Tuesday, November 3, 2015

I'm Back!!

Okay folks, Im back!

Its been 2 years (almost to the day!) and I realized today as I sat down at my beautiful Mac desktop that I should be using it for more than just pinning on pinterest! I love following other peoples blogs, and now that our lives have changed so much, Im feeling more passionate about certain things. And I'd love to share those things with you!

I think that blogger has changed their templates over the last 2 years, so I feel like I've walked into a whole new world. Bear with me while I try and figure out the new templates, and what works (and looks good!!) and what doesn't! If you like something, tell me me!!

So much has changed over the last 2 years. I now have a 3 year old, and a 6 year old! We also have moved, more than once, and we got a dog!!

But our lives have settled down, and we feel like we are in our forever (dream!!) home! We ended finding a beautiful acreage outside of town, and its quiet, and we feel like we live in a little cabin! Its perfect for us!

Eli has also started grade 1! He takes the bus to a rural school, and Judah and I are spending lots of time together, just the 2 of us! I've realized that when people told me that I should enjoy the early years because it goes so fast, they were actually right. Although, in the moment when they told me that I always just thought I was trying to survive that day (or night!!), let alone trying to enjoy it.

I've decided that this time around with the blog, its going to be more than just our day to day lives! I love refinishing furniture, and pretty much all things DIY, so I want to show case some of those things, and maybe even attempt a tutorial or two in there. What would you think if I threw in some make up or hair posts. Im such a girly girl, why not right?!

So here we go!!

Im going to post some pictures, to update you on where we're at in our lives. And over the next few days, Im going to become reacquainted with blogger, and try and get the blog looking a bit better!

Oh, and if your following, and enjoying the posts, please please please leave a comment! Its fun to know what you are enjoying!

After 8 years of marriage, and 12 years of being together, Id say we look pretty good!

Judah with our newest family member, Thor!

Went on a girls trip to Jasper. Nothing like the mountains to make you slow down and realize how amazing nature really is!

Our new home. We like to call it paradise, although we might be a bit biased!

The boys enjoying the new bathtub. They've never had a jetted tub before, and they like to call the jets geysers! 

My oldest has lost a few teeth!! How does this happen so fast?!

Judah and his happy face!!

Andy took me to the shooting range for my birthday!

Our beautiful kitchen.

First day of school before I got the phone call that Eli needed me to come because there had been an accident, and there might be a chance he could use a few stitches. 

Eli. First day of school, which he only made half way through because he tripped and fell while running with a friend, and hit his head on the concrete. Luckily, he didn't need any stitches, but you can see how impressed he looks. You can also see how much Judah enjoyed hanging out as well!!

All ready for date night!! I love this guy.

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Katherine said...


I like your re-cap on life (and your hair EVERYDAY) and I'm looking forward to seeing your DIYs!
I'm trying to figure out how to make my room more "homey" myself... I'll have to send you some of my pics too. :)