Tuesday, January 29, 2013

One week in...

Its been about a week since I last posted. Im going to really try to keep up on posting more often.

Last week I posted about my plan to loose weight and to hopefully get Judah to sleep.

Well . . . one of them I succeeded at.

Over the last week I have watched carefully what Im eating, how much, eating less sugar, breads (cards in general!) and have been drinking more water; or trying to at least! Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday of last week were really good. I stuck to the 17 diet almost bang on. I went to our ladies bible study, and used great self control and had some fruit and vegetables (with no dip!!) and felt great about it. Wednesdays are an eating day where theres lots to snack on. We have bible study in the morning at the church and then our Small Group meets on Wednesday evenings as well. I decided I could have a few snacks at small group in the evening as long as I didnt snack in the morning at bible study. Im not sure if my body re acted to the timbits and chips I had because I hadnt had any junk for over 48 hours, but on Wednesday night when I went to bed I felt like I had a rock in my stomach. When I woke up on Thursday morning I felt like I had the stomach flu, minus the vomiting and diarrhea. As the day progressed I felt worse and worse, and started to feel achy. Andy had to come home from work at lunch because I was so sick. I barely ate anything on Thursday all day, and even on Friday I really had no appetite.

Ya know how when you have the stomach flu, or food poisoning whatever it was that you ate, you have no desire to ever have again in your life? The thought makes you feel repulsed? Well I now feel this way about timbits, and the certain kind of chips I had. Ugh Yuck.

I worked out a few times last week, 3 times to be exact. I'm being more deliberate about getting out for walks or any bit of exercise. 

So I bet your wondering if I lost any weight? Yes, in 7 days, I lost 3 pounds. Its only 3 pounds but every morning when I weigh myself I am still down 3 lbs, so its not just fluke! Yes!

As for Judah's sleeping. Its not getting any better. Its getting worse. Last night I was up 5 times with him, and Andy was up once. So. freaking. dumb. I'm at a loss as to what to do.

I tried to let him cry it out for his nap today, and he cried for 45 minutes, when I finally went in there he had thrown up, and had it all over the side of his face. Epic fail on the cry it out technique, we wont be doing that again.

So if anyone has any tips. Let me know. Please!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Exhaustion, Lia Sophia, 17 Day Diet

Today I feel like I kind of have an excuse for not posting for so long.
My excuse . . .
Judah. Not. Sleeping.

Last night was the first time he had a decent sleep in weeks. Yes weeks!!

He hit a growth spirt a few weeks ago, and since then he has continued to wake up multiple times. When I say multiple I mean like on an average night it would be 4, 5 or 6 times I would have to haul my butt out of bed to go into his room. Can you say exhaustion? Yes, complete exhaustion. Its incredible how lack of sleep can make you feel like a horrible, mom, and wife. And on top if that it sure can make you super hormonal. I feel like Ive been on auto pilot since Christmas. Just doing because I didnt have a choice. Survival mode.

He came down with that great ear infection, and after his round of antibiotics we decided we would do something about his crummy sleeping. Well, we tried... and I suppose we failed. We tried letting him cry it out, but once Eli woke up one night after 45 minutes of crying I caved, went in and fed him. After speaking to the doctor to confirm my thought, she agreed, theres no way a 20 pound baby needs to eat in the night. But he is waking up because he thinks its a scheduled eat time, and the only way he can go back to sleep is if he eats. We tried watering down his bottle, and that didnt work. Most nights he would gulp it back no problem, or he would get right mad and cry and cry and cry.

Last night he went to bed an hour and a half later than usual. 8pm. He had 8 ounces to eat, and then slept till 3:00am. I fed him, and put him back to bed and he slept till 7:30am. See, the one night waking I can handle. But 4, 5, or 6 times I cannot. That is not okay with me. On top of the bad night time sleep, he would nap horribly during the day. At the end of the day Im exhausted, and then upon going to bed it starts all over again. I. Just. Dont. Get. It!

So thats my excuse for not posting in over a week!!

I have decided to do something. A few months ago I had a jewelry party through Lia Sophia. The perks were incredible, and I got so much free jewelry. My party was a great hit, and there was $1000 spent and I got over $800 in free jewelry!

After going back and forth with it I decided that Id take a whack at selling it. The kits were half price in January so for $82 I got over $1000 in jewelry and everything that I needed to get started. Im nervous but excited. I have the opportunity to bring in some sort of income, and get out of the house. Plus have nice jewelry, and feel good.
Here's my website if you want to take a peek:  http://sites.liasophia.ca/sites/karlahope?T=1358787064347

And finally one more thing I have to put out there. I dont really want to, but I dont think Ill get the kick in the butt that I need if Im not totally honest! Lets talk about ... weight.

After having 2 kids, I ready to loose the extra weight. I think so many moms after having babies just accept they'll never be able to loose the baby weight, and have that extra weight around the midsection. I did after Eli, and started to loose weight after having him and then got pregnant again when I finally got disciplined to do it. Ive watched alot of youtube videos of weight loss transformations, and I want to be one of those! I have at least 20 pounds I want to loose, maybe an extra 10 on top of that. I'd like to go with how I feel, and how I look instead of by the scale.

A few years ago, I picked up the 17 Day Diet book, and started doing it. You can loose up to 10 pounds in the first week by cutting out sugar and carbs. So Im going to start with the 17 Day Diet again, plus working out, and maybe look into a few other things for working out and loosing weight. I plan on taking pictures and measurements along the way to keep a before and after on hand!! Ill keep you posted on how it goes!! Today is Day 1.

I have to run, Judah Bear just woke up for a 45 minute nap, and is now whining. If anyone has any tips for me on any of the above stuff... weight loss, or baby sleep, PLEASE fill me in!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dropped the ball...

I dropped the ball!

I actually did a post on our kitchen cabinet transformation however it seems like blogspot lost it somewhere along the line. Im not very happy about it!!

We went super super hard on the cabinets, and of course as soon as we finished we got very sick! It seems like everyone over Christmas got sick, and so did we. Eli was the only one who didnt catch it. Judah came down with an ear infection and has been on antibiotics. Both Andy and I got super sick, and my mom had to take Eli for a day because we could barely function. Ive never had a cold like we did. Achy, sore throat, headache, you name it. It was horrible!! I really dont recommend getting sick at the same time as your spouse when you have 2 kids to take care of!! Not fun!

It really didnt feel like we had much of a break over Christmas, because we were either working hard on the cabinets or sick. We had one day where we felt not to bad to do something. So frustrating, but it is what it is!

Like I mentioned above Judah has come down with an ear infection and had to go on antibiotics. I knew he had an ear infection right after we got better. He had been poking around at his ear, fever off and on for like 2 days, diarrhea, not eating, and he has been down right miserable. I took him in and sure enough ear infection on the right ear but not left. Exactly what I suspected!!

I really didnt want to put him on another round of antibiotics but he was so miserable I couldn't not put him on. He had diarrhea continue the whole course of the antibiotics, and finally close to the end of the course he is finally starting to be his happy self!! We'll see what happens with his ears from here on out. Eli has an appointment at the specialist, and Im going to ask the doctor about Judah's ears.

On top of the ear infection Judah is sleeping horribly! It probably has alot to do with not feeling well, however he is waking up every 2-3 hours. Its exhausting and Im getting to the point where I need to do something with his sleep. Judah is 20 pounds now and there is no reason for him to be eating in the middle of the night! Little stinker.

If anyone has any tips on sleep Id love to hear them!!