Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Eyebrow Chronicles...


Oh where to begin. My eyebrows have seen better days, and through the years they have been all shapes and sizes. If Im honest, my eyebrows have been one of the things Im most self conscious about.

Maybe Ill set the stage for you! I over tweezed my brows big time in jr high and high school, thus resulting in needing to pencil them in quite drastically.

I remember not being quite too make up saavy, and even using a pencil crayon (which was pretty much black!!) on my face. Okay, don't judge. Go ahead, laugh. Ill explain how I used a crayola pencil crayon to pencil in my brows. Id warm up the tap water nice and hot, and run it under the water to basically melt it or soften it, and then draw my eye brows on. As I typed that, mid sentence, I had to stop and laugh out loud (and hang my head low) because its rather embarrassing to thing I did that!!

Okay. Now that we got through that!

Heres some pictures! Go ahead and laugh! A few things have changed over the years, so be aware! Not only have my brows changed, but I got laser eye surgery, and braces!! So my teeth and eyes, and now brows have all changed! Here we go!!

Newlyweds back in 2007

Work Christmas Party - Still newlyweds

My dear friends wedding

Engagement Pictures in 2006


No braces!! Check out those straight teeth!

They're not even!


More recent eye brow days! 2015

Hello Mexico! 2014

My wedding day in 2007.

Pregnant with Eli - 2008

Hanging with my mama

First day with Braces on.

And.... Here is current, my before eyebrows, no being filled in at all, and the after....

Do  you want to know what I did??

Its called Microblading. 

Sounds scary right?

 Microblading is a manual method used to deposit small amounts of ink in the superficial layer. It is done in crisp strokes that resemble hair. It is done with a small blade (it basically looks like a razor blade!!) and she goes to town! It is like a tattoo, but different because tattoos go through 7 layers of skin, microblading does not go that deep!

I found Nancy online at , and had looked at her webpage probably a year ago when I was thinking of doing permanent make up. Something so permanent scared me, and with eyebrows being messed up... well then what!?

I watched Youtube videos of it being done, and read blog posts, and did a lot of research. Finally after Andy bought himself a brand new spankin bow, I decided I might be able to convince him that I should get to splurge on myself just a little bit. He said okay, and I made my appointment. 

Although at this point, Im not sure if he realizes Ive even had it done. We haven't really talked about it.

Nancy works out of her home, and so I made arrangements for childcare and went on my way. The appointment itself takes an hour and a half. I was very comfortable, and didn't feel nervous at all. I looked at lots of photos of her work before going in. She has also done extensive training on micro blading which helped put me at ease a lot. 

Going through the consultation she asked me a few questions, and we got on our way drawing in my brows. She told me that she would do 2 different brows, and we could decide which one we liked better. We decided that the one that used all of my current hair worked/looked best. She suggested a color, and went to mixing it up and prepping it.

Next she numbed the area with a topical freezing creme, and let me sit for 10 minutes. I have a fairly high pain tolerance, so the pain factor wasn't a concern for me. 

We got started, and she explained that the front is usually more sensitive that anywhere else. One of the reasons being is because your nerves right at the front of your eyebrows are your "sneezing" nerves, so if I felt like I had to sneeze at any point to let her know.

She held the skin quite tight and went to town. I've had a lot of people ask if it hurt. I don't think it did. There were times where it felt uncomfortable, but not unbearable, and more than anything it felt like a bit of pressure.

Every little bit she would get me to sit up, look at the brows, and we would continue on. After about an hour and 45 minutes we were done. I looked in the mirror and couldn't believe that my brows looked like they had hair where there should be hair! It actually looks like little hairs where I have no hair!! The redness you see in the picture lasted only about an hour, and was gone after that. 

I didn't notice the numbing go away, or feel any pain afterwards. I was told to keep vaseline on them so they don't dry out for the next 3 days, and then after that I can come back to have them touched up, and thats when we'll make them absolutely perfect. They will also fade once they're fully healed, so they won't be quite as dark. By touching them up we can make them darker if I like, or add, or fill in any spots that maybe Ive noticed Id like worked on. This is all included in the original cost.

Already (only in 2 days!!) of doing my make up, its been amazing not HAVING to fill my brows in. I feel confident, and even after washing my face I can't believe that my brows are still there, and they look as amazing as they do! I can go swimming, and not feel weird because of my missing eyebrows! I don't have to worry about my brows wiping off, or one of my kids hitting me in the face, and smearing my eyebrow! Yes, that is a legit fear.  Call me superficial!

So, what do you think? Would you ever do this? Am I crazy for doing it?! So far Im in love with them, and I haven't even had them touched up, or fade yet!

And so the eyebrow chronicles continue...


Katherine said...

Ah I love love love them! They look so good!

You'll have to let us know what Andy says when he realizes. ;)

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