Monday, May 31, 2010

Could it be teething?!

So with a ton of diarrhea these days part of me is starting to wonder if maybe it could be teething? I've had alot of people say teething will do this, but I dont think this serious. Eli's little tummy just wont stop rumbling. When we were cuddling I had my hands on his tummy and I could feel all the rumbles going on. Poor guy. That being said he does have a tooth that just cut through, and Im sure he has another one coming through.

This morning in an attempt to get to the bottom of the issues I bleached down Eli's room. The humidifier has made a thick white film on the walls, so I got to the bottom of it and wiped everything down, including his crib. I'm also going to clean the carpets in the house soon, all just an attempt to get to the bottom of it!

Also, I've heard alot about colloidal silver, and how its good for pretty much anything. My girlfriend said a medical dr suggested that the next time her son got an ear infection to drop a few drops in his ear and it should help. My mom had some, so I dropped a few drops in Eli's one ear, and he lost it. Screaming. I hate the feeling of having my ear plugged with water or some liquid!

Anyways, he's down for his 2nd nap already and Im thinking once he is up we'll have to get out for a bit. Not too sure where, and not too far from home because he's pooping every 10 minutes but we have to get out. The little guy didnt get out of the house yesterday so maybe today.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Just when I thought things were starting to look up . . .

So just when I thought things couldn't get any worse . . . they pretty much did. Luckily not with Eli's health though! Remember me mentioning in my last post that I was going to go take a nap? Well I did, and around 3:30, Andy got home. He came and sat on the side of the bed and said "I got into an accident." He was going through an intersection and this guy didnt see him and turned right in front of him! The guy said he wants to settle without insurance because he doesnt want his rate to go up, but thats not happening. Andy's back is already sore, and Im thinking that we may write the car off. It is driveable still but theres probably around $1000 damage, and the car is only worth around $1800. So just when I thought things were starting to get better, now we have to figure out these details! Ohwell. Maybe a blessing in disguise, since this afternoon we were looking at vehicles and test driving a few??

Also I should mention, Eli napped for an hour and a half, and woke up happy and wanting to play! No more cuddles for that little boy, he didnt want to sit still. He was having his diaper changed every 15 minutes because he couldnt keep anything in, but he was happy at least! So good to report!

Oh and of course get this! I went out for supper with my girlfriend and her sister to the Olive Garden tonight. We were standing waiting for our table, and I'm telling them all about the Eli issues and frustrations Im having. Well I look over and who do I see walking past me? Dr. Radisic, our pediatrican! Seriously, what are the chances of that!? He said hello, and continued on. I really hope he didnt hear me complaining... guess its a reminder to always be careful and acknowledge what I say out in public! It was a good meal, I'm full and ready for bed!


Eli woke up at 7:30 this morning, again covered in pooh. We bathed him, fed him (4oz!!) and in less than 30 minutes he was back in bed. I had to help in the nursery today at church so off I went. When I got home at 10:30a.m, the house was quiet and both boys were in bed. My mother in law came over so we could get out for a bit. Off we went to test drive some vehicles and get some lunch.

When we got home, Eli was laying in my MIL's arms, and didnt even move when he say us. She said all he wants to do is cuddle, which is not my little boy! She left, and Andy had to go out aswell, and Eli just sat in my arms doing nothing. Finally, he started getting fidgity and whiney so I put him to bed and he didnt fight it at all. At least he's willing to sleep. No throwing up today. And to be honest, I think I'm going to try and lay down for a bit before the little guy wakes up.

Any prayers would be so appreciated! Thanks again!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Stollery Hospital

Eli hasn't been eating much, and what formula he has been willing to eat goes right through his system. This morning we thought we'd take him to the medicentre, but weren't willing to wait it out.

After his nap though he woke up with a new rash. One that looks much like a severe sunburn. We had no idea what it was, and continued on with our day. At his second nap though he woke up 45 minutes in, and started throwing up and heaving... he'd cry, and then rest his head on my chest, throw up some more, cry, rest his head on my chest! I became very concerned immediately because he is the little boy that will refuse to relax on your shoulder or chest even when he is screaming upset, yet he was willing today. So we went off to the Stollery.

Once we got there we registered in triage (after I broke down when the nurse asked what was going on! I just started bawling!) We headed off down to the pediatrics area and a dr was with us within 5 minutes of getting in. Eli screamed the whole time, but remember that list I said I was writing up? The one that I've been writing down detail for detail about whats happening. When he started his antibiotics the last time around, when the diarrhea started, etc... well it came in very handy today because I could give them exact dates! They gave him some reactine as well as something thats like a baby gravol to see if we could calm down the vomiting. It worked, and as soon as Eli had that in his tummy he immediately started signing for milk. He had 6.5 oz. Great! He wanted to play after that. The dr. also checked his ears and said they were only mildly pink and to stop the antibiotics because its just inflaming his intestines. So we're off the antibiotics, he is only mildly dehydrated, and they're saying its still a viral infection, however they did take a stool sample to check that. The rash's he has (a bumpy one, and a sunburn looking one) they're not sure about either, but it doesnt seem to be bothering him.

As for the ear infections though, this dr said generally when you see 4-5 ear infections in a year thats when you need to go see a Ear, Nose, & Throat Specialist (ENT) so its good we have a refferal. However, if this dr today only saw mildly pink, it makes me wonder how many of the past times that we've had Eli on antibiotics for ear infections have they just been "mildly pink" as well? Ohwell I guess!

Eli's down for bed, and we're going to relax and have some garlic delissio pizza! Heres the picture of Eli's newest rash after he got out of the bath... and this has tamed down a bit since this afternoon!

J'adore Dance Blog

So the studio I dance at has a blog, and is looking for people to write posts! So I went to it! It was posted on their website today!

Check it out!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Hello, Dr.Radisic

Eli got up at 7:00a.m. When I went in to get him out of his sleep sack he was covered in poop. Great. Into the bath he went. He went down for his nap by 8:15a.m, and then woke up around 9:45a.m. Out the door we went by 10:30a.m, to get change for parking, a coffee for me, and downtown we went.

This morning I spoke to my mother in law before we went off to the dr. We did alot of talking about Eli, and once we got off the phone I just broke down. Out of no where, I'm sitting on the couch and just started crying! So I decided to pull out my bible, and so some reading. Finally after the tears stopped I prayed and got ready to go.

Once we got to the dr's office, the nurse weighed him and talked with us for a minute. I'm pretty sure she loves us because 2.5 weeks ago the last time we were in I sent her a thank you card for being so helpful to us! When she weighed him she said that he's lost just over a pound which is a significant amount at his age. Eli has never had a problem with his weight. At 6 months he was 21lbs! He now sits at 22.1 lbs, and the last time he was in he was 23.7 lbs. Ugh.

Dr. Radisic comes in, and listens to his chest. Not too much wheezing. Good. Looks in his ears. Both are red, the right one is worse than the left. He looks at his rash, and gives us some cortisone cream to try on it. Then looks at his diaper rash that is not on his bum cheeks but else where... I think you can probably guess where. So he said chances are it is a viral infection still, it maybe be that as one infection is ending, another is starting. I had to hold my stuff together to not cry. Finally I just said to him, "I would really like a referral to an ear nose and throat specialist. Dr.Radisic I'm at my wits end as to what we should do, I dont know who my baby is except when he is sick and I dont remember the last time he wasn't sick. Its been so long I just dont know anymore!" He said that itll take at least a year to get into see a specialist, but he already sent a refferal off. I didnt expect that he would've but here's hoping and praying that we can get in sooner rather than later! They also want me to get them a stool sample. So lucky me, I get to line Eli's diaper with plastic wrap (or newspaper, but uhh... ouch!) and then once he goes, scoop it into a little container and send it in! At this point I'm willing to do anything!

I also called the naturopathic dr, and he called me over his lunch break and gave me some great suggestions since they cant get me in today. He said the probiotic tablets I picked up are good, but to give him 6-8 a day instead of just 1 like the lady at the store told me. So thats good! He said not to give him cow's milk, but goats milk because nutrionally its healthier, and less "issues" with it. We're on a cancellation list for them, so we'll see what happens. In the mean time I filled the antibiotics for Eli, which this time around its not ammoxicillian but  something different. And I'll attempt some of the natural things that the naturopath suggested!

Let me tell you, it took everything for me to hold my stuff together as I'm at walmart getting his prescription filled. I was on the verge of crying because I'm at my wits end! But as I was getting ready to put Eli down for his nap at 2:00P.M, God just reminded how much I still have to be thankful for. Eli's sleep hasn't been affected. He is such a good sleeper! For his naps, he never cries or plays around when I put him in his crib. I put him down on his back, he rolls onto his tummy, I cover him up and thats that! Same as for bed. For the most part he is still pretty happy too. Im blessed that he is not sseriously ill, and in the hospital, if the worse of our issues is a runny nose, diarrhea, and ear infections in both ears (it sounds bad!) but he doesnt have cancer, and we're not going through chemo! I just have to keep reminding myself of that, and continue to thank God for how he provides for us.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Not again!

It would seem our little guy is sick yet again. He's having some diaper issues lets just say, kind of like before. He doesnt want to eat solids and really doesnt eat alot of his bottle. Dont even think about getting his sippy cup anywhere near him because he doesn't want it! Its so frustrating.

His rash has spread to his wrist, and isn't getting any better. Still runny nose as well. Tomorrow we're back to the Dr. I dont know what the point is anymore. He tells us the same thing over and over "Wait it out." And while I understand that, how long do we wait it out for? I know that tomorrw he's going to suggest putting Eli on an inhaler, for the chest congestion and thats the last thing I want to do. I'd like to get to the bottom of it, and not just put him on a whole bunch of stuff! How long do we wait before we take some sort of action to see a specialist or take a blood test or something! My mom said to me, "He's only human like the rest of us..." And yes I understand that but how many times have we been in to see him in the past 6 months! Too many times! I also called the Naturopath and asked if we could be put on a cancellation list, because we have 2 more weeks before we see him and I dont think we can wait that long! I know, I'm impatient, but really this is going too far. We're all tired, especially Eli.

And while he has this rash to top it all off I dont feel comfortable taking him out to be around other children. If it is something contagious, oh man that would be horrible.

So there was yet another rant on my sick son, I'm sure you're all used to them by now since there is at least 2-3 every week!! Until tomorrow's update! I'm off to pick up toys and veg out until the little guy wakes up!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

All done!

The sign language for all done is holding your hands out and turning your palms up and then down. So whenever Eli is "all done." I do the sign and say "all done." Well he cant flip his hands up and down like I do, so he has started to wave his hand up and down as the sign. Close but not exactly. Close enough that I understand though because he does it whenever we're done something. Vacumning especially. I finish, say "All done." He shakes his hand. Breakfast, lunch and supper. Same thing... end of bathtime, same thing.

Because he was cranky today I thought I'd take his diaper off and let him crawl around naked. Well as he is crawling around he stood up in the kitchen beside the cabinets, and started peeing. Not like just a few little dripples, like full on stream shooting out in front of him. First of all it was hilarious because he looked like such a little man standing there peeing, but once he stopped peeing, what did he do? You guessed it, "All done." I didnt say it or anything because we were laughing too hard, but he stood there just shaking his hand saying all done!

At least he knows what the sign means!

Another mystery

Well the other day as I was changing Eli I noticed a rash on his back/bum. Its very small little bumps that are all red. I didnt think much of it. Baby's get rashes and thats that. A day later I noticed he still had it, but it was also on his upper back/armpit. It doesn't seem to bother him, but I think Andy was quite concerned about it.

So this afternoon he was playing while I was checking my e-mail. He took the remote control and kept hitting the computer. I would calmly say no and move his hand. Well he finally did it again (after 5 or 6 times of saying no) and I took the remote from him set it down on the couch and firmly said "No, Eli!" He lost it! He was not happy. I made him a bottle and tried to feed him. He had all of an ounce and he was done. He continued to cry. At this point though he was pulling on his ear, and screeching at the top of his lungs. Not the regular "I'm upset because you told me no." cry. So I took him upstairs and he quickly crawled away and stopped crying. We went back downstairs and he started playing fine, and then all of a sudden he started screeching again! Arching his back as I'm holding him and just loosing it! I gave him a bit of tylenol and allergy medicine, and put him to bed. He let out one loud screech and that was it.

I called the dr, and they can get us in on Friday morning. They know us by first name now. Probably since the last time I sent the nurse a thank you card for getting us in so quickly, but still I feel dumb when all I have to say is "Eli." and she knows, and asks if this is something new that has come up or if he had it the last time we were in. Ohwell I guess. I've decided that I'm keeping a detailed chart of what his day consists of. Anything that isn't regular or "normal" for him. So this rash, pulling at his ears (however that has become regular with the 4 ear infections he's had!) any diaper issues, etc. So when we see the naturopath I can give him a good idea of whats been going on and when!

I know there was a roseola outbreak in Calgary, but I dont know if this is the same thing. Once he wakes up I'll post a picture of his rash and maybe some of you can help me self diagnose my son, since the dr hasnt been able to yet! ;-)
THanks for reading!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Okay so once I got out there and looked at the yard, I figured who cares. I mowed both sides... in comparison to what I mowed at my parents place when I lived at home this is nothing. So theres nothing to complain about. Now after a good walk this morning, and yard work I'm going to take a shower!

Mowing the Lawn

Okay so heres the thing... maybe some of you can help me out with this. We live in a half duplex. So we're connected to someone else on the other side. They're older than us, but not old by any means! We haven't really had any issues with them. The odd time that they're loud, and we've had to go over at 2:30a.m and ask them to turn the music down. They drink and smoke alot so I think often times they pass out with the music blaring! But otherwise we dont mind them at all!

But . . . here is my question. I want to go out and mow the lawn. Andy did it just a few weeks ago and it needs to be done again. So when we mow the lawn whats the rule on our neighbors yard? When Andy cut it a few weeks ago, he cut their half of the grass, as well as ours. When it snowed in the winter (and spring too!) we would always shovel their side of the walk... I think we shovelled their walk more often than they did their own! So is there like a rule on how it works? Like Andy cut their grass the last time (which is a thankless job by the way!) so this time when I cut our grass do I do their side too or just leave it? That kind of comes across as snobby, no? Would it create an issue if I didnt do their side? Our combined lawn isn't huge so I could just do it, but whats the rule of thumb when it comes to this!? HELP!!!

If I can figure out how to use this lawn mower we have, I'll probably just cut their lawn too.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Miscarriage & Stillbirth

Tonight as I was watching some vidoes on youtube about birth, homebirth, waterbirth, etc. I came across a video that was in memory of a stillbirth baby. This baby was born at 21 weeks. As they showed pictures, I couldn't believe how perfect this little baby was. At 21 weeks it was so little (only fitting into a cupped set of hands) but it was just so perfect and little.

I feel like once the first trimester is finished that women feel like they're through the "what if" stage. I know thats how I was when I was pregnant. I didnt really want to celebrate until I was 14 weeks. Once I hit 14 weeks, I was clear! Thats so not the case!

I stumbled across another video that was in memory of another couples baby. Annika they named her. She was born at 38 weeks. Her mom noticed that one day she wasn't as active as usual, and so they went in. She had no heartbeat. Who would've though at 38 weeks a picture perfect pregnancy could go "so wrong." God often has another plan, and in the midst we just dont understand it.

As a doula I"m going to have to come face to face with these issues. Miscarriage, stillbirth, etc. I dont think anything can ever prepare anyone for something like this... but I had my eyes opened a few weeks ago.

One of my girlfriends who is pregnant went in for her 20 week ultrasound. This is supposed to be one of the most exciting days of a pregnancy! Getting to see your baby for the first time on that ultrasound screen. For her I can only think that itwas probably one of the saddest days she's had. Her baby didnt have a heartbeat. I guess it had abnormalities and they were surprised that the baby lived as long as it did. As I read her e-mail that she sent out to her friends letting them know of their news my heart broke. No parent should ever have to loose a child and no mother should have to loose her baby who hasn't been born.

She had to wait a day or two before she could be induced. At 20 weeks, she still had to deliver her baby. Either her body would kick in and her contractions would start or she would be induced. However at 20 weeks she wouldn't have to dialate to 10 cm, because her baby was so little. Let me tell you, I prayed and prayed and prayed for her and her family. I prayed that God would work through the situation, I prayed that the right doctors and nurses would be on staff, I prayed for her body, for her husband and their son who is 2.

A night later I received another e-mail from her. I guess that the nurses told her they've never had a delivery that went so smoothly with no issues like hers. Prayers answered! No complications. Prayers Answered! God worked through a situation like this. And as I questioned God "How could this happen!? Why would you let this happen!!" He continued to say to me "Although it feels like I dont have a plan in all of this, take comfort because I know what I'm doing."

Miscarriage and stillbirth is more common than people think, or lead on. I feel like its a hush, hush, thing. Women blame themselves often times when either one of these things occour, and often dont grieve the loss of their little one! I'm blessed (at this point in my life!) that I've never had to go through the pain of a miscarriage, however I know numerous women that have.

For myself in this situation, my heart broke for my girlfriend mostly because the days after when her body was going through all of the hormonal changes, her milk was coming in, and her body healing from labor, she had empty arms! However, I believe that God works through that as well. She only looks ahead to one day at a time, and gets through it.

I felt that I needed to share this experience as well as discuss this because so many have had to go through the loss of a child (unborn, or born!) and just because its stillbirth, or a miscarriage it doesn't make it any easier! As a doula its my role to support a couple or just the mother for a child that had a beating little heart or not. I'm learning slowly but surely, let me tell you its not easy thats for sure! Without my faith I dont think I could get through experiences like this. God continues to hold my hand and say "Trust me, I know what I'm doing."

What a weekend

Well what a weekend!

Yesterday, Andy and I headed out to West Ed to go shopping. We left around 2:00P.M. My mom came over to hang out with Eli, and it was perfect timing because he was ready to go for a nap just as we left. Andy's mom came over around 5:00, to take over for the night! I guess Eli went down to bed with no issues. Makes me feel so happy and relieved!

So once we got to west ed it was a gong show! We drove around for 15 minutes trying to find a parking spot. Finally we did and ventured in. We shopped from 2:30 until about 6:30, and got some awesome buys! It was a great afternoon! We had dinner reservations for 7:00P.M at Madisons Grill. We met my parents there, and had a great supper! I love going to restaurants that are little and not a huge franchise! You get treated special. The food was great.

Our hotel room was awesome. The bed though wasn't very comfortable and there was a wedding going on yesterday so it was quite loud. To be honest I slept horibble. I woke up at 1:00a.m to loud thumping! Over and over. Thump, thump, thump! Not cool! I found out this morning as we were checking out that someone decided to use the treadmill at 1a.m! Lucky me! I was happy to find out it was a treadmill and not something else.

We got home around 11:00ish, and just relaxed. Its been a good weekend all in all!

Being away from Eli for the first night every was not as hard as I thought it would be! He did so well, and we had a nice time away!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Rain, Rain . . . How I love you!

Would you all hate me if I said that I really like all this rain and gloomy weather we're receiving? Well, I do really like it! It makes everything so green, I can already see the difference! Andy and I always say that if there was anywhere we could move to it would be the island. Its so beautiful there, and we love the rain! But I coud never move away from my family or Andy's family!

Tonight I'm off to meet one of my back up doula's clients. She's due in a few weeks and would like to meet me. I dont expect that I'll have to attend her birth but we'll see what happens! If I do, I dont think I feel ready! I should probably get my birth bad together so I have those few things on hand just in case! I'm a little nervous about the meeting but we'll see how it goes! Keep you posted!

Yesterday I babysat my girlfriends daughter. She's just over a year, and was super easy! Very quiet, and boy does that little girl love to eat! You would never guess that by her size but she was just awesome! She was here for 3 hours and it was waaaay easier than I expected. Eli slept for half the time she was here, but it was great!

I've also invested in a new cell phone. I have a crappy, pink, razr phone before, but now I have an LG Xenon. Touch screen with a keyboard pad. I dont use my phone for internet or anything so I didnt really need a really special phone, however I would've loved to get one! But I'm totally frsutrated because it didnt come with a manual, you have to go online and get it. Well in order to get it you have to download a bunch of stuff and I cant figure it all out for the life me, it all goes over my head... so I have to call this morning to see if LG can help me!

When I went into Eli's room this morning he was laying on his side just saying "Mom, mmmom." And he's kept saying it all morning!So precious, I love it!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Its been a few days since I've written, and to be honest I'm not feeling very motivated! I guess I feel like these days I've been writing about the same old stuff, which usually amounts to Eli being sick!

So here's the update for those that check daily!

His cough has cleared up, his nose is still running but he seems like he's doing better.
Yesterday we went to Parent Link for their Baby & Me program that we go to weekly and I have to say I was so proud of Eli! He was a bundle of energy and just had a great time! He was also sharing so well! He's figured out how to give a toy to someone. He had a ball in his hand and he crawled up to one of the other moms, put it in her hand and gave it to her! I couldn't be more proud! He was also loving the toys and stuffed animals to play with! He was such a joy to be around and so content. I haven't seen him like that in a long time!

And, Eli has another tooth coming through! The bottom left. So now he has 3 on the bottom and 3 on top! This one seems like it was fairly painless, so thats a relief!

Today I also met with a girlfriend, she sells Arbonne and wanted to tell me about it! I'm definitly interested in being a consultant but Andy and I decided we're going to sleep on it for a few nights. If I do, it will definitly be interesting as my sister sells Mary Kay. Same idea as being consultants & selling products, but very different lines. We'll see what happens! I'll keep you posted!

And finally, I cannot wait until this weekend! Saturday, Andy and I go off for our date! Shopping, supper, maybe a movie, sleeping in and breakfast in the morning! Its going to be so awesome! I dont want to build it up too much though, because often times thats when we're disappointed the most... remember that when you were younger and it was your birthday, or Christmas, or some other special event, you waited for weeks and weeks for the day and then it finally came and went, and in the end you always felt a little disappointed? I dont want it to be that way, so I'm just trying to be relaxed about it! We'll see, and keep you posted!

Until next post!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010


What a beautiful day out! Its almost 30 degrees, and I'm loving it! Eli slept quite well last night. In bed by 7:00P.M, he woke up before 6:00a.m, but I decided "no way am I getting up!" and he fell back asleep until almost 7:30a.m! Lets cross our fingers that maybe he'll adpot this schedule!

His cough is still horrible! I feel so bad for the little guy! I called the dr's office and asked about giving him an antihistimine. She said I could. So I did. Didnt really help much.  I ran into a lady from Heart 2 Heart that is a nurse today and she said it could be allergies though because his snot (yup I said snot!) is clear. I just feel so bad for the little guy! I ran into the health store today as well and picked up so probiotics to give him. The lady really encouraged me when it comes to getting him better. She said the antibiotics just ruin your digestive system so give him the probiotics for 3 months and we should see an improvement! She also said that in order for the probiotics in yogurt to do anything he'd have to eat a huge tub of it!

But someone suggested to me the other day (I dont remember who!) that maybe I should take him to a naturopath! Our benefits cover it, and considering I'm at my wits end I think I will! I've called around to a few places, so we'll see what happens! I just need to find out if the one I called and left a message for works with children. Cross our fingers we'll get to the bottom of it! If you know of any naturopaths, please let me know! I'll keep you posted as to what happens!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Today I feel tired. Eli woke up at 5:50a.m, and was ready to get up. So I got up with him and let Andy sleep. He hasn't been feeling too well the past few days so he needs his rest. We were up for 45 minutes and then I put Eli back to bed. He slept for about an hour. Off to church we went and then came home and we all took a good 2 hour nap! Boy did we need it!

We got out this afternoon and then came home and cleaned the house. Eli is feeling okay, but his cough is back. Bad. He has his 12 month check up and we're going to put our foot down and request referrals to some specialist. Ear, nose & throat specialist, and an asthma specialist. Andy is going to come to this appointment to support me!

Andy went to wal mart tonight and I asked him to pick up a potty for Eli. He pretty much got the coolest potty. Its Cars and it makes noises! We'll see if we can convince Eli to sit on it for a bit each day!

I cant wait for next weekend. Andy and I have booked a hotel room at the Union Bank Inn, where we spent our wedding night as well as our 1st anniversary! So we got a great deal on this room, we get a nice hot breakfast. We're also going to do some shopping, maybe a movie, and possibly the 6 course meal at Madisons Grill! And to top it all off I've requested a late check out so we can sleep in! We just have to get through this week.

Cool Potty!

This is what Eli did with his tongue all day on Saturday!

Ready to go for a bike ride, in his cool biking outfit!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Simply Suppers

Last night my mom, and sister and I went to Simply Suppers in Edmonton. If you haven't heard of it before its a business where you go in, make your meals up, they give you directions on how to cook them, bring them home, put them in the freezer and cook when your ready to eat them! It was awesome! We got 12 meals (serves 2-3) for $170! Which I think is a great price! I cant wait to dig in! I also think its going to make my life for putting suppers together alot easier!

So Eli, was extremely miserable yesterday! He slept alot too. In fact, his afternoon nap was from 11-2:15! I couldn't believe it! His fever finally went down last night. Andy put him down around 7:00P.M, and know what time he slept till!? 8:45a.m! I couldn't believe it when I woke up at 8:30a.m, and he still wasn't awake! He is much happier today, and I couldn't be happier too!!

This evening I'm heading over to a girlfriends place from moms group. A bunch of us are getting together WITHOUT the babies! This will be the first time in the whole 9 months that we've all known each other that we'll be together without the babes! I cant wait! We're going to eat, have some drinks and hang out in the hot tub! No husbands or babies! Not that I'm complaining about either (because I love them both!) but its going to be nice to get out with the girls!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Health First

Last night Eli had a slight fever. Nothing too serious. He was tired and not feeling well so we put him to bed. Around 12:00a.m he woke up crying. I went in and picked him up, and he was piping hot. Surprisingly I couldn't find the thermometer! So I decided we were going to take him to the Health First Centre here in Sherwood Park. Like a small ER and their open from 5:30P.M-1:00A.M. We went in and the place was dead! We got checked in and waited for a nurse to take his temperature. We waited close to 20 minutes, and then we got taken back. The nurse was rude to us right off the bat. She asked us a few questions I told her the answers, and she treated me like I was dumb.

Eli lost it when she took his temperature, and it took him 15 minutes of screaming (and throwing up in between!) before he calmed down. He didnt have much of a fever, and he's already on antibiotics for the ear infection so really what else is there they can do!? We waited for what felt like ever with a crying baby and finally I opened the door and said " I think we're going to go home, theres really nothing that can be done, and he's tired." They protested and said it'd only be a couple more minutes. Meanwhile the doctor is sitting behind the desk. We waited longer and Eli lost it again. We packed up our stuff and got ready to leave... "We're going to go. Your not concerned about his fever and theres really nothing else you guys can do." The nurse said "I want to get a stool sample to see if the antibiotics are whats giving him diarrhea!" I felt so frustrated because if they had listened to me they'd have known he's been on these antibiotics 4 times already, and the diarrhea started before the antibiotics! And doctor got up and said "Ya know, I'll just look at him." She came him and tried to listen to his chest, he started screaming. "Woooaaah." She said rudely!! "Just take him home and give him some tylenol." And we left! I couldnt believe it! So frustrating!

So needless to say we're tired. Eli woke up at 6:45, was up for half an hour and then went back to bed for 2 hours. When he got up though he was miserable and still has a slight fever. I think he's also cutting a tooth! So far thats our day!

I feel bad for Andy, he had to be up at 5:30, and only got 4 or 5 hours of sleep! Poor guy!
Heres hoping the weekends better!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tough Decisions

So remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned things have been tough because of some decisions we have to make about our future? Well here it is!

Andy finished school and went in to write his exam and came out feeling quite discouraged. It was hard. I guess the government had written new exams for this year. Well there were 6 questions that didnt have enough information on them so they exept those ones. Andy got a phone call a few nights after he had written saying that he had failed and he could re write the next day. He went off to the library to study his brains out. He went into the exam feeling good and ready to go! He texted me after he finished the exam and said he had gotten 62%. You need a 70% to pass.

So we had to decide, Andy either challenges the exam once more for $150 or he goes back to school for 8 weeks to do it over again. He felt frustrated because he did incredible in school and then for some reason couldn't pass this exam! He also felt like he had let me down, the plan was that my mat leave pay would end and he would pass school and get a pay raise! He didnt know where he went wrong!!
We prayed about it and talked about it alot. We knew God had a bigger plan in all of it, so we decided he would rewrite! Then last week I got a letter in the mail saying he was booked to write his exam already! Which was odd because we hadn't booked it or paid for it yet! I called and spoke to a woman named Jackie. She was so helpful and said they had booked it and we had to pay still. Great! She was so helpful, I felt like there was hope!

Meanwhile, Andy and I (aswell as our families!) continued to pray about all of this! We prayed that God would show us His will and what he would like to in our lives!

Yesterday, Andy called to confirm he was still booked in for the exam and to pay for it. The guy he spoke to said he was no longer booked! WHAT!? I was ready to bust a cap in this guys . . . yeah you get it! Andy got transfered to another guy, Dale. Dale informed him that he is no longer booked for his exam because he did in fact PASS the last one he wrote!! WHAT!? Dale said he had to confirm it and to call on Monday.

Andy just called me and said he spoke to Jackie and she confirmed that yes he did pass his exam, he doesnt need to re write! HE IS A 4th YEAR APPRENTICE NOW!!

I'm so happy I could cry! In fact I'm close to tears right now! The only thing I can say is God is Good! He continues to be faithful to us in ways I didnt think were possible! Yes, this could be a "fluke" and they made a mistake, but I choose to believe that God was truly testing our faith in all of this. And He sure did! We didnt understand, but we knew there was a bigger plan in all of this!

So thats the update of our lives! Everything is working out, not how we planned but almost even better!

Last night I went to the dentist and talked to him about some cosmetic issues! Heres a tid bit about me. Are you ready!? I sucked my finger when I was younger, well and a teenager too actually! Probably until I was 15 or so! Crazy, I know! Because of that I have an overbit and my teeth aren't as straight as they could be. I asked him what we could do about straightening them out. Braces. Not what I wanted to hear. He said it'd probably take a year and a half to two years. At first I thought "No way in heck!" but now thinking about it, if my teeth bother me now they're going to bother me 5 or 10 years from now! So I have a consultation at the orthodontist! I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Off to the Doctor

I called this morning and spoke to the nurse at the dr's office. She said she could get us in at 3:30. Off we went. Generally we're in and out of there within 15 minutes. Today we were there close to an hour, however I'm very glad we went!

He noted again that Eli had some wheezing (same as the past 3 times we've gone in) he said if at his next check up if he is still wheezy we'll put him on an inhaler. I'd prefer to have a referal to an asthma specialist, so we can get to the bottom of it and not just put him on something to see what happens.

As for the diarrhea we just have to wait it out. Its a viral infection and it has to run its course. I knew he would say that about it.

Diaper Rash. Apply nystatin cream to the area and then put a barrier cream overtop. It will eventually clear up. So lets cross our fingers!

Eli's been tugging at his ears again. The right one more than the left. I asked him to check them. The right one was red the left one was fine. So he's back on antibiotics for his ear infection. This is the 4th ear infection he has had and he isn't even a year old! I asked at what point do we become concerned at the number of ear infections he's had. He said at 6 years old thats when they will look at putting tubes in their ears if need be. He said we could refer him to a ear, nose and throat specialist, but he's only (yeah, ONLY!!) had 4 ear infections so maybe we'll wait... and also because it takes 6-12 months to get in. I persisted and asked him if he could refer us so we're at least on a waiting list and then when our appointment comes in 6-12 months we'll either have it or we can cancel it if need be. He said okay. Weather or not he will refer us, we'll see.

We go back in just a few weeks so I'll ask him again! I finally feel like we're starting to get somewhere!

I should actually thank my Aunt who called last night and talked to me about it. One of my cousins had ear issues and the other had asthma issue, so my aunt knows how it goes when it comes to arguing and getting to the bottom of an issue. She's really encouraged me alot in this "quest" to get Eli better... and I think that if she hadn't called yesterday (as well as some other encouragement) I probably wouldn't have called to get him into the doctor. So I'm blessed that my aunt has encouraged me so much, as well as the advice of others has really helped!

So thats the update! Keep you guys posted... cross our fingers that tomorrow we'll be a bit closer to having him better, diaper rash & all!!

Trying to air his bum out this morning.

Airing a little bit of everything out!

Hello, diaper cream!! And yes, we had many "accidents" today while he was crawling around naked! Nothing we couldn't clean up though. How can you not love this little toosh!?

A few things I've noticed

Eli is still not feeling 100%, I'm hoping we're on the mend. Today is going to consist of a very naked bum for the majority of the day! I want to tackle this issue!

So although he is quite sick right now he has started to do some really cute things! Its neat at almost a year old he's starting to communicate with us and realize certain things that we do! One thing he loves to do is pretend to talk on the phone! He loves the phone period, and putting it up to his ear. He then hands it to me, and I pretend to talk on the phone and hang it back to him, then he hangs it up. He's also started to pretend anything and everything is the phone, like my bronzer! He grabbed it and put it up to his ear.

Yesterday I gave him my cell phone to hold, and then realized I couldn't find it anywhere! He has a great way of hiding things. So I'm going around the house looking everything. Laundry baskets, in between the couch cushions, behind the couch, in the bathroom... no where could I find it! Finally after 25 minutes of looking for it I asked him "Did you hide my cell phone, Eli?" He looks at me, smiles and says "Yah." all while nodding! As a last resort I got down on my hands and needs and looked around the kitchen floor, sure enough underneath the oven!! Too funny! Its very neat to see how he is interacting with us and starting to understand (to a certain extent!) what we're saying! I love it!

One last thing that Andy and I have noticed in our little guy is that he loves taking things off of a shelf, or out of a cupboard, or where ever and once he's pulled it off he will try to place it back where he got it! This just consists of things like pots & pans, (and not always!) the rice container from the pantry, my make up which he pulls out of a little box and puts it into a make up bag! Its too cute! However it does not mean he's putting his toys away back into the place where he pulled them out of, but it sure is cute!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Diaper Rash

Eli's poor little bum. So in this post I'm going to openly talk about poo, so if you dont want to read it please dont continue on!

Eli has had diahrea since Friday, not a little but I'm talking like 5 or 6 times a day. Runny, acidy poop. Poor guy. Since he pooped when we went out on our walk on Saturday and we didnt realize it this is what tipped it off I think. He's been crawling around the house for the majority of the past 2 days naked with a very red bum! And yes he did have more than 1 accident (while my family was over for mothers day yesterday!!) But I'm seriously at my wits end as to what to do! I've tried different diaper creams, vaseline and baby powder, nothing at all!! So my girlfriend sells arbonne so I'm off to buy some diaper cream from her that I've had quite a few people tell me to try, and if that doesn't help then I'm off to the pharmacy to pick up some nystatin which is what the pharmacist suggested... however he said it will take 2 weeks to clear it up but we should see some changes in 72 hours! I've gotten to the point where when he poohs (which we're at #4 and its not even 2:00p.m!) I use a wash cloth or put him into the bath because the wipes just irritate it. The poor little guy screams and starts shaking because it hurts so bad! I feel horrible for him and just dont know what to do!

If anyone has any suggestions that I may not have tried already, I will probably try anything! Someone suggested to me burnt flour, so maybe I'll try that next. I cant imagine how painful his little toosh is.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Finally some relaxation!

Well I feel like we finally had some relaxing time!
Last night I and did some scrapbooking, however I didnt get anything done... like nothing. I cut out some pictures and laid them out. That was it. Talking with a bunch of ladies and eating some yummy snacks is so much more fun! I got home around 9:30ish, and had a glass of wine with Andy and we went to bed around 10:30ish.

This morning Eli woke up at 5:50a.m. Yes 10 minutes to 6!! We were not happy! But we got up and showered then went to the market. It was a nice morning! By the time we got home Eli was ready for a nap, and he slept for close to 2 hours! So while he napped I cleaned the house, and andy did some work that needed to be done around the house too! I swear, if we didnt have Eli we'd have all our reno's and little projects done no problem! However, slowly but surely we're getting there! Eli was quite content to hang out with us after his nap. I continue to tidy up, while Andy continued to work on his projects. Eli loved playing with andy's tools! Anything he could get his hands on!

Around 2:00p.m Eli & I both went down for an hour nap. My aunt and cousin surprised us with a quick visit while they were in town! It was great to see them! I wish we got to see them more often! Its crazy how busy life gets!! We didnt have any plans for late this afternoon, so Andy suggested we go for a walk in the river valley. I at first didnt want to, but off we went! It was a great afternoon, we spent a good 2 hours wandering around and getting lost in the river valley! I love our stroller, and am so glad we invested in it! Best money we've spent in a long time!

By the time we turned around to start walking back to the car Eli was not very happy. Because he's teething or maybe its because he's sick, but he's had horrible diarhea the past 3 days! He had pooped and must've been sitting in it for awhile! Which in turn means he now has really bad diaper rash! Poor guy! SO . . . once we got home we let him crawl around buck naked! Hope you enjoy some pictures from our great day!!

Playing with dad's tools!

Look at what I can do!!!

"Where did that bit go!?"

"Dad I'll help you cook supper!"

Friday, May 7, 2010

Lets Relax!

Our evenings have been so busy this week I feel like I've barely seen Andy! One night I'm out, the next he's out, and so it continues on! I'm really looking forward to this weekend so that we can relax and spend some time together! Tomorrow morning we're going to head off to the market. I'm looking forward to it!

Sunday is mothers day. My first mothers day! I'm also looking forward to spending time with my family. Eli still isn't feeling 100%, and he wants so badly to feel better. He's been sleeping well at night but he wakes up early and is still tired. This morning he had 2 naps, however they dont last very long!

We're off to meet with a lady who has contact me about being each others back up doulas, so we'll see how that goes. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Eli is still sick today. The cough isn't as bad, but the runny nose is driving him nuts. He slept well last night. I prayed and prayed that he would sleep soundly, and once he had been down for about an hour and a half the coughing stopped and I didnt hear a peep out of him until 6:00a.m when he woke up crying. He must've had an upset stomache and well lets just say he needed to take a bath in order to clean himself up. I fed him, and then he went back to bed after being up for 30 minutes. He didnt make a peep until about 7:45a.m where he had made another mess and into the bath he went. The morning has pretty much consisted of him being in and out of bed. He wakes up crying, I feed him, wipe his nose, sit with him for a bit and then back into the crib he goes. He hasn't faught it too much so thats good. We're supposed to go out at lunch, so I think once he wakes up we'll go but only for an hour or so. Might be good for us both to get out.

I had my first consultation with a client yesterday! The one thing I had to remind myself is to ask her alot of open ended questions and find out about her! This is hard to do. But it went great. She is due August 18th, and so far has had an easy pregnancy! So she told me that she is really happy with what I had to say, and would love it if I would be their doula! Agh! I'm so excited, however there are still a few details I have to figure out like what happens if I get a phone call during the day and have to go... I have a baby to look after. There are a few people I'm going to talk to about this to see if I could drop Eli off at their place if I need to go, but my biggest concern though is that Andy works from 7a.m-3p.m, and usually leaves the house around 6:15a.mish sometimes earlier. If I get a phone call and need to leave in the early morning or middle of the night I need to find someone who is available early in the morning. I know it will all work out, but this is probably my biggest stress at this point! If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!

So now that I have my first client I've been busy working on drafting up a contract, different handouts, etc. I'm really enjoying it so far!

Here are a few more pictures for you guys! Yesterday as Eli and I were cuddling on the couch (yes he was actually willing to cuddle with me briefly yesterday!!) 2 people came to the door! I was so happy to see them because Eli loves hanging out with them! Guess who!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cough, cough, cough

The past 24 hours have been very hard! You'd think I'd be used to having a sick baby on my hands, considering Eli has been sick more in his life than he hasn't!

This cold that he had has taken over! He has a bit of a fever, runny nose, cough, and the color in his face is pale, pale, pale. Yesterday he was crying so hard he threw up all over the two of us, and then continued crying.

Today so far he hasn't been able to nap because he cant stop coughing. Poor kid is so tired but cant fall asleep. He is down now, but we'll see how long it lasts. Every 2 minutes or so I hear him cough. I dont know what else to do for him. I have the humidifer going, propped his mattress up, advil and thats that! I know when I was sick over the weekend I felt horrible and so his whining I can kind of understand. You want so badly to feel better and act like nothings wrong but you just feel so sick!

Yesterday around 4:00ish Katherine (my youngest sister) came over with her boyfriend James. I had called my mom crying earlier in the day when Eli threw up and wouldn't calm down and since she wasn't able to come over and be with me she texted James and suggested they come over to visit me. Eli sure loves James! I think he's the baby whisperer or something! I couldn't get over it! Eli would crawl right up onto his lap and dive his head into his chest (which Eli doesn't usually do to anyone!) I couldn't believe it! He just loved playing with James! Guess I'll have to hit those 2 up for some babysitting time sometime! (Kath I'll even pay you guys!!) It was nice to spend some time with them and hang out. Made the afternoon go by fast and Eli was quite content hanging out and playing. Thanks guys for coming by!

I'm praying that Eli will sleep well tonight and be okay for tomorrow. We're off to a little birthday party with the moms from moms group. We drew names so each mom buys a birthday present for one baby instead of 3! I thought it'd be cheaper to do it that way, and easier aswell since their birthdays are all right around the same time! We're going to Kidzquarterz to play, so I'm hoping the both of us will be up to it!

If anyone has any remedies for a cough I'd love to hear them!

                                      "Watch out, James! I'm going to run you over!!"

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sleep . . . oh precious sleep

So remember when Andy and I were having sleeping issues with Eli? Its incredible how the issues have turned around, and boy does this baby like to sleep! (I have to call him a baby as much as possible because in 1 month he wont be a baby anymore!!!!!)

These days he's sleep close to 12 hours at night, sometimes more. And then during the day he naps anywhere from 2-4 hours in a day. This is what he's started doing though. At night, we bath him, get him into his jammies and then feed him in his room. I'll stand up with him and burp him beside the crip, the past 2 nights though he hasnt wanted to be burped he learns towards the crip like he's trying to dive into it. I set him down in the crip, cover him with his blanket and thats that! I dont hear a peep from him until the next morning!

This morning for his nap its basically the same thing. He woke up earlier today (6:45a.m) but I didnt get him out of his crib until 7:00a.m. So he wasn't happy by the time I went in. How dare I let him wait 15 minutes to get up!? Well I fed him breakfast, and let him play a bit and within 45 minutes of him being up he was whiney and pulling at his ears! He just went down for his nap and its only 9:20a.m! He was up for just over 2 hours, and when I took him upstairs to change his diaper and put him in his sleep sack he was rubbing his eyes like there was no tomorrow, and he could barely keep them open! Again, I place him in the crib, cover him up, and he is done! I just dont get it!!

I'm not complaining, but its just crazy that my 11 month old baby still sleeps close to 16 hours in a 24 hour period! I wish I could sleep that much!

I had an interesting e-mail this past week from a woman that saw my add on Kijiji about my doula services. She is a doula who just got her certification through DONA and is looking for a backup doula. Backup doulas are good to have in case you have a labor that is going on for a long period of time and you need a break. That way your client still gets support, and your able to take a break! I was supposed to go meet with her today but Eli has a runny nose and I dont want to infect her home with his germs, and well the weather could be better! Her name is Carla as well, so I'm looking forward to meeting her to see if we click! Its neat how its all working out and coming together! It keeps me motivated to keep on studying!

 I was feeling a bit discouraged because when I was looking through different schools to become certified through I checked into DONA (they are the largest and most recognized doula organization) and I found their website totally confusing and moved on. I found Childbirth international and went with them. Well I found out that wth DONA you attend a weekend workshop and your basically a doula after that. The course is $450. There are fees that you have to pay after, but I was sort of choked that it was only a weekend workshop and thats that! However, that being said I have a hard time understand how you can cover the physiology of birth as well as postpartum issues, evolving your business, and the list goes on all in one weekend. Either way I'll get there... AND tomorrow I meet with my first client. I'm very nervous and excited, it should be great! We were supposed to meet last week, but something came up and so tomorrow is the day! I'll keep you posted on how it goes!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday . . . heading into a busy week

We went to church this morning, and then came home and relaxed. I still am not feeling 100%. Very tired and achy, so I slept while Eli slept and Andy went off to a movie with his friend.

Once, Andy got home I went back to bed and slept more. Still feeling achy and my throats not too great but I'm sure by tomorrow I'll be better! In a sense I feel lucky that I got sick over the weekend so that Andy could take care of Eli while I rested. We have a busy week this week, mostly in the evenings, but it should be good!

Next weekend is mothers day. My first mothers day! I'm looking forward to spending it with my family, and let me tell you I have a greater appreciation for my mom now that I've been through it.

Andy and I are sitting watching a movie tonight and once its over into bed!

Eli has been so cute these days! His little walking toy he just loves. He walks up and down the house from the kitchen to the living room and back. Its the cutest thing ever. He just cant get enough of this toy though! I'm sure he'll be walking by his birthday. Which I have to start planning soon! I think that I'm going to do a late afternoon thing so that Eli can go down and we have a bit more of a party . . . after all 1st birthday partys aren't really for the kid are they!? They have no idea. It should be fun!
Anyways, thats that! Sorry I dont have anything too exciting to tell you! Hope you all had a great weekened!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Yesterday I woke up with a sore throat. I thought maybe I had been snoring through the night, but it slowly got worse during the day. By the afternoon I was feeling, achy, had a headache, sore throat, and an upset stomache. Not fun! Lucky for me, my husband is awesome and took care of Eli for most of the afternoon and evening while I laid in bed!

Today I went to Summerside church to do a few sessions on Worship & art! It was great! I dont think of myself as an artist, but I was able to see how God can use art in my life! It was really encouraging to hear what other people got out of my art aswell as what I got from other peoples art! I was definitly blessed!

Here's just a short update of our weekend so far... I'm still not feeling 100% and am super tired.  I think I'll hit the sack soon!