Monday, July 30, 2012

41 weeks + 1 Day - Take two.

Today I am feeling sorry for myself. I think Im entitled to that, dont you??

Andy and I were talking about how if someone had told us we wouldn't have a baby yet and we're heading into the beginning of August, we wouldn't have believed them. If you had told me my due date was going to come and go by quite a few days, I wouldn't have believed you. Honestly, Im quite emotional over the fact, and am feeling somewhat anxious.

I went to see our midwife this morning, and the appointment went good. I felt good walking out of there, and somewhat encouraged. We didn't make an appointment for next week because she didn't think we'd need to. Apparently only 4% of women will actually go till 42 weeks pregnant. Thats not a huge number. She reassured me that the early ultrasounds are very accurate, and going with the 22nd as my due date is completely fine and very safe. My blood pressure was very good, and Im measuring about the same, however I did put on 2 more pounds. She smiled at that because most women will stay at their weight when they get to their end of their pregnancy, or will sometimes loose weight. So either baby or me is still growing. Im hoping its the baby.

And for the time being we continue to wait! Hopefully I wont have to call and make another pre natal appointment for Monday, really crossing my fingers!

Something else Im totally excited about... I have my next orthodontist appointment in 3 weeks, and I should be able to have them off within a month or so!! I cannot wait. I was hoping maybe I could get them off this week as we're patiently waiting for our baby, but my orthodontist is on holidays, so I suppose its another thing I get to wait for. Words cant even describe how excited I am!! Finally!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Can you Guess??

Can you guess whose still pregnant!? ME!!!

We thought maybe this would be the weekend we were going to have a baby!! According to my second due date (the early ultrasound one) I am now going onto 8 days past. According to my first due date (the date according to my last period) I am now 12 days days past my due date. Either way, Im still quite pregnant. I have another midwifery appointment tomorrow, and I hope to discuss more of a plan of action. Sweeping membranes, sending me for some tests, finding out what I can do to be proactive to have a baby sometime soon!!

But I can be thankful that because this little person hasn't made his debut yet, Andy and I were able to go out on a date last night. Dinner & the latest Batman movie (which my dear husband has been itching to see!!) We didnt think we'd end up seeing this movie together in the theatres because we thought for sure we'd have a new born. When I saw the previews last year I thought there would be no way we'd see it shortly after it came it out... proved me wrong. We had a great night, and enjoyed probably what will be our last date together for awhile!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Little Blessings in the waiting

This morning Eli & I headed out to our bible study with a group of other moms. It turned out that it was a very small group this am, only 2 of us and the host, but it was a really nice morning. Eli had a great time playing with one of the boys who was there, and they got along so great! He didn't want to leave when noon finally came! Im so proud of Eli these days, although he is really testing the waters, he is just such a joy to be around. My heart leaps when he tells me he loves us, or when Andy gets home and Eli exclaims over and over that he missed him so much. My boys are such a blessing!! I've really been learning about the importance of just spending time with him. This week we've been playing a lot of hide n seek, cars, and spending time outside. He helped me cut the grass (yes I cut the grass... it was an attempt to get the baby out. BTW it didnt work.) helped me clean his outside toys up, and spray them down, and even just sat on the steps together blowing bubbles.

For the past few weeks Eli has mentioned a few times there's squirrel's in his ears. Which the translation means his ears are hurting him. Our specialist will often tell Eli when he's going to look in his ears, he just needs to look for squirrels. I guess the whole squirrel thing stuck. Yesterday throughout the day Eli told me more than once that his left ear hurt, but just a little bit, and he thought there was squirrels in it. This is so hard for Andy & I, because it means we need to do something about it. At this point we know the drill. We have to put drops in his ears. He hates this, and for awhile we attempted to do it while he was asleep, but I dont think it really did much, since he'd stir and then roll over and then the drops roll out. I suggested to Andy that maybe what we need to do is after bath time before bed, we'll just have to be honest and tell him that we need to put drops in his ears, it'll make his ears feel better, and then just do it. I feel like just holding him down without any warning and putting them in his ears isn't fair. So we tried it. It didn't go any better than usual, he still screamed and it took 2 of us to get the drops in one ear, but after the 3 of us sat on the couch reading some books while I rubbed his ear, and he snuggled with us. Once he got into bed he asked me to stay to rub his ear some more to get the drops out, and I just felt so blessed by the time we spent together. These days, every morning he comes and jumps into bed with me and will spoon up right beside me and we'll just lay in bed and cuddle. I love these moments, and am savoring them because once the baby comes I dont know how our mornings will look. These cuddle sessions he gives me in the mornings is not something he's willing to do when Andy is at home in bed with me on the weekends. When Andy's home on the weekends, its rock n roll time once he is in our room. Time to get up. It blows my mind how a 3 year old boy just brings so much joy and laughter to our home. The things he says and does make us laugh. We're so blessed!!

And if you havent guessed, I am still very much pregnant. Here's the low down. My midwife checked my early ultrasound that I had back in December, and according to the ultrasound my due date was July 22nd. 5 days of a different from my period due date that we were going with. So in a sense we've kind of switched due dates to buy us a bit more time before we have to consider ruling out a home birth and consulting with an OB. If we went with the July 17th due date, I would be 42 weeks on Tuesday, however going with the July 22nd due date Im not even a full 41 weeks. My only stress about the change in due dates and waiting longer is that my doula has her holidays booked for the first week of August, and if my baby decides to ride this thing out for as long as possible, we may have to use her back up doula. Last night I went for a deep tissue massage, and boy am I feeling it today, but Ive heard some people say that it can help to bring on labor within 24-48 hours, that being said nothing will bring labor on if my body isn't ready, massage or no massage. My next midwifery appointment is on Monday, and my sisters birthday is this weekend too, and we're going to do a birthday breakfast which I'd really like to make it to, so Im feeling a bit torn about when I want this baby to come. If we wait till next week my doula wont be available, and if I have the baby before the weekend or on the weekend we probably wont be attending my sister's party. But we'll continue waiting it out, and being patient. In the mean time Im enjoy the cool weather, and my sleep. Every morning I wake up and think how thankful I am for another night that I got a good nights rest (apart from getting up a couple times to pee!).

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

41 weeks

This & That ...

I've had a lot of people encourage me with how strong Ive been to just be patient and wait it out. My mother in law told me last week that she is so impressed with how I've been over this whole pregnancy, and taking care of myself. And even more so impressed with how patient and willing I am to still continue living my life while waiting for a baby!! Sometimes I feel like its a bit of an act, but I suppose it comes from somewhere, and Im so sure about the decisions we've made when it comes to this pregnancy!

For those of you who have encouraged me, or have been praying for us, we really do appreciate it!

This week I was feeling extremely stressed as my mother in law has a busy week with work and commitments, and my mom is also working too. I was feeling like "Okay, if I go into labor then what? We need someone to watch/care for Eli!!" Maybe I was feeling somewhat sorry for myself, but I realized that I am so out of control that there is no point in even thinking about it. No point in worrying about the "what if's?" In my need to feel in control I realized that it will all work out, and my mom has made herself available anytime this week, except for one meeting she has that has been on the books for awhile, but guess what... that one meeting she has just so happens to land on the same day that my mother in law is absolutely wide open available!! Between the 2 schedules someone is available at all times to be there for us!

This extra time that we've had has also been really great for Eli, Andy and I. We've spent time going to the park, playing hide n seek around the house, blowing bubbles outside, and just being together. Tonight we went for a walk to the park, and Andy convinced me to just leave the dinner mess on the table and lets go. This is very out of ordinary for me, and to be honest made me feel uncomfortable to just walk away from it and go out the door... but its a growing time!! Maybe the Lord's trying to teach me something in all of this waiting.

Tomorrow I have a massage booked, and am looking forward to relaxing. Ive had a number of women tell me they went for a deep tissue massage and had their babies shortly after that! The thing with all the natural induction methods (like massage or acupuncture) is that if your body/baby is not ready, nothings gonna kick start labor. So we'll see what happens come tomorrow!

Im totally scared for the change thats about to come, the lack of sleep, figuring out a new routine and a new life, but I also have to say I feel really blessed. In a sense Ive been feeling so hormonal and almost sorry for myself because our life is about to get thrown upside down, yet there are families who long to have a baby.

My parents had a garage sale over the weekend, and a couple came by and picked up a few items. I was sitting outside and the woman came over and gently touched my tummy and said "Your having a baby?" Sounds like a dumb question right? "Yup, we're just waiting, any day now." This young woman proceeded to break down into tears and tell us how her and her husband are doing IVF treatments, and there was an issue at the clinic and the dr's & nurses aren't taking responsibility for what happened, and she'll need to do another treatment, which costs $7000. She's had friends tell her to just get over it, and yet her heart hurts so bad. My in my hormonal state started also crying, because I felt so blessed in that moment, and yet my heart ached because this woman would do anything to have a baby, and she's grieving the possibility of getting pregnant. She said they have no family here, ( I believe they were immigrants) and had to come up with more money if they wanted to do another round of IVF. My mom and I both stood up to talk to her, and when she was done telling us her story asked her if we could pray for her. She said yes, and we did. Im not sure if I will ever see her again, but her story helped to put things into perspective and maybe switch my attitude a bit. The sad part is these stories are not uncommon! I continue to pray for her and her husband, and believe she was brought to the garage sale for a reason!! Im sure she doesn't think that her story and emotions changed my attitude and heart.

Not to be a downer, but I really felt it was important to share that! Im off to eat a chocolate bar and watch some junky girl TV as andy's out at the gym, perfect excuse to watch whatever I want!

Monday, July 23, 2012

41 Weeks

41 weeks. Thats how pregnant I am... according to my LMP (last menstrual period) according to my early ultrasound that I had when I first found out I was pregnant they said my due date was around the 20th of July... so technically I may not really be 41 weeks. I could just be hitting my due date, having a fully cooked baby now.

Last night I thought might have been the night. We were watching TV and I was having some very regular contractions, nothing worth timing, but they were coming. I showered and still had them coming, but when we went to bed they stopped, and upon waking up this morning I realized Im still pregnant. Throughout the day today Ive had some contractions, and now this evening Im having some as well. Again, at least my body is doing something to warm up and getting ready!

My appointment with my midwife went good, blood pressure was great, weight was only half a pound put on, and baby is very clearly growing because for the past few weeks I've measured at 41 weeks, and this week Im measuring at 42 weeks. Baby hasn't dropped, however she did comment on how I look like Im carrying lower, and he's still sitting on my pelvic brim.

Plan of action? We continue to wait. Which Im more than happy to do. Ive had so many people ask me if and when Ill be induced. I continue to stand by my choice that I cannot honestly say I will even consider consenting to being induced. Its not even an option for me, not with how things went with Eli. So we wait, wait, wait... Im feeling good and theres no reason why I have an issue with waiting!

Ill continue to keep you posted!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Exhausted again

Today is another day where I feel completely exhausted. Apparently being almost 41 weeks pregnant, takes a lot out of you. This morning I made breakfast for us, as I do every morning. Fresh crepe's with nutella and fruit. Mmmm. This has become one of our favorites, and I will continue to do this every Saturday morning until the baby comes... which this Saturday could be the last, who knows!!

After cleaning up from breakfast, and getting dressed, we went outside where Andy cut the lawn, and I cleaned my car. Its something Ive been itching to do, and finally this morning I did it! Feels good to be done. Having a toddler who eats in the car, collects rocks from different parking lots, and has sand in his shoes makes for a dirty car. So now it is clean, and the baby carseat is also installed. Not that it really needs to be because we hopefully wont be bringing a baby home from the hospital.

Once I was done cleaning, I felt like I had been kicked in the butt, and needed a rest. I slept for about 45 minutes and then when Eli went down for his nap, I slept for probably another 2.5 hours, maybe more! Im sure Ill have issues sleeping tonight unfortunately! With the cooler weather I've been feeling very happy going to bed, I love it!!

My phone, and email has been keeping pretty busy. People asking how we're doing, how Im feeling, if we've had a baby yet. While I appreciate that people are excited for us, and want to be kept in the look it is also extremely exhausting to keep up to these texts and phone calls. Its one thing when its family calling to see how we're doing, but Im feeling anxious enough as it is about when this baby is going to arrive that the constant texts is sometimes hard for me to deal with. My midwife and I were talking about this at my last appointment actually. This week it has gotten more overwhelming though because my due date has actually come and gone. Im not asking people not to check in, or not get ahold of us, but please be patient (as we are trying to be as well) and we'll keep you posted. Ive started just to tell people that I will let them know when the baby arrives, and until then to keep checking my blog, since Im not in the facebook loop anymore! For those of you who have gotten ahold of us to find out the details, please dont take this the wrong way at all... thats not my intentions. Waiting for a baby while feeling like a whale, and being completely exhausted to hard, and it is really nothing personal!

Monday is my next midwifery appointment, and Im assuming we'll be discussing a few options to make sure baby is still happy and healthy, and that Im also doing well... and maybe some natural induction methods!

Again, Ill keep you posted. If Monday comes and goes and you dont hear from me, chances are we've had a baby! The least Ill do is try and upload a picture or two!! Enjoy the weekend!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Being Patient

This morning my mother in law and I ventured downtown to the Capital Ex Parade. Eli was so excited to take the bus, and head down to see everything that was going on. He loved it! It was a great morning. I think out of everything Eli loved taking the bus most of all!!

As far as baby stuff, not much is happening. Yesterday, I was completely exhausted and it was one of those days where Eli watched too much TV. But I was able to rest. Thats one of the biggest things right now that Im trying to stay on top of... my rest. Today, especially this afternoon Im feeling heavy. Baby has been up in my ribs, and Im totally uncomfortable. However that being said, I feel better than I did when I was pregnant with Eli.

Ill continue to try and keep the updates coming.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hello Due Date!

My 40 week midwifery appointment went well. It was short and sweet. Blood pressure is great, weight gain is good, measuring at 41 weeks still, and baby is seeming to be doing well. His head is resting on my pelvic brim, where he seems to go up and down, but again she isn't concerned at all. He is moving lots, and at for charts and percentile it would appear Im well above the 90th percentile for how he is growing, weather or not that correlates with how his sizing actually is, I suppose only time will tell. She told me that most mom's will have their baby within 10 days of their due date, so we just keep on waiting! I had a few people ask me while we were out and about today when my due date is, and the look on their faces when you reply "Today." is too funny.

Other than that we're doing well. Eli was up early this morning, and after being up for 25 minutes I put him back to bed at 6:30am. He slept till 7:15am, came into our bed, and fell back asleep with me until 9am. I laid there and watched him for the majority of that time, and forced myself to just be quiet and do nothing. Who knows when Ill have that opportunity again!!

Had some contractions this evening, but they seem to have tapered off. Im hoping maybe theyll continue over the next few days and then when its actually time to have the baby it'll be short and sweet cause Ive been laboring for a few days! Probably wont happen that way, but its worth wishing!

Keep you posted!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

40 Weeks & Waiting

Just a quick update, but we are still waiting. This weekend was full of family time, and getting stuff done around the house. I have my 40 week midwifery appointment this afternoon, so Ill keep you posted/updated!!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Chiropractor adjustment

I decided a few days ago that making an appointment to go see a chiropractor probably wouldn't be a bad idea. Since baby hasnt dropped yet, I thought maybe there might be a possibility that something is out of line with my pelvis. The appointment went very good (apart from Eli throwing a huge tantrum upon leaving!!) and the chiropractor that I saw was able to make a few adjustments.

He told me that the round ligaments on my left side were very tight, which can make it difficult for baby to drop, and also cause more pain for me. Lots of tightness. He was able to adjust that, and make a few adjustments to my middle back. Overall my neck and shoulders were good. That surprised me because usually its my shoulders that I have some issues with.

Upon getting up this morning, as well as in the middle of the night to pee, I noticed that it was way easier to waddle myself to the bathroom, my hips and back didnt feel anywhere near as tight as they did before the adjustment. Around 9:30am though, I started having some crazy round ligament pain on my left side. If you've been pregnant you know that this nagging pain is really no fun at all. I tried stretching it out, taking a bath, laying down for a few minutes... nothing really helped. Finally it went away on its own, but continues to come back. I called my midwife and left a message just asking her to call me. Im curious to find out if there is a correlation between the pain Im having and my chiro adjustment. Baby is still moving, and the pain has subsided somewhat. The chiropractor said to me a few times before I left, "Well we'll see what this weekend brings for you." So we'll see.

We have a weekend with basically no plans, and Im really looking forward to it. Its cooler today (and very smokey too, apparently theres a fire about 900KM away from Edmonton!!) but Im feeling way more comfortable than I had been earlier in the week. There was a crazy thunderstorm the other night, which kept me away from 12:00amish to 4:30am. It was a long night. Eli slept through it, which surprised me, but me on the other hand could not. Next week is also supposed to be cooler, so thats a huge relief. I shouldn't complain, as I dont have much longer to be pregnant, and should just enjoy it while I can. I feel like Im a comment magnet everywhere we go though, everyone has a comment about the heat and being pregnant and good luck and blah blah blah. Kind of funny, but after awhile gets exhausting. It'll be nice when I can go out and not have people stare at me.

Tuesday is my due date, and we continue to wait. We'll see what this little person decides to do over the weekend, but if I go MIA past Monday chances are something has happened.... maybe we had a baby!! Enjoy the weekend!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hot, hot, hot

It has been extremely hot the last few days! Most days its in the 30's, but it feels warmer than that. Our house is hot, however I know the duplex would be even hotter if we were there still. Generally, during the day Im not too bad, but in the evening's I can't sleep. Its way to hot. I think this is the first time in our marriage that Ill wake up in the middle of the night and be sweating and over heated and Andy is covered up with the blankets. Im not usually a warm person but with the heat the way it is, I am hot!!

Yesterday we had our 39 week appointment with Cathy and as I mentioned before she came and did a home visit. We showed her around, and explained to her what we were thinking as far as a birthing pool, where our washer & dryer are, and how the oven works. We continue to wait, and our baby seems to be very happy to just hang out. He continues to float around, and still hasn't dropped. His head is down, and he switches which side he likes to hang out on. Cathy laughed because each week he is on a different side. She isn't concerned that he's doing this, and that he hasn't dropped. She mentioned that often times with second baby's this is completely normal, and when labor starts he'll move down. With first babies they tend to drop weeks and weeks before their due date, but with second thats not always the case. Makes me feel a bit better.

This kid is always moving though, my stomach looks like theres an alien inside of it, and the movements are getting stronger and stronger... painful actually. Im hoping when I go into labor the weather will be a bit cooler, but we'll see what happens.

For the time being we continue to be patient (although its getting harder, since Im not sleeping well and am feeling more uncomfortable) but I know God's timing is perfect, and thats what Im counting on. He'll come when he's good and ready.

Ive had a few people ask me how far"over due" our midwife will let me go. Generally, she has no problem letting mom's go to 42 weeks, which in the medical world is pretty much unheard of. She continues to do monitoring during those 2 weeks after my due date, and will also send for some tests (non stress test, and a bio physical profile) to make sure the baby is doing well, and there are no concerns. At 42 weeks however, she'll have to consult with an obstetrician, and because Id be so far over my due date at that point a hospital birth would be what she would encourage. Again, there are other natural ways we can try to induce labor, but under pretty much no circumstances am I willing to be hooked up to a pitocen drip and go down that route again! Im so glad we've chosen to have a midwife, and her beliefs and opinions as well as training makes so much sense to us! Im excited to have her deliver our baby, and support us through the rest of the pregnancy.

Keep you posted!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Not much longer

We're still waiting around for a baby to arrive, although we have another week till Im considered 40 weeks. Either way, we're ready, and enjoying the time the 3 of us.

This past week I also had a orthodontist appointment, and I knew he would say we'd have to wait a bit longer. There is a tiny little gap that needs to close up, and thats all we're waiting on! They put on a new chain... one that is a bit tighter. I had an option for just a regular chain to go across the top of my braces or one thats going to be tighter. She told me that my teeth are going to be sore and tender for a bit, but it might be the push it needs. Im okay with the pain and tenderness if it means we close that little gap! So the tight one went on. My teeth are sore but nothing that I cant deal with... and wouldn't ya know, I can already see that the gap is almost closed, and has moved in the past 5 days since I had my adjustment. My next appointment is in mid August, and we should be able to make an appointment to have the braces removed, and we're good to go! I can't believe its been almost 2 years since I had them put on. Im very excited to have them off thats for sure!

Really, its not much longer till we have a baby and not much longer after that till the braces comes off. Ill keep you posted! My next midwifery appointment is on Monday, and Cathy will come to do a home visit, and then we keep waiting!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

38 week midwifery appointment

Alright, quick update cause Eli is napping & I'd like to lay down too, just cause I can!!

Had my 38 week midwifery appointment this morning. All is well. I have lost a couple of pounds again but she isn't concerned about it as long as Im eating... which I am. Blood pressure was great, and baby's heart rate was good and strong. He is still flipping from side to side, and hasn't really dropped too much more, however she still isn't worried about it. Because he was moving around before she checked his heart rate, it was a bit higher (his heart rate that is) and she said thats exactly what they want to see. When babies are busy, they're heart rates should be a bit higher than just at a resting time. She measured my uterus, and was shocked at home much I've grown from last week to this week. Last week at 37 weeks, I was measuring 38 weeks, and now at 38 weeks I am measure... 41 weeks! She kind of laughed even because she couldn't believe it. We may be in for another good sized baby. Next week, Cathy comes to our house to do a home visit, and check out the place to kind of familiarize herself with our home, and for the time being we continue to wait.

Here are a few pictures & Im off to take a nap!!

38 Weeks

 Roasting & Eating marshmallow's. Eli didn't want to get too close to the fire

Our new living room set up. Mirror was freeee, and ikea shelves were $.50 each!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

38 Weeks - Canada Day Weekend

This week I am 38 weeks. I have my midwifery appointment tomorrow, so I dont really have too much to tell at this point. This weekend was Canada Day, and a long weekend for Andy. Both Eli & I love it when Andy is home. So nice to have the extra company and Eli is so content with his Dad. Its the best of both worlds for all of us!

Saturday morning I made breakfast for us, and then headed out to my parents place to do some cooking with my mom. I decided I wanted to do some frozen meals before the baby comes so we at least have something in the freezer. My sister is doing something called Meal Train (I think!) for us, and its a program where you sign up to bring hot meals to people. Its an online tool, and you pick when you want to sign up for a hot meal, say what your bringing & what time, and then drop it off! This will be a huge help for us, and I am so thankful that she's willing to put it together. If you decide you'd like to help our in any way, please leave a comment, and Ill make sure she gets in contact with you. Some of you may already have had her contact you. So in between the hot meals during the week, I think its a good idea to have some frozen meals on hand. We got started around 11am, and finished around 2pm, and boy did we knock off a lot of food! We made 2 pizza's, 2 large lasagne's, 3 broccoli casseroles, 2 sweet n sour chicken, and then a container of cooked, cubed chicken for salad's or whatever else we might need. I think that should be more than sufficient. I feel like I am totally in a nesting stage, because the need to have everything organized and in its place is just crazy! Maybe because we're having a home birth I feel like everything has to be clean and tidy, so that if I go into labor I wont be stressed about the mess.

Saturday evening we went over to my mother in law's place to visit and have dinner. It was such a great evening, we went for a walk, had ice cream, played in the park, and visited! Eli loves his Nana, and always has so much fun when we spend time with her.

Come Sunday morning (Canada Day) we woke up to dark clouds in the sky. I made a nice breakfast again, this time with bacon, so neither of my boys were complaining, and we got ready to head off to the parade. This year I was excited to get Eli out because he's a bit bigger now and I think can do more of the stuff, like sit through a parade. Well by the time we needed to leave it was pouring buckets. We stayed in and watched a movie. I thought maybe once the rain stopped we could head out to take in some of the festivities, but the rain didn't really stop for a long enough time that it was safe to venture out without getting soaked. We ended up staying home all day. Andy and I organized our living room, and re arranged it. We set up the office area as Eli's playroom with all of his toys, and made the living room way more comfortable to sit and relax in. I officially love it. Ill post pictures soon of it.  My parents and sister came over in the evening and we had a BBQ ( would you believe the rain cleared up of course around dinner time and it was beautiful & warm out!!) and then finished the evening with a walk down to the lake by our house. Eli likes to pretend to go fishing in it.

Today we've spent getting ready for the week. Laundry, picking up a few groceries, tidying the house.... again, and nap time for me & Eli. I also love nap times on the weekend, because generally Andy won't nap, so when Eli wakes up and I continue sleeping its not the end of the world!

This week will also go by really fast, so its a short week for us, but because I do have a few appointments, midwifery, car check up, orthodontist, and on top of that Iam volunteering to turn the spray deck on by our place every afternoon when the weather is nice enough! So it'll be busy!

Ill keep you posted on what happens with my 38 week appointment tomorrow, as well as update some pictures. Just a matter of getting them off my phone! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!!