources to help someone and Ive been made to look like an idiot. And I was lied to throughout the whole time and situation!! Ouch.

So where's the balance? Yes Im hurt, but whats the point of dwelling on it? When you try to get together with girlfriends, and it never works out, do you stop trying? Or when your generally the one who makes the phone call, texts, or emails to arrange things, and it never happens and then you hear about a small get together between one or two of your friends that happened the same week you tried to set something up, then what? Why are friendships with girls so hard? And does anyone else hate conflict and try to shove it under the rug, and then it just builds up and builds up? How do you handle that?

Am I completely off my rocker and just acting like a 5 year old? Once you find those friends, dont you just wanna hang on for deer life?? Anyways, thats something that has been on my heart for awhile, and something Ive been struggling over. Thats just me though, maybe Im crazy. I probably am.


Sorry Ive kind of disappeared for the past little bit.

Last week was insane. Totally insane and crazy. Im so glad every week isn't like last week, because I would be so exhausted.

By the time Wednesday rolled around and little A went home I was pretty tired.. Eli kept asking for him, even a few days after he left Eli would walk upstairs looking for "baby??" Because I had to rearrange my clients from Monday evening to the end of the week I was very busy on Thursday and Friday. Too busy Id say! My girlfriend watched Eli for 3 hours on Thursday so I could head out and clean. Once I got out to my clients house I went to open the door and realized I forgot the key. Dangit!! Okay thats not the word I used when I realized I drove 25 minutes out of town to their house and forgot the key! So I drove back home got the key turned around and went back. At that point I really only had 2 hours to clean until I picked Eli up. I did my 2 hours of cleaning and drove back to my girlfriends to pick Eli up. In the evening I babysat for my same friend who had an appointment (we decided to swap babysitting last week since we both needed someone to watch our boys!!)

Then come Friday morning I had to go back out to my clients place. I told my clients I take some extra time to clean their house and do some extra things, so I needed to make up for that time. Back out to their house on Friday morning I went for 3 hours, while my girlfriend watched Eli yet again. Friday was an insane day. Thank you to my wonderful friend who watched Eli for almost 7 hours when it was all said and done this week!! It was a crazy crazy few days! Partly because of my own fault, but there was so much stuff that was left till the end of the week that needed to get done. Maybe not needed but things that I was planning on doing but couldnt get done till the end of the week. Do you want to hear my day on Friday?

Here it goes:
Dropped Eli off at my girlfriends, head to dollarama to pick up a few things to donate to slave lake victims, drive out of town to my clients place, clean for 3 hours, drive home, pick Eli up, drop items off at slave lake drive, run to tim hortons to get Eli a few tim bits for being such a good boy, come home, put Eli to bed, paint the bathroom upstairs, get groceries, run to zellers to grab  few tshirts for Eli, come home, tidy up, vacumn, start 2 salads for family dinner, then my family came over for supper, cleaned up after supper, did dishes, and then finished painting the bathroom. Call me crazy, I agree!! But I got everything done that I needed to.

This weekend I was able to relax and sleep in a bit. After such an insane, crazy week, I was thankful for the long weekend. I also got to spend some time with my best friend that Ive been friends for since Jr high, and that time was awesome. We just went out for drinks, and had an awesome time just talking and laughing. I love her because she knows me so well, and I can tell her anything, anything!!!!After we got home from our evening out, Andy and his friend were at our place playing video games. It was kind of like old times when Andy and I were dating because the 4 of us used to hang out all the time. It was really fun!

Then (Im skipping Sunday because it was a very relaxing/uneventful day) today (monday!!) my brother in law and I got together to start our first wine making experience. We've been talking about making wine for a few months and Costco brought in a kit that has everything you need (including enough stuff to make 30 bottles of red and 30 bottles of white!!) for a great price! So we bought it and today was the day we started our first step! My BIL and I are very much alike so it was fun, and interesting. Im sure there were times that my sister was sitting watching us thinking "serious???" But we'll see how the wine turns out! Crossing my fingers good!!

I should write a bit more often this week as its not as insane... however tomorrow evening Im attempting my first ever Spin Class!! Wish me luck, and Ill let you know how it goes!!

Friday, May 20, 2011




Ive had a crazy day, but Ive finally had time to sit down and use random.org to randomly choose a winner!! 

Lacy, let me know which painting youd like! Ill email you in a separate message!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

So blessed

We had a bit of a rough night last night, but I felt pretty good come this morning. Little A woke up around 2am, and after having a bottle he didnt want to go back to sleep. I think he was awake for close to an hour and a half at least! He would go between chatting, and then whining, quiet, and repeat! Im praying (and I know there are some of you out there, that are praying for us too!!) that tonight is a quiet night all around.

Both boys slept in, which was incredible! Eli slept till 8:30am, and little A slept till almost 9am. As soon as Eli woke up he asked "Baby?? See?" Finally once it was close to 9am, I let him go upstairs and see the baby. The baby was happy to see him, even though Eli woke him up.

We went off to our friends place this morning which was a blessing because both boys were pretty much happy all morning. I was able to come home and put them down to bed for their naps. Easy. Bed time was pretty easy too, little A is exhausted come 7pm, so he didnt fight to go down too much.

I had a phone call this morning from a couple in our small group. This couple is newer, and I feel so blessed by them! She called and asked me if she could drop supper off for us tonight since I would probably be busy with the boys. Sure! So at 4pm, her husband showed up at our door with a cooler and a large paper bag. In a small envelope there was a note listening our 'menu'. Im not kidding, it was a menu! Mushroom sauce & meatballs, basmati rice, salad, cucumbers, sweet potatoes for the little people who dont like the salad, jello with fruit in it, and to top it off chocolate cake with almond icing!! What!!!!? I was shocked! Hot food, dropped off at our door (actually in our kitchen!!) and there was tons of food! I was expecting maybe a casserole, lasagne, pasta, you know something like that! Not dessert, vegetables, and more!! I was shocked, and beyond blessed! I couldnt believe how blessed we felt! Just so overwhelming at how incredible and yummy the food was, and I didnt have to cook it!! So blessed!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

My little sister (who isnt so little anymore!) came over to watch a movie with me once the boys were down. She is such a help! Eli loved the attention from her, and she loved being with him. When she walked through the door she had broccoli casserole, and banana bread in hand for us!! Again, such a blessing!!

Tomorrow morning we're heading to McDonalds for an hour or so, home for lunch, then little A goes home for his nap and waiting for his parents to come home.

Its been a busy but good past few days!
Thanks for your prayers.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Couponing - Check Her Out!!!!

Okay, so Im just new to this couponing thing. Actually to be honest, I havent even started... but I want to!!

I found this lady on facebook and her website and she is an incredible couponer! She has tons of helpful hints on how to, where to, etc... You really should check out her website and on facebook! She is constantly updating her facebook with new coupons and great deals!

If you have any awesome deals or tips on how to save money, let me know! Id love to hear them!!


Little Boys

Im not going to lie, its been a bit of a stressful weekend. But Im alive!!

I worked on Saturday morning cleaning a clients house, and then went out in the evening with some friends! Its always nice to get out and have some quiet time. But because Andy is home on the weekends I feel like I dont spend as much time when its all said and done with them as Id like to! Maybe my priorities are off whack, but I got home and Eli was napping, I ate, showered, then Andy and I took a nap, got up, got dressed, played with Eli for a bit, then made supper and a dessert for my get together that I was going to after my dinner date, and off I went.

As I was getting supper and my dessert ready my phone rang. It was my really good friends husband. The 2 of them are away in Jamaica. "Umm, are things okay!? Whats going on?" He said, "Well things arent really okay... theres a few issues that are going back on at home." Without going into specific details my girlfriends mom was having some health issues and wasnt feeling up to looking after 2 boys. They asked if Id be able to watch the boys from Sunday-Wednesday. I didnt feel like it was something I could handle and still treat all 3 boys (including my little one) with love and patience at the end of the 4 days. It was hard but I had to decline.

So our friends spoke to the travel agent to see if they could arrange a way home. The first do able flight wasnt until Tuesday and theyre home Wednesday. No point in coming home early. When I called my girlfriends mom on Sunday morning she said they had figure things out and would be okay, and thanked me for checking in. Great!!!

Our phone rang Sunday afternoon, and things had gone down hill. They asked if I could take one of the boys. I opted for the younger one Baby A, since I dont think I could handle a 3 yr old and a 2 yr old together ALL day!! So this morning they dropped the little guy off, and for the next few days Im a momma of two little boys. Two very busy boys!

But Im thankful because tomorrow Im off to my girlfriends place to visit and then he'll be picked up Wednesday around noon.So for the most part, we'll be pretty  busy with them! Baby A, also has no problem sitting back and watching whats going on weather its in the stroller or high chair. The only thing Im nervous about is bed time and what time he wakes up in the morning. Im not going to lie, I really enjoy the fact that Eli sleeps till 8:00-8:30ish on most days, and Im not used to getting up much before 7am. But if need be Ill do it. It may be a coffee day, but we'll do it and make it work!!

Plus, when I put the little guy down for his nap this afternoon, there was something very special about rocking him to sleep. I miss that feeling of having a sleeping baby in my arms.  The only thing is that when Eli sees Baby A have a bottle he says "Baby bottle???" He wants one! He wants to crawl up into my arms, lay back and suck on a 'baby bottle' just like Baby A! I kind of have to laugh!

So needless to say our weeks had a bit of a change to it, but its a long weekend so Ill have lots of time to relax!! And if you think of me Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday please pray for me... I need all the patience I can get.

Into the week we go, you may or may not hear from me before Wednesday!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Contest - Painting Up for Grabs

Blogspot has been having some issues over the past 24 hours. My last post... the contest post which some of you saw and some of you did not is now gone.

So Im going to re write it, and hope that you all take the time to enter.

Up for grabs is a piece of my abstract art. You will have the choice to choose one painting from the pictures below. This contest is open for 1 week. So next Friday I will use randomizer to pick the winner.

This is how you can enter:

1. Become a follower on my blog. If you are already a follower, comment on this post to let me know you follow and you want to be entered into the contest. This will get you 1 entry.

2. Post my blog address on your blog, or on your facebook status so that your friends can enter to join, and also check out my blog. This will get you 2 entries. Make sure you tell me that you've done so!

3. Comment on this post to let me know why you check my blog, what you like about it, what you want to hear more or less of. This will also get you 2 entries.

Please make sure you let me know which  or all ways you are entering. You can have a total of 5 entries into this contest. As I said, a randomizer will pick the winner at the end of the week.

Also, if you dont live in Edmonton, Sherwood park or area I will do my best to get your painting to you. Thats something that we can discuss once you've won!

Here are the paintings that are up for grabs!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A blessed day

Oh Man, I feel so blessed today!

I dont often look forward to quiet days where we have absolutely nothing planned, however those days usually end up being the days where I enjoyed Eli the most!

He decided to sleep in until almost 9am this morning, which meant that I could also sleep in a bit later as well. We had breakfast and got dressed for the day. Then we ventured out to get gas. Apparently gas prices are supposed to jump, and the line up were crazy but I thought it might be worth it to fill up before the prices jumped once again! As we pulled into Superstore to get gas, there was a large red fire truck and ambulance that pulled out. I pointed it out to Eli, and as the firetruck pulled around the corner I noticed my dad sitting in the front seat waving at us.  I dont know if Eli saw my dad sitting in the truck, but he immediately yelled "PAPA!!!!" "FIRE!!!!!!!" and then he wouldnt stop saying it! Since we didnt have too much or maybe I should say we didnt have anything planned I thought we'd swing by the firehall to visit Eli's Papa. He was so happy to see him and he wanted to walk around the station. It was a nice visit and helped to kill some time!! Eli loves visiting his Papa, and we love visiting him too!!

After that we went off to the park to play, and play we did. Eli is such a little boy. Climbing, jump, running, sliding. I love it! Then we came home for lunch and naps. And then this evening after supper once Andy was home we went for a walk to the lake to see the "birdies" as Eli calls them. We stumbled across a bunny hanging out and when Eli saw it he yelled "KITTY!!!!" and then tried to "get it" which obviously didnt happen. Next we headed to the park, where we spent a good 45 minutes.

Eli is such a friendly kid. Every little kid that ran past him he'd say, "HI!!" or "Hello!!!!" And at one point he found a little girl he was going to play with. They went up and down the slides together over and over. It just melts my heart at what a sociable child he is, and he just wants to be involved with what everyone else is doing!

Once I finally got him home, he took a bath, and we sang songs the whole time. He loves singing songs, and always asks for "more??" Head & shoulders is one of his favorite.

Currently, he's been in bed for about half an hour and I still hear him chatting up a storm, and just a few minutes ago I heard him yelling "Kawla!!!!" Im so in love with that little boy I just cannot believe it! Im looking forward to this summer just spending time together and outside. Playing the back yard in a little wading pool, just being together as a family!!

Monday, May 9, 2011


My weekend was so crazy busy! I feel like I didnt get a chance to sit and relax. I feel like I didnt get much time to spend with my family. We had family over for supper on Friday night, I had roadside clean up on Saturday morning, a wedding ceremony in the afternoon, and then the reception in the evening. Sunday morning I was teaching in the 2 year old room at church, then went to the church service after I helped out, then came home and helped make lunch for my MIL. Phew. Okay, I can breath.

Mother's Day hasnt really been a big deal for me. Maybe its because my mom didnt make a big deal about it when we grew up... but its funny, because I feel like its kinda like my birthday or Christmas. You are excited but dont want to expect too much, and at the end of the day you always feel  a little disappointed. This was how I felt yesterday. A tad bit disappointed.

I read a friends blog, and she also posted on Mothers Day. Its nice to know that Im not the only one that felt kinda crummy on mothers day. Life is so busy, and at the end of the day I was feeling very sorry for myself. All of the thoughts start stirring and I start feeling more upset and more angry. Its frustrating, but maybe I need to change my expectations. Its hard to hear about everyone else's breakfast in bed, little cards made by their children, little presents they received, or what a great day they had. Mine was the same as always, nothing out of the ordinary or really too special. Im not blaming my dear husband because I know he is busy and had alot of Eli time in the weekend while I was out being busy busy. But I still feel sad about the day. However, I did get Eli to say "Happy. Mummy's. Day." Melted my heart!

This week is also a busy week too. I have some stuff around the house that Id like to tackle but have to find the time. Painting the upstairs bathroom, cleaning the carpets, painting the back entrance and the list goes on. Which reminds me, does anyone have any good home remedies for removing coffee out of a carpet? We had some coffee spill on our carpet this weekend, and I thought I got it out but its still there. A brown stain on my almost white carpets.... I cant get it out for the life of me. The brown stain is screaming at me, and I need to have it go! Any ideas? Help please!!

So theres an update of our crazy life. Hope you all had a great weekend, and are enjoying the beautiful weather! Its finally time to enjoy the sun, and get out there to play in the park!! Yay!!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Growing leaps and bounds

Alright, alright... Ive been avoiding posting a bit because Im not feeling motivated to sit down and write. However I do have quite a bit to talk about!

This weekend was a good, busy weekend. I cleaned for both of my clients and made some extra money. Such a blessing to have the extra work! I started cleaning for some new clients and I love them! They are so nice, and easy to get along with! Its my friends sister and brother in law so it works out really well!!

Eli was also a bundle of fun this past weekend. He is so chatty, I cannot believe it. As we were eating supper on saturday night, he took a potatoe said "dip dip." proceeded to dip it in BBQ sauce (we were eating steak) popped it in his mouth and exclaimed "LIKE IT!!!" We've never heard him say that before so it was a huge shock!! He is such a good boy! Then tonight at supper he ate something and said "I like it!!" He's never put 3 works together like that so both Andy and I were shocked and oh so proud! He sure is growing leaps and bounds every day!!

On Monday we went and visited my aunt, and Eli's great aunt. Katherine, Eli, my Aunt and I all ventured off to IHop for breakfast. Breakfast is my favorite meal, so I welcomed this special date! However, I didnt know how Eli was going to do sitting in one spot/area for 45 minutes or so! He did incredible!! He loved being with his Great Aunt, and eating lots of bacon. He sat for nearly an hour and was content pretty much the whole time. He again was so chatty with my aunt and loved holding her hand and walking. Im hoping to visit with her again next week, its so good for Eli to spend time with his family like that! Family is such a blessing. Im hoping to get out of town this summer to go spend time with family just a few hour away. Eli is at an age now where we can go and its alot easier to take him for a few days.

Something funny happened this evening. The 3 of us were upstairs hanging out listening to Andy play guitar and Eli ventured downstairs. After a few minutes Eli came upstairs with Andy's beer bottle (that he was drinking and left downstairs) in hand, then proceeded to hand it to his Dad. We didnt ask him to go get it or anything, he just took it upon himself to go get it and give it to his Dad. Kind of cute I think.

All in all, its been a good few days. Feeling so blessed. I cleaned and did laundry today, and even had time to watch Monster in Law while I folded laundry. Nothing better than a romantic comedy on a gloomy day!